Meet Bradley Gray

The Good Life
Saturday, December 9th

Guy’s first guest in this week’s adventure in food, wine, & fun for your ears is Bradley Gray.  Bradley is the Public and Media Relations Manager for the Scotto Cellars organization.


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This is the good life. Food wine and all the good things of life now here's the host of the good life. God now. Yes it's the well it's still mourning the summary you can just slept and you part of your last night it is the parties parties seasoning. Thanks to Greg bloom I had a wonderful time at the Woodstock bowed out. Whenever that call now Sports Museum. New. And too distant future I'm. The program today got a lot of crap that talk about the thought good crap. Where talk about a winery production family and it is making some spectacular ones. Some of them available here in town to a public range. We're gonna talk to a guy who is the dad of not nine but ten kids now but the company was founded as. Nine lazy kids KIDs the sauces. It makes them not us I got one and the only problem is it should come in gallon jars so you can either like soup. Non lazy kids were they about that. The one of the week like I said it's from Scott openly sellers and its rich and creamy it's a Chardonnay. It's inexpensive more or less and a lot of fun we'll talk about that. But before we do that real quick. Because of my good friends at. One of the coolest web sites if you like barbecue. Amazing ribs dot com they have wonderful gift selections and things that. Anybody who liked cooked up would be happy to have. But the men often have the book which is a New York time best seller. It is. The science of great barbecue and growing. By meat head and if you haven't heard me daddy was on the show while back. This book of relief fund and I get to give you a copy. This book was. Wanted to listen to cope look for every kitchen by serious eats dot com. 25 forever cookbooks of Volcom micro for Timbaland one of the best cook book from the year by Chicago are immune. BBC Obama blow hole but other folks like it including yours truly. So if you would like a copy of the science of great barbecuing growing. You can do it where you can keep it used in news Brit but when it. All got to do because number five you know the number 316. 86913. 386913. 38 call now caller number five. Will get done your information make sure you get your email addresses vision here from Eric. Call them now then. After. In addition to Bradley grey he's the the PR guru first auto family in California use the media relations. And more importantly. He's been with Scot sellers since 2013. The sky apparently has over forty brands. Of premier wine and hard cider in me. Man. I just got a new facilities and Hugo outcome I'd never heard them yet and here very. But we're gonna pay about today Bradley Greg welcome to the good life. All deal with him and make this better Brad is if we were sitting in the vineyards open some line. Yeah probably a little cult of your gut here in California right now but. That would be nice. I got jackets and academic. Thanks firfer let me invader we can appreciate that would love to have spoken. With. With Anthony Scott drove a third. Since he's run on the show with all his siblings. But and somebody's gotta go coach this ballgame and and understand that immensely in. Again I appreciate you taking your continent to chat with a let's talk a little bit about you first how did you end up it's got so Annette tell us your journey and one. Vote Lola is actually a pretty on historian Howard hit a scholar knows I've been the one business for twenty years. As a media relations. Specialist. And I went with a friend of mine who makes Bulgarian warned he's a Bulgarian follow it and he took me to a party that one of the Scott apparently is ordering. Ar net if he's got a junior. And we hit it off and he ended up calling the of them bit later and introduced the rest is history of in all now but the funny thing was the Bulgarian fellow. English isn't his first language. So he cooled into Colorado and I guess you can't some notorious mobster from New York in Britain was gonna get whacked so we took me along with them. Perceived. So it's got to. I'm cool that. You know you have denies see that you have been they wind rider. And yeah I Brooke White owned for the Sonoma newspaper for a couple years which aren't. A lot of print and that's being awarded to writer you agree to want to accelerate just put the call out that we're gonna be reviewing. You don't ordered this week and moan over. UPS truck would pay off like clockwork. And people said oh he does this for pre. Now right. This is a big company and and obviously Anthony Scott for the third now the Chief Executive Officer and and and oversee in the family operation but that means. There was. To Anthony's got off before that a pretty long history can you give us a little thumbnail of the history of the family. Yeah we have a fascinating history. This autos got involved in the wind business. In the wake of their great great etc. grandfather started picking Warren in its spirit Italy in 1883. They decided to immigrated to New York. In 1903. And he was bishops conquer in Brooklyn in him date order at home and he and his son sold the top of the wooden cart in the Italian neighborhood in Brooklyn. Prohibition came after that and in the next generation cotton ball. Right after prohibition with a brand called Villa are Armando which is. We go to classic Italian red jump quarry and we still make that the state. Is the next generation California in 1963. So. A couple