Meet Debra Mathy

The Good Life
Saturday, January 20th

Dutcher Crossing proprietor and wine maker Debra Mathy is Guy’s first guest in this week’s adventure in food, wine, & fun for your ears.


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Oh here's the host of the good life. Guide our. You. Heard that Michael. How you doing good morning welcome to the good life vote getter on weekend. It's going to be interesting weekend for weather. That would give it to the finals for the comfort him. Yeah because we're not doing good we'll keep you updated on Nazi group continued to enjoy the good life. Boy what a great dinner at all things barbecue last night it was dinner on the grill with and and close ship fair Gabbert. He's going to be on the program with seventy to talk more about motto growth but he rocked the world tonight. And did a tremendous problem providing them a great food grated or payment and some killer instruction. Before we jump in today's show. Which by the way is going to be awful lot of Deborah Matthews gonna join us she is the proprietors. The big cheese. At that your crossing. One area and beautiful Sonoma. Creek. At Bundy and with food in her and and Mark Douglas and family. At the Douglas wealth management did and and although it Chester we'll tale about. Her story and more importantly about some of the lines and you can order them online at pizza cake and then real quick before jumping to that let me tell you that. The good left I want classes at Wichita state university. In the beautiful views Metroplex. The first round of classes food Mon pairing. Our full but the the stem violence and urgent calls to get on the standby lists that class starts Monday January tonight gent January the nine. January 29 goes through February 12 three Mondays in a rose 7:9 PM. But there's still room in the Napa and Sonoma American that a cultural area overview. Everybody knows what these two big beautiful growing regions are. But probably what a lot of you don't appreciate. Is that diversity in the beauty of the sub appellation that make up the total Sonoma and what I yelled out that that class starts march 5. The second class of march 12 against 7:9 PM. Two weeks long on Mondays with yours truly. For the kittens of only six to nine dollars per person. They're given it away camp. That she. Because as you can imagine if you buy single AVA. You know spring mountain cabernet from Napa. Possibly money and do important. Network will talk about that later on joining me now is. A great gal we had the pleasure of assuring some wine and other government the is. The owner proprietor founder of and drive in the boat. At doctor crossing in dry creek though it she's nice enough to take him out of her busy Saturday and it's my dad. How are. You hear me now. I didn't hear you never can you hear me here mean. Low and testing when I know AMA. McCain and I got nothing. After. I whip without daylight a couple of things that tell you about we're gonna work on that get a fix to make sure we get all the Debra. Boy that dinner last night and often as barbecue and by the way if you haven't seen. The array of cooking equipment and all things are rookie year so missing out. And come out of a joke and another of the car models style cookers you know the George Briggs ceramic egg. Agree it started at the motto Joseph came my shortly thereafter and innovative. And made even bigger progress and better improvements and it just beautiful hardware and just versatility. With about a joke and where cassette did the seventeenth of February. I'm gonna have the shaft that was at all things barbecue this past week and for the dinner. And will make it work. What you're doing. And I'm not myself not a program in my going out now of the there there there were love anyway up things barbecue we had this dinner on the girl and well shift Gephardt just not that go park is the flu was so good. Anyway so we discovered it it was a switcher by yours truly I'll take full credit for that. And now I think we do have Deborah Deborah welcome to the good life. Good morning guys at have been clumsy fingers. And without even knowing that I just took me myself off the air. But I. Don't Soledad well at least we didn't have dead air dead air is not good. Well look at that. You know I've been ever since we had the pleasure of dining together. I've been over the web site I got a case aligned and I ordered him I probably should ordered two bottles of reaching got to catch his goes. It's going fast. But you have such a good story you're such a great gal Canada going to beat to a few appear but. Let's start off with go way back go way back in the else element about how you. Your journey of mine and I you've got started and how you founded culture crossed. Well thank you. I'm a midwest air. You know when I was yeah. But the walking and available in the midwest where we're not telling the path. And if he trained really did fine it was only him holidays. I get during the Baghdad like. The fine line starter and holidays in hand kept you can sit a little bit let him in this particular holiday line said. Apparently stiff had two big occasion. And so that was a fun memory but what I knew. In high school. I get in the parliament and they put that I had no idea what is that it. But McCarron give me the opportunity go to Korea. If and only if I did time in that stretch back out. I'll be honest I had no intention there was not below the lately that means they take for pregnancy and I got. And good friend and I get my time. Appearance at hand. And I came home. You know what for several weeks with a classic in nineteen Coleman did how France with what he which they would you lie. Aunts and uncles and the point is. Now a click on the line business and you know. And you know the mid eighties my dad. We had no idea make that happen violence it was. Some itself fairy tale that my dad that bad that's really glad that. But you know you need Ito didn't read we need to go get an education then and now. We keep an