Meet Kent Burnett

The Good Life
Saturday, July 21st
Guy begins this week's adventure in food, wine, & fun for your ears with a visit from Kent Burnett.  Kent makes cutting boards that are border line Art Gallery worthy. He & Guy discuss how it all began.

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This is a good line food finance all the good things of life now here's the host of the good life guide our. We're gonna have been welcomed the program what a great week it's been a little hot they don't forget you'll lose sight it is summer and another month or two will be complained about the whole. For blizzard in late September month predicted. And. The good thing about who won him fund today. Is a little different. There there are some indirect ties cutting board for. The kits and that's an indirect try it pie rather. Can't predict in the studio with some beautiful. Craftsmanship. And and and would design and cutting boards and jewelry box in music box in and I just posted are at it. A dot Bauer on Facebook. And there are some pictures a good life guys dot com of some of his woodwork you wanted to look at that we're Cochran. Later in the program doctor Marty Johnson and Tricia home Marty Johnson of course from Johnson's garden center he's doing a a great thing for the kids next Saturday if they can just grown farmer's market and Trish was beyond important so that together and of course should be out there worth. Almost made salt closed I got a one of the week on the record little fox off on a hot day like this it's from a producer called sea monster. Can tell you more about that later but most importantly the line is there. Eclectic why did you go like they went with about 36% viewing yea 26%. Al boring you know 26 for nick and we're not block and 12% diverts. I can't wait to try to add yet that I beat funds through stay tuned. Let's talk a. About this would work first let me introduce my guests can Burnett you know what under the program thank you very much appreciated. Thank you for an invitation thank you for service that the country well thank you let's talk about you because. If you go to camp Burnett dot com you could see a little bit about you but then use that needs some things about your background in. A photography was kind of a big part of your earlier work life but thirty years worth. I agree on a farm. And moving from the farm life to the photography world going to college in New York that was in mind Indian experiences. You can imagine. If nothing else all the snow that they have there. Also so I did that for a long time and basically got burned. I've done a number of other things back and forth through the years. And here it's. But abouts eight months ago my. Niece's husband. Is a wonderful wonderful shelf. And that was totally mind bending to me I'd never been around a man plucked. Never. And he was so good with the foods and he knew so much that the winds and did things was so much passion and just. It was amazing to me. Then I also heard down month few months later that he bought a cutting board that Bradley fair when they had their art show. And I took a look at us now that's no great shakes. So I went online and do some checking. This see what people do. Offense an incredible work being done over in Europe. Two people in particular one in Russia and one in Slovenia. And I'd. Got some ideas from them showed them to friends of mine. When my brother and his wife and then my. A man I used to work for an average for the advertising he was when an art director for many years workforce. And everybody hit and hit hard. So I started constructing high amid a lot of big sticks and a little stakes beaten and and making mistakes like anybody else. Cutting everything getting things prepared. And I've stuck it out made my first one. Kept doing it kept getting better start showing them around people were. Taken by the more than I even dreamed they would day. And then here of the my really first public outing was back in. You know I believe that the Hutchinson art fair. I'm from Arlington between what you rat so I went to the Hutchinson art fair at the urging of my friend and advertising. Never been to an art fair never. Never. Have even entered and won so paid a small fee. Entered. It took eleven boards in a sold five of the best. And then also 13 place. In the whole art fair competition which I wasn't even expecting I didn't even know there's a competition. So that was a pretty nice little start right there and and I'll take it. I contacted you to. And show what I've been doing and because I've always enjoyed listening to your show and I travel. Is so relaxing and as. So many different things. Elements to it that I'm not use too old to be around or see you're here. So let's putt okay. He's a little lawful. And goodness knows I am way off the ball. I thought hey this month. Worked together absolutely. When I look at this that I. I expected you've been doing this for years. You also you failed to mention the fact that you have done some of the most magnificent. Drone videos as a drone aviator. Especially I really enjoy the moment of model rocketry that was so cool but but really you've made some money doing it for real estate agents the man. Mainly Cindy Carnahan town and it was a great working relationship yet and that's agree this is an actor and all of this stuff is artistic. And you gotta have an outlet so photographer give weight to this wood working in only eight months some blown away this is something that. You know you can you can CDs and I mention northern Italy because I've spent time there and they actually make. Wall hanging portrait of villages and churches out of thin. Would pieces cut to fit in and that's cool. It and they also make cutting boards none of them is intricate. And as complex as what you have appeared folks again I encourage you just joined in Inverness has done some magnificent work. These cutting border grill will look purchase it can Burnett dot com there's links are good left guide our common have some pictures there of well and find god Bauer on FaceBook. I just posted some pictures from here in the studio. Can't let's go back to the first starting here obviously the types of would you use that anything you know whether you're paid an oil or water colors her. Are scoffing. The basic products that you start with are really important for success a man. Absolutely because in making these boards you have to think both in finality light. Medium and dark and then colored accents. And I brought along some samples today to show you the basic woods I work in. I work with walnut. Maple. Cherry also. African to do purple heart and so how LA. The purple heart and that's how like a purple hearts from south Americans he is so pellet and African Purdue is from West Africa. And where do you get them. There's this. Online