Meet Deepa Thomas

The Good Life
Saturday, August 5th
Guy's adventure in this week’s food, wine, & fun for your ears begins with his guest entrepreneur and author Deepa Thomas. Deepa and Guy talk about her growing up in New Delhi, moving to America, and the recipes that led to her new cook book “Deepa’s Secrets-Slow Carb/New Indian Cuisine”  

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This is a good life. Food wine and all the good things of life now here's the host of the good life. Guide our. I've been happy. I mean that's. Every Saturday. On her ears and that man just it's a treat him for me to be a part of it I hope you enjoy the program as well I'm looking out the window of beautiful. Table rock lake. You know which are in the studio. No I don't I'm happy to be here you didn't great friends and have a lot of Greg remind him we're gonna do a lot of fun stuff the rest of this week or this coming week. The program today is. So cool guy likes Indian food. Okay nations sponsored by program but if you haven't been to kabob is on Northrop ruby on Jimmy's diner. You're out where the buses don't run. You don't have a clue fixes go to kabob go to lunch buffet because then. You can try so many different things and you'll know why I like it when you walk in because it's if you go to any Indian restaurant of quality. The Arab Maddux when you walk in the door so renounced and different and unique in action in captivating. Like that. Now like to cook at home and I have made a stab at cooking Indian food and I must tell you. I haven't had that Angela. But however I got this new book it's called deepest secrets. Slow car new Indian cuisine Bob my guest the put Thomas deep it is. Born and raised in New Delhi she founded deepen textiles. And ten million dollar enterprise that 123 design awards. And 2010 no she kind of took a different path and she embraced embraced her newfound passion. In cocaine and that led to writing this book. Deepest secrets and it really is an opportunity to take. Indian cuisine which can be somewhat. That butter chicken a rich and creamy and nine dollars a pack on that. In this something you know since she's nice enough to spend some time with us here today and that's as people look into the program. Thank you guys the it's beyond. Well first off congratulations. And I think a a big party thank you to. The publisher who allowed you start publishing to to use so many great pictures of put together such a beautiful book so. Can grabs. Thank you yes indeed because we all know we eat the guys that. Yeah right. Are we what we did not Libya beautiful. Absolutely and in the picture of programs I just wish that it. The pictures that showing some years by Iceland's and I wish they were scratch and sniff. Out. It can be you are right. There you go and that's that there isn't that really the best place fusion of those. Deeper I'd like to the tickets back. Obviously. Growing up in New Delhi ended in of Indian family in a lot of family influence in the kitchen and things. But you didn't get that interested in food too late kind of give us the this give us your life story you've got about the thirty minutes. Oh thank you so much I think that at the bit. I should add that when the critical point in my life that changed everything I think a lot of us were identified. What a happy accident. And let's talk about the happy one be not so happy wonderland but the happy ones let me. Probably and it. Idyllic life in New Delhi at everyone grew up with. A large kitchen and you rang him bella and someone came well was dying. Shocked. When I arrived at Stanford campus married to a man I knew less than two hours and then arranged marriage. Who is then used in this book and the reason I wrote it. 44 years lead and I didn't land the cup in America. After scorching my best meal that I made from my new I've spent and we can go on live but I've only been. And that was cleaned at an investigative journalist in in India. And my passion is painting and all things are. Had a chance to bring those two point to get both can be pounding of my textile company. That. I ran the 22 years but now. The same question. Is there a wave we can get. Healthy without Amy suffering. Examiner and the Leo and we don't like suffering that is no question about it. As cutting back this and doing without that. But is there a way to get healthy and enjoy what we are heating and bump up the Labor Day. We don't know the questions we posed to us knows. Get more chiseled the the better of the ounces and so that was my question. And thank you for pointing on them it's gonna be put forward because I invite your listeners. Who read the stories that I have written in the book. At that you'd get the point I am trying to demystify. This can only delicious but. Mostly exotic. You see in America. It is it does not have to be Dokic I found. Is this basically a pool and most importantly what I discovered. Yet in my American life. What this journey back to Indian history and finding out that 3000 years ago. India had already discovered. Who was because I knew these the science plant based diet. That all of these these not come out in an unhealthy digested crack in the gut now. Got knowledge got held this bout it up with science today and you'll find many scientific journals. And you it is the world speed channel the New York Times is written extensively. From people like Michael Palin and other luminaries but you knew this week that years ago that the food is medicine. And that I like they have bodies are dying to you. Dying to heal. And if we needed right. If it's an amazing machine that that provide for very long time but back to lie and if you've seen. Why my husband was diagnosed with type two diabetes. Now. India unfortunately is that diabetic capital of the world. That this is a matter of great concern to me that not only was my husband's family diabetic but he would. And national epidemic. And down the US one that the adult population. Is obese or diabetic and I have to find out why. So digging into. Mine. Native land the scene. Lee. All have come to love it said the incredible what they day. But what I discovered they look so. Try a a couple of hybrid as in the right here in the red in the