Meet Sauce Guru Martin Ervin

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Saturday, December 9th

Martin Ervin is the dad & C.E.O. responsible for 9 Lazy Kidz sauces, hot sauces that will knock your socks off.


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Since. It yeah. Stabbed while back there live I'm I'm kind of glad you're would have to be just joined us don't forget not to go go to K and us at radio. A cruise up the good life with god Bauer and you can listen to podcasts from along common ran through. Today once we get up here. If my good friend and board operator technical sophisticated dude recovered from. Eating the hot sauce just give them. And the hot sauce come from a nine lazy kids. And you go. Well Mattel is up this PR came across my desk and I look that I thought oh what a great story. You can learn about it nine the number nine lazy kids KI DC dot com. And it's an interesting story. And to tell us about it is that dad CEO. Head soft honcho of nine lazy it's Marten reverend Martin welcomed the good. I haven't thank you and I just gave him a spoonful. Cues spicy mango. And honestly I think at the upper but. Just need to come and a gallon jugs are canoe like soup. My Max is not that big on hot stuff and he's like he's still got steam coming up. Are so look CEO and doctor of soft making. Tell me what let's go back go back to the beginning go back to. When you move one made the decision to drop her career and and and take a leap of faith and becoming soft group. And as a move to LA where you are now and and give us the story of the famous story. True or so that you you know this sort of business. My sister passed away are back in 2010. We have very few memories you know pictures videos include that so decided that. I was going to. Make sure that my kids were left that way and benignly to kids. Grand really began. There. Couple recipes and we needed a platform to tell the story and a hot sauce. Just by mistake I guess you would caller by coincidence. Came to be that platform to share those stories. So each one of the kids Solis was developed around their personalities. They need the moved to. I had been in. Corporate America for quite awhile I'm heading out in law firm in Boston and decided it was time to do something else I'm a little bit more time with the kids. So I walked away from that it is your blog traveled with the kids tried to identify with the board the brand. And and the kids. And then ample opportunity came up in Los Angeles and I said well great market we've done a lot of market research so was a great market trust to. Com launch war re launch the brand here in Los Angeles so I accept that well out here in Los Angeles and we continued to develop and and built the print or things you know more things coming for Q spicy mango and 22. I I can't wait. I think that. It's an interesting deal first off. Talk about then. To motivate that other than the fact you got to spend time their kids obviously you had played around and you had made sauces for yourself. Yes I love. We spend most of our advocates and that's with a family really gathers him even when we moved out here to LA. We have to have you know it gave a gourmet kitchens so I tell you we haven't shipped it to here. So we we toured around mean everything surrounding the family it's too so the the idea behind them outside is really. Did you eat it every night I mean with every meal. Even my kids in our eating meat accused by mangled everything from tacos to burritos. It's more of a topping that is. Took a so that development of the saw this really came about by just experimenting rip. At a sensitive stomachs of some of the kids so you know we need to make sure that it was. Didn't have and lot of artificial preservatives and had to be all natural had to be glued entry. And how do you do that you know there are many sauces on the market. That are like that so we found a niche there and decided that we were gonna run with that. And it was it's a great platform. Rust or stories because anyone who has a brother sister cousin aunt uncle growing out. Has some of the similar stories that we care. In a tour brand you know so they can connect with our brand really connects with other ways as well as the released. When I look at the ingredients or if it has no calories which one of the contributing factors why a guy like anything by it. But mango Paul moment the has mustered some distilled vinegar water mustard seed salt to Merrick paprika. Spices garlic powder Abbott or peppers vinegar red chili peppers water elect brown sugar hoping to peppers. Curry powder Coleman and chili powder now anybody that likes to cook is listening and he heard some distinct thing curry powder. Went into heaven or flavor and essence of that. Of that Comerica and not only color but a subtle background. Flavor and this is with that mustard. Is unique this is not say a Caribbean style have an Arab based office. It's not a Mexican kind of they held up Ninos sauce it's not. It's its unity and in and that's why when I got to look at the Kosovo this this has great potential and then started drinking and the ball with app on. Voted out some more OK so now this was this is clintons and how how old is he now the picture on their looks like is probably about six. He is nine. Implies. And he's out there all the time trying to I guess that was so. Their very much involved to divert much involved. In the business they actually. Quick and actually it is about this suggestion choose that we moved out to Los Angeles and receive a lot that's going on here. Terms of almost as he wants to donate the proceeds from his saw us to cause so we've been talking about you know how we can. What can we do how can we do that and what's because of wanna support so. Kids are definitely involved in that we. You know we we try and promote that entrepreneurial spirit in the kids while they're young and Oakley carriers to. But so let's let's talk about the kids I love it when you go to the about page at nine that Cameron nine lazy kid's scared easy dot com. It's a picture of well first off from the top pro is you and your life. Via Michelle and then looks like Alicia is probably the oldest of the nine at that time. I yeah this is is the oldest and and it then it goes in order there's tiara. Ramon. Martin guy. Where minding your commitment from sky miles. Than it is Quintin belief. Can't. And then the Davey. Ring. Well through that I I put you on the spot but. You got a ball and in order which epic of pretty cool. And so okay Jews sauce then he's the first one. What are we gonna see the other ones available nationally and what are some of the other styles of soft when mimic. So I am 2000 and so 2018 is the role. What we're actually going to do chances tomatoes garlic. That one is a I don't play favorites of the cute but it really enjoy and I'm so. Before they were an extra hours now we're just moving them to a sore spot and also coming out with a new line. Where those folks that don't like eat but they do want something that they put on abate or something like that so what we're gonna make exactly and sauces. No he took cues. Spicy mango will be accused mangled but it will be spread and be an extra so you just some things that we're looking at in 2018. And then rolling out one of the other sauces. On and on top spot. In 2018 as well. It's a cool idea just the pot of them mangoes spread. Run away comes to mind either pork tenderloin or Portland. Rubbed and and then roasted and at some of that sweetness and in the courier and those things. Interesting concepts are now. All of the kids are involved they've grown a good bit and do it competitiveness. That went away went my thoughts going to be done. A lighter all the time all the time and sales. Last year was a well it was a it was a good year for the Brent. I'm still in terms jailed they're very much competitive and they want to know. Going on with sales and we've just recently with the move had to scale back which is the reason why accused of is the only one available right now. Last year we had. Force us is that we were just switching over transition goes into hot sauce bottles. Then we did some research where Bentley college in Massachusetts. And the feedback came back that there are some folks would like to see the don't eat. They like you know calories gluten free but many many folks you know indigestion and things like that. I'm so we decided that OK gonna take that feedback we're gonna run with a but now we've gotten here we've been in LA now for about six months so things are just starting to ramp. It I think it's cool listen apps take another break and I'm not quite with you have a couple more questions can you can hang for another couple minutes. Have to sort it with a quick break come back we'll talk more with Maarten the website is nine the number nine lazy kids dot com KI DV. The only product that on the web site now will be more is accused spicy mango thought that went under and raven. And exit regularly six on and on until for 5989. And I'm thinking and you know. 512 movies. And and stocking stuffer gift for neighbors. Really cool stuff over right back we'll talk more of Martan and about. Some of the things that you might expect in the future after the short break.