Mankini-wearing 'Borat' tourists arrested in Kazakhstan

Steve & Ted
Thursday, November 16th

Local media reported on Tuesday the tourists were arrested and fined for their "indecent" appearances.


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Is distinctions which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KSS. Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. He did in the morning feedback into Woodward. Kansas Highway Patrol troopers led to be more visible between now and the end of the year in an effort to get people to drive more cautiously. Use to prevent Gardner. We're out there are at all times sometimes you're not seeing Huskers are looking for union out looking for us. But do we are even more so active and visible during the holiday travel time. The hope is not to have to pull people over though they will do that if necessary. Point as always is safety gardeners as traffic fatalities are up this month and the patrol was to see that number stop rising. Now look at the forecast with kaine is says staff meteorologist Dan holidays good morning Dan the good morning it looks like warming trend is on the way in Wichita maybe not so much today will be very close to where we were yesterday at this time it. Mid fifties at noontime sixty and breezy this afternoon clouds move back in tonight are low in the low fifties bit warmer Friday it would tomorrow's highs in the mid seventies I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now partly cloudy and forty degrees. State agencies have asked for more than 274 million dollars in new funding for next year. Just months after Kansas governor Sam Brownback called the current budget bloated. We agencies are collectively seeking a four point 1% increase in spending in next year's general fund budget. Preliminary budget request for the next fiscal year became public when agencies presented them to a legislative committee last week. One agency seeks money to restore earlier cuts to universities. Another wants money to eliminate waiting list for people with disabilities. A third wants more money for social workers. The request to not include additional spending for schools. Legislative leaders have created a committee following the Kansas Supreme Court decision last month which struck down the State's education funding formula as unconstitutional. Dan O'Neill came on SS news. Us police nab the burglary suspect in northwest which atop officer Charlie Davidson says. Police got a call Tuesday afternoon from a woman in the 18100 block of north Kramer. She'd come home and saw an unknown suspect get out her vehicle. That was in her garage and run on foot to the east. Officers quickly responded. To this call located the suspect. In a backyard of residency and age you know balked at North Brunswick which is nearby. A seventeen year old boy it booked into jail on a number of charges. President trump is back to work in Washington after a twelve day swing through Asia president trump says he's helping solidify the region against a rogue nation I call on every nation including China and Russia. To unite and isolating the North Korean regime the president also pledging to negotiate better trade deals following stops in Japan South Korea China Vietnam and the Philippines these days of the United States being taken advantage of are all president trump touting the current 800 billion dollar a year trade deficit is unacceptable. Tom Graham Fox News of record shattering winning bid for a work of art. A painting by Leonardo Da Vinci up for sale at Christie's auction house in new York and not us out of somebody's selling I Christie's poll out of that million dollars at the bit. That this news. So it. 400 million for the pain plus another fifty mil for the higher premiums which goes to the auction house. The most ever in history paid for one piece of art the previous record had been 300 million for Willem de coatings containing interchange. This Da Vinci is a rarity believed to be one of the fewer than twenty paintings still known to exist by Leonardo. It sure is Christ holding up crystal spear and is believed to go back to the year 15100. Chill NATO Fox News. Which does patrol east community police officers are holding a food drive this afternoon. At the Wal-Mart has Kellogg in Greene Mitch. We're asking everybody to come out drop off items. In the patrol cruisers that before another front doors to help. Provide missing meals for hungry friends and neighbors. During our Thanksgiving Christmas time. So a great opportunity for the community of plug in. Doing our cruisers with canned foods. Police officer Charlie Davidson says a food drive is from noon to 4 PM today. 834 now come up on 835 Stephen tell in the morning on came in as it's time for entertainment news a blur with Ted Woodward this morning in a Ted's gonna take a look at the grandes right Gallagher has been around a while in fact celebrating sixty years. John Legend teams with Carrie Underwood four grammys greatest stories that sixtieth anniversary special. The coast will be joined by superstars Alicia Keys Ricky Martin Blake Shelton Justin Timberlake and more. They attribute is celebrating epic moments from the past 59 years of Grammy history takes viewers behind the scenes to reveal unknown fax. About the performances of some of music's legendary performers. Special segments include reactions. From those performances. Including one that features Paul McCartney bringing had zero to the Grammy stage. It airs on CBS November 24 Michelle Perino Fox News. I will watch that. This we talked about this little bit yesterday People Magazine naming its sexiest man a lion for 2017 Blake Shelton becomes the first country singer ever crowned sexiest man by People Magazine. One year old a judge on the voice joking to People Magazine killed rugged. In the face of a fellow judge and I can't wait. The show this that would be Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine who was the magazine's sexiest man in 2013. Shell