Molto Bene Cibo

The Good Life
Saturday, July 14th
Guy's visit with Coleen & Rhonda wraps up as the trio discusses living their dream & vision. 

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Good afternoon welcome back to the good laugh I'm Gaidar and every Saturday and food one and for interiors and they were having a little Tuscan and who won and fun. The gals with me today are calling Carmen and run of Yarborough. They've all run a company called Kafka and women cook it is an immersive vacation where. You get hands on cooking instruction and and that begs the question what happens if mama loves to cook and dad just wants to watch. Eddie. Typically had when it doesn't sometimes it the other way around yeah we have a lot of just eaters. That's so cool and not a problem. You don't get a compliment to the web site and and looking at some of the pictures and let's talk about where you stay at 300. Bolivar mill. Yet our home base out blocked used to. They're galaxies that that beautiful. Kept in that it practiced for lack of better terms with. Beautiful but seeing as the EU is out and it's probably one of the most beautiful views in Tuscany. Were overlooking want to put on now. It. A week wouldn't be long enough for me act and they have that. What are my fondest memories of living in Spain for years was. That the news pair doors national hotels that are. Put in old monasteries and and castles and things like that and as I've come through this is a very old building. But boy somebody's been a lot of money to make the interior. Quite guests friendly and comfortable. Yet they are they all have you know everyone has epic battle their separate restroom and each. Each Villa theories. And there is one single story must resist single story they've all been retrofitted. Where there's air conditioning. Quite comfortable. Look at that could give it. How tragic sight sort of a plastic. You know you're expecting in. A big and I'd start out your pocket to get that you're just gonna get. Casket country it exit 300 year old converted all know that lovely restaurant on the ground. A beautiful meadow behind it. In escalate said there's gorgeous views from all around the quiet and beautiful spectacular. And the rest. Struck at Lux used to is also in Ashley known people come from all over the world there are are except there is the Michelin star cast. I'm Tanya and she's just fantastic and we cook returns slump on on Monday we could quit on it and we make. And every day we cook about we learned to make about five to seventeen per day. And eloquent and dad that was my next question is cooking kitchen where. A participant salute learn and study and watch is that in side. The same location or is it a separate location. We travel to different locations in the village every day we have transportation that we can that different restaurant it's every day. For one day Wednesday it would take a toward you know with the private guide it past her Ph.D. in team history. He packet in pre people say it but as and we eat something every day and in our kitchen enormous respect teach. Most of them aren't speaking English and we have an interpreter. Every day for the instruction is delete. Hand on their hands on and quite deep counts he can give you recipe book that you follow along. Get a lot of instruction there and really really good with. Is there but let's talk about the food from that region and in him what might we expect to prepare during the week. Just gonna talk about that that we you're gonna learn how to make hand wrote pops. Pop they're region has called peachy it's kind of like that big Eddie but you make it from scratch. Un unique it old school the Whitman noticed make it with the well flour eggs in the middle and then you mix it together and roll it out. We may com and in that region is about. And me to that theory you know were gay and attacked skinny so we're not near any water now it basically. Ching got. Believe they need to be what you a big white beard that specific to this region and it is the most. Amazing flavorful. Expect your team that you'll probably ever eat. There's there's all kinds of meat and vegetables we do. Makes them amazing stop and it. Once you learn how to make up in the ladies noticed makeup you'll always. That way nick delicious. And it looked on it with a passion now opt in lieu of our ricotta cheese or aren't packed arena world that we. Pecker Reno which she will change we go to the key being one of the day. And packed arena changes wanted to change if you are elected during all of what you Utley Coleen and I bring it home every time we return. And if you don't this area in the region and asking is do you regional farm to table. We waste nothing so everything. That we can do there is coming from the garden. Arnold and I are coming from their husband is an out in the field. Oh they are the original but it has nothing goes to waste there is just wonderful. Calling what a typical day. Where what time we in the kitchen how long are we cooking. We get to eat that firm I imagine lunchtime them what happens. We start in the morning we try to get a little bit of with the start to really start around but I'm 39930. Depend on different days. And then we're in the kitchen where strapping on her apron where cooking you. For example on Monday it and it locked used to. We will come in and cheap ticket that can carry all of these things get some of them are pretty special merit unique are our experience. That she will make chicken we don't make it compartment we will make a grip and because it was over me. But Scott he front runner commented earlier that Scott he's the cookie. You know with each cookie in his time so any attempt to achieve. A cookie people that we go to the pop star proved. And the like Ron said we need species we also make ravioli. And that will be seasonably Dickie Bennett sure. He or something or squash for something