Meet Karin Campion

The Good Life
Saturday, December 2nd

Guy’s guest in this week’s adventure in food, wine, & fun for your ears is Karin Campion the founder of the Sonoma Syrup Company.


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This is the good life. Food wine and all the good things of life now here's the host of the good life. Guy now. You gotta get the. I am. Serves them right okay good morning afternoon just afternoon. After one of fun for your ears well at boys in this time a year. You ought to have some ideas on food and wine and things to give it gives. I have a lot of depth review and for the next couple weeks shall hear more. Before I even get started let me tell you that we're gonna do a giveaway right now Max is ready. That into the phone number I had meathead Goldwyn up on the program several months ago his book the science of great barbecue and growing. A New York time best seller one of that. Named one of the clay to a central cookbook for every kitchen. 25 favorite cookbooks of all time by aircraft for Campbell and thus Coke books of the year by Chicago Tribune BBC problem. It's a great night. And if you would like a copy that. All just threw me is caller number five area code is 316. 86913. Thirty caller number five and if you don't get in that call now if you don't get in. Go to two of his website is really cool it amazing ribs dot com the whole gift guide and gift catalog. If you don't give in to get your copy of the science of great part to growing you can order when there and meathead Goldwyn call out 31686. On thirteen thirty Max is gonna give you a copy of the science of great barbecue and growing. Now we got that that out of great dinner last night Americans who want him food. Gina Martin Nellie was in town Regina Martin only keep a caller Gina after it's true. The Hyatt did a tremendous job with the food in the lines were spectacular. And Def camera on it short provided music special thanks all those who put the event together and for Regina for coming to Wichita. What a great deal. I've got some other events talk about later in the program and I've got some things to tell you about offing barbecue and things going on Jacob liquor exchange. But let's get right to the crux of the of the program today. I gotta press release for a company called Sonoma sura company. And I thought and it's interesting I looked at it than it was to their website. And holy Moly I mean. This is some killer. Are visibly produced high quality. Syrups and things that whether you're a cook the shaft a bartender. And home any of those you just wanna go look at Sonoma serve dot com and joining us is the founder and the big cheese at Sonoma serve. Eric Perrin champion Karen good afternoon mark with a program. Good afternoon I'm very happy to be here Tokyo. Well first thought what we're gonna talk about you I'm always interested and I think my my listeners are interested in the background story of how one. Gets to where one is in business or one making or whatever. Compliments. In spades. For your web site. If you're dating yourself your magician if you paid somebody it was money well spent. Oil we have been true effect. The person who was my neighbor in Sonoma who created the first. Web site and it is still our brand manager today. It's great. So tell us about you Karen. Obviously you live in paradise I hope. The fires didn't hurt you any in the smoke is cleared and you're getting back at some kind of normal. We are all recovery and we're all very grateful and to there are signs all over canal that Spain letters in the air and it's the kind of list that spoke. There where all our team was very fortunate. But then how the you too. Looks like you have some kids look at that faced broken things and I outreach and get started. What prompted you to head off on this journey of making our two little syrups. Well it started with my three sons. At the time they were eight. Twelve and fifteen and I will aid to celebrate with birthday parties galore. And I would make. Artists and perhaps effort Kara. With. Protest or that time and I looked at the label of I thought well there's got to be something. Batter that is pure and natural and so I started to creep back in my kitchen. Is that our friends and family and it looked dead and my guest but there's you know better better solution to have even healthier fracture. Scrapped and started experimenting. With all the Meyer lemon trees. At my home and I had a giant net net patch I thought. Instead he can flavoring. Why not use the real proud to use the real freshmen can do it chewing Peterson. Use them apparently and then the actual Meyer lemon fruit. I use the hill candy that. Use the cheers and and make up a fresh terra. So that I can share. That. You that beautiful flavors all year long with people across the country. You know it's also. Go ahead started a bit odd to me the cut up a good excitement. That yet so that's how it started and there are few things that actually occurred and it. I met confessed to ice he's an addict. And was tired of having met checker and that but the bottom of the collapse. Am I thought in other people might be as well they'd like and the murdered her up to blend into the air. There iced tea. And so developing this. Cop. Temples are up. It helped to blend in Q cop panels averages iced tea it fell that. Coupled with the birthday party is also a girlfriend whose actual parent salon are from camp as. Taught me how acute candy Meyer lemon can