Marking the 50th anniversary of the motion picture Bonnie and Clyde

Steve & Ted
Friday, August 11th

Entertainment news in "The Blur": some still criticize Bonnie and Clyde for opening the floodgates for violence in cinema


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Coverage of breaking news KSS. Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station depend on. News in the morning Steve Macintosh Ted Woodward severe weather across much of Kansas Thursday night for the reports of thunderstorms a large hail. In several places tornado warnings issued for several northwest Kansas counties. Walked Jeannie was sergeant at the gala the baseball size causing damage to vehicles and windows a semi truck was blown over near walking nearby seventy. Visibility on that highway down to zero for a while. And a three car three vehicle accident near lock key. Weather related says Highway Patrol 56 year old dale Mohler a woman from pockets city Oklahoma was killed in that crash. Now what the forecast with can't assist staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning some scattered showers and a few thunderstorms were moving on off to the southeast this morning and will likely become partly cloudy as we work our way into the afternoon and our height 82. Clouds will likely move back in overnight a shower or thunderstorm below the upper sixties and scattered storms again on Saturday afternoon with a high near eighty I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now cloudy. 74 degrees northwest wind at six miles per hour Kansas regulatory medical board is weighing discipline and any disciplinary action against a doctor. Whom Planned Parenthood self reported may have violated state law in handling a thirteen year old girls abortion. The Kansas state board of healing arts on Thursday was to discuss a petition alleging doctor Allan Palmer illegally failed to preserve fetal tissue from the 2014 abortion and submitted to the Kansas bureau of investigation. The petition by the board's deputy litigation counsel says Palmer was a part time Planned Parenthood contractor solely tasked with performing abortions for patients and their first trimester. The petition says Palmer's attorney has insisted his client inadvertently violated the state law and regulations because he wasn't aware of them. Phil hill the brand can get SS news. A plan that town hall meeting for employees at Google was abruptly canceled yesterday that closed door town hall meeting was set to talk about the situation involving a Google employee who wrote a controversial memo suggesting that women are biologically unsuited for attack in leadership jobs employee was fired. The town home was canceled Google sang after getting feedback from employees it was not the right moment for such a meeting. Because employees are worried about asking questions candidly given all the attention. Google says instead it will hold a series of smaller meetings Alex down ABC news Seattle's so called gun violence tax survive a legal challenge. Thursday the Washington Supreme Court upheld the tax the ants 25 dollars the price of each firearms sold in that city. The attacks took effect last year has raised almost 200000 dollars for gun violence research. ABC news legal analyst royal Oakes explains why law abiding gun owners are so upset about the tax. Got rights advocates cried foul claiming that tax was an illegal infringement on a Second Amendment right. But Washington State's highest court said no cities have a right to tax retailers for the privilege of doing business within city limits. It appears attacks cannot be appealed to federal courts as it is allowed under state law. One of Florida firefighting recruit was fired and three others resigned after a noose was placed at the desk of a black recruit. Reports say one of the recruits who resigned has said that the rope was a fishing not instead of a news. Apollo Beach fire chief John journal says none of the four former recruits in the room it's time of the incident could explain what happened. Chief journal says their conduct was unprofessional and inappropriate for the department. Put a symbol like that a symbol of hate and death. And they'll want to call it fishing not or call it a joke I don't see the humor or not. K in SS news time now 836 here on a Friday morning August 11 time for entertainment news. The order with Ted Woodward here on a Friday morning Steve good Tanya Tucker says she's absolutely devastated the news of Glen Campbell's death. Tucker and Campbell had a turbulent pretty well publicized romance back in the early 1980s they did have a 22 year age difference. Tucker writes on FaceBook that Sheehan Campbell. Shared some incredible precious memories together for a long time she says there were some ups and downs and of course all the downs were played out and pressed. Tucker has released a song called forever loving you in Glen Campbell's memory. And a portion of the proceeds are going to the alzheimer's foundation of America it Tanya Tucker. It is I'm. 837 with Steve and hit single look at some other moments. Taylor Swift trial continues to former White House employees going to guest on me late night shifts. Day three of testimony in the Taylor Swift trial solve a singer herself take the stand in her mind there is no question that what happened or was perpetrated by David Muir ABC's clintons and Dallas trial in Denver dealers the radio DJ accused of inappropriately touching swift's bottom and backstage about 2013. The alleged incident got him fired