Meet The Very Cool Steve Sangiacomo

The Good Life
Saturday, June 16th
Guy's first guest in this week's adventure in food, wine, & fun for your ears is wine maker Steve Sangiacomo.

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This is a good lines. Food wine and all the good things of life now here's the host of the good life. God now. How good afternoon what a beautiful guy you know it's supposed to be hot so quit your wine and it was only a few months ago we're whine about going to call for. What's nice about. Not a fluent bull. There are no. Anyway glad you're with us today every Saturday at noon to one it still on char with good life guys who want him bunker here's. If you haven't been the good life guys dot com lately you should do that. You can see of past program zoo link it up and go get podcast of Mogadishu can do and and more importantly the weak part you can see what's coming up on this day. So do that and if you did you would know that. On this day we're talking we're having a lot of fun at for for a start off with a line a bit different and normally in the ones in the second. But this story is so good and I wanted to devote. The brunt of the program to this. You've heard the name San Giacomo if you're one and two views and you've seen it on label after label. And usually those labels have garnered great awards. Magnificent vineyards started in 1927. I can leave which my great grandparents were of them liked that. Pretoria and Maria says Jacques about started the business back in 1927. When they purchased 52 acres of fruit tree ranch. In the south and the Sonoma no my goodness of grown from that. They make some of the most magnificent grapes. And as prone to happen over the years of win now the third generation takes the reins of the apparently company. It's decided it may be having your own label would be appropriate my goodness thank. If you look at their awards that other labels have garnered why wouldn't you do that. It has everything to do with the farming practices in the vineyard location marker on Ahmanson. On and on and joining us today. As one of the partners. Steve's and Giacomo. Stephen welcome to the. Well thank you guys and hand that it would be gone and and we called spring out here as well. BP they. Not eat out here now which saw. Richard needed so welcoming it. Well look you know we have. We only have about thirty minutes to talk and that is just not long enough I'd like to turn you loose and take us back to. Wrong. The early days the first generation. The ranch the vineyards. The growth you were running through the vineyards of the while little kids. And and and bring us up to date today. The I can alluded to a new. Mimic other Campbell made it. Nineteen early 19100. That are. On this. Beautiful and cheers and on the value. Our whole range eat those orchards in through trees in them peaches and plums and they count he made my grandmother shortly thereafter and or it and this joke with every kid you had it by another branch. Abide. And a ranch near by name in that would 300 acres of you know beautiful. Pair orchard and met that time weird delivering caller for injuries in com and brick they kind of saw that. Appropriate Sergey visit didn't have much of it should all black teachers so that Serb and why greats like that is generous they can go out yet. Two Brothers. But in Bob and and sister Lorraine and it took over the reins in the continued to you go to orchard and and in pick 1969 to play under first painted green acres and they had a realize the promise of wine industry here in. Sonoma and Napa California so they kind of make it made it tired pitching quickly. Shortly thereafter in late seventies and early eighties it. The candidate isn't there are shut down what rights they. Converted older. Orchard poll older workers implant going green and luckily fortunately the wind industry kind of circuit pick up in the eighties and whiners you group retirement group wasted and there were a apartment over 15100 acres now or indifferent that you're here in Sonoma and it won vineyards in Napa we have a maker in that we. But thirty years ago. And so that vineyard is. You know part of our port as well but our main focus and Google org chart and we been sourcing issue where that anyone out and and we have there's a 25 owned. That meeting. That you could name on the label and so it spectre. And you know. Multi generational visit in. You know to be able generational turn below them in. That. While we can't use it we two that is ten or make an hour and give it our chance and express our vision. The glut and we're excited we have 2016. Was just released here in the spring. There's been answering your speaking purse. Police have that he's gotten to team more so and derby 33 certain days and recount warned them one property. That next. America. Well and and rightly so. So we know that you are marker herb partners and run in this and that I see a picture with your sister and it. Yes you're right there's certainly yes he's. And ball as well and so that critical about that element. To world if it Allred and we kind of you know I predict that question now. Oh army. And we're. We have to. People are gonna develop winded is we don't great during patient very well the line. For an. An openness to our people there and other field or. Oh hole failed and it right they'll. Most of them all wide eyed and very. Little about are out there are a lot of failures. How hard it is so it. Well I don't know you know right at the folks go to say at San Giacomo dash vineyards dot com. And click on. He got up there that there so that the did what we have a band got oh why. I'm going to start comet though our fingers and puppet for. Worth the wine dark ones out there yet this beating go at ease or direct connection. OK but when I like is I started looking at wine reviews and these are clients that you so great to. Archer and oh my god I mean it is literally a who's who. Of top dog Chardonnay impugn our producers. With a little little store up room and there. And you go back. Politics stop at 2015 knowing there was several more. Vintages beyond that but. Nothing less than a ninety point listed in there Rawle. From great producers and certainly to me that would be indicative of yes. Anybody can make good ones but you can't make good run without good fruit. And all these people proof that it's. It's that combination of grapefruit. Well produced and and then don't have one program. Who's gonna be make him why employer you guys gonna try to do that yourself the have a consulting one maker but he gonna do. Gain the aero on the rail line he. He started got labeled number years ago and we've been worked with him Kirk. You know twenty plus years in the tunnel and out on the other consulting winemaker and I mean is right to keep what and then. And then it was kind of like get. They went analyst at a break in Max. Make sure you still on the line and if not if we do get a different line but right now. And that's the price you pay when you're doing live radio with people that are on cellphones. And people that you would never have the opportunity to listen to a mistake it was Steve said Giacomo. Partner and family member of Sam well two different things that Giacomo vineyard we told you about. But now the new exciting and Giacomo and we lines. But they've quick break come back we'll talk more with these don't go away.