Meet May Abraham Fridel

The Good Life
Saturday, July 15th
May Abraham Fridel, the founder & CEO of Passion For Spices and the author of the book "The Indian Cuisine Diabetes Cookbook" is Guy's guest in this first segment to talk about cooking healthy without using processed foods.

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This is the good lines food wine and all the good things of life now here's the host of the good life. Guide our. Good lord and afternoon. Is now. And just texting. Yeah when divorce Pryor did keep and you do. I'm what a great show. Only because your year. Hope had a good week weather so many fun things going on even though it's settled down a little bit. We're gonna today to talk about Indian cuisine if we get my guest on the vote. And may for eagle. You know of all the elements that I have. I don't have diabetes. Emphasis on yet. And I've done a lot of cookbooks that have been made produced and marketed. In conjunction with the American Diabetes Association. This forms another one Indian cuisine dive it is cookbook and it was well. Indian food can be not good for a moment I've. And we get mail on the phone we'll talk about it with her. She's put together a really cool book and I think yeah elect hear about that before we do that though. I just refresh did they re shared it on to my FaceBook page got about our. And I have two tickets left for Paul McCartney. And less than face value no convenient for me. There in section 116. Grow them that's their choice seats on the north side of the venues. Seats seventy innate and recently a couple weeks ago. The tickets were selling for 500 dollar from stub. For you to fifth. It. Section when sixteen grow and seventy unit in go check it out. Again if you read about it look at the the envoy is its go to my FaceBook page guide our and you concede that two tickets to pom party its next week. Work on your quick him. Do that they have you been to all things Barbour accused website lately AT BBQ dot com. The great cooking stuff Ari lined up for next month and the month after. So. Get on it and by the way it's become mistaken barbecues. This is going to be such a fun event. July 15. Today I I can't believe I'm not there. But the stake cook off association. Is doing an event down there and items I was gonna judges that I could make it work. But I'm judging yet another event that's coming up in camp this year we're gonna have the folks from the Chicago association on its and harper Kansas down south. Near Wellington. Its commitment future. Already so this book again Indian cuisine dive it is cookbooks savory spices and bold flavors from South Asia. Small plug for when my favorite restaurant of the haven't been the cup jobs up on north rock broke behind Jimmy's diner. Make an effort ago go lunchtime yes it's about the day. But it's probably one of the best I've ever seen. And it gives you an opportunity to taste some of their handiwork and you can always tell. If it's a good Indian restaurant when you walk in and you're overwhelmed with so many different air manic trees were or nasal cavity. Went on this book. I have fixed it included at home. Not always with the best of luck but as I look through this book that my guests may pre don't put together. Man I'm so excited she's a nice enough to join us made Abraham for eagle she's. Food literacy advocate meaning we don't have a clue we probably need some pilots. The last the president founder and CEO of organics by company passion for spices by the way you can check about it passion for buses dot com. And she found some time in here to put together treatment may welcome to the good life. You guys and am I happy to showcase. Exit light using my. We did I. Well you know I I look at the cover your book and it just. Just the photograph from a cover alone says a lot because there's so many things that go into making high quality. Indian cuisine. And like you are being promote kabob settled for sure. It's just it's just a gorgeous restaurant and they do such great job. Tulsa little about you maybe we for a start and you've been in the business for a long time you've got a great web site that that that promotes some some killer Indian spices pastor broke my dot com. Tell us about your beginnings in your journey in food. I hate Adam and hit it right into the that were meant that that kind of adding it. There are my patent number extremely. Good Coke. Beagle and that they needed to leave him right to head. Coconut plantation. Right at eight. All type ugly I had such an ocean just such good we're. I have a continent country about an idea angle at acknowledging a year. I started my right here Chinese. And had a child he and a in an important issue than ever that the not sure what they are met me at will. And they turned it around. And make docket the journey well in daddy being my ambient and acknowledge that right here and how can I hate that eagerly. They needed the time is it that you mentioned many people are finding it difficult to implement it and leading light. I might have to look at it as being mean and teaching Ebert and back out the titans beat him despite the count in 08. And indicating tied the old and would. It can be made that making tat tat of what what how he caught our eyes. They got me like it action Kate and a book. I PJJ got to be we get into our into hat what I would want them cool. That you don't have that. Yeah. Based Eaton had and you can treat like Big Dig at age and tight that the basic type of you don't act immediately. Get intimidated at all these. Many to expect that out. At the Kennedy and black and the packet can't. And in him and meg and BI that they want to have done it challenging them and be passionate but I could brand. And showcase two basic right that people can do. In less