MGM Resorts is suing the victims of the Las Vegas massacre

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Wednesday, July 18th
Guest: Fox News correspondent Tonya J. Powers.

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Is distinction which is talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news K assessed Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station depend on its. The point is why it's 50 minutes this morning it was David's dad is actually back in time. Donald Trump junior appears at which stuff fund raiser we've got the story planned around the Wichita Greyhound park has been sold at auction. I'm Dan O'Neill I'm writing prize the Wichita City Council got details on the proposed budget for next year. Federal charges filed against Wichita attorney in the computer software engineer. I'm Ted Woodward of details just ahead I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday after a brief break from the heat yesterday it looks like it returns not only today but especially tomorrow and into the weekend are full forecast in minutes. And Alabama congresswoman who once denounced president trump wins her runoff election. After getting some help from the president. Republican congresswoman Martha trophies won the runoff primary for Alabama second district she had to fight to prove her loyalty to the president because the district is very much pro trumped. Roby angered some constituency after pulling her support for then candidate Trout. When the Access Hollywood tape brought Abby is Luke comments about women. Her opponent in the runoff Bobby Bright argued he was more loyal to the administration and Roby but Roby convince the president to endorse her. Bright admitting defeat Tuesday night I. So the people. Decision and I won't pitch I want you to do something about it. Ruby goes up against Democrat to have a cup Eisner in the November election till NATO Fox News. The president's son Donald Trump junior was in Wichita last night campaigning for Crisco botched. In the GOP primary race for governor in speaking to remove supporters trump talked about the recent meeting with NATO is what was jobs here at all. We're Republican who's done more you can work that's known as a builder yeah yeah so he understands he does those guys who worked for the Minnesota. You know we need to get a look at the job of an influence on the game where wages are going. Kansas governor's race has fourteen people on the primary ballot and the primary Election Day is a Tuesday on reset. The land under and that next to Wichita Greyhound park has been sold at auction two men it's trying to protect what they already own in the area the. The Wichita eagle reports racing magnate Phil Ruffin bought an 82 acre tract that includes the park buildings and the racetrack. Which he closed in 2007. After voters rejected a proposal to bring slot machines for the park. He paid one point six million dollars for the land he owns the buildings at the track and was leasing the land. Johnny Stephens the owner of the nearby Kansas coliseum. And company buildings bought 35 acres west of the park for 150000. Dollars the Cedric county commission approve the sale following the auction. Dan O'Neill K and SS news. Which City Council heard details on next year's proposed budget from city manager Robert Leighton at Tuesday's meeting highlights of the proposed 600 million dollar budget included a change to mail and they. Optimizing fire staff response to non emergency calls and a two million dollar increase in street maintenance. On next year's budget calls for clap golf course to be closed. Mayor Jeff Long Will give his two cents on the course which lost over 230000. Dollars last year. I don't believe we're ready until we have further discussion I can say that I'm not ready at this point to close class I think there might appease them there. Options to look at. The Lynnwood branch library would be close in 2019. Also a private for what take over operation of the city's animal shelter from the police department. The City Council will hold a public hearing about the budget on August 7 with adoption of the plan one week later. Ronnie Price Canadian assets news. Federal charges have been filed against Wichita attorney Brad pit stop make and a computer software engineer the office of the US attorney for Kansas Stephen McAllister. Says the indictment alleges the stop make and David door set. Co-founder of a company called viral artificial intelligence each committed five counts of computer fraud and two counts of conspiracy. The indictment alleges the men were responsible for cyber attacks in 2013 fourteen and fifteen on web sites that were critical look at stocks work. Attorney Steve Robison representing the stock nick tells K yes and news that were caught off guard by the indictment they thought the mattered been concluded we. There terror investigation was great result out beyond. We have asked. Your troops follow up we've got retired Kurt beat up in the two years plus at past steadily better should consider the matter. Court date is still pending. President trump trying to clarify and correct a controversial comment he made about Russian election interference. At a news conference was Vladimir Putin she met this day would it not would in any key sentence about Russian election interference. He should have been obvious I thought it would be obvious but I would like to clarify just in case it wasn't. President trump says he meant to say he sees no reason why Russia would it be to blame for 2016 cyber attacks instead he said he didn't theories and it would be Russia. Also now saying he accepts US intelligence agency's conclusions. That Russia's Madelaine. 