Meet Karen Page & Andrew Dorneburg

The Good Life
Saturday, December 23rd

Guy’s first guests in this Yule Tide, holly jolly adventure in food, wine, & fun for your ears are Karen Page & her husband Andrew Dorneburg.  Karen is the author of the new book “KITCHEN CREATIVITY” which Andrew took the photographs for.


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This is a good life. Food wine and all the good things of life now here's the host of the good life. God now. You've been outside yet what a ninth day in adds a little cold but you know it's supposed to be called find. Finally after unseasonably warm. Summer fall autumn you call it. It's called. And no more. A position and but I will pay the seven day forecast has us going in the load twenties overnight to the highest thirties. On to dole. Low. Wednesday or Thursday next week at number four it'll smoke. And that's my weather report from the today AM budget short visits the good life who want him bunkers. We're gonna start off it this would be the fourth and final copy. Of meathead Goldwyn book. The science of great barbecue and growing if this book is. New York Times best seller while the right to a central cookbook for retention meathead is a and outdoor grilling and smoking guru. And he has a really cool web site it is called amazing groups dot com. If you want a copy of this book right now all you have to do is nothing other than bio. 31686913. Thirty calm now caller number five. Andy bush Andrew we'll take your information down was shipped to copy of that book. Now. We're gonna give another book away you'll really. And that book is the topic of today's show it's called pitching creativity. In a fashion to write a paragraph what you think this was about. You wouldn't even get club. It is so cool and it's such a complex piece of work and is written by my guest. With photos and assistance buyer of been Karen Page and Andrew Groenenberg you've. I went back in my old papers that. The triumph on what they went book they were on four. Long ago it was probably their that are. One of their many. Award winning books and think about it what to drink with what you eat. Now would be my Karen how are you. It's. You know right active reader hold. Award winning by Leo but they were this focused so cool. An hour is not long enough to talk about the book I wanna talk about some other things with you. And I think the best thing to start with is say thank you for being a part of a program today. Oh just so happy to be back and I didn't hear yes I think a high standard thing. And I can't think would be like to drink and what you expect a had a feeling we talking about wind the part which I think is a passion your ears as. Yeah. Though that beckons to land its such a pleasure being a good thing to have it again. And with a book I'm thinking in 20042000. It after six days ago at the old clothes very kind. And then I lost all the data from those days when nine migrated to a completely new website and two I can. We've we've been in that position before yeah. It is to test the insects. Well but then he you know. And when I was get ready for the show and of course I go look in a topic they give a copy of the book elegantly Amazon and I go to. Some of publishers that have put together some earlier books and I look at all these books that you guys have done and worked on together a main. Pretty amazing stuff you guys been very busy and very productive and impact. I recognized and awarded in the world shipped them and cooking and food and so I'm gonna shut up and I would like you both and I. Could take a a a period end let's talk about. How you guys got together. How are you created a life centered on all the fun things that you do. The four work and I know that it really is work as much as I know people have told you I wish I could do you do you could if you work hard. Now. That they take this back to the beginning a few years now. Kicking creativity is actually the number eleven. And so we've been collaborating for her. Island at effort but becoming bishops cannot 1985. Which we co authored when Andrew was working as a professional shot used to working in from the top kitchens in Boston New York City. At the time that the book came out. And we've embarked group culinary artistry dining out and other books she'd be able to write full time which is such a pleasure and privilege. And then by the time what you drink with what you eat came out I think it was two dozen sixty reset. And said the Flickr Bible college just a couple of years later 2008. We really has. Silent about the couple IKEA flavored and eighties and flavors that worked well together and so. Will we spoke Q you about which strict with what you need is really about how do you take what. Is in your left and used it to enhance whatever it is that on the plate and talking bad food and wine pairing and how people can think about that they're not trained filming games. How they can really get their arms are on the topic and that. Really what what you drink what you eat focused on. And then inflate our battle was really am focusing on picking up that idea of labor committees and coming up with an agency guide. Different ingredients that you might cook which. Or make drinks waited and will you viewed the herbs. Spices in other seasonings table best enhance their labor they can look at anything from apple to bikini in the answers bear. Betty I think the creative process goes on and so much. It's so far beyond that weary years. You know I think especially for professional chef these states are trying to come up with specials. At their restaurant or even for home cooks are looking to create something different on the Thursday and they did on Monday. On the day one against my ideas that happening shaken up a little bit how can it be more creative and tell with kicking creativity Nicole which really Q. Teach committed great chance that he'd spoken to over the last twenty plus years. People like Rick Bayless in Chicago. Daniel balloon they're preparing to Ian Barbour in New York City and is. Literally some of the very precious all of our country and around the world. I'm talking with them about the creative process how did they approach it how to they get their inspiration. Are we or did they find new ideas and and how can me accurately as mere mortal reply in their own. Competition from where inspired by them and that's really what led to this. Okay that was a lot now I and nurture turn. Amid us I know you both enjoy cooking and Andrew you you were and