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Thursday, April 19th
Guest: Ancaire owner Amy McFarren

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Is this station which should talk turns to. First for live team coverage of breaking news KE SS Wichita is number one news talk can't weather station. Depend on. The 48 o'clock this is the Canadian business sporting news there's even dead I keep Bakken zone. Wichita police investigating two homicides we've got the story. Guilty verdict for three men involved in western Kansas bomb plot behind it with words those details just ahead a federal judge chargers Kansas secretary of state with contempt of the vote in case I'm Dan O'Neill. You aviation inspections are being ordered following this week's mentality in the air the federal aviation and. Trichet and is expected to order required inspections on fan blades like the one involved. In the deadly explosion killed a southwest passenger enforced an emergency landing in Philadelphia there's evidence of metal fatigue. Where the blades separated the National Transportation Safety Board chair Robert some walled investigators believe. The fan blade snapped off leading to debris hitting in the Southwest Airlines plane and a woman being partially blown out of the window she later died. The NTSB is still try to determine how a window came out of the plane. Tom Graham Fox News. Police are investigating a fatal shooting itself Wichita lieutenant titled Kyle says it happened late Tuesday afternoon. In a neighborhood near the 2900 block of south hillside. And and called 911. With bits of information telling them. He'd witnessed a shooting at a house on house sales street and that he would wait for police literally 600 block of self hydraulic. The police went to the address on hydraulic the man who called 911 was not there. The address on sales police found a man dead from a gunshot wound inside the residents. This house. It's very active house in the 2900 block stuff so that the neighbors were familiar with. People coming and going from. Oh times Sunday night. You know after the hearing that led. Police say drugs that were known to be frequent at that location but investigators do not know what led to the shooting the victim has been identified as forty year old and it's Olson. This is which does fifteenth homicide in fifteen weeks this year. A man was found dead inside a residence Tuesday afternoon in south Wichita about three and a half days after he was shot. Police lieutenant oh Giles says a neighbor was concerned about 39 year old Trenton Custer. Whose car was parked in front of the neighbor's house that he hadn't been seen for a few days the neighbor got into custer's residents through a window and found his body he had been shot multiple times. Investigators traced the violence too early last weekend. We know that there were some kind of disturbance that broke out inside the residence we believe late Friday early Saturday morning. And during that time. Shots were fired striking Killen is faster. Two or three other people have been living at that residence with the victim often on during the past few months detectives are looking to interview them. This is that was which is tossed fourteenth homicide case of the year federal jury has found three men guilty of plotting to bomb a mosque and apartment complex housing Somali refugees. In western Kansas Patrick Stein Gavin Wright Curtis Allen. Convicted Wednesday of one count of conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction and one count of conspiracy against civil rights. Wright was also convicted of the charge of lying to the FBI. Stephen McAllister US attorney for the district of Kansas says it's Freeman were indicted in October 2016. For an attack planned for the day after the presidential election in Garden City. Our prosecutors present substantial evidence that the defendants expressed hatred for the Somali immigrants. And Muslims in general and described in the most extreme and violent terms what they've planned to do to them. A fellow bush remembered tip off federal authorities after becoming alarmed by the escalating talk of violence. And later agreed to Wear a wire as a paid informant. The federal judge says Kansas secretary of state Crisco bought violated her order. But some voters were eligible to cast a ballot while a lawsuit challenging a state law requiring proof of the US citizenship worked its way through the court. US district judge Julie Robinson found call Bakken contempt of court Wednesday. She did not impose a fine but order cobalt to pay for damages including attorney fees. The American Civil Liberties Union sought the contempt ruling after called balk refuse to update the State's election guide. Or ensure that county officials sent postcards to residents who registered a driver licensing offices without providing citizenship documents. Robertson said in March that she made it clear motors covered by a may 2016 injunction that she imposed or not to be treated differently. Call box office says he will appeal Dan O'Neill Kate and SS news. Police in Fort Lauderdale, Florida shot and killed a man who authorities say opened fire on officers. Fort Lauderdale police chief Rick mag Leone describes a situation. We attempted to board the subject out of the vehicle it is subject refuse to come out so blessed lethal methods were deployed. Those methods were unsuccessful in fact the suspect responded to the less lethal leverage by discharging a firearm at the police officers that were on the scene. The officers responded by discharging their firearms. K it is there's use time now 8055. Minutes past 8 o'clock. And some baseball and softball action right across the street from each other last night on the campus of Wichita State we'll have highlights coming up in sports Cuba's electing a new leader. That story coming up David dead in the morning on K and SS. I news editor do thirty painted as it now 8888. At 8 o'clock. Wichita police have arrested the suspects were numerous burglaries during the past eight months. Burglars took place the construction business through its clothing stores and liquor stores. Video and photo evidence showed the same. White here and he picked up used in most of these burglaries. Who the diligent work of officers on these cases I suspect profile is developed and man was arrested fifteen year old Kevin bickering. Police officer Charlie Davidson says is