Missing cow on the loose in Virginia

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, January 3rd

Local authorities are searching for the missing bovine.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS. We just cause number one news talk and weather station. Depend on. According 6 o'clock this McCain as a sporting news even night beat back in for a moment and look where that. Frederick County officials say two people have died after being trapped in the grain elevator itself from Wichita. The bodies were discovered late Tuesday afternoon at the elevator and gavel on braves. Get you fired chief Larry hanging. His emergency crews responded to decide after reports two workers were trapped we had multiple units and agencies call. Sure we can have the crux resources at your team to try to gain access to them. It was not clear how the man got into the bin or what caused him to become trapped under twenty to 25 feet of brain that no names have been released. The Wichita police department is asking for the public's help in locating a missing woman and her son. Police officer Charlie Davidson said in a news release 23 year old Samantha rigs walked away from a family home and around 10 Sunday morning. With her one year old child Matthew. Davidson said the mother is mentally challenged and not capable of taking care of her child without supervision. They may have driven with someone to Manhattan a photo of the woman and her child can be found in the news story on our web page K and assess radio dot com. Anyone with information about their location is asked to call 911 on our crime stoppers at 3162672111. Dan O'Neill K and SS news. The 25 year old Los Angeles man suspected of making a hoax emergency call. That led to the fatal shooting of a Wichita man last week is expected to have a hearing as prosecutors seek to have him extradited. The Los Angeles county district attorney's office says prosecutors anticipate filing of fugitive from justice warrant against Tyler bearish today. A transaction on New Year's Day didn't go well for which about in which Tom and it turned it into a highway robbery and a shooting. Police officer Charlie Davidson says it happened Monday afternoon in the 16100 block of north Emporia. He was selling a pair of shoes. On the offer up. The males say that to a no mammals in their twenties to thirties arrived in a great Chevry Impala. And during the sale of these shoes one of the suspects brandished firearms. And pointed it at the nineteen year old male victim. During a struggle the victim was shot one time in his shoulder he was hospitalized. And has since been released police believe they might have to potential suspects identified in this case and they are looking for them. Department of Homeland Security secretary. Christian Nielsen was in California Tuesday to survey the damage from massive wildfires. So I'm pleased to announce that in response to the devastation that the president has declared a major disaster for the counties have insurance Santa Barbara. Which will release the public assistance. This is an important step towards recovery and he was prepared to help communities throughout California. To read bill. The Thomas fire alone has burned nearly 300000 acres. The senate will start the new year with two new members. A day after Minnesota Democrat Al Franken made his resignation official his replacement will be sworn in Minnesota lieutenant governor Tina Smith was appointed by the governor to fill the vacancy vice president Mike Pence will also swear in Alabama Democrat Doug Jones who arrived here saying children's health care funding is a top priority. There's all the budget issues and all that inflation yes but. I've you know I've I've been harping on that chip program for awhile hoping that can get done. Jones when a special election last month the wind it shrinks the Republican senate majority. They just 51 seats on Capitol Hill Jared Halpern Fox News. Unisys news time now 60. 044 minutes past 6 o'clock. Cano says news I'm now 61010 minutes past 6 o'clock we Stephen dead here on Wednesday morning January 3 at. Once again that traffic conditions it's very cold out there. So. Doesn't seem to be quite as cold. Getting a little bit warmer out there but still thicker in very cold this morning at a gasoline prices. Coming down in more places and starting to CT 27 a little bit more often today. Average price still to Tony two point nine but I sub 227. Broadway and 55 street south traffic updates from Kate in SS radio on Jad chambers. Else to go to the forecast mcginnis as stamp meteorologist Jennifer narrow aboard according. Fascinating France has been coming to the region just to scattered clouds with cancerous or to kick and a gusty north to northwesterly wind as the day goes on. Plenty of sunshine in her high temperature thirty TU. Italy partly cloudy for tonight that low back down to the loading it teens sunny and 35 for tomorrow easing back to the low forties on Friday. I'm KM ascent to meteorologist Chad different era more. Now partly cloudy with a northwest and ended nine miles per hour and eighteen degrees were in double digits this morning eighteen degree do you. Wednesday January 3 2018 another