Man in KC says "Demons" made him stab someone

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, December 27th

Court documents show the man told police that demons told him to go through with the stabbings, and that he waited until his victim was asleep because it was the "moral thing" to do. 


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Is this station which should talk turns to. First for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. 8 o'clock there's good news this morning his receivers Ted Knight Keith thank you John. Ford dead in crash on I 70 in north central Kansas he's got a story an affidavit describes abuse recorded oval with the boy. Was later found anything concrete idea home. Mayor says Wichita police working to hire more officers fine it was alerted those details just ahead. I'm Kenneth says meteorologist Dan Holliday once again the freezer doors opened this morning with temperatures running well below average for this time of year. Our forecast is coming out. Four people for Missouri are dead after a one vehicle accident and interstate 70 in north central Kansas early Tuesday near Abilene. Kansas Highway Patrol trooper Ben Gartner says the vehicle went off the roadway and rolled over. Cause of the accident was not immediately known but snow was causing slick roadways in many parts of the state at the time. The Highway Patrol identifies the victims as 47 year old Lisa luft. Twenty year old Rihanna left fourteen year old Arie aloft and eighteen year old Selena since the all from Kearney Missouri. Video images of a Wichita boy being severely abused months before his body was found encased in concrete in the home where he lived with his mother and her boyfriend. Were described in court documents backing up the mothers and boyfriend's arrest. So Wichita eagle reports images appeared to show the abuse occurred while Evan brewers Boller was frantically attempting to get authorities to intervene. And a Miller and Stephen boat nine are charged with murder in the death of Miller's son three year old Evan Rourke. Evan had been the subject of a custody battle and is Fowler contacted the Kansas department for children of families. Along with pulleys with his concerns. The new DC a leader is calling for a thorough review of the agency Dan O'Neill an SS news. Two people remain hospitalized after a Christmas crash in south Wichita. Police officer Paul cruise says early Monday a police officer near pony and George Washington boulevard. Which is a Jeep Cherokee eastbound all on pony with a green light getting hit by a southbound a tough hole. This Jeep was driven by 29 year old female and the Chevy Tahoe was driven by 26 gold medal. The collision Dave calls both drivers to be objective from their vehicles. Which were transported to an area hospital with serious injuries. Investigators believe the speed of the Chevy Tahoe was a factor in that crash. Wichita police chief Gordon Ramsey recently told KM SS news staffing is his biggest challenge right now. Recruiting and training police officers mayor Jeff Longwell tells KM SS news the city is working on that. Or they'll. Figuring out how we can continue to add about. Seven the op over the next two years courts are training center open up this next week and well start a new class of officers can be trained at the new. What star Cedric territory training in Europe there are innovation campus and great. Longwell commented during Monday's that the mayor on the Stephen Ted in the morning show here on taking an SS after a white Christmas New England braces for bitter cold. Boston 25 news reporter Jacki Hinrich has the story. Below freezing temperatures are securities day for an extended visit very codes. Very code for the next week Temps will stay in the teens and twenty's during the day and single digits that night with the most dangerous dips coming overnight Wednesday and Thursday. Cities around Massachusetts are urging people to do aware of the dangers that blew it with this breeze. Boston and Worcester tweeting warnings to bundle up if you have to be outside and urging people to keep an eye on the most vulnerable who don't have a warm place day. 803 now three minutes fancy declined. The Stevenson in the morning. College football bowl action last night for Kansas state of the cactus bowl how did things go for the wildcats will have a full recap here coach Snyder coming up in sports. Passenger was loaded gun arrested at Orlando Florida airport that story coming up on the case and has this morning news was Steven dead. Guinness is when you it's dead now 8066 minutes and at 8 o'clock. A nineteen year old to he commanded the intended to life in prison for his role in the fatal drive by shooting. But he will be eligible for parole after serving 25 years the defeating capital journal reports Christopher Sean putt teal. Was sentenced Tuesday for the Tony sixteen killing of twenty year old Bryant Miller. That deal was convicted of felony first degree murder in July. Authorities here another man fired the fatal shots from van driven by the teal. Five people were rushed to a hospital in Miami Dade Florida after being shot in a residential neighborhood fox 7 NEWS Miami's Walter Morris reporting from the scene. Neighbors say they heard at least twenty shots and at first