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The Good Life
Saturday, September 16th
This week's adventure in food, wine, & fun for your ears begins with Guy's guest Paul Hodgins who is the author of the book "The Winemakers Of Paso Robles"

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This is the good life. Food wine and all the good things of life now here's the host of the good life. Guide our. And I knew it. Program helps you have a great weekend you've got great plans this weekend a lot of fun stuff going on obviously the pair up about it and that's going on as. We speak. The element of rain around but that's that's coming here in the big things. Quick side note. Past the newest search for Danny GO so jail IOS say. It's Danny geo also dot com and and look at his schedule I'm pretty sure. And remember the date exactly but he is in town and him and men and this other talented local magician. That. Here. If it was a good place this Roberta B dock. Burn our den now. Oh is planned as some gigs with any jokes. They've been all over town they played a Bradley fair that plated the grace that played downtown it's in Tuscan growth. And I think they've got another gig tonight it's Vienna. And I think their plan somewhere else tomorrow if Callista did Denny's website if you like jazz. Contemporary jazz. Not. Particle smooth but it's probably more Fallujah as the old style contemporary. But. You got to give lenders are free concert just you know by drinker bus included the reference wrote to tournament. And you get tortured for truly cool. But I digress there's of other stuff going on what part about that later in the show today though what we're gonna talk about. In general terms of well paso Robles yet looks like pass a robo has appeared Spanish. But if you say it that way when you're in paso. I don't know you're a tourist. Goes the year that's passed Robles and the way I look at it just like we do here which you can say it anyway you want if you live there. And then you go how do you learn about that well I competitiveness. They have put together today my guest and his cohorts. Have put together book club winemakers of paso Robles and the photography is amazing. That the guys and gals that are represented in this book must be throughout that year of course these are close up space shots and things of the world published. But what this book really gives you is a great overview of just some of the major producers. In paso. And and the stories in the stores are well written. But my first guess it's poll Hodgins we're gonna talk on just a second and then later in the program one of the wineries represented his doll. A OU and joining us will be one of the two Brothers George and Daniel Daniel's going to be on the show. To talk about about one of the weakest point sixteen doubt paso Robles cover today. After that would fit and of course to the Bill Belichick would. That way and obviously when I wanna say about Paul Paul is an award winning journalist from the Orange County Register. He's been their for a long time he's got a doctorate in music from yesterday. And he's and credits as a dance and theater composer. Begin as current report performing arts educator critic. He is a registered wine writer having it weekly column called good lab Asians. Paul Hodges to look into the program. Well thanks thanks for let me invader Rican and noted that weakens should be. Special in this bunch of you work hard like you do. Birth Paul let me tell you that. There's a James Beard award. In the works here you guys did a great job. I mean. Nobody has written as extensively about the personalities. There's been some other books about the house. Right but but nobody is. Going nets are a step or. And cheers and what struck you about. A report years we're up to par way to. Get here for hours and couldn't help but noticing as key areas. More and more in that. Late Robert parkers started saying great things about it one spectator. No it really written a book about so definitive or otherwise. It. What about investigate guys look at what the heck they are doing right it is. Well. And it's just. It's overdue but in some respects I I would imagine and dismayed some weird in the mid just might take. That it's those who live work and make wine in paso. Are probably on one hand knowledge enjoying the attention in the growth. And on the other wishing it would go slow. Because they've got a you know I mean think of it the cost of land there 25 years ago when things were taken off. Was pretty inexpensive. Even for California's standards certainly compared to Napa and Sonoma. Very true yet and it story about that. In Orange County dentist to one's got a winery about that twelve years ago. Bill are you. In the mind and that he does plan to buy and rent at a Barbara any result that would what many other people land and then suddenly it. And everybody knows what happened rightly so let's at a trajectory. And it. And guess what the president land as shot up by 50%. And he went well that's it for this plan even further north that were brought so. But didn't do people have their about a third of the price and is now making great light on the side. It's just so fun and you know I didn't make the cab collective event this past April. I was there are two years ago and I so wanted to be at this one. And him we're gonna talk about that if we breezed through the book in the but essentially what it was was a comparative tasting. Of Napa Redlands pastor read bland scab imposes an end and some French ones and from what I understand the psalms that were on the panel. Pretty much topic paso wines and and and and were confused and didn't get many of them apple wants right when they tried that drove down in. Interesting. Yeah I would I can be yours. And in that same thing happened you know everyone. Littler. Russell surprised. At the quality. Of the board Oakland and air and it probably know that was really what set out on the but three years ago it was just that they were making great cap and Bordeaux blends web. Everyone in the consulate