Man arrested in Germany, authorities found a snake in his pants

Steve & Ted
Friday, November 10th

German authorities discovered a baby king python and the suspect could face animal cruelty charges.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news today it has test. We just cause number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. The ball at 6 o'clock this week the candidates as sporting news feed says the nineteenth Macintosh. Court documents have been sealed in the abuse and death of three year old Anthony brewer. Take a send news reports that during a special hearing shots faith. Long term of the documents would reveal the identity of a confidential source. Cause of death has not been determined and the family says they're concerned the truth of what happened Evan will never come out. Police say the investigation into evans' death is on going. Evans' body was found in early September encased in concrete slab inside the home of his mother Brenda Miller and her boyfriend Stephen boat nine. They were both arrested on unrelated charges and have not been charged with the boy's death. But the case is complete investigators will bring it to the office of the district attorney for consideration a formal charges Dan O'Neil Katie and SS news which about the. Officer Charlie Davidson says a man was driving west on 21. When he swerved at North Shore and struck a light pole. The driver of the vehicle was rushed to an area hospital where he unfortunately succumbed to his injuries. Investigators are still looking into this case further as to the cause of the accident the name of the driver is identified as Christian eight I Olin 26 years of age from Wichita. This is which opposed 26 traffic fatality of the year. Republican senate hopeful Roy Moore is fighting back against sexual misconduct charges. Washington Post reporting a woman claims the GOP's Roy Moore of Alabama had a sexual encounter with her when she was just fourteen. Two other women say more came on to them when they were in their teens as well. More tweeting it's fake news but some fellow Republicans are concerned like senator Jeff flake of Arizona stories. Paul just hall and democratic congresswoman Terri soul of Alabama if they're true I think he should step aside immediately. More facing Democrat Doug Jones and the special election just about a month away. In Washington chill NATO Fox News. In Vietnam president Donald Trump spoke at the APEC summit. Discussing trade relations between the United States and other nations. On this day forward we will compete on a fair and equal basis. We are not going to let the United States we take advantage of god anymore. Trade continues to be one of the main topics during the drops during trips Asia visit. Police say a meters of restaurant in the 18100 block of both rock road and east Wichita was robbed at gunpoint Wednesday night. It was reported officers that two unknown suspects had entered the business armed with handguns. Cap was taken by the suspects who fled the scene on foot. Fortunately there were no injuries reported. We're asking if anyone has any information they can call the BP. 684407. Or as always you can remain anonymous but calling crime stoppers to 67. Morning eleven. Officer Charlie Davidson says the suspects got away with a over 600 dollars. Kagan as rescues are now 6033. Minutes after 6 o'clock. 97 and thirteen thirty K and as as we are Stephen did of the morning now 6099. Minutes. Past 6 o'clock here on a Friday morning. And this morning in traffic well. We've got to. We had a report a little while earlier about officers going to pick up a deer that have been hit by cars so. Yeah carvers steer traffic accident in at just kind of goes to show you that there are out there this morning that was dead and around cape 42. That area this morning so didn't carvers. Carver steer traffic accident. The deer are hazard out there beat. Cautious once again this morning traffic update on Kate and yes that's radio I'm jet chamber as Al the forecaster with gay and as says staff meteorologist Dan holidays good morning damn good. Warning a cold front is doled out across northern Oklahoma this morning that's keeping a chilly air mass in place across south central Kansas we're seeing some high clouds move in with. Temperatures likely going to be in the mid to upper forties around lunchtime 53 and breezy this afternoon cloudy tonight Tarlow 43 so not as cold and drizzle move in tomorrow Saturday's high 54. I'm KO SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Now cloudy 31 degrees we have an east wind at ten miles per hour. Again Friday November 10 Tony seventeen net. More sunshine yesterday for south central Kansas which does high temperature is 52 degrees. The normal high is sixty and as you heard there a moment ago we're looking for. At least some sunshine if not more than sunny and not later on today. On this date in 1775. The US Marines were organized under authority of the continental congress. Happy birthday to the United States Marine Corps. In 1969 the children's educational programs Sesame Street made its debut. On national educational television. Sesame Street. And Chris it's by my son was born in 71 and he was a big fan