Man arrested after jet aircraft damages building near Eisenhower Airport

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, February 13th

51-year-old man arrested on a misdemeanor charge of running an aircraft engine in an un-designated area.


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973030. Yeah and says 630 now being in the morning Steve Macintosh. Ted Woodward it. Kansas governor Jeff collier and the State's top child welfare official. Are backing legislation to require disclosure of some records when a child dies of abuse or neglect. Here and department for children and families secretary Tina Meier pummel announced Monday they are supporting a bill introduced last week in the Kansas house. The bill would require the department to release a child's age and gender and date of death. On receiving an open records request. It also went after release the summary of its reports of child abuse or neglect and its findings about those reports. Kansas has had several high profile cases in recent years of children who died and abusive homes. Call your set under the bill the public will learn what steps the state took to protect a child. Dan O'Neill KM SS news. Authorities have released the name of a man who died in a house fire in north west Wichita Friday evening by lieutenant Jose oh Katie says it happened in the 3100 block of north woodland. The victim was living in a detached garage which had been converted into a single room apartment. The victim was located near the front door when fire crews went in and search and rescue tactic. And there are origin of the fire was located in a recliner chair. The fire ruled accidental and due to smoke him while on oxygen. He is a 32 year old white male. Charles. 3000 dollars in damage there only six fire deaths in Wichita all of last year. There have already been three this year all occurring in recent span of less than two weeks police nabbed a robbery suspect in east Wichita. Officer Paul cruise says the armed hold up occurred late Sunday night at the Domino's pizza and your second in hillside. And on suspect entering the business arm with a knife and demanding money. Money and cellphone was taken by the suspect the suspect then fled the store on what. And was spotted by one of our officers. Arriving in the area after a short book pursued the suspect was taken into custody in a 400 block of north groups. That one year old male suspect was booked into jail on one count of aggravated robbery police say armed men robbed a quick shop in south Wichita police officer. Crew says it happened. Early Sunday. In the 3900 block of south hydraulic two unarmed suspects one armed with a hammer and a business and was demanding money. Money cigarettes in the employees' cell phones were taken the suspects then fled the business on foot and suspects wearing black coat he's black pants gloves. And had red bandanna is over their faces. President trumps budget request unveiled yesterday may be a turnoff for some conservatives. Fox's Ed Henry is in Washington more. President trump is proposing a new budget that should be alarming to conservative deficit hawks is with a Republicans running the house and White House. That is gonna come nowhere close to getting rid of the annual budget deficit that the president repeatedly promised to get rid of but you were president right now who wants to build off the momentum of that tax cut victory. To move on infrastructure which could have the twin benefit of giving them another way and while also turning the page from the rob Porter scandal. That has been hounding this White House for several days. But this infrastructure plan is gonna cost a lot of money and had even more to that deficit. The president's plan calls for a total of one and a half trillion dollars to go for infrastructure repairs. It was a Cold War workhorse. And a new one has not been built since 1962. What are the plans for the eighteen B 52 bombers hit first flew in 1954 gained fame in Vietnam and pummeled the Taliban last week the massive B 52 bomber will work well into its golden years. The air force outlining plans for its bomber fleet in the president's budget request Monday the B one convention on B two stealth bombers will be retired by the 20s30s replaced by the B 21 which will become the backbone of the fleet which is serve 46% fewer bombers since desert storm ended in 1991. But the straddle fortress will evade the bomber bone yard flying past its 100 birthday well into the 20s50s the air force planning to continue to modify the remaining B fifty twos fitting them tick carry new nuclear cruise missiles Kevin battled Fox News. A quick way to fame and fortune get on YouTube and get so large a following you become a YouTube star but with fame can come danger. As one YouTube couple in Texas found out on its. Its launch. That's thirty year old Megan attorney who along with her boyfriend is a YouTube celebrity cops say one of her fans. Drove eleven hours from New Mexico to their home in Austin broke in at 3 in the morning and fired shots. Responding officers say they saw 244 year old Christopher Eric Giles speeding from the scene and they chased them. As they approach they heard one shot fired from inside the car and officer returned fire. Giles was found dead is not known if he shot himself or if that cops kill them. Gary Baumgarten Fox News. So unusual arrest was made Sunday morning in west Wichita under Eisenhower national airport. A man reported to authorities and an aircraft jet blast had caused damage someone's nearby property. Authorities arrested a 51 year old man at a business address in the 18100 block of south airport road on a misdemeanor charge of running an aircraft engine. In an un designated area. Apparently there is video of this incident that may be submitted to authorities at a later date. Now the forecast with gay and assist deputy biologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan that's good. Morning this dry weather pattern worry and it's going to stick around for the weekend right on into the weekend. But we will have a warming trend through Thursday breezy this afternoon with a high 54. Partly cloudy cool overnight