Missouri lawmakers debating "Sliced Bread Day"

Steve & Ted
Monday, February 12th

The Missouri Legislature must have solved ALL OTHER problems in the state.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number. We want you. News talk bad weather station depend on. It's why this is the case there's a story the Stevens nice being back inside. Police investigating the fatal shooting in southeast Wichita we've got the story. Increased security dissenters took immediate threat to Jardine middle school I hit with the word those details are just ahead. I'm KMS that's meteorologist Dan holidays after dealing with slick road conditions this weekend it appears we have a full week of dry weather ahead our forecast is coming up. Rescuers are fighting the elements to find out what happened to an ill fated Russian airplanes. Boxes Kelly Wright has. More wins Toronto of airlines flight six W seven all three took off from Moscow Zuma debit though airport. There was no indication of anything wrong at all everything appeared to be normal but just minutes after taking off the flight fell from radar. Indicating that plane its crew and passengers were in serious trouble. But this is surveillance camera shows the plane plunging into a snowy field. That was bursting into flames a ball of fire rescue crews quickly rushed to the side of the crash but no survivors are found. All seven of on passengers on board died in that crash in Russia. An eighteen year old is dead after being shot late last night Wichita police sergeant Bryant hightower says when officers arrived at the residence in the 900 block of south pine ridge. They discovered a man with gunshot wounds he was transported to hospital where he later died. So far police say they are no suspects. Which are school officials say there will be increased security at Jardine middle school today after several vague threats for found on social media. USC 259 spokesperson Susan parents been says the posts are bully to be from students at the school. She says there will be extra Wichita police and school security on hand today. A man died and house fire in north which it off Friday night in the 3100 block of north woodland. Investigators say one person was in the home fire broke out first responders did not initially see any smoke but it was discovered coming from small house behind the main home. Firefighters entered structure they found a man not breathing investigators say the structure was filled with smoke. But there were no flames and they did not use any water the man was first reported in critical condition but he later died. Three people are dead for hospitalized in critical condition after a tour helicopter crash in the Grand Canyon Saturday night. Both the victims and first responders were exposed to high winds cold temperatures in total darkness. She France's Bradley with the wallop like police department. The terrain. Where the crash occurred in quartermaster came extremely rugged. It's only accessible by aircraft. And all first responders had a twenty man height twenty minute hike to get to the scene. X passengers on the plane overall from the United Kingdom the National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the cause of the crash. The drug administration is defending the decision not to release a memo from Democrats in congress. So White House is defending their decision to block the release of the memo drafted by Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee. Critics say the decision is partisan politics the White House claims. They are releasing it based on the advice of legal and national security experts representative Adam Schiff ranking member on the house Intel committee says president trump simply doesn't want the public to seek quote. Underlying facts Democrats drafted their MO as a rebuttal to the Republican and know which accused the FBI and Department of Justice of mis using their surveillance authority when they got to fight the war on former Trump's campaign advisor Carter paler and in Washington. I'm Alison barber Fox News. A plaque memorializing the first home built in Wichita has been stolen from midtown and a similar plaque is also missing from Riverside park. Jacob carver of the historic midtown citizens association says that first he thought the the plaques might have been removed for maintenance by the city. But that was not the case he hopes the plaque is recovered because it represented the beginning of Wichita. Carver is worried that the thieves we'll try to solve the browns material from metal scrap and the cost to replace the plaques will be theory expensive. The plaque in midtown was put in place in 1993. Amy wed Kate and SS news. Legal challenges to Kansas law requiring proof of citizenship to register to vote. Are headed to trial next month US district judge Julie Robinson on Friday added additional days to a previously scheduled trial that begins march 6 in Kansas City, Kansas. The new schedule sets aside eight days for the bench trial. The American Civil Liberties Union sued Kansas