Michigan man's hand was trespassing

Steve & Ted
Thursday, December 14th
The man put his hand over a fence and was bitten by a dog.  The judge ruled the man's hand was trespassing.

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Is distinction Wichita turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news today and assess which talks number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Good morning David good morning T Macintosh Ted Woodward. GE aviation plans to add new jet engine work Rich's brother steel plant in Cali county. Company spokesman Rick Kennedy says starting in January he ease CF. 848. Will be built at the plant halfway between Winfield and 720 people. Now look at the forecast with gay incest after you don't just stand holidays good morning Dan good morning we become mostly cloudy across south central Kansas says the system is passing from the Rockies and the planes. And a few sprinkles are possible especially just two or north. This afternoon in this evening and today's high 49 clearing and 28 overnight 52 tomorrow and by Saturday night and Sunday we could see some light rain is a system moves through and I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays now partly cloudy 36 degrees with a north wind at eight miles per hour. A man was the victim of a carjacking north of downtown Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson does it happened early Tuesday. Point three year old man park his car in a 316 hotel parking lot at ninth in Topeka. He's going to work he was approached by a man who put a knife to his throat demanding the man's car. Suspect drove oil in that car next break in the case came about three hours later. Officers were called to investigate a suspicious character in southwest Wichita and are you clip and orient. The reference to this officers make contact with 28 year old male. The mail was found to be in possession of property belonging. To our victim from earlier carjacking. The suspect was arrested and booked into jail for aggravated highway robbery. However the carjacking victims a stolen car still missing. It's a blue 2013 Honda Civic license plate 958. HCF. The new leader at the Kansas department for children and families has promised a thorough review of the State's Foster care system but the bigger capital drummer reports secretary geno Meyer humble was hired December 1 to lead the agency. She met this week with a legislative task force studying weaknesses in the State's Foster care system. Task force members say the agency needs to improve how attracts children who left their assigned Foster homes without permission. The agency says its searching for nearly eighty children considered absent without leave. Buyer Hubbell says the agency has quote. Really great staff attending to this need. She also emphasized improving public transparency. Adding that she'll review internal land contract in operations. Dan O'Neill came and SS news. Americans may notice a difference in their paychecks starting early next year if congress approves the Republican tax cut plan. The IRS has taxpayers could begin seeing less money withheld as early as February. The IRS says it's taking the initial steps to prepare guidance on withholding for 2018. The bill provided generous tax cuts for corporations and the wealthiest white ansari. Tax gets the start that again the bill would provide generous tax cuts for corporations. And the wealthiest. While middle and low income families would get less voters in a major election choose none of the above. Alabama secretary of state John Merrill says that more than 22000. People voted for writing candidates in Tuesday's highly contested Alabama sent an election. That number higher than the nearly 21000 votes they gave Democrat Doug Jones the victory over Republican Roy Moore. A billboard in Dothan urged voters to right in the name of former senator and current attorney general Jeff Sessions. A Birmingham man told Fox News he would write in Luther strange the man more defeated in the GOP primary. And several others wrote in the name of the University of Alabama football coach nick Sabin. Mike Kantor Fox News. A letter from the US attorney's office now confirmed the Justice Department is conducting a criminal investigation into Lowber. Over Allah get at accusations of corporate espionage. A federal judge overseeing the litigation between Hoover and Wayne though Google's self driving car unit. Unsealed a letter sent to the court by the US attorney's office. When most suing her for stealing trade secrets one of the star witnesses in all of this Richard Jacobs. Set in a letter that Hoover would use devices that erased messages to keep their discussions secret. And it Huber had a spy team whose goal is to acquire trade secrets. Jacobs was embers former manager of global intelligence and he said he was unfairly fired Roberson Jacobs was trying to extort money from them but settled with him for millions of dollars. Overs alleged to have acquired the trade secrets from Anthony eleven Dow ski he worked at Google before starting his own company which were later purchased. Jessica Rosenthal Fox News. 633 now Stephen Ted in the morning here on Tuesday morning and a tablet. At a whole family. The verdict public but it's attempted a tablet I dole family says they're award winning Christmas display has been vandalized. The Idaho State journal reports got ensues at Kenny. Bound their whole yard display in ruins Tuesday morning. They say their plastic trees were knocked over. There a holiday mailbox was damaged. There's snowman work decapitated. They're animated rocking Horace was smashed. And their ring gears were knocked over and banged up. Somebody did number on vandals. It's the second time someone has messed with their Christmas displayed this year. Local police chief says he sees theft and vandalism of Christmas displays every year. But that it's hard to find those responsible for such crimes. 