Man fires gun at a church, claims he was shooting aliens

Steve & Ted
Friday, January 12th

The man told police he had protected our planet, officer say he may have mental issues.


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Is this station which should talk turns to. First we're live team coverage of breaking news KM SS widget because number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on us. Good morning. 8 and SS morning news was even dead and did what word to Steve mackintosh has the day off it's Friday January 12. Our Wichita street holding up today after the storm we'll have those details. The suspect in the fatal folks calling which saw a rise in Kansas I'm Dan O'Neill I'm KMS has meteorologist Dan holidays. We got I would just a dusting of snow in Wichita yesterday for heavier amounts were two or north. Winning is our next chance of snow we talk about that in the forecast coming out. Yesterday's winter storm created slick conditions for Wichita erodes officials say they're going to continue to monitor conditions at putting down on salt and sand through much of yesterday. Allen came his Wichita director for public works and utilities he as a message for motorists this morning. We want people to be very careful and cautious because Rhodes is me with traffic on it and what the salt sand on it. May be in pretty good condition the next morning or over night it couldn't we can see some re freezing conditions so we ask everybody to exercise caution. Officials also cautioned drivers keep safe distance behind trucks and plows as crews are treating the roads. The man accused of making a hoax emergency call that led to the fatal police shooting of an unarmed man in Wichita has been brought to Kansas says. We county jail records indicate 25 year old Tyler Paris was booked in the jail Thursday on suspicion. Oh involuntary manslaughter. Giving false alarm and interference with a law enforcement officer. Bond was set at 500000 dollars. Paris have been held in the Los Angeles County Jail since his arrest December 28 in Los Angeles. Prosecutors alleged terrorist made a call December 28. But the big story about a shooting in kidnapping but led Wichita police stole home more 22 oral and root finch shot and killed after opening his door. Matters has a history of making such hoax calls which are referred to as wanting. Dan O'Neill came and SS news. There were at least four gang related drive by shootings in Wichita since Tuesday Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson says those drive byes. Took place near fourteenth and Piot 23 in Minnesota east 23 and grow and on south mission near Lincoln and what Juan. Which helped police officers and investigators have been investigating multiple drive byes which ever heard over the last several days. Two suspects. Were identified a nineteen year old male. And also a sixteen year old male. Officers begin doing follow up and located the suspects in the 3100 block of response then. Those arrests were made early yesterday morning near hillside and George Washington boulevard. Both suspects taken into custody for multiple counts of aggravated battery discharge of a firearm into an occupied dwelling. Felon in possession of a firearm possession of marijuana and possession of Ecstasy. A man from derby died early yesterday morning in a crash in north Wichita happened before 1 in the morning yesterday. Thirty year old Matthew Cox was driving his Toyota Corolla and I 235 under north meridian. Car veered to the right hitting a bridge pillar in catching on fire talks died at the scene. President trump will spend the weekend at his estate in Florida but he's also going to go to the doctor is well. Is it in trump heads to the US army hospital just outside DC today for is a yearly visits present or receive his annual physical at Walter Reed says white house Press Secretary Sarah Sandy's this will be the president's first health exam. As commander in chief and he told the press there is standing. Yeah well it was. And in the afternoon president trample fly to West Palm Beach for a weekend. And his morrow Longo club in Miami Evan brown Fox News. The museum of world treasures has been located in Wichita old town for the last fifteen years. Chief development officer along Smith still skate and SS news attendance increasing yearly this year or I should say imported seventeen. We got right up around 45000. Which represents about a four to 5% increase over the previous year. And we experienced that about every year about a fortify percent increase one Smith our guest this weekend on issues 20:18 minutes Sunday morning at 8 o'clock on K and as best. A Kansas lawmaker says she's going to introduce legislation