National lemon meringue pie day

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Wednesday, August 15th
Live chat with editor Bill Roy from the Wichita Business Journal

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973038. And is as. Teams in the morning now at 745. Here on the go Wednesday morning. Three big things. Three. Kansas state fair has to do plus Robin Kennison. Name general manager seeing you next wants a recount in primary vote against century and a commissioner Richard Wright himself well. Paula your concedes. Republican fiscal clock faces Democrat Lori Kelly an independent great Ormond in the Kansas governor race. We've big things Steven dead on tape and assess. Says traffic updates here on the Wednesday morning commute we. Just had a traffic tracker give us a call him. Told me that there is a traffic wreck in the the eastbound lanes of Kellogg just west of 119 west. Like somebody rear ended someone else Wisconsin trend and I am right there. And we had a school bus break down on the west 1996. Having the northbound I won 35 and for the team of mechanics on the way to get that school bus back up and running here on the first full day of school. Traffic update it was Stephenson. Takes hold seat vacated send one guy out there well maybe I was at that maybe I was embellishing things. I don't know whether to steamers just one hurt as you see a lot of guys who a lot of tools through that and help out there and mostly sunny today it would. Starters I'm envisioning many mown jackal then there you go to Asia glistening fish. Mostly sunny today with a 10% chance for rain and a high of 85 degrees partly cloudy 2010% chance for rain tonight. The overnight lows 68 Thursday 20% chance for rain. And tomorrow's night 89 degrees now cloudy sky I don't know who ended nine miles per dollar and 71 degrees. Picture yourself and a half to see what I have to do for you whether it's course unprotected for the strong Kansas we ended Pacman Jackson simply for you. At the clock tower in the Leino. At Ben Jack's. 747 announced even intend on cayenne S asks stocks. Finished today in the green Tuesday. Stocks on Wall Street team across the board the Dow Jones Industrial Average about twelve points 25000 to 99. The S&P 500 gained 182839. NASDAQ Composite up that you want at 7870. So that each of the indices up about half of 1%. Financials showed some up arrows today though they've been down for the month of August. Last concern about the Turkish Lira and more focus on earnings in fact we saw Home Depot in tapestry beat the street we have three Dow components fifteen S&P 500. Components reporting for this week some of which will be some of the retailers including Macy's JC Penney Nordstrom and Dillard's. On the floor of the New York Stock Exchange Culpepper babies Fox News. New York City the largest American market for Hoover is becoming the first US city to regulate the growth. Of app based rides. No new licenses will be granted to for a year with the expectation of wheelchair accessible. Exception of wheelchair accessible vehicles now. The legislation package also will allow the city to set a minimum wage for non four app based drivers are minimal wage. Proponents say those drivers in traditional camp drivers have been suffering. Receipt and a big city like like new York and it there's an industry the camp drivers there that's a complete industry and it's now a lot of people right and Hank camps around there and temperatures been hurting. Hurting their business. Ted if you everybody's heard of big brown and uses over and never had to think I think my via me my daughter and her family used it in Chicago when they were there I'm not sure I know a ton of people who have died I never had they immunity media. And when they were there when that they went to Chicago this summer when they were there. There were close enough they can take the L over Wrigley Field which of course I've done that the overhead didn't write the over in the brain. And they did debt and it's part of the bit and how you get around big city you know years and years ago. When my to my family to Washington DC. We had a cab ride to from Reagan airport in a downtown actually we stayed in the hotel. Just about four blocks from the White House and do we took that canned variety and and in network an image of camp right later to go back to the airport it was different fare each time even the U going to the same destination. And I you know I never could figure out how the fair for those Kansas figured in Washington. And if you went through one section into this section the other section there's some way they did it. And it was it was completely it was a complete mess. And never understood why that you know bail. You're in the nation's capital where he didn't figure never is a should be yes but anyway. From the Reagan airport down to the hotel was one fair then go back the other way though yeah same route idea was it different aha. But this is getting screwed up that end and courts a cab driver. Could barely speak English right. On the other hand. Several years this is like. Eight Litton mid to late eighties a wife and I and another couple went to San Francisco. And took cabs