2006 he. Election took place. But the president added it could be other people also. On Capitol Hill Jared Halpern Fox News tennis is used on now 8055 minutes 10 to 8 o'clock. Major League Baseball all star game last night we'll have highlights. It's coming up in humans sports. Google may be facing the biggest fine in its history that story coming up on the Taylor is this morning news was even dead. This is for users he'd sit down until 9:9 minutes after 8 o'clock. A Harvey county sheriff's deputy has been arrested for alleged triple threat. Made via cellphone. Levi Herring was taken into custody by the north Newton police department Tuesday morning RB county shares of Chad gay says he will hold his deputies accountable. Our community to know that they have a great group of folks that worked for them. And that this one guy. You know isn't messed it doesn't at all represent what we stand for the sheriff's office. Herring has been placed on administrative leave by Harvey county during the investigation by north Newton police. Google may be facing the biggest fine in its history. Google may be ordered a fork over as much as eleven billion dollars in fines by the European Union commission. The BBC reporting that the commission's ready to lots of fine because of what they say are anti competitive roles for android phones. If you've ever had an android you'll see that usually Google searches the default search engine and the global plays stores the default store. Google reportedly requires that any phone maker who wants to use the android operating system has to set up those defaults. Chill NATO Fox News. Victims of a lottery scam may finally be getting justice seven years after it started people who were fleeced by Lambert will Axl finally have a chance to get some of their money back thanks to the seizure of cash and jewelry recovered in the lottery scam will looks is accused of masterminding. Hero scam out of his mansion in Jamaica where you live with his mother. That's where he was arrested November 2016. The scam started in 2011 when a North Dakota woman lost her life savings of 300000. Dollars she was the first of at least ninety mostly elderly Americans that lost a total of more than five and a half million dollars. Will looks to be guilty last year conspiracy and could get to forty years in prison when he sentenced later this year Tonya Jack powers Fox News. NS us news time now 81111. Minutes past data plus receive instead of. And the traffic volume standing just a little bit we're seeing us. Pretty good road conditions out there at the moment still got some heavy traffic in the broad construction. Around Bechtel in 19:35 I am seeing a lot of traffic. On IQ 35 in that area right now so let's watch for slowed down traffic update frontpage NFS radio I'm dead chambers. Analysts to go to forecast now we can't assist staff meteorologist Dan holidays deported Dan good morning is a little disturbance tracks by the atmosphere will see shower and thunderstorm chances start to diminish. We've partly cloudy and warm this afternoon it should be in the mid eighties around noontime 92 for our high tonight scattered clouds are loose 74. Really heating up tomorrow though with Thursday's high 105. KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Now mostly cloudy 72 degrees never southeast wind at three miles per hour. Theaters as weather brought you by the monarch featuring the perfect patio for conversation and cocktails. The monarch over to military discounts for current and retired veterans. The monarch in the Leino. 812 now Stevens did here on CNN justice on this Wednesday. July. Eighteenth voter registration. Closed yesterday Tuesday I hope you get registered to vote for the the big election coming up. Here about a primary coming up at on August efforts as we narrow the field there. And the governor's race going to be right there at the top of the knicks seemed intent here on K and as essence death prosecutors say a Pennsylvania mother. Killed her eleven year old son with a lethal mix of drugs in her breast milk. Samantha Jones was charged with criminal homicide in the April 2 death of her baby. The Bucks County district attorney's office is an autopsy found the baby died from a combination of methadone. Amphetamine and methamphetamine. According to an affidavit the thirty year old told police she'd been too tired to make the baby bottle when he awoke crying. And instead breast fed him. Jones told police that she had been prescribed methadone because of a painkiller. Addiction. I didn't do that mean obviously the the mothers them milk was poisoned by all these drugs. And either she was ignorant about how things worker. I don't know anything about it but it can be carefully yes in via that's attached to tres I am sad story. The house of a retired to Boise I do hope priest. Who's accused of sharing child pornography online and a drug possession has been cleaned out and blessed by an atrocious. The Idaho statesman. Reports father John worst your pastor at Saint Mary's Catholic Church in Boise. Who is preparing to property for sale says he headed diocese and actresses. And he's prayer team come and pray over the house. The diocese of Boise evicted father W Thomas Tom proctor from the house soon after he was arrested. Watcher is being held at the eighty county jail. And actresses of house in well just do an exorcism and just did. And prayer and today. Okay cleaned out of blessed by an exorcist in app on the department of the but the difference then again there's a different look at. And I. 814 now Stevenson and if you if you listen to our news is sporting. The we have our I guess this okay. What this is morning up from Fox News radio Tonya. Mandalay. Bay east suing the victims of the Las Vegas massacres of a strange and this story got little beat some people upset abet. Tonya. What the heck is going raw meat or what why are they talking this. That's you know that this administration Reid has done in nearly equipment and you