Meet Dr. Ayesha Sherzai

The Good Life
Saturday, September 23rd

Guy's first guest in this week's show is Dr. Ayesha Sherzai who along with her husband Dr. Dean Sherzai co-authored the book “The Alzheimer’s Solution: A Breakthrough Program to Prevent and Reverse the Symptoms of Cognitive Decline at Every Age.”


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This is a good line food wine and all the good things of life. Now here's the host of the good life guide now. I'll tell you what's the latest outside boy it happens not just get out it's. You know it's still feels like summer despite the fact that we have now left summer and common of all. I got a book. A press release on a book that. You know at first glance did not fit my show of food wine and fund the good life. And then I read it and read some more when a lot of start looking around and I was wrong. It's called the alzheimer's solution. Just the name alone should or carrier. Would be great if we could have made no kidding solution and a book. Seems to for well I think it'll work radically reduce the risk of alzheimer's disease might nine deeper then are you kidding me. If it's just. And it's doable it's some pretty good lifestyle changes wouldn't work. And to tell us about it. Part of my husband wife team doing some great work with a brain now that now armor prevention. At Loma Linda University. Is I've just your time she's neurologists and as the co director of that program at Loma Linda. She completed a dual trading in preventive medicine neurology at Loma Linda and more importantly she. As. She she's responsible for the dietary issues in this book has some recipes. That you wanted to hear I shall welcome to the program. The house things out in California. You all are. Well it is. I I hope we have an Indian summary and everything indicates it's going to be for. You heard what I said about your book and congratulations. I know this must've been a tremendous labor of love and work for both Q and I looked at several other books that talk about alzheimer's and they talk about that how dreadful it is and it but as far as fixing it. And security. You don't get a lot of great information until I started them through your book so. Big kudos to both of you. Thank you think you know has it been like I had. And a point where. We pay. The and that we had a car or there you know. Great university scientists didn't eat there. And I don't normally there is devastating is eat that. That part of me and I hit plan that he act that occurred at a politics matter. Well you know what I read some of the facts. That are in the book. More than 47 million people worldwide are living with this dreaded disease and this winter and here at home six million. And then when I read 10% of adults over 65 will develop some form of of cognitive. Impairment. But 50%. Of adults over 85 and my generation is living longer than ever. While that's scared I don't. They did that a pretty area and these numbers and then you know and we're where we're at a point in that note where. We have an extent other did he is very allow heart disease than. EB and Eric you know all of he is on the decline there at their. Their incidence is increasing because we're able to detect at very loudly her. The one that need that has gone up. 87. As far as the mortality compared to open even black and your 87%. And you don't want my effort but that the grass would look very all of that BP is what are going out. And the one at about what all of and at that kind of you know we're worrying about the fact that people are long and living longer because their treatment are their TP bit. We don't have any treatment all. And so it. At the art that they understood that very well and it that it is. Didn't know about it that the the that doesn't really affect anybody. We actually have to prepare well because. Although it is not even matter out all that matters plan. And and I'm glad that we have that opportunity to talk about it and be aware. Well wouldn't we knew indeed did the research. That looking at it that some of the things that you. Discovered that if you will. Be some of them seem like obvious obviously there's. My generation is very big and living longer you said that. But. The food aspect of this is if wept while it may mean yes in America we are fatter than ever and it seems to be getting worse. And it and so that must mean we're not eating well. But I wouldn't have thought about that that tie in to alzheimer's. What are some of the low key points that that let you down that path. So. That. No food is a the government that they are and act on the road block. That act. That our. Department at boulder. Everybody. Obviously on and that not at our ability in other other than that but. Think that you know our brain is this well Burton. Adam it conclude about 25. Cent our body and her. What are our bodies and debris and then at the body. And what about that. When you look at different populations that live a long. And that opened their bite it down into the 899. In particular as a dietary pattern. Of on net but only a diet that is off at a hole. And most. And then not blow it below record it and actually what we have you know I need is that the department. At the end of the it band that as. Well. All I. And there and I. All when you come all important. Whole other world. Armed with that one of the article gluten other. It well. Hard market. Where people looking over 800. And the carpet to believe what they. And they apparently. And the problem palpable but ultimately. Talk about it again at. An apartment and you know there. About and that the people that I've magazine and what are. They. There what we don't know why he and under. Article that I think that they haven't that they oh billion. When on the panda that all the RB IB. Well. Diet is one thing but he beat you and your husband have pointed out so many other things. And we're gonna touch well. The idea of more and more rest and you don't know this but a fluke for FedEx for twenty years. And grow and I was awake all night every night and we'll add add to squeak out for 5 hours in the morning. And that was it that was my day and well now. I I knew that it was not good for you. But I didn't appreciate the the possible contribution to alzheimer's what about. The genetic aspect. And we can we minimize the genetic aspect if you parents were both suffering from carbon disabilities. Purple so. No I'll. Me. And meant heart disease where we are all they'd be. About you know. Our department of all of these is the government I carry on. All in all you won't it be equally valid ones that aren't in all the people have those. There are. Good about it I'll I'm e-book. Above all of that while Matt. Are those. Of the government where it all out. There he moved a lot on all need to do. I'll bet you all and then. They are both of these big you'd. All about. It may even and I don't. Quote that we are pot spot we're at one. Mean. Well will be gonna take a break when we come back wanna talk about. Doctors today prescribe drugs for everything. And I understand there might be some tie in with. Some of those drugs that we treat other diseases and and they may contribute. How we remembered it start with that we come back Asia bridges turn that might get me. The there goes my memory. My guess is doctor I shouldn't shark attacked her and her husband dean. Are neurologist and more in their work numbering help and alzheimer's prevention at Loma Linda in California will be right back. And we do have a great one of the week coming up or view of the room they would.