Meet Extra Crispy's Kate Welsh

The Good Life
Saturday, October 14th
Guy's first guest in this week's adventure in food, wine, & fun for your ears is Kate Welsh. Kate is a part of the editorial team of the Website & newsletter "Extra Crispy" a food site dedicated solely to the breakfast culture.

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This is the good life. Food wine and all the good things of life now here's the host of the good life. God now. But the program is. The greatest sporting affecting during the afternoon on the weather hope of an impact. Some of them. Going on we've beat downtown by the water long walk over. Later this afternoon. Burger battle like that to be down there. With him more than later. For a day it's going to be fun. Oh wait. How's that announcements then my microphone was ass backwards not it's much better anyway. We're gonna talk about extra crispy you may or may not know what that is but you're gonna wanna know when you're gonna wanna get done. They're newsletter email lists you conceal a great. Stuff that they put on their about food and culture and and cool things will play a little bit about unwind event that brick but panic at. Next Wednesday. Yours truly hosting. A splendid one event the ones follow. I've got a great on the weekends from one of my favorite Sonoma producers to. Just escaped. The ravages of the fire at the winery. But unfortunately winemaker Mike Sullivan lost his home to the other. Team at a mobile lost their homes and we'll talk about that one a pay as you could contribute or give an update on the latest from echo when one. But without further due up in addition decay Welsh cage Qaeda is one of the and occurred T editorial team at extra crispy. And they put a lot of really cool stuff I mean I've been enjoy it for awhile and a couple of weeks back the peanut butter challenge. A kind of a pace at all. Rating in review of the top in a better future mergers shore and then this past week we bred. What goes together best wheat bread and without further ado good afternoon and welcome to the trio okay Welch. At Kat and Kate Canada man I'm Helen the from the first time. Kate you know. The first time I got exposed to extra crispy I thought well what a cool idea and as you guys are based in new York and and it must be a fun place to work but before you talk about extra crispy. Let's talk about you. Or W about your journey in journalism. What led you to be a part of the team an extra crispy. Sure. You know at Canada that it that it Ali reading writing and really how that would be. A part of my career. And after college actually it happened and publishing or awhile which let you. Start at I was surrounded by Tori I. And leave the decorating the right. That book artist that acquired by Google I. And management missionary area and that connecting where. Patent. That are not quick yank yet for extra e-book alert. And watched. And their whole day. We at that meeting per copy very appropriately trickster Kristi and and I was brought I'm at and desperate. Never editorial team that extra could. Their diet. Hi. Had been writing about book and Kelly loves it. Now it is a really cool and the speaker mean to bring you know let that cooking it eating French culinary culture. And and kind of arms it really write about it and explore it and Aaron. And learn even more about it. Well. You know there's there's other sites that do somewhat similar but we're really not you guys are. Yeah I think I know Britney alone means practiced only by hand. Certainly acted. That it gay out there are many other green. You know should publication that there are they now act could be only one is totally market aren't Beckett in our culture. Well you know in the end and even like under the drinks the last thing I read about under drinks was. Applebee's employee reveals their one dollar margaritas are mostly water. It. You know if you guys are brutally honest. And in this day and age we all want. Brutal honesty I mean it's it's. It's one of those things that I think. Is lacking whether you're talking about breakfast food or non. We we knew started their well it's been going for 45 years and it. Yeah actually we are outlines in twenty. Well yes we're we're really knew about and I didn't feel like we we need our market that are around are. Yeah well that's it it's just such a cool concept and about Al how about this in your words. What does a listener dead if they go to extra crispy dot com. I mean like you that and you get recently opinion needed. Writing. About. About crack at Adam meal that everybody reckoning. A lot. About. And I think Dexter could be really. What he's earning an engaging and me. Makes him a certain period. Cool. I don't wanna peek and it high and mighty awkward. To get educated but it wasn't in the art and I think anyone Q. How it went on protecting equal. You know don't necessarily you know already. Better. Oh. Already being like like you. 800 I can crack at a new report. The idea. It. Challenging opinion orders and Inky coaching staff and I ended up being it really is and. Well as your talking I'm just common through some of the topics that just happened to be under food. At the top of actor Chris bee's web page and its extra crispy dot com again. It says cultured drinks food and video and under the video oh man there's that if recipe users. Here's the categories recipes bacon travel cheese butter blues acts coffee eggs healthy. I wanna go to all of this I want both for Breck. Yeah I mean really you know I think that quiet but then I mean being mean and I you know. Almost two years act extra could mean it is. I think declared the idea that means the practice is that kind of limited. Experience. But it really. Record. Record concert touched. Don't any other area. End and practice it out you know if you were to click on that travel. Travel button or am you see how much. Just that one meal could tell you about a culture. And apple about that but equal thing about that in general but actually. It. It's you can go and spend inordinate amount of time on the web site which of course I recommend that you do it's a good thing to do. Dumb do