secretary of state Chris cope mark on behalf of the League of Women Voters and voters over the requirement that people produce a document such as they birth certificate or US passport to registering a motor vehicle offices. The ACLU's lawsuits key argument is that the Kansas law violates a federal law requiring minimal information to register. A separate but similar case also simultaneously goes to trial arguing a right to vote claim they'll hold a brand KM SS news. Seem into the morning K Unisys news time now eagle 4:4 minutes past 8 o'clock. Time to talk some shocker hoops tonight on coach's show night and special day for former Kansas. Men's basketball player will have an all coming up in sports in just few minutes planned to use lottery money to finance Kansas water programs that story coming up. On the case and as a sporting news receive a dead. We have a traffic accident southbound I want 35 at thirteenth street watch for traffic slowed down traffic update from Cano has radio I'm JJ embers. We have a slowdown in traffic southbound on I 135 at thirteenth street the right lane is close there. Traffic update from Dana says radio on jet chambers. McCain as if it's. Now eight. 8 minutes at 8 o'clock on Monday morning. How much trouble and pleaded guilty Friday to producing child pornography. Well she was babysitting a seven year old girl in her home. 46 year old Stephanie Larson pleading guilty to one count of production of child porn. In her please she admitted that she allowed a man to produce a series of videos in which she committed a sex act near a sleeping trial. The man paid Morrison to let him make the videos. Sentencing was set for April 25 both parties have agreed to recommend a sentence of seventeen and app ears. Dan O'Neill came and SS news. A bill in the Kansas house would earmark millions in lottery proceeds to pay for state water program. The bill would require that eight million dollars in appropriations to the state water plan be drawn entirely from the economic development initiatives fund which uses a lottery revenue. Currently state law requires that six million dollars in general fund revenue and two million dollars from the economic initiatives fund go to the water plant. But to begin capital journal reports the new bill would take the entire eight million dollars from the EDI half. The bill's sponsor representative Tom Sloan a Lawrence Democrat. Says it would require that three million dollars be used by the Kansas Geological Survey. Kansas biological survey and Kansas state university for research on maintaining a reliable supply of quality water. Roddy price KUSS news. Philadelphia tattoo arts convention are rolling up a great time for many Eagles fans in Philly. Who came out to mark the franchise's first Super Bowl win. Why not an Eagles town like they won a super ball. I was hoping to get one back in 05 but it didn't work out here I am today get it done by vandalism permanent then my tattoo will be permanent. On the estimated 20000. In attendance at day two of that event Eagles tattoos for the most popular trend by far but at least one artist there was refusing to do Eagles set to lose. Turns out he's cowboys fan. Now its forecast with. Venus is at these roles in holidays traffic there. Yes sir let me know hey you go over to the I want gophers definitely I would get a traffic accident right now southbound highway 35 at thirteen straight ticket rightly close there. The lineup the Vatican itself and I won 3513. Traffic update I take an access radio I'm gadgets as. Now the forecast with Katie insists that the year old you can holiday devoid and good morning you'll likely want to heavy coat on the way to school or work this morning good by the middle part of the week you may be in a short sleeved shirts. So frigid start to Monday but sunny by this afternoon breezy with a high 42. Clouds move then not this cold tonight on the 24. Low fifties tomorrow near seventy by Wednesday on KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Now partly cloudy seventeen degrees we have a southeast wind at nine miles per hour. Yesterday's high temperature forty degrees in which is on normal high is 47. On this date February 12 1899. And the which does set an all time record low of 22 below zero. As an historic Arctic outbreak continue to grip the great plains. The highways eight degrees to produce a daily average of seven below. That was Cole 22 below yeah like for bat or this is. Abraham Lincoln's birthday. And 1809. In handling sixteenth for the United States born analog cat born basically in poverty in in Hardin County. Kentucky. On the in 1914 in this state groundbreaking took place for the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. A year later in this state the cornerstone was laid. And you never seen it you know I didn't know what to expect when I was a kid good. When we want I think we actually went at night. She'll Lincoln Memorial and it is just huge I mean the eased I don't think you get that when you're misty pick. Is you cannot pictures DN billion and I