Meet Andrea Nguyen

The Good Life
Saturday, June 3rd
In this first segment Guy welcomes Author Andrea Nguyen. She first tasted pho in Vietnam as a child, sitting at a Saigon street stall with her parents. That experience sparked a lifelong love of the iconic noodle soup, long before it became a cult food item in the United States. Andrea also breaks down pho’s meaning and the culture behind it.

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This is Stevens can join this morning right here on KN has been. This is the good life. Food wine and all the good things of life now here's the host of the good life. I sky bow. Thought that after yeah. You had to say yes it's fun week and ready for a great Alan I. You can about the overpass yesterday a life. Or act in the road. Lot of great work better than ever which Papa tools that can apart oh by the way oh by the way. Note to self. You gotta pencil it does now or remember this go to Atlanta guide dot com buttons along the top. Click on the fourth one of them at one from the left that it says. Repressed Matic man. Match this music in my visions of what is that. Is a two day event for one low prize. It starts Sunday. And this event that we put on June Popper. Something a little different ball and use of over. A Sunday June 4 6730 at the boathouse spirited spirit. It is to you know fine. Here with the order followed by VoIP conference seeding at the regard stage for Kerry nations BP B. The list of spirit being port is phenomenal. If you like Scotch urban harmony act gin vodka. An opportunity to taste of relief premium products Saturday agent in four to meet Sunday June 4 six to 730. Then if you purchased that ticket to that which is now. You can go to also vote to rejuvenate. Thursday. And it is 730. Its entry to an exhibition on the balcony level. I call it old world vs new world bronze. We have six magnificent line from brands. From the roof where elections. Verses six outstanding ones from perjury and one is its bit Mir what those French ones but are considered new world. And so. Early 85 book she did both of those events. You get the concert afterward in the comfort afterward but one event on Thursday. Well a cool thing. She's going to be in town I can't believe it just recently honored dead earlier this year. That the Kennedys that are Mavis staples will be on stage along with JD but here's. And you VoIP. Each one of these events that were maybe five dollars for more you get a boat. One prize the catch. You got a reserve today. No ifs and or large. Do that by calling our armor is the one whose information number 316. Fixate too but my vote to have your credit card ready. But do it you can get it again get more information go live dot com buttons on the top that one or. I'll be there pouring it both events. I selected products for both of them. Trust me it's agreed. On in order and it. Now we got that way about this. Have you been an integrate restaurant here in town that feature Vietnamese. PH shows you probably call it well before a year ago and well. I figured. If so long involved process to make it well. The elements of but then this past month. By Andrea win she's. Teachers made him. Or them via it and it came here in unison at the she got introduced to law the with her parents in Vietnam and totally different varieties of view among the best producers here in town you know. As a magnificent way to use. You. Need to Wear a bit weaker maybe. Gonna noodles now. But it does not happen to her new book call the pocket book and trust me it is it. And Andrea welcome to the well now. I'm so glad you used the power used. Well you know I had to doctor's hand. One of the photographers is also on the yes side of mine and the one men who styles. All. What we called beauty images and a town we traveled together before. And though Karen actually looked more Vietnamese tonight ill she's Japanese Americans he's kind of small and so. When we went to Vietnam together people were very friendly to her and let her take all kinds of images. And so you know we that's why we were able to integrate them into the book and really give people a sense of place. So be aware that came from. And on that and also you know compare that with recipes that are perfectly doable the American kitchen. I can't wait I know I have friends that. Are often and that indeed it makes them but. I never even tried to enter them why do that when I can go to one of many and we have many restaurants special. In and beautiful steamy hot bowl of rice noodles and with that of Japan would be in. Peppers and improvement in days Roland. Magnificent stuff so but now that I got hooked up again. Well the key is gonna have. But before we talk about that let's talk the first section of the book. And economic and talk about a book that where the first section is worth every penny of the cost. On through and your perfection. A little history about them and I love it and it did three or four pages in a pronunciation. You know Americans are pretty whack though and and obviously PHO looks like photos. And. Well but I don't blame you because that is you know all of those little accent marks on technique because I critics they've that make you Vietnamese word lien oh. Difficult to pronounce and they kind of bark sometimes like we get make them make up you know and and they're hard to spell correctly to. But since has. Come into the American language dictionary we can drop all the pronunciation. But. At the same time you know people think oh my god follow that once it has that little side comment. That's. And then once it has the question mark backed bonds to get Palestinian like you know a guy named at your I was at. Questions about Pakistani likable Fatah police. You think your bad I was asking a question mark that out slightly upward Lil and you will get extra get treatment at a fan shop. You know it was so interesting the first section