suspect was apprehended last week in north west Wichita booked into jail on an unrelated pending case of aggravated assault. Suspect has now been charged with nine burglaries eight felony theft for felony counts of criminal damage to property and misdemeanor theft. The national assembly of Cuba will elect a new president to replace Raul Castro. Fox's Steve Harrigan is in Cuba and says even with a new leader of very little is likely to change. Continuity is the word you hear over and over again in other words nothing is going to change that's going to be. A real challenge when you have an economy that's create during when you have. Three of four people still working for the state most of them making less than 35 dollars a month outpatient. Are the eleven million people on this island going to be with someone who was not the revolution who's not named Castro. Moving confederate statues could prove costly for Memphis Tennessee. Tennessee state house has decided to move forward with a 37 point five million dollar budget that includes no funding for the bicentennial for Memphis but mayor Jim Strickland says in a statement the house's decision to remove a quarter million dollars from its budget bill should not have an impact on the city's joint celebration with Shelby county next year Memphis used a loophole in state long term of the statues of Nathan Bedford Forrest and Jefferson Davis from two parks in December lawmakers in Tennessee's Republican dominated legislature had vowed to punish the city for taking down the monuments at night. Least Phyllis Dara Fox News. Eight in now 10 minutes past 8 o'clock definitive. He would accidents. May still see some fire crews there on the scene watch for traffic slowdown carvers is building. 6600 block of east Kellogg looks like at a car hit the one of the buildings there Stephen motor group. 6600 block of peace Kellogg this morning traffic updates from Kate and SS radio I'm Jeff chambers. I was the go to the forecast now we can assist that geologist Dan holidays good morning Dan good morning overnight temperatures fell into the thirties sandbag gives us another chilly morning across south central Kansas sunny this afternoon very light northeast winds and high 63. Clear and not as cold tonight Harlow 41 and breezy Friday with a high 65. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan how solid. Offering five dollars select advertisers Monday through Thursday. From four to 6 PM for happy hour I pulled cocktail menus can be found at monarch which does not count the monarch in Toledo. In other windy day across central Kansas Wednesday night temperatures 64 degrees. The frankly a Fella who's about 34 normal high after the date 69 we don't win guest. From the north at 49 miles per hour so it made it to. Little stuff yesterday. And have a special guest in our studio this morning Amy mixed parentage with the news in morning. Good morning nice to have you with us thank you without me and care and rare yes on the main question I have read today is you have allergies. I do regularly hear horrible this terrible this is well this is key to what would you do it for yours. A good little medical advisor just some funny case looks like yeah invest it and he nearly did but now just kind of suffer eat out well no change the United States yeah well I admit I don't like. I should tell us about and care home health care what it is all about. Well we started in care about six years ago and and here is Celtic for anchor and when anybody that. Celtic Celtic for anchor and when I started in terms what is healthy. Language. You know. And got a statement from the big no ad is sort of getting thirty. And and when we sir I thought about what was important to me in my family is most important things so that's how we got the name. And we do in care for people that Wednesday. In their home for as long as possible so they wanna stay independent. And we have some clients that just uses for a couple hours a week. And one lady that that the casino and then once the man and we have 24 hour care for and we had a decision. No my brother and I go public with my mom who has passed away but of how she was good was gonna say it all the issues that are nineties says she'd broken hip in this and these are these academy really hit or that there are other things as well but just. Old age. Right right not just old age and we have some people that are recuperating Fram have broken leg or may be. And knee surgery and they just need a little bit of help for a little bit of time and so we can go in and help on the laundry in house keeping or meal preparation. And then get on out the door when may no longer as hell you've been doing with his entropy as it did doing well we do we do well we have them a lot of clients that might have just used us for the wife. And and wife might have passed on in the and they call us back when dad needs help. And then some that use this when they go on for surgery we stay around for a couple of weeks admin and the policy again if they need help. Because our sinking in in. The parameters of someone by themselves but the way you mention that there may that might be a couple there there they just can't take every child. That's right maybe the wife is is the caregiver and she Justine that little bit that extra help and and if she didn't have a they'd built and opened in nursing homes though. We just trying to help. Just enough for them to stay in their common and be independent so we try not to be overbearing or try and take over anything we're just kind of be that extra setup and. He did and gave the people who do this. You get good people are. Yeah. Or are fantastic we have. And we have some caregivers that caregivers yes Uighurs have been with us since the beginning they haven't figured out that I. And a crazy lady etc. still stick around me and it's wonderful older that aren't good I could be using like a delightful person. I don't know you very well. I can't. I am but no we we have wonderful caregivers and win we started this my husband actually helped us get the background checks going he's retired which top police detective and so he kinda helped us look for. Different. Things that we need to look for and so we got the background checks are all licensed and bonded and I'll bet it's math. Don't edit I didn't I guess I never really had a much of an appreciation for caregivers. Until I ran into myself a year to go yeah Enders