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Saturday, May 26th
Author  Virginia Willis is Guy's first guest in this week's adventure in food,wine, & fun for your ears. Virginia's latest book is  “Secrets of The Southern Table – A Food Lover’s Tour of the Global South.

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Good afternoon welcome the good luck I'm glad to stop by K and SS as I am every Saturday I hope did. Had a great week and more importantly hope your Friday it was cool with the C James Taylor this past week and a boy that was. A great show mellow as ever and James Taylor for earlier than you might think after listening to him as a reporter. Looking forward to today's program because it has a gas that. And I think that this is like for four or I think at the fifth book. It's called secrets of the southern table a food lovers tour of the global south and that scratch your head what you think about that for a minute what that means that public can be put it to a book. In the second half from talking to my good friend of Mark Douglas of Douglas wealth management. He takes care of all of my 75 dollar retirement fund. And met but better than that Douglas wealth management is the sponsor. Of a significant part of the VIP party associated with the win dot com tour in the Wichita open this happens. Next week. And the splurge teed off party is pretty much a who's who bore your look at you can get a ticket we're gonna give away some of those tickets later. And that will pale about the whole week it is. They which opened I have a a very cool one of the week that I've never tried before we will simply put together. And of course it brought few budget the Booker change on Northrop group Adam West birch. It's called a Costco rose extra brut sparkling wine from Mendoza Argentina. Hugo. I like. I like sparkling wine and then you go it's Melba. So it's. Pretty dark rose for appearance but. It's cup bubbles. You about that last issue. As a joining me now is a gal who is busier than a tip on a fat dog as they say in the south. And the focus so cool when I first read about that but being from the south if you can call Miami the south and Ike and it's got great pictures it's got so many things in Virginia Willis is the author. She's Georgia born French trained chef chef by trade and more importantly and to our benefit and author of yes five previous of books including the James Beard award winning lighten up you all that was so last year. But the year before time goes by I gave him. Should bit on CNN all recipes country living eating well. And just all about talent she's in the middle of a fairly extensive book tour and is nice enough to let us speak with her today hello Virginia. Okay thank you so much for having me. Will it when I first got the book. Coming through. Beautiful over par reprieve so we need do is shout out who took the picture. Andy measures she's incredible in dear friend of mine and she'd actually worked out all my collection this incredible Renaissance woman and she and was a stylist to prop stylist and estate analyst and target didn't photography. They see an I. Traveled over eight months to eleven states to seek a photograph that. And that I look at some of them and someday with our beautiful technologically sophisticated world. Got to come up descriptions. Pat pat pat pat. I mean really you know it. There was several pictures equipment that should have made me hungry Collard green was one of them. And and then exposed in that that is not the prettiest picture of food. It's a well taken picture of melted cheese and tomato herb. One. That is that delicious recipe that's for certain. Well. Let's before we get an the book and why it is different and it is. Talk about you talk about. Mom and grandma and and growing up in the south and what put two and a position deride all of the book view of written including. This school book secrets of the southern. Well look at that became a writer and I my first at cooking. Was on. Behind the scenes for TV cooking show is so I have worked in restaurants but it. More than anything. Quiet in the kitchen director for. Nathalie Dupree and Bobby Flay and Martha Stewart says you know also stepped past. PD cooking show and then there's always someone that's running the kitchen I'm behind the scenes so that was sort of that was my needs for a period of time. And then. Eventually get into like ten years again by the Tokyo came down and I decided that I needed to write Mayan book considers. Writing them for other people in and there are retarded. There it started that there really start a long time before that as you and I both it and anybody who. In their adult years our food and dubious. Have a story about. Those off how moments and those memories of you know the old on air conditioned kitchen and and the fan whirring in the background. And then brought it right now I cannot. And others that it is a great Celestica excuse very adventurous. And I grew up playing on her trying also to different things and the traditional southern he would as well as. You know she would make egg roll their Craig star. You know she needs. Deeper adventurous and always trying different things than we drew opened a group of Louisiana. And then to get in over neighbors she started cooking gumbo and jambalaya and at two faced and theory the theory. It's exposed to many different states and played Britain's top of cuisines and I was young. And that my grandmother was an incredible cook and some of my happy memories of my child that are being in the kitchen with her at the little girl. And that it can make him the credit by people at the vet the the coffee cans of bacon Jews. Yeah. Yeah that went on the south and the introduction of your book. It is not only an induction to what's in the following pages. But it's a little deeper into your life and your thoughts on certain things. And you describe. Being with other cookbook authors people