opt for the holidays. And the residual left over was. I admire eleven. Is so it did infused all the flavors into the church came checkered Herat and I thought well here here's an opportunity to. Use that flavor in all kinds of culinary. Applications. And you don't live in an area where your your continent paradise here. You might want accessed a freshman and fresh lemon in your apps on your law. Oh. Did you eat these you started making news products I'd I would imagine in your kitchen. Beginning in my kitchen in an amount level valley red I didn't old church house that couldn't. Nineteen. Eleven that I had restored because I'm men. Trained at an architect. Pisses a somewhat different than being an architect. Yet so I trained as an architect my heel practiced my profession today. I'd love to control my family and friends from our card and and if you parred that dean. I pride myself on the heart of the home and the kitchen and so. The correct the ferret go hand in hand with fat and designing that the bottles in the very beginning which has fifteen years ago. In that perhaps wine bottle. Because where they're in the wine country and I wanted to it to be appropriate in reflect back so. I'm making the heart of the home and Christine and and these beautiful. And the Serbs come hand in hand with fat. It's so cool in a you know like you said it. On a personal level I had a Gallup flare up first time member and I have been hunting fur. Fresh cherries. At time of year under pressure. But to think that you could make serpent and you mentioned Meyer lemons and then to have that Meyer lemons Europe and if you. Anybody's ever had Meyer lemons in all of lemons or lemon so I'm not really. And then to have that sir appear around in the dead of winner appeared live someplace that has those citrus. Capability of a wonderful thing and it. Right if it captures their regional flavors. Other blank entry in the house you'd how that you're around. So I imagine there's been considerable growth since fifteen years ago when news started. How has at least Gil handcrafted. In its small. Copper kettles. You know our our exit artist and infuse a poster at and higher. Grown to include infused drinking and record as well so even though we have grown and he has. Our product even in either of them at least we have in Canada we have it. Patent you know around the country. We're still able to keep that. Small artists and hand crafted flavor because we're a bout a flavor and deal he's seen. This same. Meyer lemon orchard that we started with from the very begin being so intimately crown were still using. Freshman and we actually infused into the net past simple Tareq pillar where. Even that we proudly able to Carrey. Goes to those missions. At keeping the flavor in the product as Russian natural for. Forget. Well it's it. Obviously the growth of worked out well to have that kind of distribution and fifteen years sounds like a long time that the Blake and I in a business plan like this and. Credit rating Patri. Yeah I'm still practicing you know transitioning from. Commercial architecture to residential here in the country. That really focusing on these beautiful products that we can share with everyone across the country. That's so cool and I imagined. Some of your winery friends are happy to have product on their show from the tasting room. Oh absolutely because every when it comes to killing ten treat for the wine. Had not that you might enjoy. In few simple fast track other Patrick. And we Q partner we have wineries here last month to leave. Helped sponsor at the our county all its festival. You and we also work with intense this creek winery so that they grow organic. Prop on. Lap under contract which week infused in currently understaffed and they've been doing that forward fifteen years so it is genuine. Ever had a chance to visit the camp of create their beautiful. Lavender fields during the amateur. And can fresh flowers from that go into our lap lenders are upset about that makes sense. Different from other tech companies where they're just pretty using. A flavor. But actually you can do real botanical. So cool and in it makes it different you know we ball. You combine all those little yellow. Lemon shape to escort containers of clemens' shoes and these sorely disappointed. You can spend a little bit of money and give something that's considerably better him. And he lets let's take a break before we do check. Folks you've got to go to Sonoma sura dot com and when you get there hunt around. Christmas is right around the corner you can order where about the catalog. But. You can sign up and get get a catalog it's an amazing piece of work whoever did your publication of the catalog. Again probably the same folks that work on your website. It beautifully done and it because it makes you excited and pitcher checkbook all rattled would you start looking through all the different the usual in order. My guess is Karen champion at the site is called Sonoma served dot com. So many different things that you would even think about you've heard about some publicly about some more and we're gonna taste some pumpkin pie locked Acer. And by the way there's a bunch of recipes on the website for all the products here. And then a really cool five citrus sweeps are sure that I can think of all kinds of fun things to do with animals trying to use some of the night as like a the will be back after this short break with more. Sir. Con we're hear here them go.