cold day. But with some sunshine across Kansas Tuesday. Which does high temperature yesterday was 25 degrees. Normal I'm 41 still well below. Their own portal but it's noticeable. But. How much warmer was yesterday and it has been and a even this morning it's it's seen even those frigid doesn't seem not as close the last few days and doesn't get warmer but it's not as cold opponent that would. On this date in 1959. I read about this in my weekly reader. Alaska became the 49 state as president Dwight. Stunning work north to Alaska right here. Alaska will resonate today it's a movie that John Maine isn't that what to Alaska they now that was the name death when updated decent prospect not a very good movie and I don't think so the song is better song as always it's always been there in the blue knowingly. Washington apartment there's a lot. Hinton department of that fish and wildlife police say they're searching for a suspect after three bags of dead ducks. Or possibly disposed of illegally near Aberdeen. Police say all the ducks were shot but it's unclear if they were harvested legally. The three bags contained a total of 28 ducks. We steal while life is a gross misdemeanor offense publisher punishable. Has published novel but punishable by up to a year and for jail and a 5000 dollar fine if they configure or not. Erica maybe upper deck I don't know. Or per bag diaper bag of ducks why are they talking about bags as a unit of measurement for ducks dad that's the way the ducks team in the way snags when they found them in the bag they were bag. What are their plastic paper and a Virginia share and I haven't when's the last time he saw paper bags. Like gets a little. And I'm so let the store you will miss Shelley valuable really get asked more. Yeah so you're the 19 talent still uses paper bags and not all time just now. Like to have be in touch with the oldies. Know the nature still out their producing trees. And year helping I'm destroy them and destroy them. A Virginia sheriff's office has issued a lookout alert for a widely creature loose in the woods. Now. The York. Colson the sheriff's office tweeted Monday that an elusive Bo not Bo Biden is throwing a wooded area near and Pannemon road. Animal control is devise a plan to cash account and deliver it to rescue facility. Sheriff's office has put out bales of hay where the ever has been betting down and ask anyone who sees a catapult emergency dispatch they know where it's sleeping and sooner does he might get to be very hard to find unclear for how long it. Road count has been at large. Should be that it could you just do like mistake you'd think. And started out as. An ST eight anon out that's very. Moving move. And I have a big problem there in Virginia they got a tower our analysts are we should steer this conversation and different direct here and ended Erica okay. I'd 613 now with the Stephen didn't make it 614 India. Big story this morning about the two persons react they are referring to him in our cup is workers. Who where were trapped in this grain elevator. And who died. In the grain elevator now this grain elevators I understand attendees as the old to Bruce now. The same one down their big work on itself which don't near east and it. And it listed just do it some. The resurgence of looking back it is that the Bruce elevator explosion which happened in 1998. Months on new years ago you know eight and I remember that states he covered debt. Four K and assess. I'd been with the station about a six month I'm very long him and recently down and you give some great governor I think we wanna. At least one KAB award for that. Or spot coverage so he did a good job. Seven people were killed in that has a sad day him and were injured ten employees injured. Now this is in a grain elevator you know look at it or not that's fine and nobody deal. It's a dangerous place sure is but see and and here in a midwest where we do have from time to time. That debt drained just accumulates and it will explode like what happened at Burris is of it just blows up on now you get a spark my ball bearings someone anywhere and any kind of spark goes right up to him that these two guys these people were under 225. You have grown man. And as I understand if you just moving just keeps built you know packet in office constricting your body drinking your body and in now. So they and I'm sure they've I mean as frantically as they could those first responders try to get to those guys but it. To no avail gallon when you're in that situation times through time aren't I don't hear synopsis you can't get in there it's tricky. It's it's not is on dangerous not an eating too rapidly for now spotter jumps in there and get another one now yes it's the got to be real careful how you do it. And I know that there's they're trained on how to handle things here in the midwest but no that's the same grain elevator. That was that the Bruce. It's 66 team it was Stephen did yet another cold day. And but today's gonna warm up. 33 degrees 33 man it's gonna I feel amazing you watt will the sun be out that that helps young. Just be sunny and yesterday afternoon I had all planted. Go on my first run of the new year. And then things came