Meet Oscar the singing dog

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, July 11th
We hear Oscar in a recap of America's Got Talent on The Blur with Ted Woodward

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Thank you 713 thirty K and as ST in the morning stays active club delivered it. 830 here on Wednesday Nevada is first execution in more than a decade as soon as planned for this evening. Barring a last minute pardons got Dozier will become the first inmate executed in Nevada since 2006. He was convicted in 2007 of killing 22 year old Jeremiah Miller at a motel stuffing his body in a suitcase and leaving it in a dumpster off the Las Vegas Strip. In 2016 Dozier waived all his appeals and ask the state to carry out his sentence. His lethal injection is set for 8 o'clock this evening it easily state prison time into powers Fox News. Wichita police captain found guilty of misdemeanor battery and disorderly conduct for confronting teenage referee Eddie youth basketball game a judge found captain Kevin mayor's guilty Tuesday. And sentenced him to six months of probation. He must also pay 450 dollars in fines. Mears has been on leave cents shortly after video of a January game an August. Appeared to show him going on the court and shoving the seventeen year old female refereed. Earlier testimony Mears said he didn't show the refereed and was just trying to get to his son who was injured. The refereed testified Mears ignored her orders to leave the court shouting obscenities before he pushed her. Matters attorney said he plans to appeal the ruling. Dan O'Neil Katie and SS news Kansas US senator Jerry Moran says that the conversations. He added he was part of with a group of senators visiting Russia. Over the fourth of July were not easy ones. I insisted in every meeting that that are needed to be real change in the behavior of Russia before any change could occur in the relationship between our two countries mostly. In that regard we talked about Ukrainian Crimea. Moran is referring to the military action that the Russians have taken to annex land that was claimed by the Ukraine. The senators also spoke to the Russians about their role in Syria and also about the election interference of Russia has had both in the United States and Europe. Or entity doesn't believe the Russians when they say they didn't interfere with US elections. Attorneys for three University of Texas professors were set to ask a federal appeals court Wednesday to revive their lawsuit against. A law allowing people with concealed handgun licenses to carry weapons on public campuses. A three judge panel of the fifth US Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans was hearing the arguments. According to the court filings the professors believe the presence of guns in their classrooms could discourage open academic discussion. Community on nick Kennedy is Erica community on Canada's Vancouver Island. Has just become a neighborhood where kids can't play none of zest. I do. Line L. That's hop Scotch or this. That's skateboarding or even Canada's summer time version of its great national pastime. Street hockey are permitted. On the quiet streets of our key Asian gardens even pavement chalk drawing is out along with baseball basketball and jumped brought some see it as a war on kids but the neighborhood council says it was passed with the children's safety. In mind. Gary Baumgarten Fox News. Oklahoma man who spent more than thirty years in prison for rape is free. After the innocence project presented DNA evidence that day is it says. Excluded him from the crime. Court records show 56 year old Perry Lott was released Monday. Lot was sentenced in 1988 to more than 200 years for rape robbery burglary and making a bomb threat related to the 1987. Attack. Now look at the forecast with cancer staff meteorologist Dan Holliday in born and. Good morning we can expect another quick warmup in which it's always temperatures in the upper ninety's a run 97 would plenty of sunshine this afternoon. The clear sky this evening Carlos 75. Hot again tomorrow Thursday getting to 98. 98 on Friday I'm KM SS meteorologist and the holidays. Al partly cloudy self waited five miles per hour and 79 degrees. 835 Stephen Ted here on eight and SAS. It's time for the border entertainment news with Ted Woodward it. Beginning with they still are wars theme today now the next Star Wars installment. Billy. Billy. The swift kick taped eleven smuggler in Star Wars episode nine the next installment in the main feature franchise. Let us. According to the Hollywood reporter at the last time Williams portrayed calorie stand on the big screen width and return of the jet I've back in 1983 however the actor has voices character in the cartoon series in video game off sheets of the franchise at say nine is written and directed by JJ Abrams it will start production in the summer and more also reportedly feature the American star Keri Russell in addition. Two days he Ridley