than an hour. He can be viewed it grilling can be in curry and good news for now that it in and that. And then and my book shook it and that is a companion I. Well you don't travel BI and you can order it online. Catherine colony is that I that he can use many different this year. Showcase in the book. That meeting get under and I beat by on the ball and the RBI that would make an average goatee. And then men and that may end. Kinda not think that. Though. This deep ripping and doing in my community are around the country and it got there. So a good light out at you but would I like the act and what I. And men you know it is so interesting that was my first exposure to Europe to high quality Indian food believe it or not was when I lived in England. As you know any village in England if it doesn't have a Chinese take away and an Indian restaurant it's just. It's it's a very small village. Now and eight. And then as I travel and I have traveled all over the world as a pilot for FedEx I'm always on the hunt because here in the midwest. A little slow to catch on to the idea that others. That Indian food is so good and it's just interesting you know. The title and I wasn't making the view but a food literacy advocate when it comes to Indian food. That that's. Sorely needed because a lot of people just don't even give Indian food pot even though now we have a great restaurants. And and just had a right to believe it I yen and the people are going to be live at each night and he. Grant kind of look at the nanny and everybody want. Focus on food. From the triangle. In the I didn't belong in the pregnant that you are going to be end all be an end any part of your life diet. The shook it good food. So I am not at the end I'm paying that knowledge. To share with not to have not by the by the big you didn't. You go it alone. Eat you know all that what they now after you've made our bill that. Do. Believe that the premium the pocket she can be estimated they number of people they stand minister may. Any PP unit and you've beaten Clinton in your back she didn't like. An outcome that. Though it yet boy milk and that the them in June and we need to put it not been op and that he made it all. And that causes so many great vision. And it and not really ET UP eight feet and made Barnicle. Well helping what you eat and prevent all kind of that. Content. As she that is a repeated that book I went on about 9988. And it can be be how do you mr. Spoke. Like are you in more quantities of Rahm editing they say and do even that big city and he got it back in Mara. Quantity and and that is I don't I. And so you really can I Neil Neil in unmade not bloating. And that is what I want to show it the book and you have I don't like it you can make but it'll keep you. Do that do. I have got it many many that I debate and yet yet to make the book and my uncle at eight. Getting on the steep wage should be. Well and in the 88. You might not have been on yet when I was talking about that and I've done several of the books. That have been done in concert with the American Diabetes Association men and they're also good and I'm not sure who's. I know it's because they select grade author's direct their books. But man you could just scratch off the diving is incorporated call and being detained and magnificent cookbook you know I mean it's. It didn't expect to get angry and then at least eight at B and traveling to India and gave it a little world. The senior and Tony Martin and these are not co. They aren't getting by being on I think. And creating them in India amnesia and adequate and well. Into and then and then and there are. That I'm giving you their vision TV show. The lord. Going on around the world to two. To showcase their and EC looking back at that we make your life and the life. Well and you know like a said. When I walk into a restaurant that features Indian cuisine and I can tell right away whether it you know it's going to be when my favorite just by the the aromas coming from the kitchen and. And you know so many different and AM. They believe and in Connecticut got into what bill for the big event showcasing the book like that pack up is that if you. Beat them by their and then karma. Back in great I'll stick with it and they would like coconut milk core. Are you baby but that I have different techniques and then you know India will influence the way meaning any conscious. You would be people don't know much about it the arrangement that. Andy would go and all coming into the deep. And he should eat in that adding that it is actually do many people Cody. That that's what you know about the dignity by trying to eat nothing but at the end of by this or I'm glad it caught. And eat meat and Pittman and our. But he handled upon BJP and the economy. They have a big part of our library buy them by the man by the fact they are opening plan. And so. Labor we're expecting in Greek and Khalid and coriander and Keenan. And the grandma used to me these. I ball and right in the eye and added in the land them in that. A lot. And they do. And and I have eighteen and then traveling all over. Is it just took it well. Let's take a quick break if you can stay with us. Maybe we'll come back I want to pocket a little bit about some of their other contents in the book that it's great if you wanna learn more about this book got a good life that dot com. There's a link there that'll take you to. Mae's website where you get some of the the spices that you need to do this and such an important part of passion for Mikey dot com is your web site. The book we're talking about it if you disease and diabetes cookbook and that you could profit up. So we'll be right back a minute short break and operative going to be given away a copy here in the next place a call yet.