that would end the legislature's practice of proposing bills without identifying who sponsors that. More than 94% of the bills passed in last year's session had no named sponsor. Lawmakers keep their names off bills by introducing them through committees. Representative Stephanie Clayton Republicans as her bill would require that the sponsors name or names being included in minutes of legislative committees and stay with the bill. Throughout the entire legislative process. Leaders of both the House of Representatives and the senate support allowing anonymous bills. House Minority Leader Jim ward is a Wichita Democrat he's running for governor he says the house Democratic Caucus is also planning several bills trying to improve transparency. In the legislature. It's 805 with Stephen says don't. Eight and SS. A church shot well but not for being at church. A surgeon in Great Britain is in trouble. And it. The latest on Wichita State in basketball. Of course it's time for our weekly chat with Mitch pulls us play by play voice to Kansas City Chiefs. Sadly it'll be our final chat with Mitt for a while coming up in a few minutes. John Stephen Timothy MSN. Nine was Stevenson in the morning you're listening to 97 and thirteen thirty days and SS. In a Detroit. Some burba at church riddled with bullets. But the guy who shot of the bullets was not firing at a church so. Says the cops know who did it and why there it's because he called them to probably tell them he protected their city from an alien invasion. Would he actually shot out with Zion church in Troy Michigan. A modern dome shaped building that kind of looks like it could be a huge flying saucer. No word on whether the guy will be charged that's because cops say and we quote. Mental health could be an issue here. Gary Baumgarten. Fox News. A surgeon in Great Britain is waiting to learn his fate he has admitted to brand being his patients Simon rebel pleaded guilty to two counts of assault. After being accused of using a laser beam to cop whose initials altitude patients' livers during surgeries. A prosecutor cold case without legal precedent incredible. Rubble could detailed that he sentenced today. But some former patients have rallied round. 800 people put their name to an online petition calling primal gifted and well respected and saying his actions caused no real com. In London Simon knowing Fox News it's eight. Ten it was Steve instead of the morning here on 987 and thirteen thirty caved in as us. And yesterday. As if the traffic that we had yesterday morning wasn't bad enough yeah. Well that was also the data they raise the gasoline price. That's right to gasoline prices yesterday went up to 239. A gallon so. And that sent the gasoline prices are up this morning to 39 a gallon traffic on K and has as front to budget of Robin Charles Goodyear tire. The city's downtown a market and Waterman neat he's Terry street mall and online at Carl's tired dot com soul of the 34 and 95 Boyle change. Let's take a look at that. Weather forecast we head into the weekend and it kind of check in with meteorologist Dan Holliday and. Good morning it is a frigid start today in Wichita and clouds will gradually thicken up as we go throughout today. Will be in the upper teens by noontime 23 for the high with a northeasterly wind. Cloudy tonight Tarlow near ten. Think clearing on Saturday with a high 23. Another system will come through late Sunday night and Monday and that may be our next chance of snow. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays thank you. And right now in which it's all we do little wind out of the north it is partly cloudy denying their degrees. The wind chill right now at negative seven minutes. CNN says weather brought to you by the monarch voted one of the best suburban bars and America by the urban review. Located at 579. West Douglas in historic delayed know what a great place to hang out the monarch. It is 812 with Steve intent on KNS. As here on this Friday. January 12. It's close but no cigar for anyone who bit less than about 27000. Dollars at an auction for a sign a box of Cuban cigars. From the personal collection of a Fidel Castro. As of Boston based auction house. The wooden at Trinidad. Formed a daughter is cigar box was signed in blue felt tip by the longtime Cuban leader. Company by a photograph of Castro signing it for a philanthropist back in 2002. The box does contain a 24 cigars. Stamped on each end as I am maker's mark on the bottom and also includes a republic got the Q bus cigar warranty seal which has been re adhered. The Trinidad's were exclusively produced for Castro starting in 1980. And until 1998. The only box is allowed to leave the island or gifts