read it again. Because it looked. I haven't read it wrong the first time honestly when I saw this event probably I think other people into you know. Com here's the deal in the resorts international is definitely lost its. In Nevada and California. And pretty it is in federal court in what they're saying basically is paying. Would like to have a judge to think they don't have any liability. In the Los biggest massacre last October the one that killed fifteen people and injured hundreds more. On even know that that's what happened there at the mentally date which is owned by MGM resorts. They are saying that under anti thanks. This is kind of what fierce fighting congress passed the fact after nine elevenths. And they were trying to encourage private sector to have a security technologies in civilian settings. Via that kind of thing and let them team GM folks are saying bull you know they work. Going along with him and that's what they were doing in these security firm that they hired was that had been approved by the DA can't. And so therefore they believe they don't deny ability but the headline just quite shocking when you see you know. MGM is victims of the massacre that if that makes a lot. Well you you wonder if the boot from strictly from a marketing and PR standpoint that they should even do that because they just. It just looks terrible for Mandalay today. Eight were in had taken that defected to put this statement out com. Net. And the exact wording of the statement because it was it would kinda depressing as well. I'd say the company is trying to avoid com yours has drawn out litigation which would not benefit the victims. Today. What do quick solutions. You know almost sounds like we're doing her own good but that's not really not what. Think that it just doesn't is just not sitting well the whole Lotta people because it just seemed pretty extreme. Well listen it's interesting story a lot more. Underneath that headline but what a bit misleading I am really misleading against the got to dig a little deeper on this stuff yeah. They get done Tonya. Mentally beta until the ensuing victims of the Las Vegas massacre its of of course we almost called a legal technicality. There. And now they may have many trying to find a way to exercise your legal issues without suing the shooting victim assuming. People would bench. Yeah somebody in New York hotel and they're trying to figure out different way to get about doing now be interesting to see how judgment to you know. I'd it's 817 now Stephen dead here on K units as it is a sports time now with him what we had the a Major League Baseball. All star game last night right at 89. Major League Baseball all star game the nation's capital last night Washington DC American League and National League all stars going out it's. This game was tied at five defy David went extra inning when the top of the tenth but with all the home runs flying out of the place didn't take long to the American League. To break the tie in the top of the tenth closure of the game last night on can't they. The future. Swing due to drive well struck. Left me way back. Alex correct game. Well look back to the ball. And it is 605. Really get into the dugout and watch videos of Gary pettis. Regular season third base coach as well as tonight. Nothing else. It's six that are off. Alex Britain with a home run on the very next pitch his teammates his real. Season teammate George springer the Astros and home run next pitch. American League goes on to win over the nationally 86 in ten innings thirteen of the fourteen runs in the game last night were scored via the home run. And very enigmatic of what baseball is these days of the first time in 55 years the American League now has the upper hand in the all time series between these two in the all star game. The game featured 25 strikeouts nine walks and a by far a new record ten home runs hit in the game last night there'd never been more than six in an all star game last night they were and American League wins it eight to six in ten innings. Pro baseball last night Wichita wing nuts are in Lincoln and taking on the salt dogs in the Wichita just does not have good karma in Nebraska this season for the fourth time in five games this season in Lincoln. The wing nuts lose on a walk off by the salt dogs sacrifice fly in the bottom of the ninth. Wanted for link in the last night. Eight to seven assault bugs when it dropping when it's two games behind for a playoff spots. We know it'll finish have a very short three game road swing it. In the Lincoln tonight at 645 before coming back home to Lawrence Dumont stadium when nets on the road at Lincoln tonight. Pro basketball the NBA summer league tournament finishing up for the title game in Las Vegas last night Portland Trail Blazers beat the Los Angeles Lakers. Starting the lakers former Kansas Jayhawks beat a pilot had ten points and three rebounds he had a very nice summer league it's in Vegas. And the leak Newman another. With the lakers there was a trade in the NBA yesterday the Memphis Grizzlies trade a former Kansas Jayhawks have been Maclin more to the Sacramento Kings. Sound familiar. We're McLemore played his first four years in the league with kings he went one year with the grizzlies. Now Memphis traded him back to Sacramento that the war was the number seven overall pick. In the NBA draft. Five years ago. Get a Minor League Baseball update on former Wichita wing net hitter Fernando Perez he's in the Mexican League with a Tijuana toros on base a couple of times yesterday it's quarter run. He's got a 286 on base percentage. Former wing nut Fernando Torres in the Mexican League sports Stephen Ted KNS. I get a 21 now given for the Hannity morning minute shines as we need to. Shore up the secrets of America and governor. Even though the morning on K and a sense.