Michigan twin sisters running for office in opposing parties

Steve & Ted
Thursday, July 19th
They are running for county commissioner in different districts, and are endorsing each other's opponents.

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It. 9713. Thirty KM SST that morning scene back his son said Woodward. A woman from mountain ridge died in a single vehicle accident in Marion County Wednesday afternoon. Kansas Highway Patrol horse and capital K fifteen northeast of docile. In his UV went off the road into the ditch struck a Covert 73 year old Martha Jeanne Biggs was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. The K each piece has Biggs was not wearing a seatbelt. A settlement between Kansas agencies and rest our energy may lead to utility customers senior rate drops instead of previously expected increases. The Wichita eagle reporting this settlement reached Monday would reverse west Starr's request for a seventeen million dollar rate increase. And turn it into a 66 billion dollar rate cut. The settlement also dropped to a stars ever to raise a basic per month service charge. The Kansas corporation commission must still approve the settlement. Which could end what's been hotly contested fight over rates that brought hundreds of angry customers in Kansas lawmakers to recent public hearings. Wichita loss annual neighborhood night out is less than a month the line. You can register your party by going to which sharply stuck on. Go to forms on the right hand side. Click on the down arrow and it'll take you to register your neighborhood night out party. Thought that forms submitted. And they know our first responders firefighters police officers and other. Official city officials will get those lists and be able to attend the parties in areas where they they work and so. Police officer Charlie Davidson says neighborhood night out will take place on the evening of Tuesday August 14. A center that will study addictions and how to treat them is being created on the University of Kansas campus. The university says at a news release that graduate Daniel Logan and his wife kaleidoscope prints. Donated two million dollars to begin the call for an Logan senator for addiction research and treatment. Logan is a professor in the addiction medicine division at the university of Florida's college of medicine. And Colfer and as a retired therapist. The diversity says the couple are in recovery from addictions themselves. And know the importance of making effective treatment options more available and accessible. Programs will focus on various addictions including alcohol to drugs gambling and eating disorders. Dan O'Neill KM SS. News Kansas senate president Susan waigel has stripped of fellow GOP senator of a committee leadership post after she publicly expressed support for two democratic candidates. Senator Barbara Boehner of Mission Hills luster position as senate public health and welfare committee vice chairman chairwoman that is after publicly supporting Democrat Tom and airman in the third congressional district race. In the Kansas City area. And Democrat Laura Kelly in the governor's race. A security conference in Aspen Colorado brings together the nation's top law enforcement officials taking an awful FBI director Christopher ray. FBI director Christopher Wray was asked if he would ever consider Islam. As Russian president Vladimir Putin suggested this week allowing American investigators to observe interrogations of Russian south that. Thought their wants and never about anything but it's certainly not high on our list of investigative techniques. Who's been asked about being open to allowing Russian investigators to observe American interrogations that's probably even lower on a who's also asked to others aside from Russia are involved in election influencing as president trump said this week. Ray said sure but there's no question that Russia and by far the most aggressive actor. The race said China represents the broadest threat as they position themselves to be east's sole economic superpower. Jets get Rosenthal Fox News. In response to democratic calls to abolish ice the immigration agency. The mostly Republican House voted to send a message of support for the agency. The vote was 244 to 35 on non binding resolution in support of immigration and customs enforcement or ice house democratic leader Nancy Pelosi was not amused. I'm with on the floor today as a political stunt on the part of the Republicans. And I so to my members there acting politically. Don't take them seriously. Texas Republican congressman Michael McAuliffe chairman of the homeland security committee. Blasted Democrats for a lack of guts in terms of standing up to their base less than a year ago. My bill to authorize ice and the law for the first time. Pass overwhelmingly. By the congress in nearly every Democrat. And coordinates diplomacy. And the author of the bill to abolish eyes. Voted for it on Capitol Hill Mike Emanuel Fox News astronomers may have spotted nearby star eating planets. Astronomers using NASA's orbiting Chandra X ray observatory have been checking out a star in the constellation Taurus. They've been monitoring the iron levels on the edges of that star and found over the past four years. Iron levels have increased by thirty times over one researcher from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is saying that iron increases strange. And may be a sign that the stars higher level is rising because it's eating up or absorbing planet's. That's never been seen before but computer simulations show it is possible till NATO Fox News. Now it's four again drinking and assess staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan good morning working outdoors today is going to require a little more shade and a little more water is temperatures soar above average sunny in 100 for the hi this afternoon. Clear tonight down to 75. Looks like dry weather is going to stay what is right on into the weekend at Friday's high 98. I'm KM SS meteorologist and the holiday. Now partly cloudy yourself when to nine miles per hours 77 degrees was Stephen Ted on K in a sense. Today is July 19 on this date in 1969 Apollo eleven and its astronauts Neil Armstrong. Edwin Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins went into orbit around the moon. And going in the orbit around boosts preparing to land on the moon. On this date in 1969 fascinating stuff I'm sure everybody was riveted all no kidding around the world. Often to the twins follows similar paths. But when it comes to politics these winds have separate identities and politics. Twins from western Michigan are running for county commissioners seats won as a Democrat the other as Republican. Please don't tell me their names are both Ron Estes now OK Monica sparks is running as it a Democrat for Kent county's twelve