Sesame Street. From day one after your help and learn how to. Recount do everything hills and Sesame Street I was pretty new deck a young man detained by police during a drunken argument in Germany. Was found to be carrying a baby python in his pants. And may be in trouble under animal welfare laws police in the southwestern city of Darmstadt. Said the nineteen year old was detained after a loud argument with another man disturbed residents they said. He was searched and officers noticed a significant bulge in his trousers. The man told officers that he had a stake in his pants and pulled out of fourteen inch BB king I thought. Taken to a police cell to sober up the statement put in a box. Lee said they were looking for the reptiles owner and examining whether the none species appropriate transport. Violated animal protection laws let's outsell. Non species appropriate transport any of that yet maybe a New Hampshire and think now are either. Keep by F at you all animals outside I clothing at all times a possible exactly. Authorities say a man accused of stealing a monster Roddy and driving it to a movie theater in Georgia has been arrested. Must run at a movie. They say a 41 year old kids Keith Rick Williams is accused of driving the vehicle to an AMC theater in moral. And parking it while he watched a movie deputy spotted the car and radioed for backup. When Williams emerged from the theater got into the car they nabbed him and my as a Roddy is an interesting car actually drove one. In a parade one time merely many years ago a convertible my morning shall partner and I guested on his must erotic. And drove it in a parade. And I had looked under the hood. One of those things you open the hood. And you could be put your hands. You know down in between this the the engine and the compartment around it was stuffed in there huge engine Ottawa kept its. And you as of driving it back the station I was over there and so it was pretty clear for a couple blocks and just kind of tapped on the accelerator. And now. Under those that are good there the monster run our. It is as I said. 613 here on Friday November 10. And would you believe that OJ is in trouble again really OJ Simpson acting up. To Jews got loose at a Las Vegas hotel getting booted after a scuffle at the bar late Wednesday. TMZ reporting OJ Simpson got kicked out of the continent Alton cosmopolitan hotel for good after allegedly getting bruised up and becoming generally. Staffers at the hotel told the website Simpson who has been hitting up a barged into his release from prison last month after serving nine years. Brought glasses at the clique Bart inside the luxury hotel and casino beginning around midnight. The seventy year old Simpson got angry with the workers propping security guards who responded room remove him from the hotel Simpson was cordial to security but. He has since been permanently banned from the hotel. Sources told TMZ. And kicked out of Toronto Canada that was difficult to make it out to be too but really kick OJ OJ you know he did get his OJ has a Pixar. Well at the outset that difficult decision maintenance. With a broad kick him out again and that the case so that it usually beaten veterans day is on the eleventh of the eleventh month the eleventh hour. Relievers. After you know the end of World War I. In the eleventh but the lives are 1111. Yeah and so tomorrow is actually better Wednesday but to rent celebrating today across the country many of us are. Some of our regular mr. may not be listing this morning ya name may not working in obvious and you know sleeping hitters up the line up of the crib as Greece today. And but most of us I think are gonna end and it's not a major holiday however. City Hall which us City Hall is going to be closed today. Along with a all the mean you know most of this to facilities there which don't public library locations all closed yet city art sold count town. Clues. But panic administrative offices are closed and these are. Close both Friday and Saturday destroyed look here's if there's anything else. You need to know the animal shelter is gonna be open from one to 5 PM Tuesday. Cedric county offices closed at. No regular postal delivery today. It is a an observance of veterans again. Here it is. K and SS it's not to a paid holidays so we are here and we're not working for you and it warrior and we salute all of our veterans out there. Many many people who have served in our military. Over the years including. In my son is now better. He is actually retired from the air force he's a better yeah. Veterans day but it's again gone on jets coming up at sports here a couple minutes and a a detail I'll just say right now you feel pretty. He's got a he's got pretty packed with stuff that's going to happen that's right. If not a lot of stuff that didn't happen right stuff the gonna take what's coming up next didn't pay quick cash out out happy birthday it. One of our co workers here for along time. Brett recordings have a birthday today Brad. Breads in charge of he's in charge of our promotions here that's right he works behind the scenes and that today it deals with things like logos gripping sign over there. On the wall that this that the Kansas