Tarlow and your forty. And it Wednesday sunny and windy with a high 71. I'm K and SS meteorologist Dan Halladay. Now partly cloudy 25 degrees give or southeast wind at eight miles per hours sell warming up. Maybe seventy tomorrow. McNeill nothing. But a wind screen decent Sunday evening when you. Why not when it's that there's daddy dies. A former Iowa workforce development worker who'd once described her bosses rude. Has been awarded unemployment benefits the de Moines register reports fruity Snyder was fired after complained to colleagues last August that her agency director Beth ounce and was subconsciously rude. And later comparing the management to the guess stuff. Snyder reportedly told her superiors centers she didn't realize it was your job you put a happy face thought. Everything's a healthy workplace environment now on the agency eventually challenge Snyder's applications for jobless benefits because you've been fired for job related misconduct on. But an administrative law judge disagreed and awarded Snyder the benefits saying that it's a fact of life that employees complain. You but do you believe that do you agree with that tent and that's a fact of life and employees it's it's happened at every workplace I've been in. It's part of the deal and I think it kind of is hit bent a little bit. I'm sure quirky one of those you know companies are buddies happy in. Yeah got a phony. Now they're usually like debt that exist the actually and in have been radio. Those puddles Pete knows you always hear about the companies all they give their employees three months off a year to rejuvenate and Nokia and L get raises and saying yeah but there. Actually you sort of one of those scented generally positive mood I mean if you can now have a little fun. As far as I radios and opens a little bit different we don't usually complain a lot about what happens if there are things go wrong. Mean I don't believe me wrong it's part of life it's part of its part of the working world Toyota that story there that that's an office place that needs prairie fire copy that's right my guys you know they're ball so well. That's for sure. All the hometown of Olympic gold medalist red Gerrard has unofficially upgraded its name in his honor. A sign welcoming visitors to the Colorado mountain town of silver thorn. Which change over the weekend to gold born after the seventeen year old snowboarder captured the United States' first gold medal at the Winter Olympics in South Korea. The summit daily news reports someone put up oh quite banner with red letters spelling out golden covered ups over in the city named sometime Saturday night or Sunday. Gerard hone his medal winning a routine in his small backyard snowboard park in the spent a committee travelers stop on their way to nearby skiers Arrigo. So I ever heard. Silver thorn don't think of her business have you Ted know in we don't get much to the those a swanky. Colorado mountain retreats nominee for the for the wealthy. Hang out we just don't get there needs aren't. It's 638. Which Stephen Taylor and Cain is just time for our commodities update with mr. Tom left their outlook for commodities and Tara. Good morning team. But Monday morning in the cattle company instead of slow starter what looks trading and technical combined polite gentlemen Peter cattle into triple digit gains the last twenty just general trend in Atlanta unemployment would. Suspend the previous week. A battle that could short a bit Medicare and removed the previous week. And also started road closure of triple digit gain yesterday that. But a closer look at Obama 37 I don't want one by the minute it's been put the lower 471 point 767. They've only known developed 6770. Could determine the record implement alternative important part of a larger game and we opened on Monday. Repeatedly you can't check out. The netcam from those who has sleeping pills yesterday. Private firms just named the Morse code named will be playing with the US and coordination your last time was approved in nineteen may be torn. But march campaign points per cent lower torso before they ask what's Cornell capital in 366 we'll have more prudent than a quarter of opinion can women and have what could rose one point one important not knowing. If I go by boat 40% cited thirteen 131 any more just completed 123 quarter point four point six point two may have restore in this content types of port 89 point can cut mark scheduled 241. Point slower. It will report doesn't look 42. Commodity trading right marketing budget contact look at commodity on the program live by using. So sick then. Now we just talk is more about the Wichita school board changing their calendars so there would have. Next year shorter class days and longer school year. I would presume that you being kind of a back with you type guy you probably went to a one room school house were. They didn't have been eight or nine people there is that is that about right for you when you were growing up. Well it can I ask who could lift the employment. Really how about then lobby dock. Over your favorite subject in school. He'd seen heat doesn't even know Kenny Dryden. We have a favorite subject I'm really enjoy it's can live. You didn't. All I like to deal departed and like puzzles learning part. Like. I like the part where you did you know where it did to be around your friends. And day have recess in and lunchtime. Actually I liked English history know. Under the social studies in. All the ones that. Attention and English. And no confirmed dead talk radio really didn't have problems sentence properly. Yeah. OK okay I didn't pay attention is English you look at urban is. They're concerned about it and if so important that. He nobody knows what cattle complexes. Have been given a Bergen is something you have to take Priscilla. I don't and they noted that. I don't think it is they're not out of it all right that it 608. Feet instead of urban something you'd think that just opened or. You know you can't hurt. The cartel players are safe than sorry and that the current health care system be reviewed. Rule of hundreds of feet I driver coming up seeded fifth on pianist says.