Meet Mareya Ibrhim & Eat Cleaner And Greener

The Good Life
Saturday, January 13th

Guy’s first guest in this week’s adventure in food, wine, & fun for your ears is food expert Mareya Ibrahim.  Mareya & Guy talk about her Top 8 food trends for 2018 and much, much more.


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This is the good life. Food wine and all the good things of life now here's the host of the good life. Guide now. I've got to do what the program tonight stay out eight OK it's cold winter news with both feet. Regularly been cold tonight but I think some fifty's didn't. Or has here with that particular bill. A judge says stuff like NFL every Saturday through bottom bunkers. They have a couple quick notes don't forget. Food and wine pairing with good life guy at that the issue accused Metroplex. It's a complete its earnings thru Monday January 29 of class number 13. Mondays in a rose seven to 9 PM. Class one is the cause and effect the food and wine pairing two is focusing on white wines and what works and doesn't. Class street is spoke with a number of ones and 7:9 PM again forever trying ninth through February 12 three Mondays in a row. Napa and Sonoma American been a cultural areas Hugo I know we're Napa and Sonoma is Jeb you don't appreciate how many sub up relations. A VA's American that a cultural areas are in Napa and Sonoma. We'll tell you all about the reasons. Those regions geo graphical so no climate. Vineyard vineyard location. And gamble pays to bunch one from several of them that class starts a while veteran yet march 5. It's two classes march 5 of march 12 against 7:9 PM on Monday as you can Lim are good life got dot com. Top of the page. Third column in her third button in from the left wine tasting you click on met. There's links that the out of some of the classes for Philip. Why entrance. I'll tell you about some of those later but then I got a pretty cool article. From my next guests. This is. It's so fun to see what happens in the food world and an end and a beverage world view and healthy food and beverage trend for 28 in. Mariah. Maria. That's their right. There back then I. More or less people armor and joins us. Mare yet this is so much fun because it I just love the way things common ago. Not only voted but drink and it's fun to see and hear from you what you think. Let's. Let's first talk a bit about you man you're busy again. Pack. I I. And I'm not to talk about it I let it out of cricket and I'm really expected about the trend because. There they are not chipped trend for the sake of being trend they're really based on sales numbers. What and when one or curtailing what restruct shore and the top chef there are offspring. Where we're kind of we're trend spotting here what trampling getting that opportunity at the industry but all. Let all of us can ever doubt there went the more and and catch on as a really cool things that are happening in the world and help me he. Well articles up. Before we get into some of those things that your forecasting. Tell us a little bit about grow green and treasure the founder and CEO and at about some of the other figure involved and whether it's. Great clean food or he's cleaner dot com tell us about some of that. Shirt sure why. You're really helped create a platform. For clean eating or our product are on and our videos are why the show are hot. And and a really good people. A destination. Where they go and find that it from Asia and from a truck or the worst. And shout and with nutrition and I am the founder. Cleaner got on the Cohen venture he cleaner line a product. Which is the only cat and Europe and that are cleaning your trash. Trudy and whack the side and back here area while expanding shelf life. And I am a big old tree hugger I love being able at ways clean but all going to be green. And and be sustainable well our product all though at your back. I'm working on my next book which will be out in early it out and teen called the real. Like I said you're really busy. The sit booty as they were from it folks if you go to good luck got that come their links that it. Many of of her wonderful web sites the this is a core product that was featured on on. It's the AGB it. You you guys were on for what 1517 minutes and solo album to Prada. Yeah out what we've and we've been frequent thing except that now are a lap double your. And every time we go on and we sell out quick and meaning because you can really see it different and how are cleaner product. Work on your pressure and vegetable and invisible that aren't. And and that is that most people don't realize that archery as lap then. And clean and you know parents pesticides fungicides and back area that you can't clean water. And and we've created an all natural very simple solution for being able to take care bat and get longer like at a road Al. It by the see how we've grown on the app platform and they are being able to reach the war but on the street a and it's gonna meet. Well see with all the work you've done with it cleaner and needs say they need fresh. Your trend setter by yourself. CL. I I think I think trends are really valuable for a number of different reasons that really helped drive. Creativity. And innovation look at that crow not Corey that popped in several years ago and and what that is going to be Korean history maybe not hope they it's really edit audit year. Overnight practically or even. You know the gross Coke about water and how grown over twenty or spank your over here last ten years. You know there was no croak out water industry in the united state eleven years ago. So trans important for people to watch and understand. And I really try and I cannot buy the