MAY 19 2017 STORM (1)

Operation StormWatch
Thursday, May 25th

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Evidence there isn't Emmys that trump collude with Russia but there's plenty evidence and Obama debt. They went away and made yesterday and today and on many previous days here EIB network as. Another huge Limbaugh echo here we Limbaugh we love Limbaugh is spreading across the dreaded plane next question. Yeah I wonder professor. If the people who run our news organizations ever think to themselves. It's kind of weird that my priorities align precisely we know as the Democrat party. Maybe that's correct and I think Democratic Party is taking its cue from the media when there's not take up the work it. You don't rich they've robbed this theory that it is the Democrats. Who RD arm of the media that it is the re Cuba mr. broadcast engineer that it is the media. That is rotting the messaging. And the interference. Liberalism progressive Hisham and as the Democrats or lose elections. Who were getting the Q is from the media and for how many weeks have we even demonstrating this was. Usually Alan happens medium montage is of this or that Democrats the next they're repeating the very same thing. So again the question. Professor do you ever wonder if people. In the news media ever stop to think how closely they sound like people in the Democrat party. Yeah I think the Democratic Party is taking its cue from the media when the media as a matter of whether it's the use of profanity the Democratic Party false. They've been following the trump story because the media has been generating. You haven't closed a couple of Limbaugh a cause I just wanted to share that with you out there are finally this I. It's a sound byte just to put dot underneath the exclamation point here. But after this there is the most incredible AP story about Trump's first foreign visit. In you would think Donald Trump is leaving his romper room sandbox. And all of the people making arrangements have to find a way to take his toys. And is dolls and end here and not what it is so that he will stay happy. It is the most. Can't wait as Sherrod went because I doubt the chips in it but does that get this. As I intend to do this is often is like. Last night CNN is bad when diet is crying begging her. Last finally hander here's senator user you had no evidence no evidence that collusion between Italy Russian than the trump campaign what would Roger back again. And we'd like it all has anything changed here's how the exchange went. As could be precise senator and all the you've got access from the intelligence committee from the Judiciary Committee all the axis you've had two very sensitive information. So far you've not seen any evidence of collusion is that right. Well evidence that would establish that there's collusion they're all kinds of rumors around. Your newspaper stories but that's not necessarily. It's no it's let's go back it was only may third. Sixteen days ago wolf tried with died five it the first time. You have evidence that there was in fact collusion between trump associates. And Russia. During the campaign not at this time. That's pretty pretty precise answer I know the investigation is continuing a senator thanks so much for joining you. Right so there you seawolf was totally deflated air totally despondent totally let me thought it was really in a bombshell answer and Dianne Feinstein. Not at this time salt sixty days later Woolf has her back on his show on CNN listen again adamant. There's gonna be precise senator and all the you've had access from new intelligence committee from the Judiciary Committee all the axis you've had. Very sensitive information so far you've not seen any evidence of collusion is that right. Well evidence that would establish that there's collusion and all kinds of rumors around there newspaper stories. But that's not necessarily. I don't use his proper and she admits well there's no evidence established glory and all kinds of ours are under his newspaper stories. Essentially she is wit unwittingly I'm short. I'm sort. Has essentially. Acknowledged at the newspaper's publisher. Except their publishing these rumors as. Fact. With anonymous sources. From current and former US government officials. Still no evidence folks. Still no. Not zip he would just a bunch of rumors in of that newspaper. States. Look for more the most influential person among right rush public guy to beat network. 987. And thirteen thirty. Steve Macintosh in the Kansas weather center who keep you posted on what's going on with the what does this guy is very threatening out there. Around south central Kansas we've got a severe thunderstorm warning. Issued for a southeastern Sedgwick county western Cali southern Butler and Sumner county's. The friend was a sixty mile per hour wind gust in nickel sized hail coming in our direction rapidly. Forty to fifty miles per hour from the southwest to the northeast. But the the National Weather Service has canceled that severe thunderstorm warnings still we wanna keep you posted on what's happening out there right now. We have storm tracker Casey Osborne on the streets now taking a look at the situation altercation what do you see it out. Right now. Down under and at thirty history let just he'd forty you about seven miles north they're water. Not you are a couple of miles north of the meeting at the wind storm moving in Cuba out west that we now. The strong winds have not yet rise but we're getting broader range. That you have the warning was canceled though that means you win probably your they expect to be led to about an hour. But probably the that he simply so when does this article you are here and as we acknowledge our arranged it. As of one now about six miles north or water that. Get blah that strongly and as the race sticking up. And but let Danielle you're figuring your beat it didn't stop a definite but you know this isn't the VCR. Thanks Casey and again that does ball like looks like he's just coming into the southwest part of Sedgwick county moving toward Wichita should be in our area in here in the city proper. He heard a few minutes C a threat of large hail and sixty mile per hour wind has pretty much gone away but you're gonna see some wind. And you're gonna see some rain here in the next few minutes as a storm moves into the Wichita area again. The severe thunderstorm warning that included south southeastern Cedric county has now been canceled. But the rain is coming our way and we're gonna keep you posted. And right here. On operation storm watch 9713. Thirty K in SSI ST Macintosh let's go back to rush rush Rush Limbaugh's show now. Rush Limbaugh number one on Dana says his proxy by equity bank. The official bank of achievers. I'm talent and. Shopping for new furniture shot crazy. 49 dollars down.