Marty Johnson joins Guy live from Lady Jane’s

The Good Life
Saturday, August 12th

Guy’s good friend Marty Johnson from Johnson’s Garden Center joins him live from Lady Jane’s Haircuts for Men to talk about his most recent trip to New Mexico.


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The just doing this and you'd miss out if you can miss Debbie Miller she's the corporate. Director of operation out of Michigan upper. Lleyton chains. Here and if you haven't heard it get ready you're going to work the last location and it. 2556. North ms. road new location opening companies sometime in October. And up that there's a lot of fun going on here. All the intercom folks my brother and my. Partners in life with the radio her god who's there's. Going to be some dice rolling competition. No you just can't Columbia part of that unless you already signed up the deadline was that euphoria. And they're going to be Roland dive for 40000 dollar giveaway. They can get that does come up with lady and Janes wells well. But to watch and more importantly before and put them and hang out what's important anomalous in America. And more than forgiveness it's not just hear it through so many things. I'm I'm picture well on hope pampered treatment. Month. They're cutting Champloo. Commitment control in the twelve minutes ago with that made a few. Minutes ago. The volume Marty Johnson. He pointed to the other. Packages colored camouflage color service. What. Look blue purple hair you Marty John welcome to the program thank you guy you know use that element in the barber. Erica that regular job but yet to remove the gray. You know undo that and Austria after markup I point over the cue ball Marty what a pleasure it's always fun to have you on the new. I cherish your friendship and admire some of the stuff you do particularly want to. Thank you could be your guy. Treasure friendship also good yes start this crazy right. Couple years ago when you know the first video fought and won and what do you honestly his wanted to do it that. If you want to do with me guide to my arm that I would bet in sixteen and then say they have been seventeen and it affected Hampton from a bicycle rode them. Listen the continental divide across the times. Down to animal wells Mexico just. To the border with me completely preclude it obviously Tories 750. Miles. So that's how far you get opera who followed her he has had it at that point 750 and two point nine days ends. What an adventure influence and if you're a note that. For a fact you are a penalty for harper. No matter what kind of camera you can put some of the pictures you do composed of blogger and root. Just gorgeous stuff than. I had to be the adventure relied on the first time he did it. But to go back to more times. I just imagine you have to Alex's fault that your whole but must it now. Well you know but yeah if it was that then I've been awful weeks everything's premature exit my finger if there's form yeah its. You involvement in Iraq he's an amazing is that the thing about this type of riders. You're in places where. You don't see car originally there is no way it's very tough mission make him. An effort to get to those places and I enjoy photography and you know with my with. Apps now receded yet to adjust those but I mean I enjoy that part of it in. Yet places you go but you know it's it's the people you meet along the way I did the people in these small details. We call him trailing YouTube you'll want some place in Ohio waters off. Somehow someone shows up in the water to come up to a farm gosh whatever they're not at all the people what you're riding with the just. You know you might not seem a bit. Two or three times we develop lifelong friendships and you know it's this good and. Me and it just again imagine. Running out of water and be on the sea dog days in Atlanta and have somebody what do you with the jug of water but it relies an it. That has to be a wonderful thing we. You carry everything you need but you you you have the opportunity spot promotes well maybe this. Stay in the hotel room. And then. It has to be. Coke from Arafat to take ten days without a shower. In the first year I've spent. Nights of them and go to. Fourteen nights. Can't things that every day on average use him sometimes. It. That you can. You carry everything we view. It. Its ability. I think everything there is there a cost benefit is it costs to. What space and time. Peppers unpopular war and it cost you. Space in your. It cost you wait in your pack in time in the morning. That if it's okay if if it's important to me you'll. Make it costs it's it's not you get coffee every. Couple days what did you do for nourishment and that of course there's compact. Nurturing and you can eat it. Very few people could screw with them I did Ireland this year were small. But it's in the morning because it was worth it to me. I think the people opted teenager. You go into the convenience store you buy him honey for those Red Bull soda. You buying things. It took him sugar calories. Oh hydrates. You get some of the protein that put revisiting their treatment that in the stores is that they'll smash. He can do problem that we get the replica the trip but that'd be the people exactly slightly. You bet what's in you know what they. You have good maps. And dad at the we're you know where that food supplies are so you know where you can get them in water and emotionally but chose to symmetric because. Mechanical mishap that actually went. Well I can't imagine it you know. When I go right now by covered about that play the course I think it open with you but I imagine there was many places where you can that is a bunker. To have so little coverage thank you today. Nor are our partners or hurt you let's have a seat in the news and most of the time bill. We will seal themselves you don't have to manage to work with those plants. If you think the tools that you need him. And if you have written. Some cellphone coverage that hill OK so what can you call. Note you are gonna take pictures he knew exactly figured you're great advocate group. Well first off welcome back that's a good thing that you come back at such a perfect that your. Let's take a break we come back we'll talk about the smoke at three Juli both what if he drops a lot of oh man and will people go if this. This is that you will view with which brings started somewhere progress. This is the best here for a moment there and put it. The commitment that is bigger better and has more fruit than ever before and just one pot and hit it. Mental because dictator if the weather's been good. I think. I was taught him that you start reducing. Reported July. I think we have approximately. We didn't get a good release it that they certainly has grown since the it and and both the regular tomatoes peppers in this regard and stuff. We'll take a quick break we'll come back the good luck we'll return with forty comfortable talk about. That's green chilies and the iron hit to the competition coming up in week and they don't go outcome.