professionally cooking. What got you moved. Tell us how you met this pretty lady your marriage to and how you partnered up and did what you all do. Well a lot of start up a thing I was very blessed to meet Karen over thirty years ago. And here in New York City. That we didn't collaborating ever since and whether it be on our marriage and life or are writing. And in this case in this but does the second look at in the photography or so it's been really fun to. Have sort of a different area to working with collaborating with care but also great to have her I. When I come home with photos or will he is talking to shout and we'll get an idea like seated at the photo was really wanna get in. Kara mentioned are preparing their prepared Medicaid's and we got a shot at him. You're talking about a meditative practices. We talked to Jeremy Arctic it's just like it when he's driving the car that we. Got to capture and to bring these stories more relaxed has been. A lot of fun not just writing it turn in the early days but now being collaborators of starter does really. I think prior work to different levels of fun and excitement is that it's impossible. I think that they had a professional chefs like Andrew and the key again I I'd love for this story of how we net to beat that I. No heavy condition at a restaurant at least those delicious but it and that speed and bishop Desmond met i.'s been. We've been together ever since and it went in quite like that. We actually introduced by end mutual friend. Quite some time ago and one thing led to the next that I was living in New York she is living in Boston. That they knew I had to play different in busting and we are doing that long distance thing for a couple of years. And then eventually and that's about where he was sort of transitioning from the front of the house in the restaurant business to the back of the house he's training did that aid in. You know eight is an aspiring professional chefs she attacked go to cooking scholar and not make it what you should do what I'd do whatever. I one in this incident that they are going to buy a book on it. And he'd sit there are no books from becoming bishop has been that crazy everybody's. Starting to wanna be interest in the coming Shas and that we did the research we found literally there were no books from becoming bishop and that would mean you should write one. And he's that I'm not a writer simple hop but if they help you so. Actress Brooke becoming bishop was a collaboration interviewed sixty of America's precious and how they get to be. Where they were at that point in time which is as the very best shot that America people like. Alice Waters Emeril gusty being able Rick Bayless and so forth. And from there when we do. Wrote that career path and how Russia should become. They can get their start which injured did it kind of cute guide himself in the profession. We came we won the James Beard award clear indication that that became a best seller and I think Andy decided that he'd rather work out and create taken. For about food rather than working in you know about the hot seat of the kitchens so that let you culinary artistry which was their second book and and a whole series of books after that which. I don't think we've really looked back in. We just keep having. Some more questions than you know guys you know from doing what you do for so long distance to learn in the distance about food about lines. About how it all works together in the restaurant business. And still everytime we read another book it's really answer the questions that we're. Most interested and at that particular time and so this time around it just happened to be creativity. I am. I'm taking notes adding to all the things that I wanna ask. And it went to capture. A quick question you guys enjoy cooking together just for your toes and that's a side question do you entertain a lot. But seeing I'd love cooking with Karen. We have a great I'm good and sometimes we assert that a boundaries because. As we like it is brutal and one eagle in the kitchens and being a former professional suspect to be in the attack and but will not that we you know pulled together and part of this together as a and lovingly that we live in New York with a fairly small kitchen but. It's just so it sort of fun to have someone there to keep tasting what do you what they what do you think would you take complain off patent please sonic at the justice right then. One of the may have little more parmesan cheese and the other person but other than that we are. Really the attic of the more palatable by the equipped. I technically probably don't entertainment as much as we wish we could harm because we need tend to be on the road a lot where alleys. Researching. And photographing. And his case and you book and that we do spend a lot of time on the road. We've been on book tour for the last couple months so it's actually really nice to be hunkered down in New York City for a change after having been and other experts along. And that we actually do get a chance to get together like we can together a little bit last night and you know it's it's an English Setter Kelly's negotiation okay we're having this we're gonna have a positive vision okay where is the green vegetable we're gonna trailing concern is trying to be a little healthier. Love that the texture of labor that Spanish can at you throw it into a pasta dish in the beautiful color of course. But I think in terms of entertaining me probably here rent Ephron out in restaurants a lot of times we're really researching and the next book which involves eating at restaurants an awful lot. It's a dirty job but somebody's gonna do it. And try. That will opt in invite friends remind you that check at any restaurant with and it's always helpful to get. Other canyons and other points of view than what restaurant to doing what lessons can be learned. After cable. And they. Well look if they are quick break more come back we'll talk more about kitchen creativity. Congratulations to John Gray here in the flat land of Wichita. He was elected caller number five to get the barbecue cook beat it opened. And we are gonna give way a copy it pitching creativity it's a massive book with. So much fun stuff you just open to any stage and I guarantee you you'll laugh you'll learn something and you'll have Phnom moment. Within a major issue. In the quick break Wilbur Wright back quit my guests Karen Page. Her husband imprint on the fur on the book in this days Andrew member of the way right.