they thought it was fireworks they didn't realize it was a shooting until they heard the police sirens police say. One of those victims was seventeen years old in total five people shot. Meanwhile wall doctors worked on them the hospital police working hard. At the crime scene trying to figure out who pulled the trigger police could be seen looking for shell casings. And interviewing neighbors police say the victims were outside at the time it's still unclear if they were the intended target of the shooting or what led to that city police say minutes later after that first shooting. More gunshots were fired about a block away. A passenger has been arrested at Orlando airport in Florida. With a loaded gun police stopped a passenger at Orlando international airport for carrying a loaded gun on Tuesday. Despite the presence of a valid carry permit. The suspect had a Ruger and a separate loaded magazine with 1022 caliber rounds. In his carry on bag serie coach it's a TSA spokesperson says this arrest marks the 91. Weapons intercept this year. And shows a disturbing and dangerous pattern across Florida and the country. One of the TSA's biggest concerns is the accidental misfire ring of a loaded weapon. Coaches warns bringing a loaded weapon to a security checkpoint carries civil penalties. Of up to thirteen thousand dollars even if you are not arrested Mike Dee Opsound Fox News. Stay Unisys news time now 8088 minutes as stated plus received it. And this morning we're still looking out for India traffic hazard this is stalled out V Hickel northbound I want 35. Just south of the eighth fifteen. Also of course this morning they've got he gasoline prices going up here in which south. Went to 29 a gallon. Traffic updates from K and at this radio on jet Jesus. And all of forecast with Janus since Steffi you don't just stand holidays good morning Dan good morning it might be worth putting on an extra layer of clothes to start today would wind chills running below zero and hide this afternoon only expected around 23. He will be cloudy tonight Carlo in the mid teens but finally a break tomorrow and Friday is we warm above freezing Thursday 38. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Now cloudy and northeast and ended seven miles per hour thirteen degrees and it gives us a windchill of three. 809 now own Stevens had officials in southeastern. Louisiana say four women were arrested after a large brawl at a Wal-Mart store over the weekend. Slidell police department says more than ten people were involved in the fight. To the people were taken to a nearby hospital with minor injuries. A 152 video shows a group of women fighting and shoving each other. Near cash registers inside the store. Police were told some of the of the people were using pepper spray he. Police have not released the motive for the fight. But to women going at it in via Wal-Mart itself now Zune video. People policy apparently somebody. Who knows that there are gaps about them across about some of crowded in line in front of them lowers the news. Picking up the last item on sale and you are they got to go and it is a pretty good fight gone. Authorities say a wrapped present that turned present that turned out to be a fruit cake temporarily halted service at a Seattle. Ferry terminal while police investigated we were bullet talking earlier about today is national product as day fruitcake day. Washington State Patrol trooper. Kevin fourteen nose has offered troopers were notified Tuesday those suspicious package was found a but he the Christmas tree in the pedestrian waiting area and support. Fourteen assists a package was deemed suspicious because it was unmarked right and was the only gift under the trees. They evacuated the terminal and they picked it up and it seemed to have the density of a black hole so it is something was wrong at all inbound fairies away for about a half hour. If it's of a police bomb squad investigated. What was the potentially dangerous item it was a fruitcake with a brick. Fruit eggs and shut down the ferryboat. But that. And Kansas City man charged with stabbing two people last week in separate incidents is claiming demons that told him to attack. Kansas City Star reports 22 year old Stephen. In December 20 in Kansas City he faces two counts each. A first degree assault and armed criminal action and one count of stealing a motor vehicle. Court documents show Bos told police demons told him to go through with the static now. Sounds weird sounds bizarre but you know it's just an example. Of some the kind of calls our police officers face every day when I assume this is mental illness you know is says sure sounds like this. Young man has some severe mental problems and he's on the streets and stabbing people. Well since being put you know someplace for folks in helping may be behind it the wall someplace you know. Yesterday afternoon as the scene of the police scanner and there's a report of a man out in the parking lot new market square screaming at people threatening to shoot people and police well. And police arrived normally supposed to do about this got to protect public the public and as obviously. Maybe I'm not obviously ago possibly deranged and we did of course are if she's interview this this weekend it was police chief. A local