in the food. The business and getting asked some questions about just what is southern food and talk about that a little bit ago there has been here perception problem. Now I think and on I spent a lot of time traveling has been there with that tours or my work. I teach at various split a dollar for the country and I. Just that I know I lived part time in Atlanta but I counseling part time in New England. And and it over the past few years it just sort of purple that I feel like a lot of people outside of the south don't understand. That south. And then the killing of a bit further into that does this about the what is southern he would. If we considered suspect eleven states that in the united visited Texas Louisiana Mississippi Alabama. You know at Georgia Florida. Worked on it after Carolina. Tennessee Kentucky. Virginia. That's actually twelve but it's. That's seeded. The pistols and opulent countries at tremendously different than the pistols they got a New Orleans. Which is different from the coastal state of Florida. Net amount that stated the mountain about apple lacks in sound about the difference in the deep south of Georgia and Alabama. And Texas that is sort of Italian. Staying right in eastern. Texas is very similar to. Defeat at least in under the bodies in the Bryce and did come that it touches that set. On to say southern seats on Brock we're pretty forward and he. He says it's coming out a palace really Smart and we don't say something like ally left Europeans hate and can say something like I left southern aid or. I don't like and is is. Is it it would be the same sort of thing only with fake French skater Italian or German skater indefinitely that we would just say Europeans to agents. On the south of that at tremendous geographical area. If you knock off all of those states that you just mentioned. I think our country would collapse suitable tax money immediately you'd southern food has always you know you get that. Collard greens and fried chicken. Maybe you get smoked meat. It and it's there's always been that. And there's always been. Ethnic influence. Yes it really is founded on a lot of ethnic influence. Shirt and you I think that I'm. Since I left for chicken talented excellent copying all of those things you know I've come to traditional what one thinks that with the traditional southern states. It's there's certainly did certainly happens each place and in what is southern stated and they've been through ethnic pockets what you mentioned. They have existed since two cents. At about the sort of existed even going back to colonial times you know. One of my favorite stories that New Orleans if we consider. New Orleans style barbecue sure. Which if you've ever had that it has nothing to do the grill or Barbeque parties to stop. I'm an essentially. New Orleans style barbecue tramp is concerned MP. And at the reason that existed. In the 18100 state to the date a directory from Sicily to New Orleans. And further room at that point in time in 18100 or more Italians in New Orleans than any other part of the United States including New York City. So there's. Circle of Italian and plant in New Orleans there's the surface circle of Chinese influence in Mississippi because Chinese came over after the civil war torque in the cotton field there's. Circle of influence in TARP and springs Florida with Corey and also in Birmingham and. So it doesn't spread far but it definitely affect the local gateway. Boy and the truth than I grew up and I'm pretty sure I'm older than you but. Probably not by twenty years when I was in elementary school I'm pretty sure it was like second grade is when the first. Influx of Cuban refugees came to Miami. And then and you know that my grandparents like oh woe is me what companies. The Cuban invasion. And Miami would be so much lesser of a place deliver enjoy food. If it wasn't for the Cuban influence. And and it's happened elsewhere I think there's a significant. Vietnamese population probably one of the most. Along with Cubans the hardest working most integrated most. Americanized. Immigrants to join our community and adds so much when we come to clued in and things like that early. Fun to watch over the ball. No assurance there's more there. More there's a huge population of Vietnamese all along the gulf and they have more Vietnamese in Houston Texas than any other part of the country except for California. Says they have been that the Vietnamese community is very much influenced as locals that late in Easton. And how to have been worked in the shipping industry that one of the stories. As you know each chapter. In this book and to add to really in my. I think it's more than a cut the connection with some pompous about it but it it is more than that but because that's. Secret of the southern table as a collection of recipes that each chapter. Has two stories about harvest term maker or catcher. It's sort of tried to. Got a little bit deeper. And tip to tell that story to tell that secrets and want of this story and it is this story about Vietnamese shrimpers and taxes. As it's so cool and I. That was my next train of thought I was coming guiding our conversation away and you did that make the most of you Fredricka folks we're talking about a great book we're gonna get where copy. After the next segment's called secrets of the southern table. A food overseas tour of the global. And this is by me and we'll. And there's so many great fees and it. The photographers do bring the food alive you can almost. Ramon scratches he could almost mallet and the best part is the recipes are. Creative end and and different and I guarantee. My dear midwestern friends which I loved dearly you can come through this improbably find recipes that are similar to what used to. But some of them are really different really I'm god Barrett in the good life that we'll take a break. We come back we'll have more food when the bunkers don't go away.