a little bit about the staff OK when I Witten and I looked at team members. Are. There's more than I would guess I kind of figured maybe there are two or three of you you know you need detect pertinent but you guys got a pretty healthy stuff. You have we've got a great team. That are working behind all the time. You know let her that act as execs at the and meet in an editorial in an incredible our patent art designer illustrator Lauren to it on in everyday. We've got a really talented creative touched. And yet you keep hearing arguing that I think about it there really is being. Obit. So let's talk about some of the things that you Britain we're gonna focus first on these two most recent deals. Peanut butter and whole wheat bread. I have to think. That the fun of this news you got to go out and and go nuts and by a bunch of different things that sample. And I'm pretty sure there's about just your opinion that all those staff members got to be involved. And you know and get that thing it. I'll but it actually practiced it at a lot of it out and and I in the attic. And you know every cat. There weren't talking about it that I am at entry. That they've every single batter into it and and it a lot of that you know in real life you start out. And tiger we. And yet you know batter in particular. Especially. Topic or treat or it like it in at. People really held hi there how it is what matters. And it named Ingrid that we only grant and never there at the mental outlook and end. You. Thought that he in any problems. But how important it art. And waited eight we didn't even now. I. I've got the page open I don't know whether you do or not but a bit you can do about the popular and it. Can we run through the peanut butter and share your findings. Let's start with the all natural separated Pina water. Here are. And word. It about eight and clean to be on natural organic. That it went into tiny eager eager Bolton did it and ask you remark at that Artest and and neither went at it half and we need to care they had that. Bit of oil. And we weren't and let me tell you one bit separate eat out because everybody that. Better opinion what they like. That we wanted to make you eat Turkey you buy that line in the air in that category. And bang you're looking at the prize to find that and marketers by along shot wine in that department. And partly recently added that it. Didn't have any additional ingredient that depended only time he. Doe added you're going where you're you're tired you'll. Hear that tape patent aren't quite like that you want to get. Well not only did you have a good round up about that. But on the chart it gives it away for me it's has no salt added the most are critical that you don't counsel Bob up and but. I think that would have been. Having not tasted all of those together but having had smokers. I think that would have been my paper what about. The all natural no stir the foods you have an organic and you have morrow not organic knows stir peanut butter creamy. Ask all of you are looking at it and I I am I need and because back in about it how hot bath and there. We heard it right again and I and it hit that plan during that I have a whole brand. We really want these credit unit uttered at they'll claim that and it I where it didn't require Gerry. And you know hopefully during an irritant in that department. And and overall it appears that. Those were your favorite. Yeah we'll and we didn't Latin Amare and act and we're at today. Welcome it actually are very different track. Compared to all of it. Let's talk about the nose Sterger shoe store staples the ones that most everybody has. Or had one of these oh in their cabinet was there when that I never had that we're gonna talk about but. That was real quick gadgets skippy Peter Pan. With smooth operator who makes that peanut butter and. I got peanut butter cup. And now and we all hadn't read it. Which is weird and and that's. So talk about the that was the first when you reviewed. Or are you and you know tiny bad hand. Wait he Ing about it I mean are Acker her are in it actually. And threw her. New job. At it and neither. And all of a break for it really eat meat. You know battered badly. Candy. And aren't quite like. It really impacts it actually it certainly let readers and then the other. Intricate texture really good flavor and we can all it really got it. I personally and Dick and better cooking better at it and hurt edition. As. It was there. Out of these. It's this last curfew store lot that pretty much a British fridge what was the biggest disappointment. No I don't think I have a day and it can be. And talent out accurately that appointment because there is that installed it actor it. But we chat. It overly re enact in a bad way and aren't. Had a better after it was gonna that went on earth I equality and didn't enjoy it. And like that everybody's had that one there are. So obviously the winners most important doesn't what I like about extra crispy you know you used as call the shots for each one you can read the reviews. And and and then you come up with a winner Reese is creamy peanut butter skippy creamy peanut butter. Jeff. Peanut butter company smooth operator Peter Pan and create better. And the winner was. Choosy moms are right. I had an irate and got it yet it the honor of scarring and it and beat her childhood opinion her where brought into question. I had to leave but I think it is lies I had guys don't like I remembered it being. It's great. I like. Crunchy but they're not to like smooth peanut butter on a cracker early on a piece of wheat oats. At a to make your day in the look and feel stay with we will do come back we'll talk about the wheat bread will tell listeners how they can go and sign up and get. On the newsletters sign up could you weren't gonna wanna do that we're talking about extra crispy my guess is cape Welsh. She's one of the editorial staff and have written some really great you can find more information good life guys. And some links will take you right few extra crispy dot com we'll be right back with gay and more. Being a letter and wheat bread after this short message.