district seat while Republican sister. Jessica and Tyson. Hopes to represent the thirteenth district okay. Sisters say they don't clash on Asia but they say party loyalty trumps lineage. They say they will endorse the opponent other sibling in the upcoming election the united. You know because it is in Dorsey is the intolerant. The other twin. Okay. That's politics I guess what a fun game politics and family it why would it be era. People same people out there shaking your heads why would anybody wanna get into politics. We're trying to. Crazy it's authorities say areas similarly there likeable folks into the authorities say a six year old Florida girl has died several days after being bitten by a dog her family was watching me while its owners were on vacation I'll bullet. A Florida times union reports that the Gina Smith died Tuesday night to Jacksonville sheriff's office says. Child was unresponsive when first responders arrived at the home Sunday morning. Officials say the dog bit to her on the neck. Morrissey several dogs were in the house of the time other children and apparent are also in the all the dog was removed from the home authorities are continuing to investigate. The little girl's bitten and and companies later by a dog you completely she died while. That's bad passes sentence stories. I where we go to our agenda did you hear the yeah the story just a moment ago from Fox News. About a star out there eating gaps. I hope I hope our son doesn't return on us and may well it will eventually make early we will be long gone makers into big cheeseburger. But prize. Of the terrible that's an interesting if they do I can describe it is is stars eating plants nearby. They're talking about down. You know news story got Knight out the annual night out coming up in August they do it every year and I'm just trying to think. Our neighborhood I mean. When they first it would who will we had block parties before they even started. You or more on situated area over on the hood. Which is a street running north and south. Cross away for month. We would have the auto hood but goods surged treat it would have these block parties I think the the people who organize in the were most in charge of all moved out of the area. I don't have any idea who most of my neighbors are. Also you should take up the mantle you should organize the party but you know what it was it was a one of those things where it was potluck. And everybody brought their own favorite dish and it was great. We kids would write their bicycles around in the album we don't and against the neighborhood. You know it's in the neighborhood change. But day here recently few years ago weeks we have a couple of those block party like you're talking about night out. Well a couple of those and a police officer he buys and said hello and whatnot. There's been a while the several years a what are people the but the pattern is if people have them. I'm assured some neighbors have every year yeah some of maybe now and then and some of never half but today it is a an interesting waited too to meet the person or the persons who are involved. And with law enforcement your neighbor firefighters go out to Atlantic 82. And they just gonna kill it again in the meat and great to see they wanna know who you are where you'll earn. I don't see a much in my neighborhood anymore. Your neighbor and you're right off central weather the idea do you know any of your neighbors. Early don't. This just in on part of that's on me yeah I guess there are more. I would go getter I would not and and adores engineer ran its tail light on my just kind of keep to myself. Yeah. He's quiet done with work and I am pretty quiet little I had and it's it's I think that's kind of the way in Shelley I've been. Walken in Riverside but mostly in the mid day in the afternoon. Walking Riverside rattle these neighbors and I'll go for a mile Ted and we won't see anybody come out of the house I mean it's. It's kind of kinda creepy like we get we know there are people there she's never seen anybody come outside maybe it's a lot of the hot weather. But Jim Woolsey in the fall. It's like. People who use eagle and house kind of close the door and go back and year old orphan of the air conditioning and air conditioning and in. Relax. Are at 638 now Steve it'd make it 639 time for our commodities update with Tom Loeffler a leopard commodities devoting time. Good morning Steve hood written trading session could get accomplished what they play an awful strong. Triple B to close on wins in an attempt to close may be back on Tuesday. Kish Kelberg has started lower than what they would last week on the case trained. There was a lack of push price positive news for the cattle futures yesterday. We also from a putrid street nick and over on the mixed side. The August October context make a new contract lows yesterday. All the closed August live cattle to vote and get to 10% I want ignited by August industry don't 17% either one particular reported but I'll between north and seventy cent at. 6720. The only person who's really didn't sell 199 point five belt that you have to mostly being Pakistani and other than bad it was a very quiet day as far as needs for a great market. Only the creepy too close Nagin and yes they get to grains and soybeans and he's cited trading where in morning most went. Quiet trade volume on the light to moderate side in mixed trading as far as price section. Tim would keep people confessed a penny higher to alleviate the quarter December corn in them three quarters of opinion between sixty and a quarter of them so we've seen them pointing up at 853 and a quarter the tip of crude oil trading 76 and slowed 67 dollar even. Almost over eleven a may have known for over 1211615. But to work as peak seven and a quarter point quote when he would wait three quarter the timber dollar index 47 so tired 95 when he did. That September day just futures they have to pinpoint between 5099. According to ignite marketing advisor or contact us for commodities on the program on the rib I didn't 866 due to stop. I had some Jesus hot over the air and in in Butler county this morning. Pretty current and it's going to be pretty or under the cover of a hundred degrees I guess and a instituted have you got all the you get your flu commuter minister charged up good so I wanted to you know have an emergency over their thing this morning. Well I as far as I know everything's working following that you know help. And squirted the most cannot put. That's that's right that's right I've been I've never called a plumber lived emergence eight interviews on the ground and it was on holiday. Our outlook while Merck. I thank you time 641 now Stevenson diagram to defeat the money tractors he's on the way to talk about inflation and your investments. That's all the blame his name is dead on fit in SS.