police chief Gordon Ramsay which to police chief and that's one of the things you brought that. In other police officer of the social workers. They're the ones who were were confronting these people day by day. It's true yeah I'm the United States has pretty much told the police departments of every city added that the it's your problem now you need deal ultimately deal now so let the officers that afternoon at the special training. They deal with situations where the adrenaline is gone ninety miles an hour and they have to. And be aware of who they're dealing with and how to deal with them and some of these people are just. That are out there on medication whether or not on the medication the out could be corrected. And variety of things going wrong. Eight well now not an easy not an easy. You know and you know the mayor of long well thought process if they got a massive bill now class of seventy that's taken office for the police officers and don't refute. Police are pretty well over the years and it's tough it was tough in the old days when the you never saw positive day go by where you resolve much and that it is he even worse that are. Audience get to see staffing levels get back where they need to be just 23 years ago we were talking about drastic under staffing of the Wichita police department said the county sheriff's department and the Kansas Highway Patrol. And there is it sort of demographic thing going on now throughout all industry where baby boomers are starting to retire and in big numbers and there isn't really that pipeline filled with trained at. Young worker primary place and keep the industry goes into the aircraft industries. Some interesting things going on in our economy right now. But we've got to that tax cut it is tax overhaul. The the president signed the other day and will that have a long term impact on creating jobs and so forth that's the hope of course and yeah it'll he's inheriting a pretty good job situation economy right now economy's pretty good shape so. This will stick it clear to the roof I don't know stock archer and look at this that. I we are what two days after Christmas now the 27 and yeah I does seem like Christmas was. We don't solid. Day for summary of the seemed like. It was Monday Ido loses ten days ago but it seems like it's already. Getting farther and farther in my rearview mirror our they'll hundreds of the list the last week of the year really here we are. When he seventeen just about to go by the wayside Stevens Ted. As it W of them many of you probably know the my wife as Shelley had both Bruney replaced in the day before Thanksgiving. Which is uninteresting to name. But human inedible for a place you're just scared to death well. There you did not want to be always have apprehension concerns when he did not want to be you know knocked out for four hours or whatever was an ID you know. I tried to encourage her as much as possible but she was scared to death she came out of it he has been in rehab twice a week now for the past month. And goal last night we gallery cabinet. Or re ever does that person her visor Leo anyway. Says you know you need to come back anymore. About that that's good news he's walking a little bit with a cane McKay it around real good and very nice. She's even get and a downstairs a little bit I did for her I don't. Who would somebody said. When this all started that's not should be up a month. And that will I don't know if pretty optimistic but this area are just I don't know much about. Our. Program director Tony musings mom had. I think both attorneys to only for several years ago. Your mom had her knee both you know and so we had to people who are advising users who went through the process but while beats it. Well the reasoning was for Shelley's. If this is going to be a challenge and a pay in order for this ice announces. In over oil through it get it and been there a lot of pain in India skipper but. In the end I think nationally with brand new and he's gonna get get yourself and it out there and really enjoyed life there you go that's the goalie down and you'll be able to move around active. Amber hoping to do it for those of you been considered a saint Phillies got both bernese and pretty good she's up movement about. They did a better than we even expected to it very nice glad to hear 816 is Steven Pitt and a good before we. Now let's go ahead and exports them tidbit it was sports this morning. We had a big bowl game last night especially big for all of us. Court case state football fan writes at Kansas State football team playing in the pac. At this bowl last night in downtown Phoenix taking on the Bruins of UCLA. Well it did not get off the very strong start for Kansas State they were down 177 at halftime pretty. Real boring and not much going on the wildcats in the first half but. But Snyder must have imparted some. That's good wisdom at halftime because Kansas State came out in the second half and stayed the course and just steamrolled. UCL a in the entire second half. You heard the game last night cactus bowl it was on their fate she bears. That hit the ball it's that the constant power a hard time up but let me look at the five touchdown. But the second touchdown operatives in state in the second half on fourth down it goes for 41 yards