The Miami Marlins are dropping their mascot race

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, February 14th

Bob the Shark, Julio the Octopus, Angel the Stone Crab and Spike the Sea Dragon will have to race elsewhere.


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If he could get in the morning Steve Macintosh. Ted Woodward. A United Airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing as it made its way from San Francisco to Honolulu. After a cover for one of the engines. Came off Fox's Kelly Wright has more one passenger treated this was the most scariest flight of my life. First a loud boom and then the plane started shaking violently. They were well into their flight forty minutes away from their destination when the unthinkable happens. Potato really loud bang. Was riding on Wednesday. The pilot of flight crew take immediate action to deal with this crisis the pilot alerted air traffic control in Honolulu to have fire trucks on the ground prepared while the flight crew told passengers to put their heads down. And prepare for any emergency landing. The pilot brought the plane in for a safe landing company says everyone was able to exit normally it's not known what caused that cover to falloff. Mayor Jeff Long well back in his familiar scene in the Wichita City Council chambers Tuesday after his trip to Washington DC Monday a city cab. So unanimously approved industrial revenue bonds for Textron aviation. Not to exceed 434 point eight million dollars since 1991 of the city is approve bonds totaling over one point three billion to Textron. And it's predecessor Cessna. In other business that council to further requests for a temporary street closure during next month's NCAA men's basketball tournament at Entrust bank arena. The council heard comments and concerns from citizens and businesses. About the courtside on commerce the Alley too excited that a bit. Councilman Randy Johnson from district one. Ask for a deferral on the motion to allow all affected parties more time to review the plan. The council voted unanimously to defer the motion to next week Ronnie Price KM SS. News as 72 year old woman in northeast Kansas says she paid her neighbors 700 dollars in cash for yards services but when authorities arrested the man they seized her money. And kept it. We get more from Kansas information that first Bradley gypsum. The Topeka capital journal reports that Suzanne James alleges to Kansas bureau of investigation balked at returning her money. LSU into its headquarters for questioning which she refused to do. Jane says she paid 700 dollars in cash to her neighbor. 42 year old Chad wind land tomorrow lawn and provide treat care services while she was out of town last summer. But when land was arrested by the key BI on charges of bond violation before he could do the work. The key BI says it acted appropriately and that the matter is no longer its responsibility. The bureau says when Lance case concluded. When he was sentenced to prison in December for drug crimes. President trump has derided fake news during his first year in office. But what are Americans doing to separate fact from fiction on line. And it's social media think news it's a term was ambiguous meaning. President trap you did broadly in his first year of office referring to negative coverage of his administration. But the emphasis on the fake news phenomenon has put an unexpected spotlight on the need to combat this information online and in social media. Especially. Among young people advocacy groups are now reporting a huge demand from educators looking bad. Media literacy skills to the classroom after the 2016 presidential election exposed how the Internet can spread propaganda. At alarming speeds some like in his literacy project our focus exclusively. On the high schools. In Washington Griff Jenkins Fox News. A Minnesota man has been paying taxes for three decades but the IRS maintains. He's dead. He's as offends owe him thousands of dollars in refunds but they won't cut a check to a dead man. Fox nine Minneapolis Irish pres. Adam running a minute Tonka considers himself a do about taxpayer here. When he was sixteen Adam got his first job at RadioShack. And made sure Uncle Sam got his singer ever since. Yet wait IRS sees it Adam took his last breath thirty years ago a hardworking dead man Adam has both state and federal taxes withheld from his biweekly paychecks. But because the mix up since 2009. Adam only gets eight parcel tax return at best. Or not a single penny by Adams estimate Uncle Sam now owes him at least 27000. Dollars. The IRS has not commented. Now if the forecast with Cain is a staff people just Dan Holliday could morning damned good morning low clouds are moving from west to east Campbell stick around for awhile released mid to late morning. And the the clearing skies temperatures will really jump this afternoon mid to upper sixties by the time we had the lunch seventy for the high later today and cloudy and breezy overnight Tarlow the low fifties and another warm day before a strong cold front moves in tomorrow Thursday's high in the low to mid seventies I'm Kayla SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Now home followed missed. Still low fog mist at their 43 degrees south wind at seventeen miles per hour. 836 Stephen dead it's time for entertainment news or with Ted Woodward here on Valentine's Day tip to get away and we'll tell you about a country singer who has passed away. I'm Jacqueline Karl. Six day. The country music world is sad to hear about country singer Daryle singletary death Travis trip calling singletary a true country voice and Charlie Daniels says singletary saying countries like country should be sung. Singletary died Monday at his home in Lebanon Tennessee at the age of 46. Dixon held leans on you make it easy for which there was a three part music videos shot is the lead single from all lean upcoming album rearview town which drops April 13. I'll see behind me neon tour kicks off may tenth and Kansas City, Missouri. Wrestle flats are performing a concert right before Sunday's Daytona 500. That's bucks country on Fox News. Peyton Manning is going to be taking the track for this year is Daytona 500. But not the