Meet Amanda Cushman

The Good Life
Saturday, December 30th

Guy’s first guest in this week’s adventure in food, wine, & fun for your ears is Amanda Cushman, author of the new book “Simple Real Food – Delicious Clean Food Prepared Simply.”


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This is a good line so. Food wine and all the good things of life now here's the host of the good life. Guide our. Whether that's knew what a beautiful day gift and it's a little misty but it is winter in case you've got used to. Long autumn fall that we had with beautiful weather. I hope you have a great weekend there's so many fun things going on a there's a lot of sports going on right now W issue of it just took it off but the UV meant that at a at halftime but. They head back and forth back and forth and it is there were ahead by two points the game keep going. It's just tap and on. One of the primary new primary. TV stations and it. This program today have. I just love this book it's called simple real food and I think I made a mistake at one point that put a comma after simple. It's three words that describe exactly what's in this book. And as I come through it a look at the volleys rescues go I'd make that I make that automate that but with slightly different stuff and and that may be elected even more cosmic thing I know them dues in the its. A meeting. And that my guest is Amanda Cushman should be up in just a second in the second half. Okay he shouldn't drink too much that is the sure fire cure for anger over. Black. Sometimes we do so would. Jonathan glass says he's got a bunch of letters after his name I won't even go there will maybe get him to say what they don't mean that. He's has a website costs healing SS essence centered dot com. He's got a new book coming out called total life clans got a argues that I don't know if there's enough time to cleanse my whole life. But more importantly put out a really great ballpoint talking paper. Fifteen tips how to avoid or minimize your upcoming New Year's Day hangover we'll talk about that I hope you don't get a hangover amok. And coming out ally in the week that really fun it's for one in my favor producers in California. One of the early sparkling wine houses from France. Who relayed roots in in California. It's Shenzhen and nuns. Kubrick classic it would new label it's it's killer can't wait to taste this addition its non vintage but it is the most recent addition. So without further ado my guest Amanda Cushman is a chef and and cooking instructor part it's a lot. I think cooking instructor should probably be at the top of that although she with a chip on report that. A caters she's cooked and been all over the world than. More importantly been featured on many magazines and TV programs you've probably read or seen the and she's nice and let me in Europe or Saturday amend good afternoon and welcome to the gauntlet. Here are you are you gonna agree that your North Carolina right now. I am and terror and it's pretty the country my son lives in Charlotte. And and I and a I like apparently. Especially when you get towards Nashville on the mountains. Of OK so. You know I could read your bio which would be uneventful and some like me reading your bios. But I think we should talk about your journey in food because. You have done what. In the day and and you're you're not. Older than me that is Berkshire. In fact you look like your younger than that know him a cooking schools and that kind of thing member when the Food Network first started I mean you know there was much outlet. Take us back at the beginning and bring it's up to date given up. I very wait before that that network when it's a really Julia Child was that they. Famous person and everybody knew about and there were no liberty shots early when she was the battered. Celebrity because the the president and become that yet that was different time. And where people were just cooking and and writing books and it was analyzed TV even going on that and either it's it was mostly. There were no TV showed a truly expect may be hectic I'm not PDF it would hurt. But it was very into my world different world. An act and I love the way we've changed and then sometimes. Because I get so many great cookbooks and just a very small sampling of the many great group being produced today. And I get that talked a lot of people chef and cookbook author of the one makers and how we've evolved. Yet I feel like sometimes. The cooking aspect. Is act is slow the cooler app. Well. They're not really learning anything anymore added a lot of joint ops that are here. A lot of competitions which I don't find very helpful in an ER EE competitive showed her a little on. I don't know what they're rarely if they're gaining that you're not learning in and I think the days of learning to cook or mark EV. Kurt shall work over pretty much you know much anymore to back. Well you know. We Pulitzer and I can go on and on but I mean you know like when I mean size program. I used to watch that and I would learn. Stuff every show that I have incorporated. You know. Every so yeah it was mean and you know around. Their numbers showing marquee. You back as he was appropriately integrate. Cook and keep carriage snapped you know. Occur and I watched him and it was a wonder Sheryl. Well and then last week you've probably seen it Karen Page and Andrew Goldberg. Have kitchen creativity. Yet that book is revolutionary. 'cause it's really not about recipes. It's about tactics and techniques and inspiration to be creative and that was fun. It has not been great way of approaching and I like that that and I quit coming out of it yeah well included endlessly fascinating and it bank I'd beat. I'm really really. Busy in the country to be a little less that case now I think we're really into art you don't want it. Learn new things and cooking interest in things and exploring. Different cuisine from around the world. Yeah and and and their prevalent there they're now more than ever army which we can both remember the first time you and it Arco. You know the first time you had. Indian cuisine in but then I get your book and I got it SO two I gotta be forgo a critique kitchen creativity. And I'm thinking and it should be like that to book package. It. You know because your recipes. Are killers this is and then people. I think ever Marines of about you viewed you always hurt too busy to do a book. They're great and I'm glad economic news kept trying Munich at a dual book and they kept pushing me I finally added that was it. A labor of La it was partly a lot of work. I'm not really. I've not had good at sitting down to do these kind of staying in our or if it takes a lot but again but it without sleep on and it is. And it's almost like. It's too bad you didn't have a video augur for following you around her eyes. Go pro camera back and today you know with solid laps you've done. Race. The title like asset that I look at first time I wrote and I think that put a common after a simple but it really is just three distinct words is it. And it'd. Simple real food it would you say that though people go what does that mean move. You know but simple roof. At at at. For many that means recipes that aren't overwhelming that you actually. Not feel like you to read this to organize these special ingredient in rat he's been our. But the bulk. But the word temple might you know lead in their the other agree. Elegant piece in there but they're not things that you'd you'd feel on cash into that and beyond I. Capabilities or I don't want to have to buy now I had and that never heard of export only if our army George. I try to get. That. Ingredient very adaptable and are a direct peace. User friendly and you know relatively short. Well I you know. You look at that table of contents and of course eyes as I'm sure most people are a lot of us. When we when we get a group of like that for your browser and cookbook today at a bookstore. You know dominant of course at the beginning a guide to senator kitchen essentials. Ingredient wives. All good stuff but then the rest we've pretty traditional appetizers salads dressings soups entrees side it is. Vegetarian dishes and desserts. And then I started thumbing through the book. And I think what I'll do is on that note if you let me pay a few bills. Welcome back and talk about some of these school rests there. The great the book we're talking about as simple real food delicious claim who prepared simply yes you can do this Amanda craftsmanship. An instructor. Were Amanda you relive the Miami for a while the new. Did I saw that I am from. No but you you went back to new York and anybody who's ever been in New York in my through it knows why you did that that will be back we'll talk more with Amanda and some real food after this short break.