Meet Bill Esparza

The Good Life
Saturday, December 16th

Guy’s first guest in this week’s adventure in food, wine, & fun for your ears is the winner of the James Beard award for his coverage of the L.A. taco scene in Los Angeles Magazine, as well as one of the country’s leading experts on Mexican food, & author of the new book “L. A. Mexicano – Recipes, People and Places.”


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This is the good life. Food wine and all the good things of life now here's the host of the good life. Guide our. Welcome the good life bottom but feared central for about and guess what we're gonna start off with the cars. Anyway it's Christmas and we wanna give you something induces remind my good friend. You. You've you've had you heard him before on this show meathead Goldwyn. And he has a book out called the science of great barbecue and growing. It's a New York Times best seller name on the 22 essential cookbook for every kitchen. 25 Trevor cook books of all time by. Christopher Kimball and also best cook books of the year by Chicago appropriate and you can get a copy this great book by calling now 316. 86913. Thirty the science of great barbecue grilling you don't want to give it to somebody that likes the cook outside call now. 31686913. Thirty if you don't get in on this one go to Amazon. I am on that when it idiot amazing. Ribs dot com. They've got a great selection of gifts. All kinds of fun stuff and you can order book right through there as well so called out 31686913. Thirty get a copy of the science of great barbecue grilling. Obama good friend meathead Goldwyn. This. Today showed a little spicy. You could say that you would know that if you had a good life got dot com and oh by the way don't forget if you ever miss the show. You can go there or to candidates this radio dot com. Man give podcasts. If you're on the road you're in your car. And you have blocked by a your iPad. Then you can go to go left on that comment and looked like Volvo and they'll listen now. First it that this is a cool book LA Mexico on a recipes people in places. The people part is almost as fun as the great recipes of photography. It's put together right bill less partly he'll join us in just the second and the second half Lawrence Wu founder and mastermind behind would Jude W a huge day you. And producer of very unique hot sauces I think one of the best comments on his website which is wooed Jew hot sauce dot com. Was from a renowned foudy who said this sauce is like changing. At cupid and to be spicy mode amend. To clean your palette for his spicy. Mule or taste of that sauce on anything you electable and on. I picked the one that is has so many great memories for me it's from depression net. As a Spanish Cobb it's part of Nevada semi Psycho or now adapted to the American market semi dry. This is a beautiful. Blend of the primary grapes used in Cobb. Arriaga. Mecca by you know it. If smells so pretty if you just. He can't get your nose out of the glass and the more important part of this is. It's so refreshing in Crispin has done little to the sweetness it'll it'll help wipe away the heat make you ready for another bite of Mexican food from Elway or something similar so we're also gonna give away a copy of LA Mexico out of but that won't happen for another couple breaks so. Without further ado bill spartans jurors he's a recent whenever James Beard award for his coverage of the LA tacos seen in Los Angeles magazine. He's one of the country's leading experts on Mexican food is an LA native and who better to put together book on LA Mexico on oh bill welcome to the program. Particularly here a man how's the weather out there. Didn't he ring yet but. Know that they you know we're where wherever a short winter here in Los Angeles. Well. You get smoked a mean it is mostly smoke blowing offshore. Well into you know I am and Hollywood's summer and right in the center here at the buyers are not brick DiMarco posted by. The other day when. It's all force that we got some pretty bad air quality obviously. But no. Surrounding circuit yet. Really hard. But as far. At the should. Let's put a happy you know about and talk about LA Mexico on a first off congratulations on publishing a unique book unique not only for the recipes but. To focus on LA and people below Mexico into them Mexican cook book. Well sort of put there's a difference tell the bit about your interpretation of what the difference is. Los Angeles. It's bio Mexican food. Yeah we you know Los Angeles as you know is the art is in community outside of Mexico City. And but is it really draws on. Part of diversity and even Ecstasy or. Or any of Mexico's largest cities where you know they have people who have been from the nearby states but we have people from all over here so. You know over the years. You know the Mexican Americans and also traditional Mexican have mixed together. And form this unique cuisine. Mexican American putting it's its regional at Los Angeles just happens to have. Do you really have to have enough of a group of people to create. Right mean. Also it's seen a lot sent a course we have you know Korean town because that's such huge Korean population we have. I count and all these different on clay but the Mexican. Community insist everywhere must Angeles and you know it's the it's taken out a look at the care law are. Terror war east LA and Boyle heights. And neighborhoods like Huntington Park and South Gate and am looking at the cuisines it's coming out of those