Meet Chef Jennifer Reschneider

The Good Life
Saturday, August 19th

Chef Jennifer Reschneider from the Woodfire Grille at The Kansas Star Casino is Guy's guest.  


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Good afternoon welcome back to the good luck hope you enjoy that first segment today drinking you know it it sounds were edited it to about drinking. Alcohol that is less potent or Berber and that are left vote now call lines and being mindful that not related at all but how about some them from the Kansas star casino you don't have had the opportunity to judge. At several competitions cooking competition the most recently was it. The arena and it was a celebrity and ship's cook off thing and chef Jennifer Russian fighter from Candace start casino won again. She seemed to do that quite often and not going to be put a proper or xmas we Georgia's Jim welcome to the program. And you've been there for awhile now. But go back but got interested in food and network either Kansas start Katrina. Well. The first are out there are not act pirate comic that. I. There's ever. A part of my friend had what I really wanted to back out there. Here in black or perhaps here that. Really correct that action appeared. From the very. Well probably group that kind of hard to iron out well. And then what other kitchen to have you been involved with the worker. Now I am cut Atlanta publicly you're right here. Are are currently in the back all well and are bankrupt our it was an act they are here at my eye and I think it is ironic that you advocate he now. You're greatly for regular and a learn a lot about in this city but about Margaret Ann Coulter corporate. And fine dining man you have risen to the occasion that's for sure. But you came in to a facility. That that would bar Grohl. There's had a reputation. Starting from the very beginning when the casino first opened. Up producing really great group. Yeah I know open water act can't eyebrow. Mom and I are a couple that there are paired. The air and then I'll. There are been quite awhile that to share a little bit. There's a lot of people involved in food prep at the camp to start casino because whether it's the buck pay which it is great fun to attend. Or well let's see how many restaurants are further. Wrote in lizard the bar and grill you can get through bear at the moment in the kitchen but pay debt problem with the Asian restaurant blizzard this Philip quick bite from start deli right. That's a lot of who work and then you may or may not I don't know do you get involved win Thursday big convention with 300 people having a dinner somewhere in the builder. Not typically like our ultimate act and my oil won't repeat. Output acquired by declare banquet would. Well so cool and folks if you haven't heard or been to the wood part grow the Candace Parker you know you gotta do it don't they call it weighed down there and O'Brien. A ten minute they get down there it's it's not an issue he needed a big and he. You think that was close but really cool stuff yet when you got there and you work your way up now senior official title now and league executives ship. My official title what got it neglect if you are on our property acting like it's exactly that have dirtier but. All operate in Africa on my I don't expect that the staff I oversee all of what are the. And they seem to send you out to do these cooking demo quite often part of the Oakland Raiders. About. Where we're working America to edit you know what before we talk about the kitchen let's talk about the art another hour were reduced a bit. A while back world of what. Was he when they're on their little part art and I had a great back to call our. And if you go to Kansas star casino dot com. You can book on my restoration through Opentable and and I recommend doing that you know you'd. Gonna Winterthur Pena might not need reservation for Friday Saturday partly on the in my. So you go let's talk a bit about. What goes on the kitchen Jen because I know we were their last Friday night and figure much we had a ball. There were six of us and that are gonna pay it up and you and I had in you'll see lives and I have so much fun I can't go without having. Either or both. Jumbo lump crab cakes for laughter bill. So I gave up laughter Ripken just set the crab cakes to start where they are and go oh my goodness and it was a tough decision you know that. And then of course while there's a bunch of great salads I really liked it blt wedge smoke break and crew on the opening and then. Yes look I get hundreds of rare run and I was gonna want people I'm trying to cut back and other sounds unrealistic when you look at the size of me but. I thought well I'll have the chicken and it. Probably wasn't a calorie decrees because it's a beautiful bride airline chicken breast with. Butter milk gravy. It was so good and Herbert they've they've had something different and her but it literally quite happy so and that regard agreements. And I think the best section on the menu. We'll wait there's two the meat is first class you guys really