and interstate goes up. As you can hear right there the wildcats for picking up rushing yards in chunks. On the way to 344. Yards on the ground a season high Kansas State beats UCLA 35 at seventeen in the cactus bowl. And that makes back to back bowl wins for K State's first time they've done that seventeen years. Kansas State ends up winning five of its last six minutes is the year with a record of eight and five a and the cactus bowl defensive MVP was K state sophomore Denzel Goolsbee right out of here what you thought mr. Carroll high school. He had a huge fumble strip and recovery in the third quarter that led case states go ahead touchdown. Great night for Denzel schools V and the entire Kansas State defense stopped UCLA a dozen times on third and fourth down on the night. After the game and ESPN's spoke with Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder. They're they're more than football. You know they've handled themselves well. They're good students. All of them graduated I think. Plus budget juniors who graduated as well but they're dead they're just good young guys work hard have great value system. We talked on the phone last week leaving yet another season and you and I have no idea we'll talk about it later on. If I go. I don't see ask the question that bill gave the usual answer. This case state finishes eight in five and ice bowl win last night. Actress bowl tonight you've got the academy sports and outdoors Texas Bowl in Houston the lead Texans against Missouri. Missouri has won six games in a row after four starts. Missouri is two and a half point favorite in that one. There you go it's sealed blue bonnet bull used to be in Houston for many years now called the Texas Bowl. This and that 1 and 8 o'clock tonight it's over on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM a little hockey action. Coming up kind of a little mini series between the Wichita thunder and the Allen Americans their rival in the mountain division. These two teams will meet four times in the next five days before we turn the cal 12018. And that all starts tonight with Wichita in Texas taking on the Americans at 7 o'clock tonight. Wichita just one point ahead of American in the mountain division third place Wichita prime hold on the third place. These teens who play four games in the next five days including couple later in the week in which saw. No a couple of basketball birthdays today about former college men's coach Nolan Richardson is 76. Years old today of course. Soccer fans remember Nolan Richardson is the former head coach at Tulsa so yeah. Back in the early eighties when Tulsa and Wichita State are both among the top twenty teams in the nation and played some classic games back in the 1980s you're dead. Nolan Richardson is 76 today and Nolan has a little. Trivia note. He's the only coach that has ever won the NCAA championship. And I teach title and did you go championship wow yeah no one's done it at every level these 76 today. And the current head coach of the Kansas Jayhawks is having a birthday today Bill Self. His 55. Years old today and current coach K you know. Bill was born 55 years ago on this day in oak double. With south of Tulsa at birth at a birthday number 55. Of the Bill Self. That's sports was even Ted KN NS at the case Stevens has done sports talk show at all but let them that's tough for just a little bit about bill Schneider I mean. My brother was recruited to play football at Kansas State in 1966. When they never won I mean it was all fall. And then Snyder came in they've lost a loss a loss for years and years had a couple of good teams that they lost Snyder comes and how what security cabinet did talk and early ninety's early ninety's early to mid ninety comes in here and what ever that commandos he turned that program around and made every day. It's known all over the country has a huge turnaround in Manhattan Kansas State between about the 1920s. And the ninety's was regarded as basically the book. Worst losing his program in the United States here or there were terribly terrible does that every. And then it's and then now they hired as assistant coach out of the University of Iowa is unknown guys. Bill Snyder and he comes in. Within a period of about five or six years he turned him into one of the top twenty teams in the nature somebody who hired him saw something in the out houses that's one of the great hires of all time he just yet he did have a perfect record inning they just saw something and it. And now here is still go on 78 years old Owen and he's he's. A guy that is in he's already in the foot college football hall of fame and he still working. Very rare to get that accomplished could be back next year the right did they can out eight when he to come up the Hannity morning and it was Steven dead. Rule of law and the current political climate that's on the way hey it's time for our very tired coffee break okay. K and assess very tired copies of precious copy of the Wichita area because very tired coffee beans are roasted fresh right here in Wichita. And you can get prairie fire coffee tour office just like Stephen dead wrong by calling 2673771. Or online. At prairie fire coffee dot com. Stephen did in the morning on K in a sense. And nothing tastes better than her fresh brewed cup.