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Steve & Ted
Wednesday, August 15th
A live update from Wichita Business Journal editor Bill Roy

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I do not being shown should be impeached because. Obviously we've made progress as a country. We're employment rates. I think he does a great job. Thirteen thirty K in his being in the morning now 847. Rebate things. Three Kansas state fair has new boss Robert Jensen named general manager of you knicks want to recount the primary vote against Cedric and given that are Richard rounds out one. Collier concedes. Republican principle but faces Democrat like me. An independent Greg Norman in the Kansas governor race predict things seem intent on Afghanistan. Traffic updates here on the Wednesday morning commute this is the first full day of school for Wichita public school students you'll see yellow lights flashing in school track the zones. And we have police reporting two of possible disturbance in downtown Wichita at second and to peca. Traffic update which Stephens the mostly sunny today with a ten. Percent chance for rain and a high of 85 degrees partly cloudy with a 10% chance for rain tonight the overnight lows 68 then Thursday. 40% chance for rain tomorrow's high 89 net. Now cloudy skies no wind at fourteen miles per hour 71. Degrees. 849 seed today coming up at 9 o'clock top of the hour. We've got to Glenn Beck program here on K and assess them he's gonna have Rudy Giuliani on the whole case as I know Rosie is lying and that's coming up would lend badly here in the attic like this morning right here on K and assessed. Well let's even Ted poll that you played on our web page Kansas radio dot com and the question. The White House unveiled its plans for a new branch of the military space sports is this a good idea. No it is a waste of resources only 7%. Say no. Yes it is necessary to ensure the country's safety 983%. You too can be of a part of the Stephenson pulled his go to our web page Unisys radio dot com. US industrial production rose modestly last month. Held down by drops in mining and utilities the reserve says industrial production which includes output at factories mines and utilities. Increased to 110%. 110% in July. After climbing 1%. In June. Factory production rose three tenths percent led by expanded output by auto makers but production slid it. Retest percent as mines and vipers 10% at utilities. So there you go but come on other factors. Kroger will start to sell some of its products to Chinese shoppers through a website owned by Internet giant Alibaba. The latest move by the supermarket chain to boost its digital business. Or Cincinnati based Kroger the parent company of our Dillon stores here in Kansas working to catch up with Wal-Mart in with a Which bought grocer whole foods last year in recent months program launched at all reminder delivery service. Up to its investment in a British online grocer and agreed to. Buy a meal it company Kroger. Making some inroads or trillion of that Chinese market. 851 now Stephen Ted a look at compensation at which it does largest employer. With editor bill Roy of the Wichita business journal the morning bill. Good morning Stephen caveat how does pay at Spirit Aerosystems compared to other public aerospace companies. There's mr. Arnold took a look at the numbers employees at spirit get less in total compensation than their peers at other companies. But they're closer to the overall compensation. There's CEO. Annual salary for immediate employee at spirit last year 70452. Dollars. It's 90000 dollars at Textron 1111000. Dollars a elect. As expected Boeing 737 delivery count dropped in July the company is fighting a logjam in production. That Dubai has blamed on issues in the company's supply chain company says it delivered 29730. Sevens in July it had been averaging about forty got a mop. Production rate is now 52 LaMont it'll go up next year. The beauty industry appears to be booming and they have the workforce shortage to prove it cost to poverty schools so moms and spy. Sign on market research says global spine PDs on market will reach 190 billion dollars by 20/20 four. Local breaking business news everyday out cannon assassin a Wichita this mr. dot com portal which a top business journal I'm bill like. And you help with a cosmetology and you're by getting a pedicure manicure once run once or twice every month right yeah absolutely he met you had a manicure. I've never had a manicure I have had pictures. You really you bet or Aaron a nice take care of the dogs you get that writes that seems can revolting really to me. Also popular wrapped up but he's somebody else touches and then that's kind of you know yeah every man for himself in your life. Strikes and you're not responsible for what comes out of the Sox right now yeah. At that goes don't don't. Don't pocketing a truck I've got to get a shot those dog years and the bark and all day and just let another storm. They got those Red Sox in knew whoever doesn't figures as a whole. Mr. all you have like rotary. You're gonna blow out there I soak it in that perfume mean yeah hot bat they give you for your beaten any imminent and it takes you personally the dignity you don't actually did have launched. With my son and they did you which is why I didn't have a logical we had a meeting. It went fine young man he has the he has just like Mohamed you know it's a yeah I actually think that's allegedly because you know if you excellent judge of what militant tipper he has in a lot I asked him if he'd ever taken you live action he said yep we've been the lunch but. Piece last play so well. We should pay Krajicek product journey outplay an app she's been around and it's past sometime we have just three of us do that lets you particularly late back to work you may count. Note today is. Today is national relaxation days down hard line relaxes during the duke you have a one of those. What political those things. And a hammock there in your your office is it true. Well not anymore I've just got that that neck pillow that goes around about Kana. Put my head down and take a nap. That's good look this guy three hours yourself after the pedicure year old worn out. Often don't how to relax you read a book do you go fishing technique. Walking along the beach usually at some. Watching some mindless television. The opera's serve something like that. Well what line down. Or golfing is it just does nothing physical. That not lately I am. And national relaxation. Like assert coming up at the top of the hour at 9 o'clock collier concedes collect when he GOP nomination for Kansas governor excuse all the way it was Stephenson.