A "Mamma Mia" sequel is hitting theaters

Steve & Ted
Friday, July 20th
We have a weekend movie preview on The Blur with Ted Woodward.

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I 73 seed thirty KUS says he's the head of the mornings and I can talk Ted Woodward did. 8:30 here on Friday morning 75 degrees. A three year old child was found dead after being left in a daycare van for hours in Houston Texas. The man returned from a field trip around 3 PM but it wasn't until the child's father arrived to pick up his son at 630. That the workers started to look for the boy. Constable Alan Rosen explains what happened. They got a call about a child that had been left him high cars about a 113 degrees. By our heat guns we first got here in the child was in response of the father came to the baker obviously pick up this child and they started looking around for the child and discovered it was covered him on the about us. Deputies are interviewing the driver of the bus and a chaperone who was on the field trip no charges have been filed. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo expected to deliver a report on North Korea to the United Nations today. The formal briefing is expected to include secretary of state Mike Pompeo stressing the need to keep up the pressure on Pyongyang. He'll speak to the UN Security Council as well as on voice from South Korea and Japan Fox's Shannon Bream asked secretary Pompeo about those who say North Korea has no intention of denuclearization. What's been closer than that and I have so everyone else is simply speculating. About what's taken place today I've been there. Pompeo also says some progress has been made on arranging a return of remains of US soldiers killed in the Korean War. In New York City tying into powers Fox News. Divers on the Kansas turnpike will pay more beginning October 1 the state announced Wednesday that tolls on the turnpike will increase about 5% for passenger vehicles. With AK tag past commercial vehicles with the case today may see an increased because electronic players. Will be rounded to the nearest nickel. These four passenger vehicles paying cash will increase by about twelve and A half percent while commercial vehicles paying cash we'll see a 10% increase. All cash fares will be rounded to the nearest quarter state officials say the turnpike system is financially sound. But the toll increases are needed to pay for preservation and modernization projects without issuing new debt Dan O'Neill K and SS news. Recently in southeast Wichita there were two robbery cases reported during an eight day span at an apartment complex near airy and wood on. And related criminal case on south Chautauqua. Police captain Brent Allred says two people are now in custody. We were arrested an eighteen year old male. For two counts of aggravated burglary and three counts of aggravated robbery. One count of aggravated battery and one count of burglary to do and one count of theft. Another eighteen year old man has also been arrested in relation to these cases charged with three counts of aggravated robbery. Congress is sending symbolic and not so symbolic messages. About Russian election interference the vote in the senate which unanimous 9810 nothing on a resolution expressing opposition to Russia being allowed to question a former US ambassador and other Americans accused of crimes by the Kremlin. Let this resolution be a warning. To the administration that congress will not allow this to happen. Democratic leader Chuck Schumer responding to an offer president Vladimir Putin made to give US officials access the twelve Russians indicted for election interference. In exchange for Russian reviews of Americans. A separate resolution backing intelligence agency's conclusions was blocked Republican Jeff flake this they'll bring it up again next week on Capitol Hill Jared Halpern Fox News. This former Wichita mayor Carl brewer is seeking the democratic nomination for Kansas governor. Berg tells can't assist news the state is not in good financial shape. Which are much infrastructure in which highways and we need to work on improving tax on not only there a replica of the first part of our economy. Are create an environment where we can actually. Truly impressed and our schools. In the church into the education there that we can ripple and we owed it to him. Bruce's Kansas needs to invest in education to help attract new business to the state. Now a look at the forecast with gay and assist staff meteorologist Dan holidays good morning Dan. Good morning a frontal boundary just to our south that a lot of moisture still spreads across the state. We could see an isolated thunderstorm just about anywhere in Kansas the hi this afternoon 98. Tonight partly cloudy Arlo 72 at the weekend should be dry as high pressure builds in from the Dakotas