muscle telling People Magazine I've been ugly in my whole if I can be sexy they're here. Taken the magazine calling him down to earth and funny Shelton says girlfriend Gwen Stefani convinced him to accept the honor the million blue Fox News. If you turn it down I don't want to act and act. It's an honor relative privacy. Let's get the latest on some of the news from the small screen. And help him we'll enter a whole new world next year one filled with zombies and the beginning of a post apocalyptic world. The actress has joined the cast of fears the Walking Dead and C announced alpha men are set to appear as a series regular for the upcoming fourth season. Earlier in the day off then posted the message on social media. New news coming soon soon soon on her Twitter and in Stu grant accounts. X-Files has a premiere dates. The second chapter of the event series premieres Wednesday January 3 at 8 PM on fox. On what's your emergency. And 91 line I knew procedural show focusing on emergency responders. Follows at 9 PMB Ryan Murphy series includes some of his favorite actors from previous shows. Like Angela Bassett and Connie Britton also joining the team parents Peter Krause. That's fox two on fox and. Let's take a look at celebrity profiles will focus on a famous place not on a first then but it plays a famous national menu the bluebird cafe famous well before its recurring role on the hit show on national the bluebird is now marking a 35 anniversary complete with a campaign to bring its story to the big screen I spoke with general manager Eric Nichols who started as a waitress in the. Eighties hair writers here who have written some of the most famous country songs in the world. Dating back to 1982. And so we wanted people to understand what the Bloomberg has. Meant to let me ordinary folks were lined up outside first time at the ninety seat venue known for its in the round set up with the writers sharing stories behind the songs Erica spoke about how that's signature styles started his. Writers including tons Skyler who read sixteenth avenue dodge lets you read the gambler they tried it one night I think they were rough most of all sweaty. Because they were so sore and everybody should do so because that's set up like fat. Ashley court in Fox News. I don't want to Steve Macintosh favored new shows this Ozzie in Jackson world. Apparently I am pretty sure it's just Ozzy Osborne and his son Jack just walking around with a cameraman. Are. Ian what they encounter exciting. Here's here's what happened on last night's episode they met a man named it David. I went to the Bahamas she got we got dropped her speed out like jumped off the ship in the middle of motion. What's he told my clothes out on the wire I'll bet Dallas over the goods when again give him water. Cries dude you don't you don't bother crews are at odds over and over and I springboard for children up and bill and it was like it was. At the half but he jumped up yeah it was how it see at night but he's getting close okay. Lot of people on there now Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie and a lot of cleanup you know moments with filters there and Ozzie and Jack's. World the tour. And finally Steve our final story comes from fraud get it. Sixth checked tourists. He dressed up in skimpy swimsuits made famous by Sasha baron Cohen's borax. Reportedly been detained by authorities in Kazakhstan's capital spot. Does this story does actually come from Kazakhstan. Sporting lime green and man TVs and black wigs the man I hope to take a picture in front of the I love us I'm assigned. Local police go to action detaining men and finding them about 68 bucks each. Or committing minor hooliganism and this according to the cause like news web site. Inform Borough dot. He's the end of the and then bad the money that give them an impressive to us. This is a cut and biter until it is minor hooliganism in on this flimsy became popular after baron Cohen playing the fictional 'cause like television present to Bora. Sported it in the movie from eleven years ago boar that's. Colon cultural learnings of America for make benefit glorious nation Alex done a movie that you nine. Went to seat him now. The swimsuit or talking about a something less than a Speedo right. It's pretty more brief birdied dental floss ish. And it covers what it needs to cover and that's it. Of course likes the Cedric county commission. Present that it of course that film to defend many cows are trying the country is quite backward at tight degenerate. But let's it'll more more ad anyway. Why you type to sell male things just think I am mass still do this because they have and knows there is this is an antique shop. And then this thing move you know when they. He subsequently. There regularly and he. We had a good time than snowy out there is so outrageously. Offensive yeah. We had to laugh. It yet we are forced him and yet we are sitting there you're like 33 jitters down. Seats down from his there's a couple was obviously just again it would not slapping the and they are laughing at everything and eleven enough that it. Another couple fools. It's a kind of we read you have to. Rapidly let loose laughed at me right frame of mind but it's seen in a hotel or in between him and his manager don't execute it. I'd. That's entertainment news this Thursday the blur it's brought to you by our good friends at pizza John and me. I tell you what they'll make use of any size pizza you want to any topic if you want the get you fixed up you bet and they've got hot sandwiches to. About Hudson what's his time in the year leisure utilities great Turkey bogey veggie you know he ammo eat regularly they got at all they'll pick you up it's so good. It's right there on Kate fifteen to 08 south Baltimore pizza jobs and their feet 842 Steven did. He's been here for a manager do liable as a business journal news. He's gonna tell us about a lot of planes in the sky over Kansas. Stephen did in the morning on eight and ten cents.