Meet Dr. Joy Stephenson-Laws

The Good Life
Saturday, January 27th
Guy’s Guest on this week’s adventure in food, wine, & fun for your ears is Dr. Joy Stephenson-Laws, author of the book, “MINERALS – The Forgotten Nutrient.” She is also the president and founder of Proactive Health Labs.

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Good afternoon welcome to the good life every Saturday here on K and assets at all about who won and printers I got to interesting. Article that I wanted to have on the program and I'm fortunate I got it before Thanksgiving and one and have a number for Thanksgiving and at the schedule is such. I couldn't do that it was. It was about sweep but the natives and and more importantly about how good for you they are in addition to being debate apes. Well and that led to get a copy of a really cool book this is an interesting take on. How you can. Get and stay healthy it's called minerals the forgotten nutrient. Or secret weapon for getting and staying healthy it's from a guest doctor George Stevenson laws and joy. This is it an interesting book I mean when you look at the beginning it's. Every chapter is about minerals. And -- what they can do for certain things from blood pressure weight management depression. I'm brain health heart health cancer pain fatigue. It almost sounds too good to be true but congratulations the book of really easy to read and have a lot of great information so job well done. Thank you. If it's important to. For why the book was written big. Yeah you hear so much about the other nutrients that we need to to stay healthy. It's like you know carbohydrates proteins. Fat wallet. By the and tomatoes are also critical but it don't you not about them. That. And that you can't and we are told to be certain foods. It's not being emphasized that those minerals can be talent in the fold like vegetables. We'll. And that things actually get paid as well so if we know well but we're eating good food maybe we will miss. Better effort to find the food and get those in on the full sticker. Mayor of Al way more than sodium. And more it's more than there's so many other than those like magnesium. Are. You're put half it would be here about sometimes. It all but other things excellent care felt that it concept at an exercise to keep us healthy and they have style in these great food. That's sometimes we can open the kind of pick it insulin because the to the grocery bill that was the purpose of writing about it was the highlight the importance of think that this category of nutrients that tickets on that emphasized. Well sure Werth is a little bit about you because you are you have a an interesting background and your. You have a website it's proactive health. PH labs dot com this is. It's there's so many interesting things today not only nutrients available like this you can buy magnesium tablets and and things like that but there's so much emphasis on. On vitamins and health and and then. And I find people just they do they don't even pay attention that not only in what they eat but they don't even bother to take a daily vitamin for example. Tell us about your journey that led you to from the website can be a part of this group this due in this great work. OK so I can't might turn it was dictated by person experience. They may have life. We have remembered being extreme effect. And having to rely on. You know. That is the key to meet them where and in many cases they have died on their illnesses like that be if it protects can. You know having issues with obesity etc. So. You know I was just determined not to go to that course then as sort of experience as a health care attorney. Representing doctors and hospitals. For a living for about thirty years. Al of course. You know if this trip cross examine doctors and other medical professionals. And that what I gathered from combat to anyway that was the fact that many of the first healthcare consumer really. Not as educated as me to be. As if some of the things we don't know when we go to doctor. We're not really prepared to happen intelligent discussion with them ask them how we can better take it worked out. There as much as possible. About healthcare and make sure that what happened in the family members or if some of the patient that it has. Heard about it. Yeah those thirty years. That's that would not have. And that's that was lives in it's of at least certain that the that. And I have been working with medical doctor. You know. It happens so we got together with the other doctors to write the book you know that for the defense for the reasons I've stated. An and on a more eat more personal level you know well as. Afforded. You know I started to wonder. What was gonna happen you know in my life and an analyst Vick has. Definitely have packages impacted if that we have it within. That I was it scared. You know and at five and August that is that is an app where you get to that point. So when I was at my doctorate by this thing doesn't happen and manipulated as a member here appeared to practice. If I think it was you know it in the water. It back and if so can we do that. But it and it is the leaders just try to get in order. And it's an enemy that big logically it. You know I knew that as you can order it thinks change of bodies aren't as efficient as they do that as if you simply. That is that the case if you know it has to be because you're losing it is it is at the capacity to salt and we didn't as to be you know adequate capacity that we patently younger. Of course we should have supported that nor can it done. Fox or you know our heart about as expected it but as they weren't as good as the forests so. You know when you realize that you cannot absorb. It as efficient as you step. Then you need to identify those nutrients and put them