Andrea where that means that the average American would have aptly no clue about. The the evolution of and how it fit into. Cultural society and how it changed from. The far north of Vietnam as things move south of Saigon and no achievement city and interesting stuff we will need to go into that but this is another dimension of the book. Now let's talk about your first taste of this beautiful dish and then we'll talk about what makes it's special and how you can make it. Sure. As you pointed out now called Richmond city hand. We often times when now for. And my parents had a little shop that was their favorite shop and they still. Speak like so highly of it. And Hewitt that down low wooden bench is that the those tables and if anybody's traveled to Vietnam you have is that like they became hurt. And that's our particular I would perfectly fine and then. And what what. People seem to marvel. App was that at that age I was able to. You spoke chopsticks and booed by myself and work my way all the way to the bottom of the ball and yet. And at that point I was you know he's got that the per you got that. To read springing noodles you've got you know little bits of meat. Hand. You know it was just felt comforting to me even at that age. And I and I was hooked on the I missed that so much and we came to the United States to expect the rest of my family. Cattle on you know we didn't have. Places to go to any Maher and my mom knew how to make it but you know that traditionally. People make at home Gupta takes a long time and it requires. Yes stoking the fire for a long period. Or you know having a stove. But we learn how to make it on our round on like a lot and Vietnamese people in the United States and like a lot of the rest on tour that you haven't locked in Wichita. So you know it it's become. On the part of our tradition and our culture that we've maintained that Lee you know built our. Do I Kennedys here in the United States. To be. I'm always amazed. At one regular political discussion of immigration. But I also know that lower growing up in South Miami. Miami would be a lesser place without Cubans. And there are so many places in our country a lot of them on the west those that would peace such lesser places of the Vietnamese immigrants. Hit the ground running and all our children have become. Huge like you successes in and work hard and that's what immigration all about when you got here Andrea ended. OK let's transition talking about the ingredients for. At first glance someone gets a bowl well prepared at a restaurant. And they look you know this is simplest brought that in and and little bits of meat and some means in current. And and noodles and in some temperament on top. Peppers and and men and things like pretzel and broke. We've pretty easy. You've got a great list of ingredients and and and things that the department of noodles. But it really best black and now it's all about the broad. It is you know very much. Other news posted. About the rock and the fact that the draw this line this is packed it inside the flavors and with a little bit late Wednesday that lately that the rot. What can number I. You'd dot com. You know this kind of act as usual layering of labor and their very subtle that lion like it looks simple but then you look Andrea are my goodness there's like all these ingredients involved. But they're not ingredient that I feel you know Americans supermarket right now our challenge I'd be walking into an American supermarket you can yet. The ingredients are making and when people are starting out and it may start with the chicken line is very straight up. You've got ginger you've got and yellow onions. That. You know I offer many masses can make out that you can do it by doctoring up camp rock that you want to ease the pressure cooker. Or you can go toll old school and kept things happen not pot. When you out in 084 hours on the weekend. But then you know you're you're going to kinda much rose. Those aromatic stich are injured in the canyon just to give them a little bit of sugary sweetness. And that it does not so much in the wrong by CNET of those ingredients that go into. The national. You know making that brought you got your prices. And they can be as simple pat pat pat single impact club hole closed. Dan coriander speed or you can act in beef I act warmed spices like star needs. And cinnamon sticks. And I knew he can also act fennel seed if you want to. Man that then you've got water and they got your protein. They can't hold chicken or chicken we can be found competent beefed up. And it's a matter of then. Simmering at those ingredients are picking them on to release the they freed captain treatment and blending all the spices together. With aromatic. The bronze at and T is in mind that Simon is installed but I ain't gonna hit it but that's just not that began. And I beat him these things. Instruction book on the front man. It's like about it everything I knew going into. Writing that but man I had displayed on out there and basically if you. Read well and egg and boil water and it guarantees economic. Well and let's talk a little bit about some of the seasoning suitor is the spices because yes a lot of poker familiar with coriander seed in and clove and and penalty but there are some other things in here fresh Carter moved. I think. I love that part of it star needs again something that. Easily picked up at the supermarket even Saddam Wednesday. Now there's one and I'm not premier went about Tutsi of mark. Is there anything. I pushed. Are you their home. Oh. Can hear me Andrea. Let's say a quick break we'll work on Morgan Andrea bats. Yeah I've got to good night. The book we're talking about is so cool anyway enough is right next to call the focused book though it's though pocketbook. PH. Beautiful noodles. With all manner of great protein and honored by it. We're back after this short break away.