of years ago we celebrated our diffuse continuous harvest in California. They have not been in and he got into the entity that third we call an 83. Cotton ball in the wine business in the they 2004. When his grandfather gave him the below are mono brand. So it's really got started that this is really his company. Is one of the smartest guys I've ever met no one business. And you grow this company from below are my notes and now group we got probably forty different brands. Most of what you don't have our name on it that's why people they knew who is got a dollar. But. Yet we are distributed worldwide. Where in most states in the United States we've gotten into the hard cider business. So. I you'd imagine that we were big winery. Depending on how you look at it we might be big or small guy but small or big. Except. It does absolutely. To make burst off but I know if my dad was still with us. He and I and bill are mongo would have a big. You know code that was that was him but might some of my first wine consumption ever. Was out of a three leader Carlo Rossi mountain run drug you know. And went you when he would buy party Burgundy year or or or some of the other kind of a tie and slanted big jug wines and keep the freeagent. I discovered early on that if it's at a three liter jug you could still some out of there and know what memento. Exactly and actually I think we followed the same path. But it usually pretty I don't know all he could even deluded little little water and don't. Know what we'll go back a bit opposite page nicely in the marriage it. What about. You don't did when I look at the pictures. If we look at that our people on the website and folks by the way. Scott throws sellers dot com SC OT TO sellers dot com. Well that's a pretty young group of folks. Yet it sports siblings and I'm working for their in that he's got to the third. 42 weeks ago. His brother alt auto is a one bakery and overseas when making. Are to Lodi. When making facilities yet his own boutique winery in an amateur or feel cold terror. And we have another winery in the Napa Valley cold steel canyon sellers are all over the gulf wide reaching. And his brother Michael Otto is our cellar master production manager make sure that everything happens logistically out ornery. All the bottling all of that stuff. And Natalie Gado. Is that she does a lot of things. She's she's got her own distribution company here in California it's she handled a lot of the yeah events and so pork that we keeps going there. And whenever subtitles is our responsibilities. Compliance. There's. But there's a fun job I that they don't wait and yet the three boys were happy to let Natalie du data publisher. Alia. OK so and then I think what would be like if if Bradley and I were in the one business or are friendly Renault one business and you start making all these different labels. I'd certainly want to have one with Scott affair with sellers on it and and we've done that. What kind of products are remake and under that level. Well that's our casing is in Lodi. Our production facilities in Lodi and some of the best scrapes and California remote. Source got a release sellers label is all about Lodi we make it all Barnes and go. We make cabernet serving around. Bitty mall that it's fantastic. We didn't seem to bait you rotate into we do some small lots of other stuff that's interest accident near what have you discovered through. But it it's very low back focused and very reasonably priced at around fifteen dollars a bottle. Well you know and now days. I don't care where Stater stage you are in your wine consumption. Knowledge ability and experience. There's never been a better time to BO on consumer. And when you say you know twelve dollars. And you can get a lot of one for twelve dollars and I'm sure they're doing. A great job with the payment label what about. Vineyard properties I know. We think back you know you're not quite as old as I am but we've been around campus for awhile. And and and Lodi and surrounding area you know Modesto and such were. Kind of like where jug wines were born. But then look let's look what's happened to load off. It's like well they be stopped selling all of their fruit to other big wineries inserted and speaking. Varietal rightly correct or in Lodi and there's a lot of great ornery popping up there and it's pretty much the hottest boring country in California right now. Just some tablets weren't a lot of diversity. Old vineyards that just. Are fantastic. There's a saying actually you know it didn't road Napa Valley warned to be called Napa Valley. I think it has to be 80% Napa Valley. And if you look at the price difference between the Greeks and Lodi and the Greeks in Napa there's a lot of difference so look right through pretty affordable. So a lot of those snapple once a 20% load I prudent. And there's a bridge that goes across the delta. And sing music that bridge was two walks out the Napa economy would dry up. Yet it and people would be crime we can't give anyone and well it is truly interesting let's. I think we should probably touch a little bit on some of the other labels. I know that some of these are available here at the only one that to Jacob liquor change. Is rich and creamy to shorten it to talk about a minute so. A what you get your papers organize so we can talk about some of the other labels I were running get my tasting glass so I can pull a cork got a rich and creamy. We'll take a quick break and we'll be back for more group one and fund my guess so far Bradley gray from Colorado sellers check about it it's got to sellers. We re back.