MAY 19 2017 STORM (2)

Operation StormWatch
Thursday, May 25th

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Out call immediately to participate in our free nationwide trial just they shipping call 86006642860066. Or to be one of thousands of proudly say I take bread 860066. Or two. And good afternoon Sheila tell reducing your KM SS radio operation storm watch a very dark dark day right now are these. Right outside how we do have some non severe storms are moving through the which Tom metro area surrounding areas. The are approaching now Park City and gusto of course the city Wichita with some heavy rain very dark skies out there. And lightning and storms will affect new Belgrade just after the noon hour. It is reducing visibility up nearly heavy rain keep the lights on of course. Visibility is down quite a bit we do have one of our storm trackers out about the Casey Osborne is out there in case you tell us what you see in Algeria in the storm. So I am in west Wichita at. And in the newsroom right now the storm and long after this area. That case was able to keep up with. And so Raines bill in this series earlier. And one they also keep in mind is there is some localized flooding on them at the road so make sure you La. Where that is driving around lunch and it's. Quick arrangement very very heavy rains. Kinda trainer. To watch the water covered wrote in an emotionally and that we get had a warning earlier that that prompted the the warning prompted by those. Are and according to the rate market. Canceled shortly after he realized the winds weren't stronger he read it needs some catchy. We have much in the way strongly in all primarily that your rental down toward. And well as. Less widgets on you can experienced a similar conditions on the east side. And also. That Johnny storm cushion but we're very quickly. Probably rent we'd mile an hour. Where are driving around lunch hour and watch water covered grows the white lean mean he wrote for example. Clark effort. Everybody in the left lane for an assessment and easy out. All right thanks very much Casey will keep you updated that as we go on throughout the afternoon again this is a cell of storms that's in Sedgwick county. And I'm moving north at about self forty miles per hour no warning right now to be spoken out we had a warning earlier. When this cell was in the Oklahoma what and crossing the Oklahoma border into Kansas and some accounting. But down at that time we were seeing winds around sixty miles per hour the winds now are down. I'm around thirty to forty miles per hour so that not enough to cause any damage in really no hail to speak of it's they heavy rains extreme darkness out there. And as we've kind of want want to open that center out driving around of course going to be harder to see for a while. These storms moving through quite quickly and behind it does nothing excel. We would probably say within the next half hour this is call going to be gone so as far as the rain heavy rainfall also. Keep it here we'll keep you updated here on Kansas or turn your back regular programming. Here on thirteen thirty K and assess along with 987 FMK and assess this is Tony music. If it's funny because even Fox News and we were Evans Fox News what are watchers we know. And everything else but. It's even gotten away.