areas this uniquely Mexican American. It's so cool you know. You don't know this might end. My uncle had good taste and fun women in Merida a beautiful Mexican woman. And you know she taught me how to make demolish public enemy of my own or he has to tell me how to make killers also and Pico and you know chic she could she could go either Frasier and you'd open the door look and go home and we an analyst orchard and I got it. I got it bright and show whips open up you know with whatever you got. It it's interesting and it did you. Did you grow up and LA do you have any time as a young child in Mexico. No well you know I mean Greta Mexican Americans in in some way you grow up with a more. Mexican. Child but then you might even in many parts of Mexico mature living in and digital community or small communities are in this very Mexican experience but you know if you are ever bit of it as they want to pay it and you'd be. Hard pressed defiant. You know what what would be. What you would think is the stereotype of other Macs and city. And and and in material like that like Mexico's second or third largest city. And it's very it seems very international and dare you attack even American where. When you grow up in you know you've got you know you have a moderate about about her power French French food you go do. You know you you European clothes. And then and you live in Los Angeles eleven our northern California where I grew up like Stockton. And and moved to LA five. And and so. You know every day our hearts as Mexicans living in the next neighborhood you know are our tour culture is very. Is very much. Shape or any where where you're kind of question duties on clay it's wherein Mexico are to be Mexican you don't have to necessarily make a taco. Just to be Mexican you know I use everything you do it back to earth the French rest. It's Mexican creative media. I've spent a good bit Tom Monterrey Guadalajara Portland art and you know let's. It's so fun to go and find an off you know. Get a cab and if you speak a little Spanish and you can. And ask some questions about local food places and where the driver likes to eat and go to a little off the beaten path places and have real. You know first class home made the moment pop. Everything you know it is such a goal appeal if and when I got the book as far as them through there and this is you know after looking for tacos and burritos yes there are some of that. But it's just they're such a you're right twist on it and you found personalities I think that's to me the biggest difference of your book. Is that you YouTube highlight some of the personalities. That make it different types and styles. Of high quality food with the Mexican influence. Yeah it is you do have these different levels of Mexican community you know you have. I Mexicans have been here for. Generations and generations I mean my my grand father. My great grandfather. Had a ranch in California you know it was some Palestinian descent I don't know how are in California they go back. And and they were you know 100% Spanish speaking but then you have Iran and the people. That are are you know. Our Mexican. Their name is you know and then they can't speak any Spanish. Because that has been here for generations you know and and so there ideas and facts that are very different then someone who's just arrived from Puebla. An and even then in the world hockey. The second part pocket. Community in the world in Los Angeles and so you have traditional restaurants where you can get all day. And like you thus in the traditional social aka the then you can go to Oakland to get mauling on up on what garrido. Echo what the real world news with what you're seeing him walk pocket American. Restaurants you know and and so you have. Quote joke was seen which is Mexican American you have. Traditional Mexican you have the street group which is also traditional and sometimes not. And it's an as we go along it just innovating more and more you know people or court doing concepts that with what really could not existing or else. But Los Angeles. And the and also this alta California when you have young Mexican American ships to really have spent. Very little Carmen Mexico. Because of their. Mexican upbringing here in Los Angeles and and and California general terror Foreman cuisines it's uniquely Mexican Americans it's actually getting recognition in Mexico by the top (%expletive) And it's. They have so cool. You know it is just. And as I come to the book it brings back fond memories of some of the unique cuisine that I have enjoyed not only while I've been in Mexico but. Here you've been in Wichita we used to have or a Oaxaca restaurant and bill you would people were good and go I don't see any talk shows. Right you know it has all this beautiful Brazilian and so well prepared by apparently that was recently from Oaxaca and it's just amazing started really cool. Got to take a break we'll. Want to stay there keep that thought and know when we come back we'll blue wanna talk more about some of the personalities are your thoughts on how food trucks packed. LA Mexico and the book is called LA Mexico on a recipe. People and places but my guest analyst Clark we get back app not desperate for the next break we'll give you a copy of the book. And we got so much. Moore who went infantry here don't go. The recently re imagined Wichita Marriott great room as the perfect place for Wichita visitors and local residents to relax unwind and recharge the great room offers and.