outbreak signaled that he was very gentle and the bringing me down not that bubble. Home cut. You go to France as a 1415 year old kid he's seen. Suddenly beautiful seniors and people are drinking lovely mind. For our lives every single meal of the day. And then from contacting me asking me how does that happen in my in my part of that it was like mold them world. And I'm not certain and get a degree in hand in education but kept coming back at. And clearly again these are all very close with my mom. And my dad. Never pushed me wonder action or around and another direction making news in the back of his mind and it can be. Somewhere business semis now but it would be with him. And so like. Come impact he actually look at lining and money on the line. And like he could answer let let's investigate. Witnesses. Never said yes certain now and a lot of the wineries that are for sale. A for sale or read. They didn't com. They worked. Business models and locations. You know they were discounted disasters. And so once and they did it side I would actually from that. You know just enjoyed being toward. And that collector and a consumer. And moreover contentment and hair and and that went off and get a masters. In nutrition and back and kept coming back to the wine industry. I don't know what it was because I didn't really know how in depth that was until bitterly became part of that. But comic ever diagnosed with stage four melanoma. It looked at me and said. Are you happy in life what you wanted to look at Greenland is this one is missing and he said okay let's do and that was like at turtle teams for him. And but we both realized light and very very sure and quietly put you retired. To do something that you really really line. And so we setup on the journey. Are about four years of neglect in Horry in and then watching Cain and I had a consultant from Australia. And really land and it theory correctly. And we had seen. Doctor crossing it was actually followed by. Two gentlemen that. Brought Cary North America less than two years well. I I just visited here four. To chat with them because they did the same charity I didn't. But then on my dad died in and do. Six. You know I had a steal attempt to purchase. Winery in in nap while in C and Carolina. You know all things happened our read it was we speak army dad died and. But after eight diet my eldest brother then what's going down the line is that pay as you really truly in Edmonton apps and. And separate the line hey I need the apartment is the First. Amendment rather than ten years older and and you know that's different but and he said well what's the worst that can happen in this collapsed in the they say milk it's now been moved far. K and faithfully they never and now. And and so I can't talk to injury. The playoffs. Football game we. And oh heavens you feel wary and went talked around it would be considered here's my story come from a family. You know life and are on your foundation and then improve it didn't. And so forth except tried never wanted to take some peninsula has built and run it into the ground in and ended my. My best picture of what. And they said okay let's think about it I'm impact the next week in. If that were interested in I made an offer. They kept it let's think about it we went out for dinner and they countered the next day. And then I have one of her calm sealed from accidentally. Businesses now with that and he's an architect of an outside that. We're honored Smartphones actually looking at a pot scores. I'm Paul. I'm object because I am like oh my god I can only tolerate the net on net totally what they wanted it paid for it anyways. If I'm mark Avery go and then at me because. You know we need to sit out here and act now arm until I mean about your perhaps our guests. You can't seem to eager to hear your calendars except it. Potential and cool about it so we have outside. Look at (%expletive) up or has kept up put the Packers and so forth and Clinton there and encountered except. And 37 days later we signed the deal. And it changed instantly went quickly because. And it won anything happen. Why they get your due diligence in how I act and it got that line and tell myself and competed and. OK so let me let me just ask a couple of questions about this page. You are an avid wine enthusiasts. Yang and you'd never really worked in the wine business other than pouring a glass. Yeah track not one in the one hour in the ointment that this is a big leap. You you you know that old saying Deborah better than anyone but it takes a lot of them to make a little my in the lime does this thing a lot of money. And then a lot of time and effort. Yes. You know it to be honest with you. They haven't Alex is for months later than sitting on that and you look at the vineyard. Didn't think but the heck did this get myself into. An oh my god when you leave. But it I'll it all happened so fast. And I got out figured out when they keep. I had it did background in business that. And enough knowledge of the industry would like consultant and I knew that. My Brothers and two of them their phone call away it would help me figure it out. And is growing up in the mid last in the UK he has in surrounded by it there's just set at neglect athletic. Well when nobody can figure it now. Dictate all day after day for weeks months years. You're just gonna beat Tunisia and won't win another immediate commitment. He wanted to do it and you can see here. So I just kind of went out of figured out on that surround myself with really good people and again we're just configured now. I love that with a quick break we come back we're gonna talk more with never met the I encourage you go check out their website. It's pretty simple doctor crossing winery dot com. You get to meet duchess and you'll see the bike. And figure out why there and by the labels look at the way it is the they Romley a taste of wine together but there we've got so many more things to talk about with Debra after the short break don't go away.