tomorrow 94. I'm KO SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Now partly cloudy 75 degrees we have an east wind at seven miles per hour that up on 830 four's Steve into the morning. On came in and says sand you may or may not know that via. The film a good morning Vietnam managed actually based on Britain Carriker. A man who worked as a DJ for armed. Forces radio Ted Woodward the word this morning to tell us all about it right tag on the man who became famous when he played and played by Robin Williams in the movie good morning Vietnam has passed away. Adrian crone our is synonymous with one movie line. Well. Crone our played by Robin Williams in the 1987 film died yesterday after a long illness. He opened his armed forces radio show with that famous line and told me in a 2014. Interviews that the movie character was loosely based on his service in the air force to Saigon in the mid sixties. If I had done half the things that Robin diplomat for help. I think he'll be in leavenworth instead of southwest Virginia there's a lot of Hollywood exaggerations and outright imagination. But that's OK I don't. He eventually went into law and later served as an advisor and the Pentagon. Adrian crone our was 79. Tania Jack powers Fox News. Four men are now indicted over the death of an emerging rap star. Investigators say rapper XXX ten posse armed died from multiple gunshot wounds after being attacked. By one or more shooters now Broward County Florida grand jury has formally charging deedrick Williams Michael boat right trade on Newsom and Robert Allen in his death. To the accused men are in custody while the other two remain at large before his murder that's one year old was a platinum selling upcoming rapper. He also faced when he a backlash over his multiple arrests including accusations that he severely beat his girlfriend. Tom Graham Fox News. Dwayne the rock Johnson surprises and amputee support group posting a screening for his latest flick skyscraper. I've got a regular thing that matters and are now. In his latest film a skyscraper actor and wrestler Dwayne the rock Johnson plays an action hero with a prosthetic Blake the movie's star and its director Ross in Gerber stopped by screening of the flick at New York university's rust rehabilitation center to speak with an amputee support group. Johnson delivered Xbox consoles with their new adaptive controllers telling faults he wore a prosthetic shell around his left leg for four months to prepare for the role the 46 year old taking to Twitter to reflect on the appearance posting up moments like this will always always be the best parts of fame. Increasing good when Fox News. Another executive gets booted over reports of racial comments Paramount television fires president Amy Powell over inappropriate remarks from memo from the chairman of Paramount Pictures. So the comments are inconsistent with company values but. Does not reveal what Powell allegedly said. The Wall Street Journal cites a person familiar with the matter as saying the comments were racial in nature including about black women being angry and black children being raised by a single parent. Speaking through a spokesman Powell says the allegation of insensitive comments there's no truth. Carmen Roberts Fox News. Meryl Streep and share are teaming up for the mama me a sequel old Denzel Washington. Getting back to equalize third lustig a look at this weekend's movie. I'm Michelle Leno in secret so mom and be here we go again silky learns about a mother passed while pregnant herself. As the film goes back and forth in time to show how relationships. Forged in the past resonate in the prison you'll not so great this. Films getting rave reviews and stars Nancy free Dominic Cooper Meryl Streep and champ. With the English and work. A lot of man who kidnapped the little girl. American mother. In the equalizer to Denzel Washington teams up again with director Antoine Fuqua and return to the role Robert McCall. To serve justice for the exploited and oppressed but how far will peak out when that is someone's he loves the whole city. And befriended dark where it was a hard film was teen comes into possession of a new laptop and soon discovers that the previous donors not only watching him but we'll do anything to get back. That's fox on film on Fox News. And focus in on one of those share and Merrill Streep or in the mamma Mia sequels. Yeah you have a house for sale at 8 o'clock. Celebrity profile on legendary singer and actress share good guest stars in the sequel mom let me end here we yell again as a roomy mothers to Meryl Streep character Donna. Ruby has done his mother and so he's grandmother she just appears. Out of nowhere and so she's not a happy to see her chair was constantly amused by her cast mates on set especially her male co stars because as she says