Mayor Longwell talks about Wichita's fireworks ordinance

Steve & Ted
Friday, June 22nd
Fines come down, but enforcement is expected to increase.

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Point 6 o'clock this is the KM SS morning news feed of dead. I stayed back inside driven partly cloudy and 65 degrees. The Cedric county sheriff's department is investigating a fatal shooting in Andover. A woman believed to be in her forties was. Around 1045 Wednesday night as a right at a residence in the 3200 block of north 159 street east no more details were immediately released. More information on which draws latest homicide a thirty year old illustrious and buried. Was shot once in the upper torso and killed early Tuesday evening and north Wichita parking lot. You're 21 in growth police lieutenant title Giles has a man and woman were a truck talking went very human and a female showed up in another car. There was possibly a fight in an argument and very ms. car between the two they both got out of the car and bear arraignment began yelling at the man in the truck. Who's the ex boyfriend of the woman would merriment. During this verbal argument. So that will pull a gun and mr. Berman will start to back away. From the truck towards his car when the shots fired striking. The victim one time. At that time the suspect left the scene later called no one later returned to the scene. Where he was taken into custody. Thirty year old Leon dukes was booked into jail on one count of second degree murder this is Wichita as Tony third of murder case in 24 weeks this year. Kansas secretary of state Chris cope bock unsuccessfully sought the governor's pardon. For an executive leg of a company that donated to cope bock. And was among the sponsors of a fund raiser for him. I'm Jeff Carter denied the request this week police say the man threatened a cab driver with a gun to his head. The Wichita school district is moving forward with a plan to spend nearly 250000 dollars. To finish putting fences around all elementary school played elementary school playgrounds. USD 259 executive director for a safety services Terry Moses. Points to recent fighters that resentment Adams and Enders elementary where playgrounds had to be replaced because of the arson. Crime prevention through environmental design was not only just looking at the daytime activities. But what occurs on our playgrounds after hours we knew that by closing in those fences we would make. A safer environments for our children. It's Moses ads offenses are most needed for security during school hours he says offense means kids cannot be riddle approached by strangers. School board president Mike Brody. Tells K as in news aboard will consider the option of keeping the playgrounds locked after all the fences are in place. President trump appeared at a campaign style rally in Minnesota Wednesday evening. Hours after rescinding a controversial policy at the border president trump telling the crowd his crackdown on illegal immigration will continue despite pitching the Stanley separation policy. Border is going to be just as tough as it's been. And he says the policy was a consequence of Democrats not doing their job Democrats don't care about the end. Controlled migration. On your communities your schools. No hospitals. You jobs your safety. The president changing course some family separations after pressure increased on both sides of the aisle Steve Rappaport Fox News several men from different regions of the country are being held accountable for their desire to join crisis. An Alabama judge sentenced does easy Hobbs I need to fifteen years in federal prison for planning terror attacks in the US ski pleading guilty in March to buying materials to attack police stations and the military post your Huntsville. So I beat also said he attempted to organize a group to carry out terror plots after studying crisis videos. Meanwhile in Queens New York part Vega Huck Mitt pleaded guilty to attempting to support crisis. He was taken into custody last August at New York's JFK airport after being detained in Saudi Arabia. Federal investigators found recordings and messages on devices confirming his eyes to support. If convicted Hochman faces twenty years in prison. Colonel Scott Fox News and. Style man also pled guilty to recruiting members for ice as he was sentenced to sixteen years in federal prison Wednesday. Kagan SSD is time now 6044. Minutes past 6 o'clock. Thing in the morning news came in and sent 610 now. 10 minutes past 6 o'clock. And this morning we got death. How could still on the scene of a house fire. Fire is under control their tendency 18100 block of south to beat yet might want to avoid driving past there he can at this point and again that's that. 18 o'clock south to the get a report of a house fire this. Traffic update from pianist this radio I'm Jeff chambers endowments to go to the forecast we've pianist his staff meteorologist Dan holidays and good morning Dan good morning. We see some clouds rotating around an area of low pressure in those may