bloodier way. Tell us some of the meat products that you go to put out on the menu. Currently dormant secret cannot lead where. He sat out here I am back here at. Oakley will be out for October. Aren't accurate as you add a different curb air they have a product data off their. We kick a couple days ago and what it blew up a lot of a lot. He Ella pretty lucky part of the country that we out acre all the back he. Like act or they'll let you really can't find your back is out there. The last time before last put that was there left Friday of the left and report back. Of course I'm a military man and my wife bought usually when we're in the radio up full blown beep mode. She gets prime rib. Kansas City Boehner and stripped state. Where Kurt stumpel arms about the beauty and I watched. One go by there and poppy your current would part opponent Tom Hawk that's like. And manly stakes where Eric harper her. Really cool in here in the midwest mom would not think of a restaurant specializing. In any kind of seafood you got through it go all the way to source high quality seafood have a great collection on the menu. And we mean we're really lucky to have vendors and heard her that we deal on how we act right now reps that they are like no other. Back all the and we yeah especially in our country very typical they really know about and I'm really prefer a great source for people. That always get rumor went utility group movie and she was that about Friday she gets back Taliban and it is not just. A final beat Al bit that it Grover pan seared. You guys do a little bit different presentation and some jazzy stuff with this culpable about what can be on the play with Albert. Oh don't worry about it cult movie and what goes on and how it. I figure there are back Eric. Are with Greg Greg efforts we put on all men. And we are that we are able aren't great and I'm not. There rat the get go color class or there are a little column I'll. It is the beauty and it's always done so well and folks don't appreciate in a fine dining restaurant. Just how much labor goes into. Each of the dishes in the preparation and the timing to make everything come out right in and a busy road. Pro environment really a lot of work nearly as bad like people don't quite understand exactly what I'll Kurt thank you you know. That he is eight paragraph that they ordered for Kirk Barton a lot of every app for you are Pratt and our best in our top quality of the. One of the things that my wife always gets and we split. News. Spinach outside of spinach that you guys do wilted spinach is not a good note that group corporate governance program and so fresh and really. Barely wilt but it's it's not like you know must he spinach out of hand by any stretch and it it's a great way to get your greens operatives that the beauty. We think something else that from our help you are there's the market it. If it. Yet imagine that like the that was good one of our dining guests you'll appreciate this. Everybody kind of ordered eager you know I was comedy idea to get there another side he would he would be in really he just had a solid and I'm an enemy court Tuesday. And he said that I'd like the trouble laughter and bacon macaroni and cheese on the aquarium were at their worker or one of the big time and in the food comes out. This keeping huge plate. Of macaroni and achieve with a little bit of lobster and it comes out and it's like you're brave grit we all get that try to do we pass it around and between the six of us. We could not finish it with all the other proof do we edit with local that would have been an entree. But it hurt her. A lot of talk a bit about your thoughts on who won pairing and my thoughts and in the wine list and you guys have such a cool. One by the blast program. And a great one so you'll stay with us through a quick break we'll come back just a crook you Mormon okay. Good deal on talk which have Jenrette Schneider. Jennifer works it that would part Grohl is picked him to start casino and if you haven't been one year where the buses don't run your way you need to go down there. And it's so fun to go down and don't forget that the casino you can stay right there broke all. There's somebody on events going on work I am is counting the days. Until. My paper country singers are going to be going that you know. There's so many fun things that you go to start casino dot com you can look at. Some of the upcoming events and there's a lot the advent calendars sharp fall they do such a great job got reverberations for Jennifer Nettles. I'm gonna book the restaurant reparations and we get inside thirty days. And a party got a hotel room and at a great night out aces and eighties has come on August 25. Larry the cable guys there in October. They're big and rich in November national finals here roping in November there's always some gold club the campus workers you know. Quick break we're we backed where we've shipped yet and we'll talk a bit about the wine list and some of the great food and wine pairings that are available at that would bar grow our way.