ones that I'd like all that really helps people help. Well let's start was some of those. Your article features eight things that you've chosen for 28 team talk a bit about route to table. Yeah the root ball is pre interest we're seeing a lot of traders. Shell out on our Mercury her department our grocery stores with the root on their recent trip. Generally speaking when a critic I am is picked. Dirt in decline in nutrient density almost immediately by the dynamic at the grocery store locked. Anywhere between forty to 60% of the entry about. When you. Get it with a group side your idol preserving integrity. And nutrient your also generally getting our product that going a lot longer. Keep living green that the product that. We have been watching that they have a bright and different greens like Kuralt and diet and crap all need green. And vacant lot about. Clean day compared to industry -- Trier typical back ballot which at curry are all angry with the environment help. At the focal and Q question. Just for fun the Olympic with a bad back up the on this. Little stick on thing in the equipment tiger hitters expose them or. Certain chemicals in the year that make produce. The cape faster. Rename. Is there anything to that. Timing and mode a lot of credit as an apple and and it well you prolong. The shelf like of those items. That a little bit different about. You know art product or apple is you still have to clean product. Don't need to clean the Kroger and ripping it looked water's not gonna get it cleaned. What a product like cleaner your kind of your accomplishing bio. But we're starting at a lot of product pop up on the market better along shelf life except food weight at such a hot topic and it. Net gain gas emissions and the land so. Is one of the big contributors to greenhouse gas is actually reported being number that number one cause even above carpet. Emissions from from vehicle so. We need to be aware of back and not to mention it at a huge waste to the good food. Go to weight all of every person by going to growing. It let's talk about the number two good gut health it was a long ago I ahead a a book author on with gut astronomy talking about. The things to eat to keep your god help because of about your ideas on 28 teams transfer gut health. Yeah out loyally aide Mary Mary quite contrary that got art Guerrero at a add. It. Going to grow better is you are aware of Crete by now we've then we become an area where pro Biotech. In orbit everything from current and Joker can now pickled vegetables like in its economy so big and crap that much and other pro I got a rich average. You're even seeing product like a wide and well let me throw by attic rich organic all. You can get enough orbit while many experts who expect. Wait is really interesting to either and at the Allen pre buyout and the way to describe or create by ought to think about but Herbalife. Hope you're gut bacteria grow waking cost. So it at a fertile ground and the crow about it and really and it is there. And often time become a form of fiber powder. Ingredient like Jerusalem artichoke in your land Shaq checker recruit those are all rich increased by audit. And you can get chronic now like him he oil which. Bulletproof copy and made very aim at earth boosting your brain health. And all of which your metabolism. Boost it would create by products iBurst L. And at that point veteran and minute by product that really in double duty. That provides multiple health benefit out ones are trapped. This collagen thing that you forecasted that we all know that collagen is like you know hair follicle the nails and things like that. What are we gonna see on the show what we were truly look for a while. Well it really understand collagen production is the glue and hold your tendon or ligament. Not to mention gray hairs and L and Ali. They'll ask you eat especially at the age thirty I've back collagen production really dropped significantly though as as. That boomers are aging. That much more important for college and would be a big part of your everyday. Out well Brock. You over the Apogee years brought every. Now you're paying college shall all kinds of different form of bone brought outer. Are ready. Product. Products that are I agree grant out they're called Peru and get ready to drink. Rocks at rates and college and and they act green and Trevor and other inflammatory so again you're really getting that. Double duty product. I. Using collagen and a lot of why it's recipes like I would on fox five. At the past week and I meet up mushroomed. Well at college and me. And currently Mary we here at trying it and needless to say finished the glass and came back pack and the so you can act collagen and then you can even they quit that and added and wait and edit like a traditional flower. An awful and I mean really any credit they died and you can you can throw it and Aaron Berry burst all Al. We're gonna college and at your local bar and eighty and at your local bakery popping up Jerry. In Paris and I'm we're gonna talk more about those that these are so cool that it's eight. New trends things that are happening in the food industry and beverage industry moved it to some of those after this short break my my my guest. Mariah Abraham. I Abraham is well. The fit booty is probably a good way to put it she's a television show up an entrepreneur author of the inventor. And she's a CEO and founder of grow green industries incorporated and go to Atlanta got to cop follows some of the links in the look her up on FaceBook and Twitter lot of fun videos and things to watch. Will be back for more food and beverage trends should pony eighteen after the short break them away.