Meet Björn Öste

The Good Life
Saturday, April 21st
Guy's guest in this fun segment is  Björn Öste the CEO of Good Idea.  Good Idea is a healthy & flavored sparkling water made for helping a healthy person handle the sugar spike following a carb-rich meal.

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Good afternoon welcome back to the program Barbie is you've been here the whole armor or not you can always get podcast after the fact that it. The left got a common link for you direct it's that review and you'll find it next up is beyond us that. He's a he's from Sweden. And lucky for us he's brought his product. It's it's from a company called good idea. And it is an unsweetened. Parkland beverage with some flavoring in so much more Bjorn welcome to the good life. That. This is. Sparkling water sparkling beverages are. Very popular here as you well know. But you guys have done something different it's. Not only doesn't have some flavorings but no sugar absolutely. And and and some other ingredients that make it Trulia helpful beverage coastal about it. Shortly after you I think. Maybe Europe where they're putting in diabetic and the country today and about eighty billion Credo about it. And those are staggering numbers. As big cheer court. Sure there the sugar intake and managing your blood sugar and our product. Come out of work recent action little universal being. We discovered parity in that area. Certain expert and in the call by recruitment would have been extremely ought to do the trick on your blood sugar. So what you eat a carb rich meal but not corpse that tightly into blood sugar. But it could drink our product without needle that would reduce the blood sugars on the below average on the part that. I and if that something that I don't think anybody else's done you know others. There's other additives and some sparkling drinks. Other than sugar but. Of the this is a new thing and obviously you had success with product in Sweden. And tell us about your journey to the states that it. Distributing products around the world is not an easy thing to do. Though that that is sport short Chu actually. 22 corrected that there re we have not launched in Europe yet and they're marching in the US. Well we decided that this product. With labor water. Market what do category exploding in the US. What that diet needs for a product like this set knighted merely pre diabetics. I am and this is not a product targeting just pre diabetic it's really a product good for absolutely everybody. You know you drink it with you mean you're. But a lot of Clark lunch meeting you're not gonna fall asleep around 3 o'clock sugar cravings you're you know that there. You don't get done in the same way. And so it's really a product that that it's on vacation them down we travel to Libya with the distribution and that the market thing we can do hundred do you have that this structure electrically we have a good product that. Bet it through the you know there at the eight. Regulatory framework. We felt that we had a bird call compelling. Product for the U market. I can tell you that the yeah I had the two flavors available. Sparkling orange mango in the lemon lime. Beautiful container. And and I poured a glass and jealous ghost lifted as though where line but it my mouth how that there are you know and this is a lovely beverages and and I imagine that. If all the quick trips in the convenience stores instead of having you know fifteen high sugar. Products from cola drinks to whatever. If they had some good ideas sparkling water on the app. We could problematic. People more oh congratulations. I can't wait to see it on every show that it truly is a good idea. I thank you your parents is a great variety of people say beware more audit and the couple's Sweden. They called it a good idea. Folks if you wanna learn more it's called good idea drinks dot com. Yeah it be looking for a hopefully it'll be on the shelf of your local overtures toward the not too distant future. And there are some plays of where you can get it even now. Again good idea drinks dot com Bjorn thanks for being part of the program today. March have a good week him different. You that. Okay quick break we'll come back we're gonna talk to Joseph bobsleigh. I've been a part of this event since it started it's called million dollar motor. And that that begs the question what the effect of million dollar motor. Well. It's private collection vehicle from in and around Kansas. With so much that in the for and I'm talking about everything from meticulously restored. Early model must things to performance card race cars motorcycles. It is really cool in bed food at 10 yeah. Million dollar motive would tell you about after the short break don't go.