in and dollar rogue super. Guess what they couldn't get any Napa and their camps and that portal went to deteriorate well. Well at the paraphrase a quote from George now if Robert Mondavi. Had started his winery business. Way back then. And gas so paso would be Napa. I am an apartment they. Ten years ago he wrote this is potentially greater area. In terms of what could be grown here at the quality grapes. Each heat source so what would be. You know the diversity of soil and Michael climate and elevation and as the iron ore shipped temperature change from night to day in the year there's just so many different places where you created. Cultivate specific grape varieties in its Pacific style that. You know it'd it is. Diversity yeah and you know that would covered wrote it years ago by. At our conduct stemming. The company hurt I'd mention briefly thought it was a Beverly Hills are real. Pipeline. And eat but little actually end up on the left side what are so active early. And yet everything. Would like to call early sales disastrous result. And eat it even try though any candidate at higher. Underage chip. At the that you probably know the at that point rein. In order came down. Played. Natalie road that would count carries oil. And dead parrot that you know grow a lot of righty here. Nate and rejection and within this year's top and a ranch. Kind of a diamond in the rough the loan rate winery in refusing really why there was brought it. Back at you know need to keep it. And if if I remember right how often mountain doesn't that have sought to do with Al these days. He set out by track former each of our top branch and a the government level stored a lot of the original which I think it's really. Very incident he. Is it that there had doctor recently passed away in his eighties and acknowledging it was. The repeal before him making their but he with a beer poured it on currently. You know I am a little remiss in doing this out of order regulatory excited talking about. One in general and and in particular Grasso. You have such an interesting and diverse background with music and and and then of course the writing that you do and but then wind has seemingly become a fairly big thrust or obviously the publisher would know of sought you out to do this Friday. Tell us a little bit what are your interest in money market is started. Sure share well journalism. Job. The job. No I. And it teacher. Professor you're fine. End Dow and didn't get tenure there for a teaching job and clues that are still on the Imus started doing it right away. Is well well that was journalist Ian Sheila. Two that business. And bill. And indeed career I'd applied for a job as the theater critic at the register back in ninety. No business getting that job at a theater by back to music of bodies there in the job and you know in journalism in America and you can. Filed torrent deadlines. And reflecting light in the newspaper right all right we get the job. So their life and job in part of the country covering our. Palms around tens well you're you know each got very important. As the are we all newspapers. I was encouraged to write about the reader. The art you know certain collection audit and are huge. So. You know reporters had just been. Elevated the equity eighteen and you know I can't rightly and they went oh would you like to do that. I said. Sure why not a given crack. At that point I like I was. Particularly an expert. But he ought to read about twelve years. After awhile we Erica we call. I think his 2000 size. A concentrated on the wife each get to Itar. And dear to and so it. I got to be a pretty conversant with California. And Lester at Oregon Washington. An ID or what it is because. It was local. There were a lot of journalists even the entry point journalists who lied about it I was very surprised by that I went one conference. Two years ago the Eden. And as Robinson. That is of for catcher we're not all the I. So that held by focus. To be. In. Yeah and the central coast when I think back first time I've visited. Probably a little after you I I got there in the the late eighties early ninety's. And yet. It was assessment of time while horse and and and a win at Rodman you know went up to Justin my mom was with me and and I did a live radio Cuba up their with the ball Wentz and and it was so. Sleepy and and the way you would like to think wine country is or should be not tourist. And granddaughter. Ma'am when I was back there two years ago like. Pay some of this stuff looks familiar but even even. Downtown and surrounding areas of the city of paso. Has changed so much used to phenomenal and the number of whiners are we up to well over 200 now right. All pushing towards street vendor via the court quite a few. There's a word of cycling and edit them. Their application. That the debt but everybody's afraid. Will become. Napa but I'll. I admitted that he'd like that problem and currency and because one thing it is much much bigger region. In Napa and crediting almost everyone right now. In the trade that theory of the application they work hard. Not to be. It's still very early plays. Everybody knows everybody else people for the most art or get along great to be any rival I. It is one of those places that is to go to a pleasure to work it and the people. It all. Book where. Two men and one buried there as. Oh cool well folks the book were talking about is massive. It is not only they. Called a profitable book is it is okay Abby notes descriptive for you. You better have a good coffee table it's big it. And it's so chalked full of information about the personalities that are making pastor of us. And that it's got beautiful photography will tell you more about the book with my guest Paula Hawkins. After this quick break I hope you don't go away but if you do don't forget you can always go to Q can SF radio dot com. Search up the good life and there's podcast from days gone by if you're on the road atlas of lie that's what we Dugard came SS number one station in the midwest in SS thirteen thirty and 97 would be right.