do it justice. Northern person it's pretty imposing an amazing. Lincoln in the hole. Statue in itself be set Nona. Not a thrown but it chair and it's it's a big as the house at least as big as the house it. And it's very somber and quiet January you've got the amazing words of his second inaugural speech. Chiseled into the walls either is pretty very stern and the pillars around them. Each one is of different states yet. Last time I was there it was a night there was in the middle of a thunder and lightning storm wow. And I was the only one there. It was it was strange that sounds victory ears and out and it was a similar forget. Or shall. Ratings that Lincoln's birthday in the course next Monday will have President's Day so already all the presidents in one day and will be next Monday. Okay 812 now with Steve intend to Missouri lawmakers busy group of people important stuff to do okay. They're considering whether to mark an official day to celebrate sliced bread. A bill pending in the state house would designate July 7 as Missouri sliced bread day. Well who dat sounds pretty exciting it is supporters say the day is needed to promote tourism in the northern Missouri city of Cilic copy. With a first commercially sliced bread was sold on July 7 nineteenth when it well while the of the legislature passing that bill sure do wonders for tourism means that. To lookup the sliced bread capitol of the world today. Somebody's gotta be in the city touts its carb filled history and holds a sliced bread jam bluegrass festival every year is part of celery ego. And the sliced bread. Day legislation is up for a final vote in the house of approved will go to the senate. And the folks in Missouri can sleep well at night knowing. There will be a sliced bread into account. Overall signing. All show me stable celebrates like Brett. But I think the bigger news is they must've salt every other problem the state as if they got all the way to sliced bread eight where have you been. At the must've figured it all. My son was lamenting the fact that uses state. Dealing with some sort of porn legislation right now Renault and other problems entered and so that's well that's where it works and you know they tend to think candidate. They tackle the I don't know the low hanging fruit is that it now Nat yeah honest that's exactly and the stuff that's really important. Sometimes there are guys all by the time pain and soul again we have several things we still have to do it. Well okay he. An online professor has incorrectly told assume that Australia is not a country. And given her a failing grade propping Southern New Hampshire University to replace the instructor. Buzz feed reports a 27 year old student in Idaho was assigned to compare American social norms to that of another country okay. She chose to study social media use in Australia. But the professor neighbor zero on that portion of these Simon saying Australia is a continent not a country well that's true but just for the record. Australia is both a country and the cup yes unique distinction. University officials say the instructor has been replaced following an investigation good. Currently that person knows continent and in no whose country. Well I hit it here every year than your role as a professor is done now. You need to be able answer some of these questions right. Science has had not just a point off. Why would a professor at suspects then subject why in a subject it's about social media bad teacher why woods yeah. And broad question mark really you know. Authorities say is sneeze at a north Karen not to go to woman into a crash for the semi truck. I withdrawals as 44 year old Michelle Eichmann. Traveling north on highway 281 and North Dakota Friday when she Steve's. Collier SUV to drift onto the southbound lane and into a truck's path and it stays that violently that. The lost control user. Semi violence these before haven't you know I've had a right here. The semi driver at the time tried to avoid the collision but the issue be struck that. Anchor for in which was loaded with gasoline before coming to rest in the center of the road that could have been tragedy how lucky that didn't end up worse truck driver maintain control the rate. Entered the ditch and been taken to a hospital driver wasn't hurt truck driver wasn't hurt no gas was built from the Bonn from tankers so. Yeah that test ceased its knees could have a real bad ending. Aaron well I always have is now highly hope of people coming towards you don't pay attention RR yeah behaving themselves and angles Karl yeah Ireland divided highway down into thinking Democrats there and armor don't wanna be there now. Well that this rule interesting weekend didn't get out hole. Most people tried to stay inside Spezza Saturday. And ST Tuesday. Lot of wind cold few snowflakes coming down any most people try to stay inside idea streets were crowded all right there wasn't a seat to be had at twin peaks for the shocker locker rooms on Saturday night. It was. Acts that Saturday night up on about Saturday