Meet Robin Eckhardt

The Good Life
Saturday, November 18th

Guy's guest on this adventure in food, wine, & fun for your ears is food writer, travel journalist, and author of the book, "Istanbul & Beyond" Robin Eckhardt.


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Good luck on my campus every Saturday here in his lunch hour with I that would be me. What or who are your call. Shall. On Tuesday. Or race. And my memory and more importantly. Over. All our our Asia math. The tournament like each year. Lebanese. I spent an inordinate amount almond Turkey and across. You call this to a boom beyond. Org diverse in Turkey. And Turkey has in the country food it and and with Austria and Turkey than any other. Easter and to nation. And the question is yes. Which which were. When Robert Eckert and her husband. And do what a lot of it now around the world you. Are. And what looks like stumbled on rub. It on and on murder concluded travel journalists you live in Italy but. You're riding a bit and pretty much as those who Moody's outsider. New York time journal archer economist and called on him on political blog I weigh in Asia. Later let's go at the beginning I don't like you're border. A guy named food and travel bug them to New York today. Well aren't going to be your your guy. I. Am sure at. Arizona cal and are well armed. And how old. Married midwest and I. I meet. Eric at our Allan I went. What I wrote in nineteen unusual things on my arm back in it and we are. Being. Errant error. Gary and inland. Area and you highlight Internet. And Asian. And or how well. The food and I'll let you know the you know hurt or. Virtually and are very you know carrot rather. Are there any straight line. And I don't buy it on. After I greatly universe went. Lived in China and in 1980 glory I am there and taught English or are armed. And at that time. Never know what it all. And there are. Local and them. Lee will ultimately all wild and operate them at all like ain't. That's where. The and where the where I love. Everything. Interest you know what I would eat at an. Event. Here and we are crimes and I'm. I. Go. And tell me. We make com Ers who were both very lucky parents. Nobody else. And we did that I can't tell you how many times my kids have friends over for dinner and it blew out. We had a go at a batter to I don't want that. Ties him. The Internet like. We're ready or not. And so then now might as well the one the youngest in Charlotte. I take too much time where we're at about. Charlotte Newsday magnificent home ship and go to culinary school and you shall I talk about a tarmac. And students. In my other. Oh by the way. Did a year in the Republic of Georgia teaching English. And she's she's glad it was me or. It. And now it's in. And you are now. Is. It is clued in. Now nude David wider in China. Were not only will we met her you earth we met there around you or are we. And then we ordinary. Greg. Is an hour or part of your. David because it's just looking at some of the pictures shortly cover culture is humbled beyond the speaking out and you know you can tell everybody. Unusual disease in nick and redirect the picture celebrated items artwork over so that. Well gave it all her and her. Arm. Tightly. Air and you are you murdered teenager now started to camera. Didn't ever really got into it and and and I'm Matt arm early all right. Elite China. ER. OP. IL Earl and may never need an island are your Internet. And it'd gone over there. RT you know. Or. An EE. Art and and am. He is. You know or work out. Cloudy here or are. You need to do we are delighted and I'd try it passionately and it. Very. And other people listen I'll. And and travel talk about writer brought him home. Or travels. Occasional. And market. Our. What we do is or ever by a lot to our. Work. We both are. You're in the country. From Newark residents and Italy now hurt. Month. We. Only Arab League in the urine and that. All in Italy over the bar from Malaysia where it that well. I have all kinds of visions of a Max could work. And so. Being here in the states and coming and going and living and I'll place it should do as much as it would be strange for me now back at Turkey. The absence. America. You know. And her partner and are you more in America. Are very unique and I think it didn't matter in the end you know when you're living in lately or maybe don't enjoy. Freedom we enjoy her car. And her younger people. Lot of art and you go. Quietly out to be in American. America feel like on norm reminded. Her and on about America and a lot. The only. Complaint are lying or any other air and bloody help each other act not ordered the Americans are. Or might it and I kind of understand why. A lot of people enjoy it. I know that having lived in Spain and in England and it was always come home and elect and miss most of AD. Your. I'm Lee crane and culture. He'll return to be more airplanes than. Are we the only you know. Edie knows. Because of an ER again after. A lot on. Our. Our. You miss nothing and let you. That's an it would come back. My guest is Robert Eckert her husband is different harder corporate somebody's beautiful books and speaking about stumbled beyond. I am of course Robin on Twitter and they took. Her out eating Asia and women. Even I don't arrest me in the book. It. Woke. Up and I have pulled. A students. Here are. You think I'll leave them. And it paid one Turkish Lira a pound of lately. Work on paper and we come back and talk about the focus stumble and beyond I've got a great one of the week it's a revenue lost it's completely different from our country. From the West Coast from the valley and valley vineyards just about that. Yeah and where we want him on short cocoa.