potatoes. Wheeler. But. In addition what we did two who along the waves that make them show people will believe refined. I think it was microphone and said eat food you'll grandmother would recognize what he definitely. Would not recognize what you've done two weeks today. Or how highly we practiced other food. And strip the multiple nutrient value. And who did this became the departure point for me and I would being. Excommunicated from India challenge he's beaten. Do. Get rid of pick up a hybrid but in doing so bumped up leave it the you don't actually made it. And if you interest that I continue a little more about the pick I've pulled off which I call it he quit on my own husband. No absolutely. So. You know. Go ahead and administer a news story. Not oppose it it's quickly. It won his diagnosis of type two guys needed. And he has been on. Include shot twice city with kids yet. So we need to into the arena not as adoptive. But having just signed up with the news channel's position and as in that this could use he has. Who happened in the eight to boot him doctor Bobby batter in the leading expert in. Way to and blood to the controller except. Was it something you can give about it. And that led to. At his recommendation was back on what foods are high in but I unique index. Talk about it in my book. Not to make your eyes through those but it has very Lehman language. That we understand. That this secret lies. Being bloodshed that it is steady. With more than me. Frequently through decades. Of waiting ship it by with that we wanted to use the week or get off of oh controlled diabetes is if it didn't get any of understanding. It's nice scenic index and the nineteen load and so I switched out. The food my husband. I just took fine I would. Put intensified the right. I still needed to link if Bibby on the European. Using heritage body. And and that was depicted he didn't even realize it which got the right the people with so amazing. I'd be cooked it and as a leader the ending cable kind of guys onions potatoes did not. Or an Indian grandmother aunt though recipes in my book. Mean did. Capture them I'll feel that traditional Indian food and and it was less than ninety's that he would gone. To take it it wouldn't shock about it ground panic in the common. Have goes and Thomas is it has been doubting moment. So in the and it got into the normal they'll leave immediately. Thought that. Went off to the nearest pharmacy got another monitor. Such a good deed normal for a guy who never had normal direction in Kenya's. That this way is making me and then the media had done something wrong I mean something golf. I called Bobby Bowden and the rest is history because he was. He says that on the Q better document what you did there at three million Indians. In America a dollar and 50% to a diabetic. And the general purposes than in America and it's going to epidemic levels with obesity. Primarily rampant and the coordinator of the B Diddy and and the connection to diabetes so very important. But it it Leon there was no way I was going to make it the punitive diet. It has to do is take one ingredient like the refined. Bump it up into labor that you don't miss it. And I mind and food to Michelin Tashkent. You could see that and that if I do not. Have it and the former Chief Justice of California on George last we left over it. This is not a diet its life if Abby my husband unhappy if age is now almost five years all of insulin. Not a twenty buy pot in the rest between nine. Still maintains that week with a minimum amount of exercise. And really enjoying delicious food. Is that the ingredients. Are so duck friendly. And eat it reduces inflammation. Which is due course is so much in the. Well in its. I I think of all of the ethnic cuisines in the world. As hard as you worked in and to do what you did and keep flavor and air medics and and picture. Indian group probably has the best chance of doing that because of Alba. Does that the different dried and fresh seasonings and spices that are used and I can't wait haven't had an opportunity to cook from the book yet. But I intend to do that and can't wait some of the recipes through good with what what would you say of summits of what what is the biggest difference between. The traditional Indian cuisine and and some of the minor tweaks you said you know eliminating sugars or or or or the starches of rice or potatoes and but you're still able to get that the texture in the flavor in the things that make us happy with that that enable. That's correct and I think. We talked about the difference in that that the you have blank scenic. Active between my new Yankee theme and the traditional but more importantly I think. Traditional leniency he was invented. And predictions that world where staff. There was only someone helping as the Clinton cooking. And so it was incredibly easy thing intensive I found in the traditional Indian cooking not to say anything about. Exotic and un understandable. When it gets so involved in quality ingredients. One can't even pronounce. So what I gateway app community demand of myself that way. Be on the edge of the land that I'm a citizen of America. And bring in the best practices of other using. Where are cute scenes that make it easier to cope. And captured the plea that the Indian company without quality intend to leave. And yes I took that off the refining arm. But is that that you will likely not miss that right. And it's great when you peace permanently the that I bring into my recipes. In the men I'd like to see concede any case except Cuba and garlic. If they've got to end at that every thing is that you boat and I teach. My secret and said there is little tricks that can save anything even for novice. And one just. If we get the principles of what I'm trying to share it then I recommend. All booking meaning you get the basic. And then you go off but in don't be afraid to innovate. Well a tea. We're gonna take a break we come back I have so many question we're not gonna have enough domino that and I appreciate you being a part of the program today folks abusers do and in. I'm speaking with because Thomas her book his deepest secrets with you what's the secret part is after this short break away.