Maybe you should find another job?

Steve & Ted
Friday, August 10th
Moneytracker Don Grant talks about those little signs that indicate you are unhappy with your work.

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Good at math gives me a lesson is is. The ones that. Get people excited and the ones that carry it. Seven at thirteen thirty KUSS needed him more now. At 6:48 here on Friday morning. Three big things. Man's head to fourteen years in prison for shooting a government tax agent in Wichita seeing. Secretary of state co box removed himself from both counting. As a candidate in the Republican gubernatorial primary line. Iconic wacky Shaq building burns down in abandoned enjoyment part. Predict things even dead on gay and assess. The gasoline prices in Wichita this morning most places still to 69. A gallon. A few places are starting to trickle down a little bit to 67. Out there. Traffic on K and as S brought to budget Robin Carl's Goodyear tire is downtown at markets and Waterman. Terry street mall and online at Carl's wired dot com your home for complete car care. Mostly sunny. Today with a 10% chance for rain. And a high of 94 degrees. Mostly clear tonight you'll need 64. Saturday sunny tomorrow's high in 92. Now partly cloudy called and 71 degrees. Candace says weather brought you by the monarch. Featuring the perfect patio for conversation and cocktails. The monarch cover the military discount for current and retired veterans the monarch in the Leino seeded in the morning. Don Graham siavii the bunny tracker Florida's bosh yeah. The Stephen dead bolts question. On our web page there Guinness has radioed a jump to August is national sandwich month. What is your favorite sandwich in the into the final totals because we're gonna move on. Okay deck wood in there the PB and 5%. Okay at peanut butter and jelly peanut better trickle in dollars but only got 6%. Turkey 8%. Ham and cheese 10% and two or chicken salad get 10%. And in a real battle because at the last minute. Blt came back Reuben wound up with 29% blt topped with 33%. They swapped places in the in the final count. While this is that exciting. Man you know all the bad idea let there's a seatbelt on paper that we worked so I think those votes were. Canada Thomas county so they could be up. Of the remote with wow well even ten or pork producers came in at the last minute passed the hat to the top radio. Steve it is poll question nobody await today's question the White House is unveiled his plan for new branch of the military space force. Is this a good idea. No it is a waste of resources or yes it is necessary. To ensure the country's safety Bob Dole now. It's the president's idea then but it. The facility yet I got wiry and here's Yellowstone dinnertime I think about this sports and a right. I'm sorry Ambien Auxerre on me about this icy Mitt Rick Moran is for the helmet as big as a unit watched. It's baseball way. You know there as much in southern uneasy that it is apparently each of the armed forces already had a is an area designated to handling that. That is aligned with theirs. Daschle to right. Okay well stocks struggled a little mostly lower finish on Wall Street Thursday as losses for banks and energy stocks offset gains elsewhere in the market. The Dow fell 74 recipe. Down four NASDAQ Composite rose three point all right time for Don grants the FB the money. I go to list for the space SARS maybe you should find another job is happy maybe after that him and after. Oh boy well depending upon which set of data you choose to to follow the average college grad will work about a dozen different employers. Now they'll change careers three times during their working years. That's just it the composite of a multiple Internet sources. Some changes may because of the employees is not suited for the job or they get bored and become more unproductive so. Rest and get fired if you're opposition here are some some indicators that you should probably start looking for a new job. Well first off you're always late and it becomes easier and easier to punch that snooze button even though you know that shall be ten to twenty minutes late. Or you don't mind taking your time getting back from lunch there's obviously nothing compelling you to get back to your job. Time to move on. If you make a lot of excuses for your work you no longer go that extra inch to find a solution or where you find a rumor mill on the office that often include your your name that. Start looking for the classifieds. If you think you are the smartest person in the office. You are obviously not a team player. Time to join If you're critical of your company and its mission REM. Well argue the one who relish is on the destructive gossip in the office or do you get the sense that. No one in the office enjoys working with your. Well. You know the drill size start Clinton opera commands. Well no matter what your job pays you if you're unhappy at work that condition will spill and other parts of your world. Life is much too short to be miserable if you're in a frame of mind sit down with dream. Dream about the perfect worst situation. Then prepare. Planned educate yourself. And make it happen and of course if you have any questions you give me call number 6342222. And it's merely a coincidence on the today is national lazy day. Relay in today's plugged in world you know often find ourselves wishing for a day when we don't have to do anything. Nothing at all but even the tiniest bit of work in other words a lazy day device he. Ted says he wants to its sleeve and now. I just can't disconnect like that I got so much of the idea of the American have a lazy day I don't think you could either and I think you're just. Full of baloney because he. Reportedly there's every day is lazy immunity Davis and a dumb and lazy river on my friend said dude who's retired his debt retirement is just like every day's Saturday. Avid you know the finest you know the finest day is Friday afternoon. You know because the anticipation. Of the freedom of the weekend. Is often better than it would. Your report today was excellent and thank with the signs it that you probably need leaders if you just don't you come to work that's a pretty good side. Yeah but you know this is this is pie in the sky a little bit because. Many people don't have another option that's true you know I mean what else you gotta do that that maybe it would motivate you to you know find find a waited to get into that kind of business do something on the side and and then learn it. Well yeah but you know can you imagine being like direct hit me this is the only thing we realized yeah this is an are completely trapped in here we can't do and he feels that the opponent and a new ministers. That you guys are award winning machines that's right holiday is dead intern amount that's like you put in a dime and get machine man who know you get awarded warlord of the award reject reward machine we've got it yet. Yeah you got that down get a pin number got it now. When my next on. Next year's time high at 656. Stephen did count up the Candace has used at the top of the hour call box will remove himself. From both counting in the gubernatorial primary in which of course he's a candidate we've got the stories just hit on K and assess.