Medical clinic planned for a YMCA on the WSU campus

Steve & Ted
Thursday, August 9th
They will provide some extended hours for students, staff, and faculty at WSU.

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She's championing these kind of things are actually kind of like child because he's different than. Thanks and is different than the last it's easy I've been bombed by legislation soon. I need to get to thirteen 38 minutes says Steven did a morning at 847 net. Three big Ding me man arrested in Temecula California wildfires is facing arson. Charges seeing Wichita woman dies in Colorado keep. Pledges over a cliff. Both counts continue the Republican primary for Kansas governor final outcome could take. Week's three big things even dead on tape and assess. And this morning stole that vehicle northbound on I 135. Right around pony potential. Traffic hazard in a high traffic time up there in the gasoline prices in the Woodstock area this morning. Still around to sixteen on the outs. Traffic updates from fitness as radio on yes Jesus they mostly sunny today with a 10% chance for rain and a high of 92 degrees. Mostly clear tonight the overnight those 68. Friday mostly sunny tomorrow at 10% chance for rain again tomorrow night and 83. Now partly cloudy we have a self minted five miles per dollar and 69 degrees. Pate coming up at 9 o'clock six Glenn Beck program. Some of the topics this morning NAACP calls dropped a racist. Twitter is signals hate speech crackdown. And Muslim extremist children training camp busted up the New Mexico on they're gonna talk about that and Glenn Beck this morning. Even here at 9 o'clock Glenda but all sorts of talk topics you're one K and assess that on our web page by the way quick cat go to our web page it is a review about them. That is the best. Radio station web page in Kansas. Now Kansas association of broadcasters just released a congratulations. Away a lot of information on there all they're always updating equipment and Steve we want you to make that a place you go to all the time very important Stephen Ted poll which is. Greece's national sandwich month is also on our web what is your favorite sandwich baloney coming in at 2%. PB and JEF 4%. Tuna or chicken salad 8%. Turkey 10%. Entities 12%. The blt at 31% and the top at 33%. The Ruben. About that take the poll seeded temple but they're on our web page right there in his as Purdue dot com. US wholesale prices were unchanged in July after two months of large increases. A sign that inflation pressures have softened. The Department of Labor says today that Producer Price Index the PPI. Which measures price changes before they reach the consumer. Increased 3.3 percent last month from a year earlier. That's down slightly from 3.4 percent in June which was the biggest in six years. Gas prices and other energy costs fell after two months of strong gains in food cost also declined. The eagle the PPI it. You know he's throttles numbers you'll want to. On my bill seem to be going up other gone up now that's because you. Live a rather lavish lifestyle now you probably need to be as little more austere and cut back on some of the the big stuff sorry that I buy things like food you know and I have air conditioning and ran back a little bit on toilet paper things like that. I'm already down to one client not sure how much. Further and gone front that's it's disturbing. 851 now Steven dead on K Eunice says something new for a wide hips eight and for W ratio. Editor bill Roy the Wichita business journalist mourning mourning that'll. Good morning guys you avenue was branch of the greater Wichita YMCA will have a medical clinic attached to it. Wesley health care and the wine announced a partnership the means at three million dollar clinic will be added to the plans for the YMCA. On the W issue campus both are expected to open in 20/20. The urgent care center will have ten exam rooms and provide extended hours to WSU staff. Faculty students and employees of businesses in the area. Ranch in downtown Wichita have dropped a report by apartment list shows which of tolerance for down by six tenths of a percentage of 500 down three tenths of a percent for the year. Developer Jason van sickle says the downtown market is still healthy. At his last 324 complex occupancy over 90%. The average monthly rent is about 750 dollars according to apartment list. One of three panels on Wednesdays I CT summit featured some of Wichita as brewers coffee in beer. The group told the summit attendees that breweries add to the quality of life in which topped. And that they help each other succeed. But they all shared that they ran into red tape. Trying to get their businesses off the ground they hope that changes can be made so other startups have an easier time. Local breaking business news every day on can't assess and which atop business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal and dual role. Can bill. Ted did did you notice i.s taken that they're only three different boxes of donuts back here. In our and our break here and kitchen. Galley I don't know what's gone on to register to donut day I've got one here you go on over there easily double. About a supply don'ts on Thursday but it seems to multiply that I'm running cookies from saint Shelley we got a couple of Krispy Kreme boxes there's a Dunkin' Donuts and box homemade brownies out. And you brought in some cookies and a granola type could I think only can it could be that we're celebrating the Kansas association broadcast towards a word just announced. And we tell you real awkward guy here okay. We had an honorable mention for K and SS for public service announcement. And Tony using and Jeff Long Will the mayor did that when can we had an honorable mention for to Unisys news features I did definitely remember what it was about. Which had a second to place for best newscast weekly newscast. That's a UN. Me and dad and old Dan O'Neill out then holiday and we got a first place for the UK and assessed. As stated website yes and then the first place we've been talking about this morning. Best complete sports cast with Ted Woodward hey congratulations Ted thank you that's that's very very nice. They go that's we did well McCain AB awards will be picking up our products one of these days and today is national book lovers day. I think I wanted them but when I first got hooked on books. I don't know maybe third or third grade. They had a competition the University of Kansas. Encourage kids in public schools to read books can't. And if you read a certain amount to got a little certificate and I still have mine somewhere at all but they got a fourth grade I read I think it was 25 books in one year. And I got hooked on and it looked on greeted serve you well the I am I read something everyday and you read books as well I wish I I wish are more of a reason Wellesley you've got to have some time now. And the Embree get busy and I'm I'm a Booker on a book reader and so today is national. Book lovers day yes bring it on bring it right to say well there's nothing there's nothing like a good book. Don't think so making your way through it just may be on and it could be booted donut and a 9 o'clock and get this news at nine. That's his primary vote count still not simply. Even dead on in this sense.