Naked motorist arrested after accident, and dancing

Steve & Ted
Thursday, April 19th
A pickup truck driver crashes near Detroit, gets out of his vehicle, strips, and starts to dance in the roadway.

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Yeah because they can you believe she really huge. And played tonight and people believe and maybe your. It's kind of a serious issue. Like 800 feet. Being in advance. Even in the morning now 8146. Through Thursday morning now predicting that. Guilty verdict for three men involved in western Kansas bomb plot seeded Wichita police investigating two recent homicides a lot. Windy dry conditions continue to create fire danger drugs can't be big things even dead on KM SS. Seven northbound left lane of the Kansas turnpike. Closed and just north 1596. Or doing something inside shoulder worked there. Traffic updates on case and has asked for a few budget Robin Carl's Goodyear tire located downtown and market and Waterman. He's every street small and online and grown tired dot com. Your home for complete darkness. Sunny today with a high of 63 degrees yesterday's high 64 earth mostly clear tonight the overnight low forty Friday mostly sunny however. A 20% chance for a late. Showers Friday night. Hi tomorrow 64 degrees down partly cloudy 36 degree doors opened at nine miles per hour. Kick in assess whether brought you by the monarch featuring the largest collection of Kraft burdens of his keys in the state of Kansas. Them on our coverage of military discount for current and retired veterans the monarch. In the Leino he's 47 L Stephenson did. Police arrested a motorist who stripped naked and danced in the streets following a multi vehicle. Crash west of Detroit. Police say the man plowed his pick up into other vehicles Tuesday got out of the truck and took office closing. Witness Ghazi co ops had a demand remark to police that he was fine. Yeah after throwing off his vote and now I was wrong there to the man tried to run away but was cut and handcuffed by officers. Police were not immediately sure what caused to pick up drivers erratic behavior. One person hospitalized from the president all the at least five vehicles no serious injuries are reported at least obviously. His daddy's to have the maybe the dosage adjusted on whatever trucks used to aching coming messed up there something's not right of that when. Here's a story we've been a lot of us in media have been caught in the following this story for quite a while Ted. And Alabama mayor says the last train car full of New York city's sewage sludge. That has stuck up her town has finally been empty. More than two months the sludge has brought an unbearable stench throughout the small town of perished. Mayor Heather hall said on social media that all the containers have been empty now some are still awaiting shipment back to the northeast US and that was my idea was. Send it back to new York and his Jersey oriented there's a problem. It's a byproduct or people in Alabama shouldn't have to buy products New York's action but it was shipped to the nearby big sky let things that'll. All said after a public outcry the Norfolk Southern railroad required big sky to hire more truck drivers to remove as much so. There are gonna put a bland fill them honest great experts say other states send their waste Alabama due to lower landfill fees. And lax zoning laws on bullet New York has discontinued shipments for now bad publicity for New York City. When he got to hear rivets someplace. And basically take it to others to speak yes and it senator Tim deal are always you can get. Stocks closed broadly higher Wednesday on Wall Street investors. Responding to some positive company earnings reports the S&P 500. So it's third gain as many days the index rose two points dal lost over 38 points. And meanwhile the NASDAQ Composite climbed fourteen points. The US government has agreed to chip in at 51 million dollars. To clean up pollution at a Seattle site. Where the Boeing company made and tested B seventeen B 52 and other bomber planes beginning in World War II. Boeing had sought to have the government pay for a share. Of the study company's cleanup cost which it says a brief 220 million dollars and counting. So Boeing says well we built all these. Airplay is at a profit to help the war effort down the government has to help us clean up afterwards. And getting away from Lee cruising getting a little bit New Jersey officials have approved a four point three million dollars in state subsidies to keep that 2019. Miss America pageant in Atlantic City. Or else today that's where it should be. The state you know it to Vegas and no one cared state casino reinvestment development authority approved the funding Tuesday after months of uncertainty. Over the pensions future. Stay right there needs to be in Atlantic City Atlantic City are it. Every day in the United States. Consumers throw out nearly a pound of food each according to new research. In a surprising finding the report also showed a link between quality of diet and food waste a healthier a person's diet the more food they throw the trash. You believe that. Nixon I'm not sure I understand that the go ahead between 2007 to 2014 US consumers waited nearly. 150000. Tons of food to her date. And as of nearly a pound person. That equates to about 30% of the average daily calories consumed for every American 30%. And the study also found thirty million acres of land and four point two trillion gallons of water wasted on food that goes and eaten each year. Researchers also found higher quality diets were linked to higher levels of waste of the 22 food groups studied fruits and vegetables were wasted the most. Accounted for 39% of the total waste that was followed by Derry at 70% meet and mix meets issues at 14% Ted I know that you. Do not waste fruits and vegetables. You know rarely eat them right. Number on your end Nigerian meets category there that it's all consumed. If you're obviously this study has never been to a radio station yeah because every morsel of food gets put up there in the kitchen. It is gone somebody brings in a dozen donuts if you're not out there like that. They're gone I even one of our station luncheons you receive any probably don't want our come out of here now. All its seat yet did you Susan what we're gonna average out tomorrow at that thing. Between. I'm just wondering does it's gives a really good. Our our bread aborting our promotion gaps arrogant and out of that office L got allergies are gonna go home or. It. You've already got an exit strata I got an idea all right a new anxieties that at a Wichita construction company editor bill Roy the witch about business journal with us this morning good morning bill. Morning guys Jackie construction is named Jennifer Evans its new chief financial officer she'll oversea all the aspects of finance and accounting for the company. Evans has been keys controllers she's been with the company since 2007. Evans has been serving as acting CFO since Kerry Lendl left the company in 2016. Evans was a member of the Wichita business journals emerging leaders program. Textron aviation deliveries increased in the first quarter of the year in the improvement drew better financial performance for the company. Textron is aviation division delivered 36 aircraft in the first quarter. That's up one aircraft over the first quarter 27 team profit went from 36 million dollars to 72 million dollars. And the National Transportation Safety Board says its preliminary investigation into an incident twos down a Southwest Airlines 737. Shows that a jet engine fan blade may have broken off. The part failed about twenty minutes into its flight from New York to Dallas the pilot was able land in Philadelphia. One woman was killed several people were injured. Local breaking business news every day on can't assets at a Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm bill Roy. Thank you bill today is national. Garlic day okay this stinking rose is a member of a Lily family. This family also includes onions leeks and shots. While garlic originated in Asia over 7000 years ago it is used in a variety of cuisine that is also use or. Medicinal purposes. Considered in herbal remedy for colds. And it's been suggested to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. Modern science has proven garlic antibiotic properties. And as it wore off vampires too is that Eric makes it now it makes almost anything taste that are brilliant on that. I don't think it really guarded till I got married in my life is great so everything she says garlic you know. And spaghetti sauce Garnett and a fantastic son was getting in use for recipe chocolate chip cookies garlic and olive. All of garlic garlic is good we're celebrating garment it about it. Why not why not. 855. Warding off vampire Saturday at 855 Stephen dead. Coming up Cayne has has he is designed sorghum farmers fear China trade restrictions. That's on the way Stephen dead on K and SS yeah.