boys will be boys it's chilly waters of the funniest person and Colin is ridiculous and the boys are ridiculous I sort of tell you they're ridiculous because they do take us all the time they were doing take us on the song that Maryland and demand were singing there isn't very sad song and they were singing it to each other. I am there just purely just dumb boys she called the musical follow up film of rollercoaster of emotions that takes you up and down in your crying in your dancing and the young kids are being one way and the open blue bring another way. Actually in court again Fox News. The house from the Brady Bunch up for sale it's. Yeah. I house first sales. Hey Lyndon that house on a TV shows yeah. Yeah who also lived in our homes. All it. The real life house that was the exterior for the show is for sale in studio city California yeah. And then it's listed for one point 85 million dollars. Okay have a lot about a third of an acre base and and they use the two bedrooms three bathrooms split level home game. The realtors says they have several interested buyers and possible buyers not living together that we know of. She has confirmed that either name maybe. The house last sold in 1973. He's. For about 61000. Dollars yeah. But one possible buyer wants to Terrence down. Yeah. I'm Lillian blue Fox News to. As you know learned that I had a crush on NB Davis. Not at all that you. Note. They she was attached. There blitzer is always trying to aren't the matrix movies are you as an intimate arms like what what was her name. There are countless hours terrorist acts the way. I think he's still have a thing for polling day is you gave him. You'll like this one Steve a Minor League Baseball team and Alabama is getting heat for its millennial night promotions. Getting heat from malaria kills. You may have seen the story the Montgomery biscuits the double a affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays are trying to bring in younger fans this weekend by hosting millennial night between the July 21 team will give out a participation ribbon give Blake just for showing up and featured mapping and soapy stations along with lots of avocados. The promotion getting backlash from the exact clientele they're poking on Matt. An abundance of millennial social media users finding it inappropriate and offensive for all the criticism fans of the biscuits are coming to their support. Once we can if you're offended millennial complaining about this aren't you basically furthering the stereotype hash tag think about it Matt defaults on how Fox News. Absolutely if we like that it can't have it yourself and take itself too seriously. A the fighting restrictions. On is that the general manager pointed out aces 80% of our front office that was millennial in this letter exaggerate. There. And finally we have a movie anniversary today Steve and thirty years ago today it came out in which Tom movie theaters the movie called die hard I hired which an action thriller. It's men ranked and been ranked among one of the best action movies of all I been ranked the best Christmas themed movies of all time to. Well yeah everybody did it was it was offered to many people before Bruce Willis got the part really it was offered to Stallone. Harrison Ford Don Johnson. Richard gear Clint Eastwood Burt Reynolds they all turned it down. The brewers will also throughout the number one choice for this movie this venomous thought he was a god it wasn't a movie star he had been moonlighting right TV go to net yeah really he'd only done one movie and it hadn't done all that well so. They get a chance on Bruce Willis and boy it paid off because this made him a huge movie star let's get a little die hard with. Bruce Willis and Alan Brinkmann. You're gonna do lots. You know moment we're. So. It's. Are. Bankrupt culture that's. It's always kind of partial Roy Rogers actually. Die hard I love Alan Rick. Oh what he saw he was great build it up voice but he knew only as great and he died while he's passed away. Horses' deaths seen in nine artery balls out of the building and in the they did that and a green screen and apparently they released him before he was ready and that look of fear on his face leery of at the end of them die hard. Celebrities thirtieth anniversary today that's entertainment news in the blurb brought to you Larry good friends that peaks at Johns in the eighth you know they're closed on Sunday means they got to get in there today or tomorrow right yeah they're open Monday through Saturday 11 AM to 10 PM. You can even check of the many online. At pizza Johns derby dot com. And it's tasty stuff we love right there on take fifteen at 208 self Baltimore pizza John's entire Vanderbilt. In the woods top business journal of recognizing excellence. In local health care he did the morning on tape and a sense.