Making negatives into positives

Steve & Ted
Thursday, April 19th
Moneytracker Don Grant says people react more to negative news than positive news.

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It's okay and I think it's just weird no way to put fear uncertainty and doubt into the American population. 9713. Thirty 1000000000 insisted in the morning is coming up at 7 o'clock hour this morning. Don't touch that dial in some o'clock hour this morning another pair of tickets will. Regardless industry to the James Taylor bunny rate cut coming up meet political interest victory with a criminal here sometime in the 7 o'clock hour. Now three big things to me. Guilty verdict for three men involved in western Kansas bombed watch CNN Wichita police investigating two recent homicides blown. Windy dry conditions continue to create fire danger across Kansas. Three big things even dead on tape and assess. Seen lots of traffic now eastbound on Kellogg it and it didn't road right here in the orange cones and and slowing down just a little bit right there. Watch out and the gasoline prices this morning. Now to 49 a gallon still in some places I found a better price that team forty. This 245 found that had money in meridian to 45 gallon there's traffic update from Kate and at this radio and yet chambers Sunday. Today with a high of 63 degrees mostly here tonight the overnight low forties. Friday mostly sunny 20% chance for showers late in the day. The high tomorrow 64. Partly cloudy 34 degrees we have a west wind at eight miles per hour. 648 Stephen Ted in the morning. A wayward toward those. That practice jail after falling off a ten foot wall in cal. When you have is recovering after vets used screws zip ties and denture material to repair it. While San Diego County animal services director Dan de Souza says. The male ninety pound African spurred tortoise probably was a pet that got loose from a yard. Wilson found Sunday after falling over the wall while escaping from adult. Who says the animals shelled cracked into three pieces oh my god veterinarians reported Tuesday super glue three hour operation. Sizzle to a year to heal but the 35 to forty year old toward orders could have many more decades of life. The only allow little solve tortoises live a long time how as a dog gonna hurt a tortoise that big. Monitors tortoise you don't know whether the darkened by Katrina aliens give them you have that challenge and a Don grant CFB the matrix are coming out of his shields morning. Stocks closed broadly higher Wednesday on Wall Street as investors responded to some positive company earnings reports. The SP 500 saw its third gain as many days index rose two points. The Dow lost over 38 points and the NASDAQ Composite climbed fourteen points while. Amazon says it has more than 100 million aid prime members. The first time the company is given out a specific number on it's paid subscriber base how many. 100 million wow billion dollars a year just enough now five dollar fee people's ponying up a hundred bucks each. CEO Jeff he's those said in the company's annual letter to shareholders that Amazon shipped more than. Five billion items with prime worldwide. Well it's great for shipping but I say that prime video is horrid. It is all those that those those third rate Canadian movies can who really that you can see everyday don't have anything on there there service offers free unlimited two day shipping for an annual or monthly fee. How much guys it is among propriety for about 953 year. Every year or whole year I don't think he can you bill that monthly or what incredibly that I monthly I don't know. Probably seller right embarks on I can figure out a lot better ways to waste money. Some decent original programming do you think's yeah yeah way Haggis says the original program but that but the yeah the other stuff they have is men and high castle is really dead at it and a big fan of the grand tour. So today as Steve you know your complain about it a bit but I tell you the two day shipping its were now to me. It literally at your house in two days you don't pay any should be evidence or family that lives on Amazon. You would understand. Again another family. The top oh the US government has agreed to chip in at 51 million dollars to clean up pollution. At a Seattle site where the Boeing company made contested B seventeen B 52 another bomber planes beginning and will work. Boeing had sought to have the government paper share of the company's cleanup costs which it says have reached 220 million dollars and holding apparently were doing government work they figure the government helped lit up that's against a right to miss them fair. I don't would be. And on unfair to Amazon peel my life. Wants a while orders opened on it to. Yeah habits is to export days to NGOs to probably just pay about you know what I find a lot tonight I think I'm generally for every man begin and a under the go to historically around things so it got so that I nice people you know. But sometimes he can't find it right now 652 now Stephen did not grant talking about making negative and the positive. Yes is our guest is done let's turn out to frown upside down. It's just human nature Steve. People complain that's right just flip nevermind. People played more than they will compliment Stanford University communications professor Clifford Nass has studied this. And determined that we naturally to rejuvenate more about unpleasant events than positive ones. Thus we spend more time he's stronger words and emotions to describe negative events the same goes for investing. We react more negatively to investments dropping. Then we react. Positively. When the accounts are up and I can tell you that first and very few people coming and say hey Don my accounts up 40000 bucks easily say. And when it's down they get mad at me so anyway the innate human be favored in behavior can cost us. Investment data shows that investor returns. Lagged behind professionally managed fund to return to the conclusion. Is that investors can get emotional and react more aggressively. Losses than to gains. Individual investors get greedy when the sector surges and they sell out of fear. When they plunged. Rebalancing requires. An opposite discipline. When you're rebalance you take gains off of the surging sectors pick Moffett cable in use that money to feed the plunging assets. It seems counterintuitive. But in spite of the contrarian field that. We're preserving gains and we put them to work where there's a sale going on. In another investment sector inevitably that comes back around. Think about your investments for example how did you react when the market tanked in the 2008 real estate bubble. If you were mad anxious and and to a bundle of nerves now is it time to take a close look at your tolerance for risk. And it's time to make some changes if necessary. Ups and downs are the nature of many investments particularly those in stock market and your time horizon is long you can handle some risk for greater returns. But even with the long horizon it's time to seek other investment solutions if you think the U suffer from the fear and greed cycles. Of the markets and of course if you have any questions you give me a call the number 6342222. Today is get to know your customers today. Need to reach out your patrons and get to know them a little better and assumed actually use. More predicated on no annual small business and American news so many. So much of what we do is done by small business people if it's not on Amazon or something like that so it's hug your customer's day. No get to know your cuts so let's hug your customer's day. How well you know your customers Don Albert you know I'll tell my customers. I won't hear about that or how well you know that I know him very well just I I got a ring around egging people that is sharing navy or any of your thoughts or your Qaeda really. Very well because their thoughts and dreams have to be translated into dollar bills in other words we need to figure out how much their thoughts and dreams are gonna cost them when they wanna retire. And so we put a number to a target and other thoughts and dreams that you know I climb even though these are awesome you know your customers very very well I feel like I do yeah. You probably did you probably get some sort of trophy for knowing customers up right. Narnia nobody's giving me a trophy nobody's has recognized it. There's still you know I haven't had a trophy for loving my customers and I don't want trophy for letting his loving them is enough. OK well they yeah. Other reporters or amateur listener you hug your listeners. I would like do that had yeah. Let's listen there's a breach of the radio right now to at and give them a big hug a league existential. Radio hug. And of that. National get to know your cousin national hug your customers they get Tilden coming up at 7 o'clock in exist for users Stephen. Guilty verdict for three been involved in the western Kansas bomb plot sometime or the 7 o'clock hour tickets. The James Taylor concert seated at the morning on K and assess.