up. Had to go get a carpet and edited this and that and didn't get around him. I know from around this year well that's always thought they don't make it look try to get a Thursday. You gotta be dedicated. Gotta be dedicate you go battery up now mister Karr had a better adapted to Muster place and then that's I was gonna ask does that work just like it at and it was perfect there are beautiful and had to go until New Year's Day yeah 18 point three maybe point three it's always bad when you buy replacement part and then it doesn't seem to have help all that much it that's that's a terrible feeling so. The service manager well above I guess he's a manager Glenn's been out there for years and a saw him briefly yesterday but there was younger man who's in the service department me. As he checked me and said yeah and you're coming in for barrier to talking about so now deal. So they ya. Always nice to find a listener. Wherever ago and he said free of charge. Not just like it's a wonderful line at all but nobody is now out or an L big bill. Commitment of a you're no George Bailey I'm not there's no doubt about it and you're no Harry Bailey. And the two head to head is OK you're not the richest men intact it. Yeah as not mr. potter. At 618 hours in to edit San Benito sportsman Ted Woodward and death Fahey. Why it happened at Allen fieldhouse well it's a great question wow. While that things happen and Allen field house last night that hadn't happened in alongside. A college men's basketball action last night in the top ten team goes down tenth ranked Kansas. Hosting eighteenth ranked Texas Tech last night in Lawrence. And did this thing was never in doubt Texas Tech jumped to an early lead and a double digit lead at halftime. In the jayhawks never ever could seem to mount a run in this one. Basically Texas Tech made their three pointers. That you did not secure the game last night and can't make. She valued out of Baker's dozen with 925 to go still plotting time. Rob is great this leads the overall direction yet hopeful America will vote showed up and right now we've seen that before. We saw American a bottle a few years yet last year against West Virginia but do you have the type of personnel. To turn it off of off network. It never materialized for county last night read what you've heard how quiet it was an downfield routes yes pretty much the way it was on my. Texas Tech won the game 8573. Winning its seventh in a row. Tech is now thirteen and one. Worst loss for the jayhawks at home in fifteen years. Jayhawks. Six for 24 from three point range season low 25%. Over for twelve of from three point range in the second half. Didn't make it three. South Texas Tech kept the lead. Jayhawks Apollo eleven and three. And for the first time ever Texas Tech wins a game in Lawrence they had been oh in seventeen. They out rebounded the jayhawks by fifteen to that was another. Texas Tech. Outrebounded the hawks 4429. At tech had eighteen offensive rebounds while yeah doubly blocking the boards of it was a whole lot of trouble last night and we blocked off on the rebound no. Lot of issues there Kansas. Had wanted to home opener of the conference eleven years in a row that string is over. And they had beaten the red raiders sixteen times in a row that stream comes to an end jayhawks take a loss last night. So college football news yesterday Kansas State will not be looking for a new coach Kansas State head coach bill Snyder's coming back for at least one more season he says. As long as I'm in good how long is likened her. Have a positive impact on the program I want to continue to be that go back bet Bill Snyder 78 years old he did battle throat cancer a year ago. And has come back from that. You'll be back for his 27. Season on the sidelines at Kansas State he's already in the college football hall of fame. Bill Snyder would remain at K state or at least one more year. And I don't wanna be I don't wanna get KU fans a little hope okay for the ban only adds. Bad news Lawrence last night. But this today does mark him pretty momentous day in case you athletics history you might remember it was ten years ago this very day. That the jayhawks ranked number eight in the nation played number five Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl. And her head coach mark men geno and the jayhawks won that game 2421. The only BCS bowl win ever for the jail to finish that year twelve and one ranked number seven in the nation and is still the most wins ever the season for KU. That was ten years ago the magical while football season for the jayhawks with that Orange Bowl win and yeah. And that was ten years ago today in that orange boy sports with Steven says Kate and as as did sixth funny one it is time for our prairie fire coffee break already on K and a zest let's bring in on very fire coffee's the freshest coffee in the Wichita area because very minor coffee beans roasted fresh. Right here in what you can and you can get very fired coffee girl was just like Stephen dead by calling. 2673771. Or online at prairie fire called the dot com. 621 now cuter or Fox News commentator top stars defining our privileged eighth grader. Stephen did in the morning on K and assess.