of Brett aberrant and some people. That I just via I don't know how they do it I don't know I could do it but you do it and it's special. And really it really is and and you either have a care giving harder you discount which I don't well and an idea that's what you're right I mean right. Next time you know we try to be at. You know. Kids take care of our clients the way we would occur and theme in if you look at our website if you look at anything that we've got it on mammogram Gladys and that is exactly the kind of care that we want our clients is the kind of care that. I would demand drama Blatter sent my. William Holden but. Well you can call us at three went 697262. Victory. We're on the web that in here dot com which is eight in the AI RE ink dot com okay so again but motivated you to to do this why am registered nurse on. So you know it kinda came actually and went and when I started this kind of saw that there are that. And need to force them care in the home that just kind of gap maybe a little bit of common sense that do seem to be missing out there okay well. We appreciate your time as well I appreciate I am it's fitting among legends in here and I are what I. All I don't know that. Every. Isn't he on the radio for years and it's wonderful to me yeah. I'm of probably a little bit better than what you thought that laid out here that Ted. He's just not better look at that she thought he should open look that you wouldn't have honored a whole lot of yeah. Did you go back tomorrow I thought you know I've Tina that you guys talked about that naked radio from Britain are not. Is this family radio that's right so maybe we're not going to take it to that level grade above all. AB McFerrin from night. And care professional help if they think for me and this is some some back and talk through some of them with a about what are what's you're what do you do besides this news. Hobby or talk so mind my daughter plays basketball but they're also bounce does. My grandkids goes does they probably. Probably stupid but that's okay hey thanks for being with the scene pinky we appreciate it alright to 8:17 am Stephen did sports time. With did what we're talking about baseball the sporting director at. Up shoppers and actually last night it Eck stadium 24 ranked Wichita State taken on the Kansas Jayhawks in it was a fun night for soccer baseball fans all sorts of things going on espionage says night at the ballpark fifty cent hot dog night. And the Sox got things revved up in front of a crowd of 3000 last night. Mike Kennedy had a column to gain it was right here on CNN cents. Not wanna. Hammered in the left field that's a base hit make it all the way into the corner it's gonna go to the wall want to run this again. Here comes the writer round third hit and headed for the flight they've missed the cut off man Vickers scores and export ethic shock. And the Sox would go on to win at eleven and the nothing good offense good pitching to shocker freshman Tyler Davis. At his first career start last night at its first career win. Point five shutout innings striking out a career high eight. Shots because they're 26 win of the season. And right across the street soccer softball team at Wilkins stadium taking on it nineteenth ranked Oklahoma State. Shoppers hit four home runs beat cal girls nine to six. Second wind for soccer softball is here over a ranked team. When he fourth win of the year for the soccer softball team. Not so good news for the Kansas City Royals yesterday as they got clobbered in Toronto losing the blue jays fifteen to five at. That's now an eight game losing streak for the royals who had an off day today. Royals relievers once again were miserable allowing nine runs in three innings out of the bullpen. Yeah not good. Royals have an off day today is their road swing continues. Sad news out of the NBA the wife of San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich passed away yesterday need 67 after a lengthy. Illness. Coach pop did runs first practice yesterday. Horse pop that former EU assistance. Five NBA titles and to me whispers but then the NBA community satin problem which is why passed away yesterday. Pro hockey and it's Wichita thunder on the road last night first round of the playoffs series games three visiting the Colorado Eagles. Thunder had a two nothing lead in the second period but it was tied up by the time period ended. Colorado got to go ahead goal with about six and a half minutes to go and added an empty net goal late. And that can beat the thunder ported to which Tom now down three games to zero in this best of seven opening round playoff series. College bullying that team competitions begin today at the national championships have been linked him. Qualifying today and a couple of rounds of match play the Wichita State women and the new men the women are two of the sixteen teams competing for national championship. And on the men's side Wichita State is involved as well. Singles championship play yesterday up in Lincoln Wichita State sophomore Joseph Grumman won a couple of match play. They have contests yesterday and he advances into the national semi finals he's in the final four singles portion of the competition. That's sports with Stephen Ted KM SN. Didn't get this state to see the whole game but your government the Chaka pitcher last night he surely good the president gave Tyler Davis is doing freshman first career start goes out and strikes out eight to. They love what I economy or he's very happy with the way things went last night the jayhawks were not. You know a couple of strikeouts don't need a pretty only had. Eight strikeouts out of body so nicely done yeah I saw a couple of burly so yeah he was mown down it's nice nice so into the shocks last night to not 26 and nine on the season kind of been clobbering the big twelve about ten wins over Oklahoma State and EU and Oklahoma's team and we ended years it's our time for our party fired off a break here on K and SS spray fire coffee. Is the freshest coffee luge type area because. Prairie fire coffee beans are roasted fresh right here in Wichita. And you can get very tired coffee at your office by calling 267. 3771. Or online at prairie fire coffees. Ever. We're joined now Stephen jets don't have to Hannity morning minute John's gonna talk about polls indicating he eroding support for federal investigators. Think it is the morning on occasion SS. Stephen Ted.