you can order a beautiful words. They're very. Carefully cultivated and protected. So they are not over harvested across the world so that's a good thing you know the these products will be here tomorrow. You know there's always going to be problems but for the most part things are pretty well. Controls. And dispose at also increases the prize but. Well that's and I would think just of the quality of the wood and most all of it just looking at the end here. These are pretty dense woods pretty hardwood this purple heart is so hard. The oil hardly soaks into it and when you're using a sharp. The blade to cut to owning such as when I cut on a table saw. The edges can be so sharp I'll be cutting my hands. On just the edges of the hood is so hard social our men and and it hurts. Oh believe me. With mark cut its help and in his wood shop we built. My one seller in and we use premium grade oak and and and cutting the little. You know one insurer recorders by the records stripped that it would support bottle right I had a double plane each side of those. Four pieces and four foot blanks and then cut them into one put lines. And I got cut up all of and its players specially from oak is notorious for splitters. We say I make reports and a little boards and that's especially true. On my on my first first piece made OK so. It an act is still trying to digest the fact that you didn't start this to me this year and eight months ago. Ice. I'm farm kid. I grew up on a farm family farm my brother and dad did the main farming I was helped as much as I could. But I learned so much in the way of common sense. We didn't work and woods we worked in medals then being formed farmers. I went away colleagues did my thing photography for a lot of years. And it was about two. 2003 I believe was a started fiddling. With little bit of woodworking because of the skills I learned in fabricating and for some aerospace component companies and doing composite engineering. Making carbon fiber panels and tubes and things like that for specific applications. And truthfully there's a lot of carry over between that and woodworking do you have a lot of the same tools. You have to be very controlled in your. Environment that. You control that the air so you don't breathe icky stuff. So line of heavy duty vacuum equipment. So back in 2003 I started. Making these these jewelry boxes specifically the heart shaped one in particular. And I went very good and I wouldn't want to show what my persons were let. I did those in and they've done well. And then I got into the aerial drone work I thought that was gonna go real well and it did for several years. Then I had to do something else I thought OK let's try this and that's when I got into it and it just seems like everything's been. Dove tailing together woodworking term dove tailing together. And by my common sense and use of my hands to use of tools on the farm. The experience I learned from working in rounds and strange shapes in my. Aerospace work I did and then the composite manufacturing. Had all the tools have the facility so I just. Slid right into it. Okay we you'll working in me aerospace business with deposits. You have plans and and dies and you know jeans whatever to make these things as anchor it is required for. For your the end user. With this disease and artistic issue. So when you do movies. And folks Obama tried to me you're a picture of what that looks like the board that we're talking about on top here is just state that with them about. Fourteen in like fourteen inch more listen up. Internet and you call between quarters for scores. Pay so when you started to make this board views sit down and draw do you make a plan. There's some there was some basic plans online I found this design. Was roughly. Put out by a gentleman in Russia and it seems like the Europeans are the ones that are really pushing the envelope in. Unique designs such as this so like took his general concepts and I've made in my own eyes as one should. And I'd like I said I started out I made a lot of big sticks and little sticks in Maine and I got a lot of scraps left over because they're fit because of problems. That. I stuck with it. And I've gone to other designs and other artists and making their concepts and in my own two left ankle about these square. You cut beef beef of the wood out. Obviously I need to be glued together. It obviously you have a Planar. Brett basically the way. We're going to be in talking about one board in particular color collapsing center made it to where it's light and dark walnut maple light and dark. A start up by. Making up one panel of boards. Gluing them together playing in them of all that's panel one a make panel to out of maple. Plane it all up give it all glued together. Then let's say that panel is one foot by and one foot wide by two feet long but when he stick so I cut off. Two inch strips cross grain. Across those panels on both of them so I have a bunch of long strips that are one foot wide. And yell one foot wide two inches tall one inch and one inch deep. I take so I have lots like dark it's like dorks I take one of each and alternate them not put together and and other panels. I mean I make two panels excuse me. That one of the panel eight is dark like dark light and panel B is like dark like dark. With the maple and wall. After those are all glued up. Saying shirt and playing again. I slice cross grain again in different thickness it's. Like what you see here yet. Like yours board this came off the panel B panel a panel the panel. Dark light light and dark like and then like dark. I cut off slivers in different witnesses. Of from each panel across. End up like that. So because I have panel Pete was dark like dark like dark light. I. I cut off pieces that are various witnesses from. 38 millimeters down to three millimeter. Thick mrs. And then I do the same for panel pay. Take those slivers and put them together in proper orders dispute descending orders towards the center so they get smaller towards the center. And the net result is we have a collapsing center board utilizing two woods. And it's at first glance it's kind of psychedelic or three dimensional bright that a lot of these concepts or call three keyboards. As to score and then it's so well finished and it's it's. They were let's take a break we'll come back and talk about how you use these boards you can get them. They're cutting boards that. You can hang on the wall can be proud of your artwork. Or you can. Be on their life I don't know. I don't know if I could do it publicity. I got. The talk about the campus grown. That farmers market next week at 28. Gonna be tomato day is always a big day and Marty's doing something really special. For the few of those men that. Overview we don't want to believe them if they would've we'll be right back.