Michigan library offering artifical sunlight

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, January 16th

Escanaba, Mich. library installed therapy lamps that can help with depression or seasonal affective disorder. 


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Is distinction which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KSS. Widget because number one. News talk bad weather station depend on us. Good morning 6:30 feet and good morning thank you Jonathan Byrd. No classes for most schools across south central Kansas today that includes Wichita public and Catholic school as a little bit state university. However all high school athletic crack him up provisions will take place as scheduled for which public schools. And all non attendance centers will remain open the W issue women's basketball game will be played as scheduled tonight. At Charles Coke arena. Now the forecast with Cain is his staff meteorologist Dan holidays your morning and good morning it looks like we have another frigid forecast would dangerously cold wind chills this morning. And we just don't get much of an opportunity to warm up and all this afternoon. We will be in the single digits around noontime thirteen for the hi this afternoon the wind chill readings fifteen to twenty below clear in three for the load tonight tomorrow's high 32. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays are partly cloudy four degrees we've got an all printed sixteen miles per hour and that gives us a windchill of minus sixteen. Oh cold weather can't stop the worker first responders officer nature level. With a witch of the police departments homeless outreach team tells Kate is a news he's been making sure there is no one trying to take shelter outside. It may serve to make it a priority to contact all of almost that are out here. Get a connected to the shelters that is pretty dangerous sirens are to get this cold. Innovate ministries is keeping their winter emergency shelter open all day for those who need to bed in a place to keep warm. Which the leaders are considering loosening rules governing outdoor drinking today the Wichita City Council will consider allowing bars and restaurants to apply for permits that would allow them to expand their drinking spaces for a year at a time. The council will also look at opening outdoor areas of numerous public facilities to drinking events. Following Saturday's false alert and an incoming missile Hawaii's governor. Maybe gay says it was difficult to send false alarm messages to all platforms and technology. While we've got to Twitter. TV and FaceBook fairly quick to me. We were hand Sean by any number of factors. Making it difficult to get timely cancellation. Up to cellphones. An alert was sent by accident causing the state to be on edge for 38 minutes an alarming story for parents of six year old girl tried to jump out a window. After being given Tamiflu the girls' father who wants to remain anonymous tells Dallas there. A TV station KTV key that he speaking out so other parents are aware of the dangers of this common flu remedy. He says his daughter hallucinate it ran away from school and then used her desk at home that climb onto an open second story window. She was rescued by her mother. When they went to the emergency room. Her parents found out that psychosis and other nervous system conditions are rare side effect of Tamiflu for children and teens. There is a warning label but it's in fine print. And the girls parents wish the risks have been explained to them. Roger stern Fox News. An investigation reveals deadly Pennsylvania plane crash resulted from a front. Cabin door opening during take off investigators say the door on a Beechcraft single engine plane came open in December 2015. As pilot Terry Carlson of Maryland was trying to take off from chemical and woodlands resort in Pennsylvania. Carlson tried to return the land after that door opened. But the National Transportation Safety Board says he didn't manage the plane's speed and lost control. Carlson and passenger Jason Williams also of Marilyn died in the crash. Carlson's 27 year old son Erik Karlsson indicted day later. Eric have been able to tell first responders to the crash that the plane's door had come open till NATO Fox News. 633 now Stevens it in the morning on K in SS on this date January 16. 1991 the White House announced the start of Operation Desert Storm. To drive Iraqi forces out of Kuwait. Allied forces prevail in February 28. 1990 one's. Image short order of that when. It was a 11 of the times in my life where I actually announced on the radio we are war you. Too much of the Nazis thought that's not what you want to do you wanna go that CBS says it's going to stop significant touch ups of imaging used in its beauty product ads. Company says it has a responsibility to think about sending messages of unrealistic body images to girls and young women. It says it will no longer materially Alter photos used in stores on web sites on social media by changing the model shape size skin or eye color or wrinkles. And CBS says if some of its suppliers use altered photos and material they will be labeled as such. As enemy. You mean a model posing. For a photo is not going to use any. And I make up or anything like that I didn't say that canonized as something that he air brushing stuff and none of that artificial. You know via. Let him a little different. A college library in Michigan's upper peninsula is offering artificial sun. During a dark period of the year based college library in as cannot. As installed thirty lamps for visitors. The daily press says the two lamps emit light that can help with depression or seasonal. Affective disorder. Library director Oscar DeLong since they're effective if you wanted to