they have a great. Public transportation system we've they had the part we didn't take the part that we took camps. Several places we went and it was fantastic now. They were given the fares weren't that high in view was very economical I was there trying to get around on public transportation Aron I'm bot like a one day pass for like four bucks. We need to get on any inning for. For for a my brother of a littler it was fantastic elder brother Don lived there for years and years and years and and you know that they had a plea for the depart the car but. You can park anywhere owner and took the part ovals worked every hour with the bark. And didn't have any problems are. Talking about does public transportation here 752. And now Steve intent on K and assess. And we've got bill Roy entered the witch stuff business journal this this morning. Talking about a local opening company that's closing of stores. Good morning bill like simulate. Good morning Stephen Ted gap looks like the end of the line for which stopped printing company a company representative confirms. That printing ink we'll bring operations to handle on or around September 7. Also president Brad Haralson had been in charge of printing ink since 2009 no longer bear company operated at 344 north Saint Francis. It's the first flight of its kind in kansas' Kansas Department of Transportation like Monday marked the first time an unmanned aircraft system on drone. This won't be on the side of the operator the flight was planned for Tuesday with concerns about the weather. And the flight up to Monday it was part of the US department of transportation's. UAS integration pilot program. And went to top forty under forty got to restart her own business Jessica overworked and has created JF marketing and branding. Overwork and is director of marketing communications at Jake a general contractors will do business. Will offer branding services along with social media and web site development. Local breaking business news everyday on can't assess and it would to top business journal dot com and Wichita is mr. I'm. Overall it's a bill that A today's the first day of both school for the public school students here in Wichita. And David Brody bowed your experience would at least goals did you go to when you and your drawn up ice and I terrible it did did did six or eight something like that. A while tidbit about Ali. Got three was my and I went to an elementary school middle junior high. Didn't have a high school I was while you in the Kansas City in all over the park right at Shawnee mission on emissions strict track and actually think you would schools like cousins there is due to try to get a court Jack is it was there drilling the girl and it did not work very well but to issue and I graduated togethers and pot is small world. It is I'd hate to paint it a lot. And to listen. In its debt and so all this and I. One of the things that dip for me and my Brothers of course we did change schools several times in those formative years. And I don't know it was from Atticus tactic walked into the school room in the middle school years and be the new Kia. Right and if you ever had that integrity. And I can remember the teachers saying. Boys and girls here's news stated in fact it's dangerous even. And I was already and I was I was not a great look and kid anyway it was it and it's gonna air amnesty. Kind of self conscious anyway and so. But you know. It did teaches you to make friends and her in her in eager to disarm get on a playground and give dad told a few jokes and it kept him from beat the snot out of me Somalia. Generally there's water to kids to cut it. Take take the new kid under their wing men and how about out here you're exactly right on first couple days I found a couple of people that were there were. Became really really differences. There's always somebody out there whose gonna help the other bands it was right. If that absolutely it is national. Rank high today. A candidate for only a limited running. Now the what are you what are they about lemon meringue. Well not my favorite that I like it did lemon meringue pie every once and a while. Saint jelly makes 1111. Barghouti released Tuesday oh yeah I think I've had those out yesterday we had the she brought we brought some truck which she she's Jewish don't be talking about don't you get me hungry and sort. I their status Noland a behavior so they'll thank you served everybody that care yeah. Stay with the statement at 8 o'clock general. The latest on the Kansas race for governor. Forget a little bit better picture now as sports reds at Delaware about twenty minutes away from our daily chat with Mick told us play by play voice the Kansas City Chiefs chiefs training camp in twenty minutes plus another highlight of the 8 o'clock hour of the floor entertainment news. With Ted Woodward camp looks a little lower this morning. Now we have plenty of interesting items to come your way in the blur and it's Elvis week of course and you know Steve gets into the proposal Lemond things going all clos some more and more exciting. Bun there and as entertainment news at 8:35 this morning. 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