Medical emergency and bueracracy forces couple to marry in a bathroom

Steve & Ted
Friday, January 26th
The groom's mother was ill and being treated in a bathroom. And the couple's marriage license was about to expire.

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news today at SS we just cause number. One news talk and weather station. Depend on. Good morning 6 o'clock this is the case and as a sporting news receiving dead. Thanks Deepak inside stopwatch cloudy and 48 degrees. Sport children are dead their mother in critical condition after a house fire in France Thursday morning. He has been useful for Pratt police detective Jeff. Warned when responding officers arrived they found the scene. To be a residential structure fully engulfed in flames the total of five persons were covered. From the structure for of those recovered who have to be children pebbles and succumbed to their injuries. The press Tribune reports Harley river Timmy and Reese qui sleep ranging in age from four months to four years old were trapped in the basement with their mother Terry Wheatley. When the fire broke out cause of the fire is unknown Kansas State fire Marshal is leading the investigation. One person was injured in a single vehicle accident in Lincoln at age more Thursday afternoon in Wichita. Police say the driver of an extended cab pick up some of the medical condition and struck a pole. Driver hospitalized in critical condition. Were no other injuries. A moment of a shot and killed in west Wichita Thursday morning police captain Brent Allred says it happened north of central and acclaim. After responded to a shots fired on the 700 block of north Edwards. When they arrived they found a 36 year old female head deceased inside presence from gunshot wounds. Somebody outside had walked up to the house and fired several shots the woman was in the living room area when she was shot. The Russell three met in the house they were interviewed by investigators. The victim's name has not been released. Several wildfires were reported throughout Kansas Thursday. Both fire and Butler county burned more than 200 acres west of Leon. Began shortly after one Thursday afternoon after a diesel brush fire flared up crews remain on the scene after it was put down in order to monitor hotspots. There were no injuries were traffic on highway 400 had been backed up as crews work to put out the blaze. More than half dozen agencies in the area responded to the fire that affected multiple landowners Dan O'Neill Kate. RSS news the US is taking a tough stance in the Middle East peace process with a new strategy. To push Palestinians to the negotiating table. President trump says that Palestinians want usaid money they have to return to Israeli peace talks. The US sends about 400 million dollars a year to the Palestinians and has sent five billion total since the mid 1990s. The administration is also withholding 65 million dollars of the scheduled eight payment to the United Nations agency that helps Palestinian refugees. We get them to Venice about hundreds of billions of dollars and your stepmother is a bit of because why should we do that. If they're doing nothing for us. Palestinian leaders declared peace negotiations debt after the president's move to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Even refusing to meet with vice president Mike Pence during his trip to the Middle East this week and Washington Caroline Shively. Fox then. Wichita police standoff ended peacefully Thursday morning India south part of announced 911 dispatchers received calls of gunshots fired in my house in Wichita on the 3100 block of south Saint Paul. West of 31 street south on meridian. As police approached the house to investigate a possible domestic situations someone was exiting but that person went back inside. The police what he was activated and surrounded the house loudspeaker reviews trying to get anyone inside to exit the house. At least five people were detained by police and the police chief Gordon Ramsay has a Decatur and clear that the nearly two hour standoff ended without incidents. Gave an assistant. Time now 6044. Minutes past 6 o'clock. Thirteen 33. Has very deep into the morning here on a Friday morning January 26. And now a 10 minutes past 6 o'clock. Can't see gasoline prices today well they're still a film a diamond in the afternoon to 45 gallons what we're looking at. And I'm midweek they went up fourteen cents area. Work more in some instances birthday yet to 45 gallons out here. Here is here in the Woodstock area traffic update from kicked into this radio I'm here achievers. Crime was to go to the forecast through Friday morning looking and assist staff meteorologist Dan holidays good morning dance. Good morning to cold front is good start moving our way from the west today double effect despite later on this evening but. Temperatures should be fairly nice again this afternoon at around 62 was strong south winds of the forty miles per hour. Our Lou tonight near thirty in sunny and not as windy Saturday for the high 58. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays and help. It's from the south out gusting to thirty miles per hour he is blown out there this morning. Again today is Friday January 262018. A sunny windy Thursday across Kansas which does high temperature yesterday was 67 degrees. That ties a record high for the date. Which was set back in 2005. And is quite a bit warmer than the regular or normal high which is 43. So we had a record high temperature yesterday afternoon. In Wichita. On this date in 1784. In a letter to his daughter Benjamin Franklin expressed unhappiness. Over the eagle as a symbol of America. He one of the symbol to be the Turkey Turkey would not well edited yet is wish. I don't know Ben was apparently a little less. I don't know aggressive about things but the Turkey would be a good period bird. And New Jersey couple recently changed their wedding venue from a judge's chambers. To a courthouse restroom after a relative had an asthma attack. Brian and Maria Schultz. Were set to tie the knot in the rooms mother had difficulty breathing. We've taken to a women's room at the Monmouth county courthouse. Where sheriff's officers administered oxygen and call the empties. If they had postpone the wedding day would have had to wait 45 days for a new marriage license. So one of the officers suggested holding a ceremony in the restroom. In a video posted on the sheriff's office FaceBook page judge Katie dumber. Performed the ceremony the group whose mother is doing fine. Begs a question why do you have to wait 45 days but the the wheels of your rocker you are currently yeah forced is these people into a bathroom. To tie the knot well. Not ideal but at least they have a story they don't arrest and a lot of story now you talk about dead people they get married. Under the ocean Norah Jim my mother in law getting in the way girl and one. Viewers make mother love. Force you into the you know takes into the commode and an ego the wonderfully but it was and they're doing it. And one of the stalls that would have been adjusting the blue instead of via money more particular herd somebody flushed a toilet. I went again and you have strains are narrow sitcom back. Grumpy cat his once and scratch. California jury gave the furry frowned queen more than 700000 dollars this week and a federal lawsuit. Over the years of her identity you know we talked about on the blur yesterday when the documents obtained the Washington Post capital royal lawsuit. At first been filed three years ago against the grenade beverage company but isn't. Grow a piece countenance without permission. Now when you're talking about 700 grand. That's a lot of ask you about some big chunk of yeah the cables are right there that is it a good supply cables and bets. I 1979 on this date. How old rheostat tab 101000 below arousal shaver of about eleven up. On this date in 1979 the Dukes of Hazzard. Made its debut and CBS. And boy and Billy viewer phantom and that as quickly became in the number one show on TV yeah I. Now was I Sam Nunn are real hourly OK it was even too silly for me the only run like ms. Stacey well yeah Catherine Bach I mean it is just right up there Macy was his arrest of the show's pretty incredible actress and I just you know. That's the only time until I beat you know so I Tamil stop on the channels if dates you residency and otherwise those two clowns that. Dumb car that the doors wouldn't open and ended the that they what does he think any of them which ever funny. The view is there isn't funny I didn't it didn't really characters looked funny didn't tickle me at least talked funny but they're not sure the writing was tough to not Cheney I'm sure there's somebody out there right now. That was a big duke has expands. Its. What you're talking about I mean I know is the number one jokes funny when I was even younger than that I was watching. House watching match on the family I doubt I think as a child I get used to that kind of humor and then that was dukes came along and little more is already. Is pretty curly now gonna talk about some adult humor okay. Ready for this. What's up with TNT twenty okay. Once again question a lot of these last few we did in grid iron about twenty years ago partner of that skit. The question a lot of people asked during the 1990s now now. Mike like yeah my eldest grandson when he was asked small. This stuff would be on TV unit watch you know newsreel stupid still it's obvious tell attorneys and a he would watch and as. To which was big for a few years are even on our solar but think that was child should you had preached to this is a question Lotta people after the 1991 TV televangelists said the tell tubby star was gay right. Because it was purple had a triangle shaped antenna and carried a handbag. The actor who played T he week he has died on now. His name was Simon Shelton Barnes who was 52. When he died last week Liverpool England. His death is under investigation though authorities say they aren't it is they are suspicious about at all. The delta obese fascinated some TV viewers you and it's even as adults often fail to understand the cuddly creatures. Designed to amuse toddlers yeah out at an alias dance around and made funny noises yeah and it was. But those deals where if you might be under the altering. State of some sort of substance. Even more entertaining if you think somebody. I under on marijuana someplace that will not enough I was I was while I am just let's oddities or Petro. I attended. Last night I'm. I don't Europe late last out of about that in a minute but blessed I was at a basketball game in top derby middle school. They're pretty north middle school okay. My granddaughter Evan was playing in they're playing and over in the media make eight great game down there. And so I went down to watch him in this same time I've seen her play and they didn't do too well. And over 10 o'clock. But it was fun to watch my granddaughter that scene you know pubs still need to appeal to be forward. Which used litter in Florida you're just yeah else I don't know 678 years old. We went to a covered gymnastics. Meets she was terrific in gymnastics. But I guess she's