move across south central Kansas this morning otherwise it's going to be windy and not as hot today with a high 85. Tonight a clear sky still breezy and 62. Sunny tomorrow with a high of 87. And ten assists meteorologist Dan Holliday now hardly. Cloudy sixty Florida greens we've got to northwest wind at denying it. Miles per hour rain and cooler temperatures across Kansas Wednesday which caused high temperatures 89 main. The normal life in the big CD agent rain is recorded here it's Eisenhower air. Court by the National Weather Service to hundreds of an inch. Yeah some people got some rain that we didn't get a whole lot here in which about his spot if anybody got a yeah Phillies almost nothing in Riverside. I just noticed anything summer began at 507 central time this morning we've been in summer now for just over an hour hey now but that. Now it's been longer today's June 21 funny eighteen on this date in 1953. An extremely dangerous severe thunderstorm tore through the Wichita metro area. Winds were measured at exactly 100 miles per hour when the and the amateur broke at the airport. The hail was at least golf ball size around nine million dollars in damage resulted. Again that was on this date in 1953. Morning Ted every morning happy summer. Wellness in excess of it is fantastic out this nice and there is a new breeze a cool breeze out of the north. Here on this. First morning cells but it but it and jars normally not chance. On this day in 1788. New Hampshire. Became the ninth and last necessary state to ratify the constitution of the United States thereby making the document the law of the land constitution day. 1788. Authorities say a high school coach in New Mexico was booked on suspicion of aggravated battery for striking another coach with a vehicle during a dispute. State police say mark Martinez a coach at Robertson high school in Las Vegas New Mexico. Was arrested Wednesday for the may eleventh attack on the other coach. Whose identity has not been revealed. The victim coaches for wrestling club that's allowed to use the school facilities practice. Police say the coaches had met up to fight after they got into a dispute over text messages. Martina has accused the other coach of throwing a rocket is when shield. Yeah aches and they try to run a remote car it looks like so yeah now well so much for the results and I'm just go ahead and set a good example for the kids out there. Coach. Some of Guinness some people have temper issues or anger injuring yes. These two coaches gone and it. With CNET video I did did you ever say where that bullish yet and video of a softball and government. It's like to audio of bill adults just got a new huge go North Carolina or South Carolina some like that. And they just breasts around and around people registering you idiots. Kids are screaming you know there on politics going on well. It's a summertime gets hot and people this catalyst control against. A western Illinois coroner is resigning after facing criticism for keeping poor people remains. Until the relatives could pay 1000 dollars on now Adams county coroner James Keller said in his resignation letter that he was stepping down to spend more time with his family. Killers all the positions it's 2011. The Associated Press reported last month that killer was having people who couldn't afford to bury relatives. Sign over their rights to the deceased leaving them without a death certificate. Now hand he'd bury the cremated ashes if relatives couldn't pay. Keller said the policy was necessary because Illinois halted or delayed payments. For indigent burials. Due to the State's prolonged budget trying to state government can't pay for an inning which ended last summer by the way. The Adams county board voted last week to end the practice. County corners and Tate camp they've witnessed gonna. Hold the dead hostage cremated. But manner of Gloria I'll. And oil and looks like he's may have been lost his job over he's voluntarily leaving. But it was passed in pretty pretty harsh. And I ran nice pension package out of it. Somebody's got to pay for it to an admin then somebody who's an indigent or whatever that whatever happens with the remains. A guess at how. Expenses like a piano to pay for a funeral. And bombing and all that he be pretty expensive but. I imagine other counties in Illinois figured out how to do them up amid most counties in America I'm borrower at a weighted to take care of those who. We just can't afford in the family's. Well let's celebrate our anniversary you know Shelley. My life saint Shelley made her her famous pizza last night. This used to be kind of a staple around our house mean it would have a about maybe wants amounted to a mile the ingredients and she uses for dough she uses biscuit dough. Padilla. Of the crossed them and makes it all of the units puts everything unity if you hamburger he gets us get there mushrooms. Loads it all up and its balance is tees and she made it for us last night for her and me. Ted 82 slices and I'd done just about made myself sick it's so much. So