day. The yeah it was a good old Saturday night we got it we got out that Dempsey and most people who didn't after prime would want. But on your case they wanted to come out CU exactly who it. And if I don't do anything it would move heaven and Arctic in the NC humans there's a tornado going on half the town was destroyed they're gonna come out to see the shocker locker room. At twin peaks where the waiting staff is always efficient and fun to watch them at on his sweethearts week twin peaks was what does that mean east saint Valentine's does that mean especially anything special like. In the special on basically laundering. Well no longer as another reason. Three my friend showed up to say hi I thought they are going to stay at a dinner you know you just have better friends and me that fell. Eight we go to the girls' basketball game or twin granddaughters win and determined at a Goddard over the weekend and hey they won their games and saying they get the little it'll medallion there who. They get three champions award winners in Iraq. Do you watch the Olympics now. No you're not into the Olympics. Confessed wow. I'm not well what did you auctioning I watched this. AM. I've never watched that before very interest and it's. The did today basically do cross country skiing for an hour and twenty minutes nonstop. How do you compromise with a helicopter redeem me added these drones are just monsters you put it on TV withdrawals or helicopters. And you just put cameras and a couple of cameras everywhere yeah yeah a lot of cameras now Erica just fascinate is very interesting. 88 Tina Stephen did time for sports and Ted Woodward he's. And tell us about. We've got. Basketball we'll talk about tonight on the radio right now don't talk hoops tonight we didn't have coaches shows last Monday night soon. I'm Baghdad it back to back coaches' shows tonight talking Wichita State basketball. First up. Men's coach Gregg Marshall at 6 o'clock and in women's coach Keith Adams 7 o'clock. And there are broadcasting live tonight going to coaches at AJ sports grill the Alley thirteenth and green which. And those are both live right here on 97 and thirteen thirty KM SS. Shocker women coming off that. Road trip visiting number one ranked undefeated Connecticut on Saturday and the shocker men coming off a home win over Connecticut on Saturday. The a lot of interesting topics for discussion tonight. If you're listening to coaches choose this evening's. Yesterday it was a big day for the Boston Celtics and for a Celtic greats. All peers former Kansas Jay not having his number 34. Retired by the Boston Celtics won great organizations in pro sports. Paul becomes the 23. Person in franchise history to have his number retired by the Celtics course. He was the NBA finals most valuable player on the Celtics won it all back in 2008. I'll just go home run you know especially playing against the Cleveland games that's. I'll play against Kobe Bryant as soon as you just go home run. Going from the bottom to top the year's time. Paul played fifteen in his nineteen pro years with the Celtics. He's still number two all time in scoring for the Celtics behind another hall of Famer. On Apple's chip. And he's the all time celtics' leader Paul Pierce in three pointers and in steals and two free throws. Laugh off pretty good innings were company like that you know Paul Pierce had his number retired. By the Boston Celtics in the NBA yesterday to Minnesota Timberwolves. Win at home beat Sacramento Kings 111106. And starting lineup for the T wolves former Kansas jayhawk Andrew Wiggins had sixteen points eight rebounds. Minnesota holding on that number four spot in the Western Conference. Happy birthday to another former Kansas Jayhawks Scot Pollard that it. Long career in the NBA he's 43. Years old today. And other pro golf tour in the PGA yeah yesterday the Pebble Beach pro am. Ted potter junior the winner probably say okay who's Ted potter junior well that's good question guided. Not had a lot of huge success as a pro golfer he's just kind of play whatever tournament he can find. He did play in the Wichita open a couple of years back in 2010 and 2011. He'd never had a paycheck for a golf weekend bigger than 33000. Dollars until yesterday when he won the Pebble Beach pro am. Beat the number one golfer in the world Dustin Johnson and a whole field of luminaries. And Ted potter junior was handed a check for one point three million dollars out. Pretty good stuff forgot it has worked long and hard and toiled in obscurity for a long time they've got a good day I'm now he gets to play in the mass serves and he gets all this great stuff. Pretty good stuff forgot and stuff whether. Battled injuries Ted potter when the Pebble Beach pro plan. That's sports we Stephen to educate and asked that very fired coffee if you're not drinking Perry prior coffee at work your boss. Doesn't love you all were in its putative for the Hannity morning minute are new survey of trump approval ratings. That story coming up Stevenson in the morning on tape and assess.