jump we make Oscar Isaac and Adam driver Michelle you know Fox News. Let's get up close with Kansas City based actor Paul rode a hot celebrity profile on Paul Rudd star of the latest marvel superhero movie can't man and a watts Paul does know how to be a method actors so he has strong opinions on ant farm. Someone when in the hands. I feel like an ant farm is jail. He actually does do his research onset insects to an extent. They can't read up on some it has a man's demos is here about some other hand in it and I'll say who watched their from where. Did you watch and then I'm back to what difference. As for continuing ant man's story he's already hoping far apart three I was hoping you would be round two I certainly wanted to be I was. I hope there's round three I love doing it. It's been really fun and I'm certainly you're working and if thinking about what the second one might be even while the first one was still filming so. I was I was hoping when they when they said we're we're ago. So elated. Actually the court and Fox News. Clint Eastwood making his return to both acting and directing coming up in his next film it's been almost a decade since Clint Eastwood said in front of the camera which. Are you looking element. Yeah you come across somebody wants and why he should know best. You crazy to get it now the actor and character is back. Doing vote for a film titled the mule the movie also starring Bradley Cooper Lawrence Fishburne and Michael Pena is being shot in New Mexico and Eastwood will play Earl stoned a man in his eighties. His broke alone and facing foreclosure of his business he's offered a job that simply requires him to drive how ever. Under announced early signs on as a drug courier for a Mexican cartel. We shall we know Fox News. That should be I thought. Good day I would like to see that others Albert bit of a good people makes it not a licensee. There you go Clint eastwood's next project. You know older actors he can't get a movie written you can't get it finished. A bit of Hollywood reality is keeping the latest Indiana Jones from getting to a theater near you anytime soon Disney says the planned fifth installment of the movie franchise delayed again and was originally to be released next summer they pushed back the whole year now Disney says it won't be ready until 20/20 one. But she got Harrison Ford. In his now mid to late seventies now by the time talking of this none of them I think and into new India it is said script delays are the reason for all this last month the new clothes screenwriter was brought aboard. Which obviously there's there's trouble mr. New ribbons tied for him and you get that fixed at the end zone delay for the next installment of Indiana Jones. All right Steve last night. Let's let's tell you about the viral you Otellini Wal-Mart boy. Release date set for his debut album. Yeah. Unless you're old mate Hillary and the earned Internet fame earlier this year performing a cover of Hank Williams hit lovesick blues at an Illinois Wal-Mart is vocal landed him a record deal with big loud and Atlantic records Mason's six song EP titled famous is now to July 20 featuring more covers and Williams classics like just a lot. And the youngsters almost single all so called famous. Mason has hit the stage check Coachella and the grand Ole opry Campbell opened for Florida Georgia line later this year I'm Christine good wind Fox News. This little known that the late Jimi Hendrix was actually over. That's not the last thing we're going to hear blurred it and that's coming up. They'll Lee wit some breaking news yesterday of course on our show on Steven says it that was touched on last night on Conan O'Brien devious some good news. All twelve of those Thai boys and a soccer coach have been safely and. Okay. Nice story. Every night. That's a historic moment this is the fur starts actually the most Americans have ever cared. About any soccer team ever. That's true that's at the end it. Last night Steve. America's Got Talent. And big performance by Pam and Oscar. Examine her singing dog Oscar performing to the classical song Anand. Yeah. And Italy you're able a Howie Mandell and Simon cal put him through immediately you know more Heidi Klum was skeptical but they convinced her to join has a lot of variety so Pam and and all over our Pam and Oscar. Are moving on the next round. America's Got Talent well I don't singing dog look. Entertainment news in the blurs brought to you mired good friends at pizza and John in derby. Purveyors of round meals and flat snacks and and they're all tasty they are. Located right there at 815 are pictures right there on the wall 08 south Baltimore. Checking out her tasty middles. Food. Pizza John's end and yet you got to see the pictures there's no doubt about it nights at 841 now and her male running. The list of business journal coming up. A new name and you paint for an aircraft says bill that's on the way. Steve is in the morning on king and his sense.