decided basketball acumen do Nelson. And it they go to my excitement. In our. Earlier in the week I found myself I was in the old heights Jim. Watching my nephew played a freshman game you know in out and of course I'm sitting there in the old hikes TM thinking. This is where Antoine Carr played. And Aubrey Sharaud right now. Big big star and all these gan McGee a Perry Ellis and all these great players over the years. That means it means absolutely nothing to the kids that are out their plan on that court and yet you know now. It doesn't resonate with them at all it's always cuts interest in I don't know with. And I know with time marches on. I'll tell you what if you want it. Document Plano gym that memories Darnell Valentine now so many great players played in that gym like three is fine today it is increase to play in the old east hi Jim. Which you know another and I dearly loved or hated it. Worst game in town. The rams were so loose that if you shot from camp Gordon hit the rim the ball would literally hang on the red and there Whitney and now. That was that was a pit anyway it is 618 Steven dead on K and SS and Sacramento sports content would burden me as a shocker basketball. Later last night right says yes we did sixteenth ranked Wichita State echo arena last night taking on Central Florida first meeting ever. Between the knights and the shock here's. Wichita State coming off a week in which they lost back to back games trying to get back to playing hard. And the coach Marshall kind of tinkering with the starting lineup a little bits and hailed these different guys in the air Steve there's different motivation levels and those shoppers. Got things on the right track again last night shocker bench scored fifty points last night. Five open and Irish rockers pulled away from the nights throughout the game Mike Kennedy and Dave dole had to call you heard the game on KEY and. The good drive by dejesus that he fumbled the dribble dispute is about to shoot accosted and shot him up let more slip through right now back under the basket more offensive flow. Top right picture half of background almost like it that way I can't defend your round series last week. No answer at all for Shaquille Morrissey led everybody with. Nineteen points eight of ten shooting while in only 21 minutes. But as he came off the bench last night also had six rebounds. Coupled assists. As the Shanda Darryl Willis added twelve points and nine rebounds he almost had a double double shocks when it. 81 to 62. Good pretty big expressed his concern didn't even for the game about. The slow start they did happen again that's another thing shocks taking up a little bit it's definitely in some recent games and we've gotten behind by ten or so points in the early going enough but that none of them have and I know that last night at half the games soccer head coach Gregg Marshall. Tonight we were done on the floor for loose balls we were out rebounding a pretty good rebounding team by ten we took care of the basketball. We had a lot of good performers as we didn't have any good performances in Houston and tonight it was a team effort. Lot of guys played well and contributed. All right twenty games into the season shoppers have a record of sixteen in four they are all alone in second place in the American conference next up for the shocks they will play. Rival Tulsa on Sunday that will be a tip off at 5 PM. On Sunday ARCO Arena. So tune into that Sunday on KEY NN and after the game I'll be out at twin peaks east. In Wichita when he first and rock to your phone calls and a shocker locker rooms show and a wrap of the weekend there. Kate you and K state both play tomorrow it's that outside of conference part of the big twelve SEC challenge. Fifth ranked Kansas will take on the bottom team in the SEC Texas a and M. Former company's rivals here. That will be on the air at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon on the jayhawk networking game will tip off at 330 in Lawrence K you basketball on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM. 975. FM. Steve KUN a NN it played 21 times what is taking his record in those games. I bet they're ahead there are ahead. What you want an old twenty and one when he CNN's only beaten him once ever in 21 meetings and early tomorrow and Lawrence. Through Kansas State will also be at home run in the challenge hosting Georgia LB at 1 o'clock tip off tomorrow in Manhattan. The Wichita State women on a four game winning streak right now and they will be on the road at Memphis tomorrow's deep strain lab the call for 1 o'clock game tomorrow right here on 97 and thirteen thirty. Case in SS. Tomorrow night Butler grizzlies in June go men's basketball or on the road not traveling far traveling Cali college. Ended Dennis Higgins we'll have live coverage of the Butler grizzlies it's 730 tomorrow night. That's right here on Kate in SS. In pro football it's the week before the Super Bowl if you care the Pro Bowl will be on Sunday that'll be 8:2 o'clock kick off for the Pro Bowl. This football's best that aren't in the Super Bowl squaring off that'll be at 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon on Sports Radio KFH. So you wanna tune into the Pro Bowl it'll be on Sunday afternoon. And the Wichita thunder hockey team has back to back games on the road at. Beat Alan Americans tonight and tomorrow night sports the Stephen Ted K and assets when he threw down given here for Fox News commentator Todd stars. He's got a bad heart and effort in California to outlaw the drinking straw. That's coming out into the morning on Kate in a sense.