scandalous stuff Baghdad in according we have an event he can't allow he's the one that does. We get that everything because it you'll have an event yet in March via. The outdoor living and landscape has yet escape show he should be the guy behind that the driving force in. He's a he's busy guy so he tells me it and so he's you seventh birthday today and it I don't he's not up yet. Probably not what is going to be. Yes and you know Brad you know he's not up yet get the call right now yeah go ahead don't Stevens had said to wake up at at at. But I'm sure you will be very appreciative note that guy Brad thanks for listening thanks Serena one of our bodies here. That K and assess the coming up on 618 was even 10 in the morning that's what I object support sports leadoff sport with jet chambers is boring and as I said. It looks like a pretty full plate as far as borders ports is concerned this weekend. Parallel seems like a lot of lot of teams are kind of kicking things off here. We've guest and the number seven number eight which dusting men's basketball team starting the regular season tonight against the dreaded. Kangaroos of the UN casing ARCO Arena or who's the ruse. They're actually that. You're here we get out the roots are actually the last road team to beat the shocker in November. That was back in 2008 so it's been awhile now. That debt. Yet they were the last ones to actually get that accomplished since then it. And basically since Gregg Marshall took over in 2007. Yeah I'm Casey is one of only three teams that got a regular season nonconference win at Charles took marine. The shocker to roost tonight in Wichita you can hear the action over on 103 point seven KEY in tonight's pregame starts at 6 o'clock. Which does state women turning up even sooner than that. They opened their twenties as seventeenth when he eighteenth season with the first of two straight road games the first one that an Omaha and it's this morning really. That's right zero of those kids day type deals. Surely you know I don't know that it. I don't know why it's so early but it's. 1130 tipoff what they're doing and parent Omaha facing a former Missouri Valley Conference pro Creighton. So it's the soccer's and Creighton. The first game for the shoppers under new head coach Keith Adams counties we got a new coach yeah until. It's no ducks yeah we'll see how it. Now what happens of course that Adams spent the last sixteen years as head coach at you to. What's a state volleyball on the road for two American athletic conference matches this weekend at the shocker plate at ECU on Friday and Tennessee on Sunday. Shocker or twentieth in this week's AB CA top 25 poll the highest ranking for the shocker since 2009. They are 22 and three and well ahead in the American athletic conference or 140 they have lost it in conference. Do you men. He men's basketball starting their 2017 when he eighteen regular season tonight at fog Allen fieldhouse vs Tennessee State. And the jayhawks have won a 43 consecutive regular season home openers and Allen fieldhouse that many 4043. Now. That goes back equipment this fantastic I guess back in 19730. Yeah. So it's been awhile since anybody's beaten them on home opener at apple fieldhouse English Ted Owens was coached. And the long time ago it it's it's been quite awhile KU vs Tennessee State. At pregame start at 630 you can hear that over on KF 81240. AM 975. FM. Butler grizzlies have a non conference game tomorrow vs Iowa central. Butler football trailing at half game behind independence. In the KG CCC while awaiting the results of the independents coffee bill deemed to see if that they can earn a share of the league title. You can hear the action right here on Kate and as as. In a long day Dennis double dating relate it to Dylan because he's got Butler basketball not a night. He should do both yeah but the grizzlies hosting Garden City. That creep and started that when it's 715 to good like Dennis I know he's up right now just yet upside an omelet their 2000. We've been best of luck to you buy exactly and tired on that Daniel Craig you have a death in the along and I imagine. Let's see KU football on the road at Texas tomorrow. Jayhawks are eight water when an eight. They're looking for their first conference win they have not won a conference game yet. They did upset Texas in Lawrence last year. Well now did you go down. Now let's we'll see if it happens again. Where's there on the road this time jayhawks vs longhorns freaking start at 330 tomorrow on KF age at which stuff under this weekend in Kansas City. Repaired game in a prepared gains against the mavericks. The thunder are eight and one in in first place in the mountain division but. And their plan their first game without teams points leading Kyle bachelor who he was recalled the Bakersfield this week so. We'll see how they do without death laughter. Thunder vs mavericks tonight and tomorrow night but drops. At 705. And that's sports 622 now keep an ear for Fox News coveted Styron. I'm gonna talk about an atheist teacher who told his students that standing for the pledge of allegiance is optional. Content tells them coming up the K and SSP that this day Stephens head on in assess this morning.