100 of town chabot Idaho is when they give satellite are taped that much effort to find it. The four teenagers who did this needs of the high school start asking around you'll find it right. They decaffeinated in this. Only thing. Nice. What techie about your neighborhood you our lights in your neighbor got a lot my neighborhood is. Typically. Nearly dark now but there's a couple families this year than actually have gone to some effort really. Yeah he's led them there some years prime the only person on the entire block that has Christmas lights. We had a couple more on the join me this year's that's that's nine's my wife and diet this year I've just. We've been busy she's had her knee surgery. Haven't done that and got the giant. You know artificial trio of the garage so yesterday. At the store we bought it. A real tree about three feet tall our ego Chile about a few lights and things and the string on there you know that's all you need. You know we don't have. So like the old days when we take kids in the house and now be known they've enjoyed it for. And I pulled up next year but you know for this year this year that's fine it's gonna be enough effort. As does the size of the tree I mean. It's it's a pretty news. Some people can decorate them better than others some people just blow them up with lights and everything Soviet pulls no more sparse but that it. What do good job of decorating I'm not very good turnouts. Thomas Cummings was bitten by a dog when he put his hand over a fence in Holland Michigan. The Michigan appeals court ruled in favor of the dog's owners saying Cummings was trespassing. Well even if he was standing on the other side of the fence. The court says no reasonable juror would conclude that Cummings had permission to put his hand over the fence. Especially after the dog was running around and growling at him. In new point did he could not handle on the patent dealer said the dog was uncomfortable with strict ticker well. There you go that saw it I don't put that in don't put your hand over the fence what are the lessons that's what that the court ruled. Tiny homes this is something I haven't seen much of this in which dive you. The tiny home and it's on its solid. Seal on the team field amnesty El Paso County Colorado commissioners have agreed to allow tiny homes in an incorporated. Areas in east central Colorado. The gazette reports the commissioners unanimously voted Tuesday to change lanes use code to permit tiny homes. On agricultural zoning district and wherever mobile homes are allowed out. Tiny rooms are miniature dwellings that are typically less than 400 feet square feet. The changes will be allow people to live in them permanently. Under previous language residents were not old world only allowed to live in the temporarily. Since they were classified as or b.s and Al paso county is one of the first local governments to change its rules on tiny houses. Seem any of those around here I you've seen them. I haven't seen them set up then and living I don't know what the laws are here in the city. But I've actually seen them for sale at a couple of different places here in which to boot. I have not typical Wichita we're about fifteen years behind the national trend. Now tiny homes will be long gone and not. 1415 years from now they'll get really hot here in your seat mile mile and pretty always food trucks might not drug for big about fifteen years ago and Allison which toss caught on it. Who drugs and a man. Neil lunch wagon. You mean a truck with food Canada yet yes that's correct him and then we had one when I was a kid. Button at the west side that came by the third station where work for lunch or addicts and which is in their averages. That not too many ads in another one. Here right. How much flu shots that you don't have to get kidnapped I haven't had a flu shot. Whoa regularly you know me I usually gallon. Free flu vaccines available for uninsured Sedgwick county resident over the age of nineteen while the vaccination is in stock. It's available at Cedric county division of health. May including debt to 2716 west central right there at McLean. Clinic hours Monday and Wednesday Monday through Wednesday ADM to 5 PM Thursday today noon to 6330 PM. Friday 8 PM Canadian to five. Flu vaccinations are available for two uninsured children up to age eighteen and children with state sponsored insurance plans such as Medicaid. Amerigroup I thought under obamacare everybody was absurd. A sliding peace deal is available for children who qualify now that Everett. They have fallen to the cracks here anyway. Free flu shots. And I'm gonna have to get. Even dead now 630 you are insured so Hattie Miami how do you get yours and you go to the clinic. Here's charging go somewhere and just in now. Write it off. Quite a plan you have there I don't know how we do it but wait wait we usually incidence of it's in my wife's depart. He's my insurance. Interpreter and your primary health care if this year's primary caretaker 639 now Stephen dead time for the K and assist commodities up eight. With mr. Tom Butler of left the commodities reporting Tom. According speed. Where do you live cattle feeder cattle futures opened higher with Peter actually making new ride for the week. A higher trading ended quickly in the dark tunnel complex closed negative reports of possibly going in the feeder cattle. The Fed cattle chains sold only 65 in there that very important it's your list despite large mid morning brought to the all the portraits yesterday. In all futures traded mixed in close possibly on the post yesterday Tim Campbell 77 cents lower 11837. 4514565. And they're all sporting the entire 6680. The wheat corn and soybean futures Oakland positive when it professionals missing any type of price friendly or ice that you deeply. Even with yesterday's higher closes but going authorities are still very close to the lows of the week but it raised the rates by a quarter of a point where in the afternoon. At the moment mark Casey want to pay the higher force seventeen that a quarter part scored a quarter of opening at 3483. Quarter. In January being stamp out and ask that the 973. And three quarter. January Ku up 36 cents lower at 5624. February gold up eleven dollars and forty cent to 12160 dollar. The gorgeous piece one point five point 670. December dollar index I'd been floored 9337. And our children's futures 29 point tires point four doubt. 675. But commodity trading break marketing advisory contact with the commodity on the program whipped by using. 66 billion. Tommy or a lot of discussion from time time about interest rates and how the impact of stock markets in the building have an impact on commodity markets quarter percent. As you said yesterday and increases that have any impact on commodities. I'm not gonna say they had an impact on the quality futures Serbs failed but it does have an impact on commodities. And let's just say they're real world because. A potentially you know higher interest rates and higher cost of production and it does have an implication on you know whether or not you know. Google left profitability after the water world of course because it has been one thing everybody enjoyed for quite a few years now. You know low interest rates. And did the villages of tips typically does a farmer borrow a lot of money or a little money is needed to. Yes I'm lots. Alumnus that okay that's what I was thinking in net when he entered into any entries are aiming it goes over the inferences. As very interest in to a farm written right. It is very much so well there were dug my short confirmed dead on operating loved. Part of long term debt on purchasing land. Okay they deserve appreciate the Kansas kimonos update but mr. Tom Loeffler it to 642 people dead. On the re done grant the FB the money factor you talk about this it's not an ambulance chasers but these ambulances. Done grant coming up seated at a morning on the cake and a sense.