back. And that's what it is and a half and I'm happy to say that I did not have those issues. So that's what led to the form of practice of we've focused on. You know making sure that wearing your interest it is. We we have a determine whether. It's been leveled are often a good test for Batman in Batman be mad at me because from you know all of them. Privately ultimate all the pulled they taught me. You know coach. You know the bad enough that. Mercury that aspect of this is elevated to absorb. Although sort contract we can't let those two to makes their optimal and encourage. Or crime do the same. And I think nonprofits. That public nonprofit. All goal is to make these tests are a lot more favorable to the property Vick as. They can be extremely expensive but I you know working with the left have been able to reduce the price. That is available to the community because. Determining that you know all it can't is so important. If poignant and for example vitamin C it affects the immune system. So if so many issues that are associated with its efficiency it make it the whole system. They have greater role in making the public aware. Of these issues and people that have thought this out and get it you can. It's just so interesting you know humans and some their when you were talking mid stream about doctors row we can give you pills for that. Always and doctor are so prone today and I did it they know that this is a proven. Treatment drug for example for whatever. But on the same hand sometimes I think there's underlying causes and there's not enough effort between the doctor the pharmacist in the patient. To look at everything at what other pills are you taking how's your nutrient level and. Bird and that they and that. Great at medications are because of their campaigns as it happened so I mean if they get credible by the over a truck or that apple whatever. You know there's a case but here is necessary. But like. Every medication has decided that everyone can battle with the contour lines they lobby a body of it. If we know what nutrient both sides and we can put them back. You know and so we can't have a discussion with the doctor all the local local I don't look it out. You know it's kind of what has those Medicaid whether those nutrients that that these medications a lot by the and then is you identified the food spoke if you can get those that put them back you know what have that discussion with your doctor. Don't this act nor can get anyone to go to authentic as. And the practical what effect you know what they want it to be locked on the medication because both so what some intensity to the side effects. And the fact that can't be we of the disabling. You know it can cause drowsiness fatigue. It you can't vote until this year so it we have the people that. To be able practice and that's a human is going to be left out. Should be proactive because doctors are basically at the they're not being paid to him. A ton of time with Peyton. And the Christian to me and if you can have a deal one press doctor that you can get a couple of million dollars a year with apples but that's about a have to you know work with it I'm scared of that they have. So if I have to I have to do extra work. You know I think people have helped me or help if we can't. Be before we talk about some of the stuff in the book and before we get through today I definitely wanna talk about sweet potatoes of my love them and there. So good for you limit and the article that you put out but prior to the Thanksgiving with great but. You were doing some things here that. There's a good cause behind the book what are some of the profits are going to a foundation that you got them. Yes that article on this racket Arafat is that nonprofit you know public nonprofit fund business so the prosecutor go back a plaque of Arafat. As a resident not a politician that I am involved that caused. This is the project foundation and bad bad bad politics talented. Because my. Mop part of one of at all pot has been in the crystals. Died from a rare. Almost as a clause about that cancer. We are working with the university. Of that was the state University of California San Francisco you if that's sure. Identify I'm mark as of this disease and yes but it could have been built so that and the main thing group of doctors that's that's right and that. And it because it was he had no. That he had the disease that once he found out he he he had no more than six. So. And now if I had about more more people are having good that he's been dying. Slotted so if it was to create an awareness of the existence of that if he you can go to a lot of speculation about it as. Out in the project dot or. Is it is very informative. It'd. You know you can identify some of democracy. Because if you had a physical. Immediately I think it was about a month before you is that those that nothing about it it's difficult because they didn't know what to look for. So that way back historians those who are patient. Well the good good cause in addition the fact that is just chock filled. With so much great information my guest today. Is doctor George Stevenson laws the book is called mineral the forgotten nutrient and yes we're gonna talk about that because I've I am guessing here but. I'm pretty sure that giving these minerals from food products that are healthy and in consumed is probably better than. Buying a jar of magnesium at the grocery store. But we'll talk about that after this short break don't forget coming up later got a great one of the week it's from rumba. I'll tell you about some fun events coming up that you wanna be a part of it and we're glad to have you with us every Saturday here on news radio thirteen thirty with a quick break and will be back with doctor doctor drew it's meant to blow them away.