Meet Chef Eric Gephart

The Good Life
Saturday, January 13th

Chef Gephart is the Director of Culinary Inspiration for Kamado Joe Ceramic Grills. Guy & Chef Gephart talk about his upcoming “Dinner on the Grill + Wine Pairing” next Friday at All Things Barbecue.


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Since then yeah. Good afternoon welcome back good luck I just stayed with us or disorders don't forget podcast available get a sense radio dot com search and up to him that it. Joining me now to talk about an event coming up on Friday the nineteenth. This chef Eric apart Erica has the privilege and honor. A bottle of being a were winning shift but the director of culinary inspiration. For c'mon agility for ceramic grills OK I have a big green big big big green eggs start it's kind of like the founding father of this type of appliance that we cook on and we love so much. A Colorado Joseph is rock star good and I started drooling over them. Months and months ago when I realized oh my god there are making a better product in the angry net. Jeff Gabbert welcomed the good life. They think that need to Howard today. Deflected just smell what you're cook and I'd be better. I'm here and brought here right now and I have elaborate did go one on that's. Third one this week in practice we're and that your typical thing for you and said just get popped up that collapsed the coming glided in ninety ain't. It and you are you coming to which like the night. I'm gonna fly upright and 8 o'clock tomorrow. You bereavement and you know got to practice do gonna film. Doesn't videos are to be released throughout the year and and then my last day in town would be to be this fantastic collapsed on the brutal. At all think barbecues it's a really pumped up about. It's going to be so cool I'm so glad you have the time it is. And share with us today. Movements and we're gonna talk about the class but I think people need to know little more about you while they wanna. Come dolphins are units running. And let me tell you folks who Eric while we were talking and it just went from ten available seats that nine. I've thought I've been refreshing it'll be sold out before the end of the day may be good for the end of the hour. Puzzled about you and how you got involved with the moderate GO. Yeah sure are so governorship or the world and you know my last stroke here Raleigh, North Carolina. And it was dealership in the world that Asia's all modest style rules to rehearse you brush drawn and we we chose to use not a joke. Although we want to build if you these restaurants and odd years and I don't club went well not just the product but the company is well made. When you look at it gro company. It seems pretty straight war but moderate GO is constantly. Reinventing itself every single year. And just just they. When you deviate centuries they have on the thing it just makes it the most burst account cooking instrument. And and so I called democracy. I love the grill in a war in the job that there'll. Well not really sure what you can do watch on the team. And we start to think Roger bought pork except. You know we just at seven countries in seven days across Europe and in 1970. Award keep lag in the year. And it would go on these incredible adventures in in meeting up with that. Barbecue champions of each country in and just kind of let them shall surrounded and learning. What it is that makes regional form cute siding and then put dark monitor twist on match so we've been doing. Block parties partnering with the still reason breweries that they didn't. A cool video aero plane might be in the league yet and Wichita great guys over there. And just keep it fresh for the brand and put their own social media then great partnerships with. What we got what would chest comment and dawn are there at all things are you. I looked up about about grilling you know and the like stop growing is. Really. To June 24 last year you were here for a block party. And it and I couldn't make that and had to leave right after the show it and in duo other things but. It looked like so much fun and and a lot of that came out and we're gonna prominent party this week we're gonna put together a show that. Talks about. Not only the motto Joseph for what it is and the beautiful piece of equipment it is but how and why everyone should learn and have. The ability to cocoa on a ceramic grows just yet. Different is that there's there's something open about it. Playing with a lot of fire you know and yet now for some books and they liked that thing up as early opted to step outside no implode you know as you get. And it's not just about the news the news stand almost second. And yet. You know what I really like. I mean I cook outside hero and a matter what whenever anything a couple of different yeah the vehicles and buck. With a ceramic realty installations Sokol you can be in the middle of a 3540 monarch blizzard. And Tony degree temperatures that you can cook anything it's. And and I liked I liked it. For different reasons. Be an outside in the crackling Colvin from boring fires of skip Litton and they heat from the grows to a lot of fun to talk about. Friday when it what do you what do you think you're going to be fixed and on Friday. Well as a total of about that brush stroke which started. First ten months we're open has sold 101000 or wondered when he eight of this particular item called the bong. And you might have heard a Cheshire are farms. It's that hair edged out or read but we. We've created an item called or where you. Its feet and you smoke at Victoria hours que lo and low at Indian in this just for handers see him this great pork steak on your play. Went at like urban hockey. Stalks over top and smoked meat and potatoes. They've put. All denied to it in Jewish were added to ride around here I admit it's one of those ditches that has more ability to you just want to share with other people so. I've always been a firm believer sharing recipes and more importantly meant that. Did he won upheld on too long common never shared so I'm. I'm all people here in North Carolina are a little and I'm. I'm give her away and after that and people travel but you know what lower quarter as well but it it's gonna be a side to hold. And that that's the second course. The first course. There's going to be something that really like it is keeping their life. I got two. Out of Colorado Maine go to you you've been regret and walk on to make this to the torture or. And then we use so stone next century despite test armed and not pour so it's actually just don't niche group of and just put up a free blistering here on the outside of the gorgeous ruby red tuna. And then mix it altogether. And that's a lot and of course you want to change for a for both those and then we get into the the soap opera rock chip which is. They really translate to drunken soup in it it's in Nicaragua and whole light charcoal gray including the department saw that this is out of control. Can be fun. We're signed up to be there the me refresh is true quick folks there's a link to go left got dot com or go direct you. Classes dot AT BBQ dot com. And you'll find out. Only eight seats left its real time at the board without doing a telethon chip program and let album that's like a body you get back to fix that brisket I can't wait to meet next week. Will tell everybody why they ought to have a motto a joke and where they can get it at all things were cute you know they say that that's where barbecue legend Germany. Gary appreciate I have daycare ship in smoke on brother. The Jeff Barrett Gabbert is going to be here in town at all things are Q this coming Friday the nineteenth. It's. It's going to be Newt and it's filled up that latency. Though still HC so. Get a couple coupled together go Philip they'd feed them. We're taking a quick break come back I got a great one of the weeks up to you about some of my wind trends I think you can look forward on eighteen. And some that I'll be happy to see you know. On that note I don't want you to go in this thing right there in another ten minutes ago we're open. K State's 67 Kansas 67. I game with two defeated yeah.