to foreign dignitaries. It rare box of Cuban cigars that belonged to Fidel Castro it went for about 27 grand. And expensive smoke. Yeah well you get 24 up and so look at it the old little moral or a thousand bucks each and 12100 bucks each and speaking of big time money in BC only has ten ad spots left to sell for the Super Bowl so if you want one get one better jump right on net less than a month ahead of Super Bowl fifty to look at how much are those 32 spots. Lots but that's so much viva. Million. Dollars. Kirk ten seconds for thirties thirty sat out 32 spot. Each 15 mil. February 4 is the date of the Super Bowl NBC will be during the Winter Olympics less than a week after the Super Bowl. And about 13 of total advertising revenue from both events will come from advertisers who have bought spots during both events and NBC giving no discount there by the Super Bowl and for the Olympics. And of course we know who it is we know who they are you know it's these the usual suspects Anheuser-Busch right Coke here Tierra. Are on board for the Super Bowl Pepsi. As got its ad featuring Cindy Crawford recreating her iconic Super Bowl spot from 26 years ago retirement and buy metal hand of popping gas station yet we get home. I remember that ego so NBC it via daily got a few spots left if you want pony up you know five mil. It sure. If you're at on their for 36 and a fishing industry building on the US national register of historic places. It's half submerged on an island in Canada he could disintegrate. As they try to Italy's legal tangle result. It was there was a blizzard on January 4. In it toward the brine shed from McCurdy smoke house off of Lou Beck main. And then the wind blew it to a nearby Canadian island Campobello island to New Brunswick okay. Now McCurdy is is the last traditional smoked Herring facility in the US. And an organization called Lou Beck landmarks has been working for a quarter century to preserve it. And apparently they're building called it a crying out at all know what that edit in Canada our rights. As of the dead now there's all sorts of legal troubles salvage rights claims by some Canadian citizens. So it'd this'll they might be just doomed. They're fearing that vandals will cannibalize the building with and just tear apart before the issues are sorted out and in fact some lumber is already been removed. So yeah I am an historic Brian Shaq the belong to the US. Blew into Maine. And now I'm mind blowing to Canada and now there's trouble. OK still trying to figure this out really. A historic Brian Chad that's what they say. It's all of that US national register of historic places. Goodness sakes are learning criteria for being on that list rather than just something old that yeah. Imagine there's several grain silos around here there are old enough donor list artist punches start yeah I'm undoubtedly. Every green silent there. Well let's stay let's stay in the state of Maine. Officials that. See an outdoor center in Maine our war sixty years to watch out for an aggressive dive bombing owl. That recently hit a guy. Bob Beers and the Al apparently cut the man's head and it attacked yikes neither skiers norte trailed rumors have seen this. Feisty bird since. Apparently the Alice protecting a nest that is near a cross country ski trail now does it taste for human blood either of the hockey etc. barred Powell or great horned owl that its interests posted warning signs around the trail recommend that people wave their arms overhead or Wear a hat. Did you gonna happen man Jackson get those anti Powell has now passed by the area. Al protection they say the owls are silent when they strike that you will not hear them. So you're just walking around you just have to continually wave your hands of a bit overhead winner on this trail while you're walking around in this trail. At sounds like fun. I've told the story of the for several years ago walked out as an Obama front reports some time in the summer I think in the middle of the night most. Morning. Just constant battle front porch I looked over this much street sign on the corner yeah I think there's something all Mets. It was big. What is that. And I kind of crept closer and closer Ryan thing is that Powell is it is a massive owls birds on our street signed in Wichita. Wow as a sudden he just don't see every day. The app and that little unusual sometimes you can hear howls yeah yeah you'll hear an occasional now. But that is C one big sitting under a street light not treat me well. And a guy who was silent and dated eventually saw me and flew away and might as silent just completely did not appear to at all the brutal rule. As interest 818 with Stephen Ted in the morning on KN