checkered flag the two time Super Bowl champ is going to be driving at Daytona just not competing. Manning will lead the field off pit road driving the pace car on the laps prior to the start of the Daytona 500 on Sunday Manning just want famous face that will be part of the pre race festivities to start off the NASCAR monster energy cup season his pal Dale Earnhardt junior will give the command for drivers to start their engines prior to the great American race while Oscar winning actress Charlize their own. Will wave the green flag to get the Daytona 500 underway Madden a volatile fox name. Of course yesterday was one final blowout in New Orleans on the last day before lent Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday yesterday. Boy the party was on the New Orleans including remarks from the mayor Mitch land through a. It's the City Council members of the first lady of the archbishop another police chief for the anti. The creature today is the queen Zulu broccoli up and out of the troops who lives across the that you would dissent welcome name. Okay. And we will be on the benefit side. The new kind of through the yeah queen Zulu that's mayor elect LaToya Cantrell. And queen of the kind of ball off on her flight their egos a little fun yesterday one final day of fun in New Orleans before. There were serious in the next few would. Well at some of the fund is going away in Miami. When you make changes in management sometimes. People's heads roll the Miami Marlins baseball team making changes. It was a tradition in the middle of more on home games the great seem race which pitted Bob the short Coolio the octave was Angel the stone crab and spike the sea dragon head dead and a dash to the finish line. Well the great C race is now extinct the monsters are confirming that the raced down the third baseline is coming to an end after five years. As for the team's official mascot Billy the marlin you'll be sticking around. Albeit with a different person in costume with the morals confirming that bad employee to has been fired. Mad volatile no Fox News. He broke wilderness. Apparently it blows thirty years ago on this day the passing of Frederick low Broadway composer. Lerner there hello wow this is the guy that wrote all the music or break you do and My Fair Lady and Camelot. They can how many great class standards came out of those musicals a lot more tonight on Dutch. Now Frederick low passed away thirty years ago on this day. We got a couple of folks instill with this so wanna mention happy birthday today to TV personality. Feud down. Her reason 97. Today. Thank. One point he held the record for most air time ever. In the world and television as if they examined I believe he was eclipsed by Regis Regis I think yeah downs held that record for years here is at least 97 now I still let us. Happy this one got me a little bit happy birthday new magician teller you know the magician group and an hour. So let the taller than your notes though it's the little guy that does not speak little part of their act yeah teller. He is seventy today. Did not look seventy years old magic. I yell and you don't speak. Yes it you know this thing tell young when rubio I usually never sales yeah radio I'd look like a million but still wearing a diaper birthday dude vitamins Eller. I'm already wearing I've announced that the it's part of our discussion yeah go ahead policy let's check in a some of the late night how about those Jimmy Kimmel on ABC. It has been very windy and John Cheney they've had gusts up to forty miles an hour. Which made it difficult for the athletes somehow altered their routines took a work around the winds some of the snowboarders couldn't get their bonds led it has been chaotic. To him on the Olympics and now of course also on ABC last night the bachelor and winter games. Claire what everybody loves clutter. I'm feeling on the shelf better than I have on any show up. How could not land that you guys say they notice you not only for it looks like for your personality religious are beneath them and. Electorate has now all the guys like clear the secrets and probably looks pretty. I think more than two guys noticed there particularly attractive probably don't usually have homely people on it should. And it. Players that he got to win this well past he's got guys sprawled all over apparently out. Good luck to clear there at Baylor winter games last night go baby and finally today we mark the passing of great voice Boise you know passing of James Baskett really. Bill. It fast. The voice of the other Arenas in the movie song the sound multiple news. What a great voice that. Man that guy had that problem once and of course this is this one of the iconic songs of the twentieth century sip but he Buddha whoever it is over now. James Baskett. He. He didn't live long and live very long after that he died just couple years after that puts on the south came out he had trouble with diabetes. At some other health issues. And he didn't make it suffered a heart attack too he's only forty hole. When he yeah it's like yeah we have great here won well they kind of made him look older old movies yeah. That's that's what you think of him as as an older man but he's only 44 when he asked. And he did get an honorary Oscar for his role as uncle auriemma since on the south. Making him the first black male actor who received an academy or about bad. Didn't get the kind of that are longer. Enjoy that very much. I'm blessed James Baskett symphony in the done he passed away seventy. Years ago today that's entertainment news in the oiler for this saint Valentine's Day brought to you by our good friends. Pizza John stand it any. Yeah I recommend you try their steaks spaghetti down at all. Awesome you like the mix again I didn't I didn't here's what the deal is I'll give you their phone numbers today because they do great carry out this. Maybe you wanna treat your Valentine do with some fun tonight from 7882011. Is the phone number 7882011. There right there on take fifteen to 08 cell Baltimore beat John. 843 now. Even had a change of occupants. For an east which are building editor billboards that stop business journal coming up seated in the morning on tape and the best tennis.