he suing swift is countersuing for. Get ready for the mood John Paul bear the host of CBS's late show tweeted that short lived and foul mouth former White House communications director Anthony scare Moochie. Will be his guest on Monday's show Colbert added quote this is just a heads up for our sensors to get ready. Roof falls rise from kid to drag queen in gay icon will be the subject of the new Hulu series titled queen co executive produced by removed Paul and JJ Abrams I'm Christopher Watson. Scary moment for Britney Spears and show when a guy crashed the stage Britney was performing in her residency in Vegas guy ran on stage she did not notice. He was tackled to the ground security went to move her off the stage and then Lucy realized something was wrong. The video's been posted you see they rushed her off she was visibly shaken the guy was subdued by security and a back up dancers. And he was not heeded not to have any weapons he has been charged with trespassing. At the movies this weekend it's scary to calls verses animated squirrel. At the box office this weekend the horror film in about creation is expected to freak out filmgoers and scare up some cash. Yeah it's tracking in the 25 to thirty million dollar range which would be a solid launch considering it's been a slow summer still that would be lower than the previous Annabel and condor in movies. Don't expect much from another sequel for that job soon buddy by nature maybe fifteen million. And the glass castle has a lot of star power in brie Larson and Woody Harrelson but don't expect a lot of caps Taylor who got some supporters are groping trial Thursday after she took the stand when the guys involved in our former radio personality David Mueller testified saying their investigation of the incident showed me what was mind about what happened. Outside court he was asked if it was possible slip blue line just holes maths specifically game. Testimony continues today and happy birthday by Ellen Davis the Oscar and Emmy winning actress is good if you today I'm Jason Nathanson. And another birthday today actress in TV personality Arlene doll is ninety suit today. We might remember from the game show what's my line. And that's that he would be married to certain. The guy who is a Dodgers Baghdad are cleaned all of that we have got to check on that I don't think that's our team maybe you know look at ninety durocher. Yeah we have been married division mr. lucky with the clerk game. Only get these put reaching check on them up. 25 years ago today the Mall of America the nation's largest shopping and entertainment center opened in Bloomington Minnesota. How many. 25 years ago today in the Mall of America I've been there. As you it's massive it's pretty mega and they still have a big. It's still have the big chair on the wall there weren't arm and deliberate the longest home run I. Laughter followed and stayed in retirement right there in the shopping center now aren't Arlene Dahl is not the person or thinking geez this is it's somebody different into. And a stadium today in my well let's set check in the monologue last night some of the funny ABC's Jimmy Kimmel lie in the. Rather work this morning I saw one of the saddest things I've ever seen as some man. An adult man in a thirty children watching on ask you to turn your televisions off now. I still live right that's our building carrying I'll hold may itself be stacked. Just a regular stick. It's fun at the end and the only secured of the stick with what seemed like. 800 feet of Scotch tape images. Jimmy Kimmel Live now ABC. Seed this weekend marks the fiftieth anniversary of the movie Bonnie and client. Loya. Big movie when I was in high school a big movie but lies he says 67. This weekend is the fiftieth anniversary Clyde Barrow. I'm Bonnie Parker. Who else in the development Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway played the title character Denver Pyle Michael J. Pollard deep attachment is still are in Denver piled up Taylor Gene Wilder. Gene Wilder yes the first place I saw for so much like Jean Akron. And I was blown away by his character Edie authorities great. Yeah Phil Mudd got Oscars for best supporting actress Estelle Parsons got an Oscar meant nothing and best cinematography. It was among the first 100 films selected for preservation by the United States national film registry. And it's considered kind of a watershed movie. Kind of opened the floodgates for sex and violence in the movies. Now it violent at created quite a that dichotomy. Bausley Crowell there of the New York Times was appalled he wrote a terrible review the movie and begin a campaign against increasing brutality of American films. But. He was not in touch with the public. The public law of the net moving in his negative review cost him his job that your time is fired it does you're not stuck with it anymore wow. And meanwhile somebody like Pauline tale who praised the movie became The New Yorker magazine's who's desperate. It was kind of a little bit of a watershed move so much for giving your own opinion. Example you can use my don't ever tell you. There you go entertainment news in the blurs brought to you my good friends it peaked at Johns in derby just don't indicate fifteen to 208 cell Baltimore. They are open Monday through Saturday 11 AM to 10 PM tasty pizza served up everyday at Johns and. Age 43 Stephen dead they're raising capital to bring about new business editor bill or that would stop business from coming our way. She's intent of the morning on CNN sense.