OSS. Take a look at what's going on sports. Of course. Soccer basketball team was an action last night fifth ranked Wichita State. Taking on east Carolina on the road first match up ever as new conference opponents in the pirates in the doctor's. Sox were a little bit cold shooting or leave it after that no problem. Which apostate dominated ECU. Mike Kennedy involve whole had to call the game it was on 103 point seven KEY end. That's when things aren't locked by me dark recovered background. As yours start with a lot fascinated dirt on Glenn circled. The basket gave up what I did. He's got sorties. Like real reverse layup that. Evidently are here. Forbid Ronald nurture ended up leading the shocker in scoring last night with fourteen points. And the Landry Shannon made sure all the shocker is got into the action Landry had eleven points and he dished out a career high eleven. Assists. A double double for Landry Shannon. Shocks easily over east Carolina in 9560. Was the final score the shocker is when their tenth straight road games. That's one of the longest road street in the country. Soccer's. Get back at it again tomorrow night on the road again at Tulsa fifth ranked shocker at Tulsa tomorrow night first time these teams have met S conference opponents in 22 years. Also left the Missouri Valley Conference. Now the shocker to let the valley as well and now these teams look up again it's conference foes. Mike Kennedy involve whole we'll have live pregame coverage of the shocker at 5:30 PM tomorrow the game will tip off at 6:30 tomorrow evening at some 103 point 78 EYN a and be sure to join me after the show I'll take your phone calls on a shocker locker room show broadcasting live at twin peaks in east Wichita. When he first and rock beat the twin peaks tomorrow night after the shocker game. Speaking of the shocker is how about the NBA last night's action for the Toronto Raptors hosting the Cleveland Cavaliers. Andy night to remember for former Wichita State point guard Fred van bleeds coming off the bench for the raptors as the sixth man for Toronto law. Big night for brand. Rose. Kind seats in the quarter can't wait to. Namely. Fred van bleed a career high 22. Points last night he made six of eight from three point range. As the raptors torched the cavaliers. Won 33 to 99. Read it bleeds even outrebounded. LeBron James in this game. About that Fred been bleak for the night to remember as the raptors. Have the third best record in the NBA right now and they clobbered the team that eliminated them from the playoffs last season. This little message there did the raptors last night pave Alba that yeah. We have college basketball tomorrow for the man here in the states. In Lawrence twelfth ranked Kansas hosting Kansas State. These teams get back dedicate you who has beaten the wildcats to their last eleven visits in to Lawrence. Live pregame coverage of the JR network begins at 9:30 tomorrow morning game tips off at 11 AM tomorrow and that's on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM. 975 FM KUK state. Tomorrow in Lawrence. The Wichita State women coming awful home win this week there on the road in New Orleans visiting two lane tomorrow night. Steve strained we'll have the call beginning at 415. Tomorrow afternoon rather tomorrow afternoon at 415. Soccer ladies right here on 987 and thirteen thirty K and as and it's after that one. We'll have to go men's basketball Butler community college hosting red hot Colby. Comes in on a five game winning streak. Dennis Higgins have live coverage of Butler basketball beginning at 715 tomorrow night that is right here on 97. And thirteen thirty K and that's that's. We've got a little hockey action this weekend on home ice for the Wichita thunder with back to back home games tonight and tomorrow night at 7 o'clock. Downtown in trust bank arena under hosting that you talked grizzlies in those contests Wichita right now tied for second place in the mountain division. And speaking of hockey last night in the NHL the Carolina Hurricanes went into Washington beat first place capitals 321. The winning goalie for Carolina former Wichita thunder goalie Scott darling with 26 saves. Getting a rare start his first win since mid December. And Carolina with that win puts themselves in a playoff position. When the hurricanes and former thunder goalie Scott darling last night in the NHL a sports with Stephen said Kate and as stats. It's 823 was Steve instead in the morning traffic and weather updates are coming your way and it. Michael Wolf some tabloid book about president's reaction from the mainstream media. We'll find out on a very interesting show on Kennedy's morning minutes next month eighth inning as best.