good. How do you tell your side it's. And at the age Versa and tastes good I just keeping until I can't stand up anymore I gotta have a little discipline. You ought to try as he said he had to slide I mean money you can't stop of one you know you figure I'll have a novel and a second one does she is now. I want to them dissertation beats is really good system. Should make it very often anymore but it was our anniversary should decide this renewed every anniversary of last week. Friday. Yeah now it was Sunday it was three days that Monday it was Monday right. But the associated seems like a week. He did she was make it's and cookies yet dale are brought to enforce that's all I have left over that's it actually started that bag with a 12 of their this morning hours I got here. Did did need him I'll put it must have dwindled until I wasn't yet an. But yet it was me but again you look at those two if you wanna RY I it's count on 618 is Stephen dead time for leadoff sports content. Look for this morning. And well the good news continues for the royals icing. Accidents and bad. I like our focus on golf and good faith only elevate golf tournaments that's been dead now yeah. Nice letters and start out blazing a place to fully accurate did you know what those guys are in the morning groups and clubs as this morning here on out right. Former masters champion Mike Weir is one of the 156. Players. Who are in town this week for the west dot com tour and today is the opening round at the beginning of the 29. Wichita open and Chris you country club. And Wichita is gearing up for the big tournament which starts this morning first group's first guys will tee off at 7 o'clock this morning. And then the final grouping is will tee off at 215. This afternoon what's going to be a long day of golf and nice today 86 players on the course. Or the 29 version of the Wichita open did notice that the these Web.Com. Official tour website describes it as crusty country club just to the north of downtown Wichita laws like him really. Affect him or you know. Yeah I think it's bigger than a golf course just does little bit. Into the east north and way east of downtown. Natalie. Man that's all relative I guess the Wichita open golf tournament. It is one of four original tour events that is still being played it's been one of the great annual stops now for nearly thirty years. And of course don't forget Mike Kennedy we'll have live coverage of the third round on Saturday in the final round on Sunday right here on tape and assess it ready for the vast. Tonight. Our focus will be on the NBA draft. And the Wichita State's Landry sham that we'll certainly look to be among the names called CP can make it into the first round of draftees the NBA draft tonight. And of course we might see. Two or three players from Kansas get drafted as well as the speed and high look. Might be in the in the mix only Newman Dovonte Graham won't see how the NBA draft shakes out tonight. And the live coverage of the NBA draft you can listen to it beginning at 6 o'clock tonight and that is on Sports Radio KFH. 12:40 AM 975. FM in the NBA draft night last night pro baseball. Downtown which it's off. Wichita wing nuts 86 to three come from behind to win over the Sioux Falls canaries last night at Lawrence Dumont stadium. And the wing nuts when their fifth in a row and they've won nine out of ten. Wing nuts are in second place in the division now just four games out of first place we know it's in the canaries finish up that series tonight. Very brief short three game homestand with a wing nuts Sylvia out of town again for another week so last chance to see the net for another week. That'll be 705 tonight downtown at Lawrence Dumont stadium is going nuts go for their sixth in a row. Major League Baseball last night Kansas City Royals on an eight game losing streak trying desperately to get back in the win column. Thinking on the Texas Rangers at Kauffman Stadium you heard the game on KF page although here's some action from the Rangers radio network. Who want to pitch swung on and there's a high drive down the right field line way back toward the corner goes mirror field he's not the wall that wall is this very. A towering shot into the royal pulpit. And the Rangers lead at three to one on route then Brodeur his second home run over the years. Rangers go on a winning game three to sue and the royals lose their ninth in a row and they also lost fifteen out of sixteen. They went oh and ten on the homestand that instantly single game these are consistent. Worst June in franchise history. Let's see now the royals. We'll finish up June with nine games against the Astros angels brewers and mariners teams all with winning records. Miguel it's an off day today for the royals by the way is it ready for a road swing. Sports is. Even Ted KNS. Allies to its expletive six point one now given here for Fox News commentator Todd Stein's. Gonna talk about Peter Fonda the actor calling for action against border officers' families. That's coming up Stevens in the morning on tape and SS.