present. We need. It's teeny block them. Stepped thinking about those with the court. And spinach and it is just these thinking about the that we can get there just are unrivaled they're giant they're young they're beautiful. I am an eighteen to listen to wouldn't. To practice with Don and that was very very very busy weekend. Finished there we eat our reliance on property. Paired with the line that region and beautiful white there. And our guests and our. People here. Tour explore on the around for ourselves or just resting comfortably but you know. Have a little rest this afternoon. And then Bobby a driver comes in excess fat and take without the different region so Monday at the end because to pin that. And I tripped and that and the beautiful. Beautiful medieval village and when you talk about the history there. And the history of the about the young which is where they're located. And we have a dinner five star restaurant I think in. I can't that we do wine tasting. I'm actually not Keller on Mondays with diarrhea. The cantina. Support. And she doesn't fantastic twenty and she's quite knowledgeable she knew enough from me and kept them like in NAFTA is the return. And then come. Up. My day. And in Uga program go to bed and wait for Tuesday. What retreat out of look at it all the places you get to visit. I love Florence I've spent a little bit time there. You know it just. Well. Spoke she got to go take a look Tuscan women Coke dot com. They book up fast make plans them thinking about put them together for quite funny. We're supposed to go to New Zealand next year but. Man this this would be the right thing to do. With. That's stuck and I know folks from Obama is the cost well I want to go to the website but I think will be better give them this is. Comparable to a first class cruise for seven days price wise and that in 04000 and change got a regime. Double occupancy. There's a single supplement supplement it was a little over 300 buck. And this when you think about what you get to do and that immerse of experience. This really is a bargain. That's what people say it again aren't you re but I can't say it's hard for up to fade but it is going to be put our guest has said. But it's quite helpful. The rave section on the media side. And then this picture of all the cheese and well. Well and then what would really be fun is doing a live radio show from a place that we come up with you guys come up with. Where we can talk to some of the local talent that the speaks little English and a work on you know on out restaurants. Vantage good and I used to be restaurant that I ended up we don't talk politics but the gadgets. We gotta do it. And if so fun to talk to you gals congratulations on taken the lead in to something that I'm sure. Some are your friends and family that you're gonna do what. But we don't have any friends left because everybody's so that it up but we have at it and let. Our motto diet that they yet you need. Cap you know. The city yet mentality please just say yes and please do that we would have been raped and then my. So the American wonderful. Again class states are such that it's come a spring in and late summer early fall. You gotta go to the website Tuscan women cook dot com and follow it gives I like some of the pictures. Of people doing it probably guessed that have been there and had so much fun you know stop and stuffing zucchini blossoms and and man is the right thing. Thanks so much what a pleasure. Yeah you. And when you head back. Amber amber. It really is still the date down into the perfect timing and impact right into it and tested though coming to when. And if you had to pick and then if it's going to be RP disabled one of you have an opinion on this. The elect at spring session is the produce and things better than or is it better in the early fall. We actually get out at Atlanta and I millions of people right you know. Is knowing and they're they're both beautiful they really really truly are who we want it can't break. Our. Top I'll follow with the art. Olive oil and agree. To pick a favorite. Now it but the answer is a book two weeks. One for when he when he and that one for 20/20 one. Well thank you so much ladies. Tuscan women cook and two great caliber running it. Thus the women cook dot com I I can't wait. I won't have the course my wife and this much and I have some friends wanna come how many people are in a group. If I put together a group. Sixteen. And yes so a 55 booked up and you dazzle that somebody will take the other's butts. They get it and the fund the thumb would be meeting those other people who did it I think that would add to them for the week. I had French yeah. They leave us relational. India yet they need and then they travel on together another trip. When a tree. Thanks so much happy weekend about the view best of luck and hopefully the next MIC you who will be sitting there on the little veranda in between the and garden area of our recorders and and and drinking some wine and boy I can help out some really good ones that have some great friends in the one. I don't mr. Somalia we love this and that reason alone upper LO. They bring talent you know outcry 2013 was early years that we're drinking some really didn't bring Hillary now. Rome. All right best of luck will talk soon thanks so much for being on the program today and every weekend. John. What fun task of women could you gotta gotta gotta take a look. Don't pulled everything up at 20/20 yet until I get the make plans of an act and books. Maybe I'll put them together you travel with me movement party. A beautiful part of the country. And I got a line of the week from right on the road from where they arm talk about that later but we got some fun stuff coming up don't go away mid show brake a little loose. Welcome back up and then stop the bar and that we will talk about a really cool cooking demo it'll come farmer. They'll go way.