thirty minutes Wednesday. Yeah if the cabin fever gone now convinced that hasn't an impact on all it does. It showed up is angry old days like we've been for days at a time and weakens in one time. It's nasty. Don't. I was in college you it was at Notre Dame and sometimes you go weeks at a time without a sunny day and got it that it does sound effect. Obviously some people feel worse than others how were winners in South Bend horrible. Really now terrible what part of Indiana isn't an hour or very far northwest so how far from Lake Michigan Chile was there when just few months ago. Security campus. Member that. Went up or. And wanted to hit a great nieces and usually there OPEC are. You much beat back to basketball campers that. She does insist. They are intemperate time of the year this. This LE two days it had been since we Stephen did show their body here. The four by Thursday more last Thursday. I just dead over the weekend at the end of that share with you a couple of things tidbit did. I ran into some people. One of that one of the kids basketball games. Erin did dinners taken us. It's a play by play voice of the community college or as big listener and I saw him at one of our grandkids basketball games. And and Saturday night we went out to eat. Antic a robbers and I looked at present stand and are willing to go in and I see the white hair and the unmistakable countenance of a few shall all mine. Now there's a legend the shocker legend how about that. And I couldn't help myself and you'll learn interrupt him and him a hard time here's united according difference. He understands what we're doing here any understanding and he's a good guy Torry and him and at the Richard he is. Get weakened mentally but very nice. In initially and also let's see the posts. The new movie that I heard from us and third parties that they saw you there Tom Hanks and a Meryl Streep and everything I keep hearing from peoples that they enjoyed that movie yeah it's not you know it's not a kid she knows that it. Aliyev people who jump out of airplanes and from 500 feet land on a bailiff pay in their okay that Democrat but it's a good adult. Think about it show and well acted well done course Steven Spielberg accident are. Going to be a so I'll be at a good time in your time off to admit. Yeah a day off yesterday and MLK birthday and now we're back in artist today this the markets were closed yesterday and let their course and doesn't mean that to our good friend Tom leopard did not work. No not at all. Well he said he says the west and we have no hip check in. A good day and it's as commodities detonate it at that would take his word port and it found. Now just completed a million wouldn't want anything anymore. Paul you. And finally Kevin complex started session navy but those positive with the best upside in the feeder. Case cattle traded for the week was mostly lower about a 120 dollar and all of the press was told left can't hold in the previous week. Hopefully yesterday didn't Skinner straight two to six dollars lower. Beckham probably don't get too excited trading game close aren't they on the clothing mr. are simply back on Friday. They ignored cattle were thirty I look at what 1737. Parts Peters of Dow reporting that and I don't want forty to 65. They Apollo sixteen so tired 7157. Fighting that we close navy due to local brew crew is expected in the US here report went into apartment due to a smaller production and you'll have questioned screw up. The corn trade law. World party. I don't yield and production in the USDA report. Trading volume overnight has been very large in the wheat corn and soybeans at the moment Marge can people stay up one quarter percent at 422. Court court opinion they have hired at 3473. Quarter. It's really mean I didn't have been fired 966. April are subjected to recruit well at the moment thirty cents or 64 dollar even February gold dollar 713. 13650. More just and came up eleven point either Clinton for the 1990 and to include us dollar index is dim for England since then 1942. At Barksdale and Jones futures up a whopping 218 point between 6019. A commodity trading reg marking advisory contact with the commodities on the program on the web what you think. It took six to ten top. I go way out on the limb here Tom and say that probably in Augusta. Where you are in Butler county it's cold this morning. I can't have a million JS how cold is it. The last I looked we were between minus one of the year. And they feel we're bird for here which dots. AZT colder then remember all those sayings colder than what a world leaders. Assistant right. He got any other angry angry term water cooler than. Cal on hind legs something like. I've put a lot of the same but it's a road definitely some of those he can do you ever do brass monkey. Brass monkeys over the yes which is things. Billick tracks. Just think warm. Let's say you think warm thoughts today OK. Where were on the radio so let me paint you opened you're you're sitting in front of a roaring fire okay. You've got here and what are the you're in the library of that fourteen bedroom mansion you have there and against. And the servants are bringing you in isms and hot coffee a little biscuit down and it. Basically just sitting there in your you're smoking jacket enjoying the day right there from the roaring for you feel are you feel better now. It'll and Tony servers do you have by the way. You can't even report fireplace. Like yeah. All right thank you stand think formed thoughts today thank you 641 now Steve and add it. Nine grand CFC the money track will be in here in a few minutes to give us his warm up to date he's talking about killing the bolt. And I don't think he's talking about a local attorneys that's coming up Steve into the morning on K in essence.